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The "Clean Sweep" application will help you clean junk files in RAMand CACHE memory. Simultaneously, the "Clean Sweep" application bycooling the phone, cooling the CPU-PIN if it detects your phone istoo hot for the purpose of speeding up processing of resources anddata. Whether you need to play high-speed gaming! In addition, theapplication helps you to get rid of junk to get back your memorystorage resources for you to browse safely and quickly on yourandroid device. Clean Sweep HIGHLIGHTS (*) Junk files cleaner -speed up your phone Removes junk, obsolete files and memory cachesto free up memory. Accelerate and improve your phone's performance.Make your phone always clean and functional with "Clean Sweep". (*)Automatically cleans RAM-CACHE when opening the phone screen(Screen On) You can actively set up so that when you open thescreen automatically to clean up the garbage, delete the redundantfiles in RAM-CACHE to speed up the processing of the phone. (*)Phone cooler (CPU Cooler & Device Cooler) Cooling down thebattery, cooling the phone and minimizing CPU usage by preventingbackground applications from causing heat and overheating to theCPU or phone's PIN, to increase the life of the PIN, Long time use!"Clean Sweep" FUNCTIONAL: (*) Display the information of phoneoptimization: - Internal memory information, RAM and detailedinformation - Memory information in CACHE, and detailed CPUdetails: Capacity, CPU temperature of battery. - Memory cardinformation in addition to SD Card and other details: Memorycapacity used, total memory card capacity. (*) Cleanup and "PhoneOptimization" - Speed ​​up your phone and remove junk and redundantfiles, secure your device. - Clean up the memory in CACHE anddownloaded directories, redundant files in history of browsingprocesses. (*) Accelerate RAM by reclaiming RAM storage spaceAnalyzes all your applications, detects junk in RAM-CACHE, residualfiles, temp files and cleans rubbish in RAM-CACHE with one touch,frees up space. And speed up your phone, increasing valuable freestorage space on your device WHY DO YOU USE THE "Clean Sweep" APP?(*) Interface utility, easy to use - Optimize your Android phonedevice in one or two touches. - Simple, intuitive interface, easyto use. - Small download speed, fast and efficient. (*) Helps youclean up resources and secure your data - Check CPU usage, memory,and clean when opening the screen. - Helps monitor RAM and freememory space on your device. - Check PIN and current temperature ofPIN. - Cool phone, cool down quickly. Optimize your phone bydownloading and using the "Clean Sweep" application that speeds upyour phone, cools down your phone, and extends phone life.. The"Clean Sweep" application is 100% free application. Thank you fordownloading and using the "Clean Sweep" application!!!

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    Clean Sweep
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    August 29, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Live Wallpaper 3D
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"Diet tracker, weight loss "We always need calories to survive(calories counter), so it always takes one suitable diet (diettracker). If you are overweight, you have to have the diet to loseweight (weight lose tracker or weight lose calculator).Nutritionalcalories are needed daily for the body (nutritional counter),weight gain or weight loss depends on what you put nutrition(calories) your body on a daily ingestion (diet tracker). If youwant to lose weight (weight lose), you have to set specific goals(weight loss goals), by having an appropriate diet, exercisemoderation and supervision by specific reports in the chart, selectthe appropriate dishes, food or foods must be safe.You want to havea healthy body by having a reasonable diet? (Diet tracker)You wantto lose weight by exercising and playing sports every day? (Weightlose tracker)You want to track the daily diet by controlling theamount of calories taken into the body via the diet? This appbrings you best weight loss and diet tracker.USES "Diet tracker,weight loss" APP, YOU WILL SEE ITS REALLY USEFUL:* We have designeda database open to food:- Allows you to choose the dishes, food wasavailable in the database for application in daily food menu.-Allows you to update the list of dishes more, food that thedatabase system can not, from that application will have moreresources to help your food choices daily menus into conformitywith the diet right for you.- Provides tracking mode with eatingfood that you eat.* Easily track your exercise regimen and estimatethe number of calories that you consume during exercise. Thencalculate the amount of calories in each meal every day, to matchthe number of calories that your body needs to eat at each meal,corresponding to the time to practice sports.* The purpose of theapplication is to create a strategy with specific targetedsolutions for reducing weight through diet and exercise routinereasonable.* The app also allows you to track the consumption ofnutrients and minerals needed in the body as calories, carbs,protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, and more* Allows you to trackdaily progress through the data to be updated on: height, weight,BMI, weight chart analysis, to track daily weight loss.*Application offering advice on the metabolism in the body, or howto have a healthy body, and turn your phone into a doctor insideyour daily nutrition!THE MAIN FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION “Diettracker, weight loss”:1. Subscribe to the weight (weight) to yourdaily, weekly and monthly.2. Review and evaluate achievements(target weight) training and daily diet according to objectives setout initially.3. Subscribe to lose weight every day, week, monththrough your data graph showing weight.4. Review the progress andhistory of weight in days, months, years.5. Allow logging food anddaily exercise regime. The food available in the database, or ifnot, you take the initiative to enter the system.6. Estimate thenumber of calories needed to sustain life in your day (figures arecalculated consistent with a fall of 0.5 kg in 1 week)7. Allow youto choose the recipes pineapple on the dish, the food that you eatevery day from the database of the application.8. Allow you toselect the data on daily practice mode, and allows you to makenotes in a diary application.9. Applications offer a diet aimed atencouraging people to exercise and sport to ensure the health andweight loss according to your purpose.10. Change the language(English, Vietnamese, etc.)11. Please share with ourapplication.12. Please G + 1 for application to everyone and appreviews Rate 5 * to motivate us to improve the quality better andbetter application.13. See also our application on the store.Theobjective is our No. 1 makes you really happy, and there is a idealbody, live a happy life, health and happiness.Download Application(Diet tracker, weight loss) for free.Please use our app now! Thankyou!
Pregnancy Notes 1.0.1 APK
Pregnancy Notes Healthcare is very important in everyday life; itdecided to issue life and death for you. Healthcare is a field ofmedical, in the course of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, themost important issue is the health of the mother. Therefore, anymother in the worldwide also need advice rewarding, consult, orreplace prenatal care doctor, or has appointments with doctors inweek/month in order to have the words useful advice.You arepregnant a baby? of course you would want to have useful advice,get pregnancy tips and trackers with tools, checklists, tasks, chatroom, pregnancy, note diary, baby care daily, tools like the diary,weight tracking, temperature monitoring, tracking mood daily andmore prepared for your baby's birth and get the answers you need,whenever you need them.Pregnancy calendar, follow weekly- Providestools for you to monitor and manage your pregnancy from 38 to 42weeks (from 266 to 280 days).- Just enter the date of lastmenstrual period, or days pregnant, this app will automaticallycalculate your pregnancy calendar during your pregnancy week byweek.- Healthcare, and prenatal care with good advice.- Checklistsand reminders weekly, food and nutrition ideas weekly.Features-Make pregnancy calendar the perfect pregnancy tracker for MOMs.-Shows vital information pregnancy by notes diary: Log symptoms,moods, temperature, weight, etc…. by notes on weekly.- Informationweekly: See what your baby each week, in breathtaking detail.-Pregnancy timer: Time your pregnancy and we'll calculate theirlength and time apart.- Chat rooms: Ask questions, share ideas, andlearn from other parents and pregnant women in our forums.>Countdown: Anticipate your big day with weekly notifications.>Date calculator: Quickly determine your due date if you don't knowit yet.> Can be quickly backed up and restored data.> Settingon a custom first day of week: Monday or Sunday.> Adjust periodprediction intervals in the settings sectionChat rooms, worldwide-Chat forum to joined with other moms to be with the same due date,ask questions, and share how you feel. - Listen to other pregnantwomen talking about early pregnancy symptoms, ideas name for babyboy and baby girl, baby products, experiences, and much more bychat and listens.Pregnancy Notes app has been advice byobstetricians’ participation and feedback calculated gestation inthe development process, useful to users and free, allows users tocalculate: Pregnancy calendar, pregnancy tracker, notes diary,health tracker, baby tracker, configure the application. Finally,Pregnancy Notes app has easy to install applications and the use ofthe application.Download our app free today! Thanks you fordownload App.
Ovulation Tracker - Period tracker 1.0.6 APK
Do you really want to be informed the menstrual cycle, safe date,ovulation day to prepare for action? Want to know today is a day ofconception or a safe day to prepare for action? You can recordeverything that happened during the menstrual period, ovulation Webring you the "Ovulation Tracker - Period tracker” application thathelps you do the following: cycling, menstruation, and ovulation,and daily, sexual intercourse for pregnancy, safe intercourse, andrecording mood diary In addition, the "Ovulation Tracker - Periodtracker" helps users monitor the health of women of reproductiveage: mood, spirit, body weight, height, to monitor women's health.FUNCTION: (1) Time schedule for women and girls (2) Control yourmenstrual cycle, daily blood levels in your menstrual cycle, mood,and health by day. (3) Planning a safe relationship, date ofnon-safety relationship (4) Display important daily diaryinformation for detailed menstrual cycle follow-up. (5) Inform youof the start date of ovulation, the date of ovulation, and the datethe ovum was taken so you can proactively give birth. (6) Daily /daily notes: Allows you to store information about a daily bloodflow, symptoms, mood, temperature, and menstrual history. (7) Theadjustment marks the first day of the menstrual cycle, the last dayof the menstrual cycle, and the level of blood more or less. (8)Backup and restore data on your system, delete and reset thesystem. (9) Set a password for the application when logging in ifyou need privacy. (10) Estimated date of menstruation whenapproaching date. APPLICATION SETTING: (1) Change the subject;change the length of the cycle, length of the menstrual cycle,symptoms and mood (2) Adjust the time prediction time in Settings(3) Display graph showing daily figures Get the free app today!Thank you for downloading and using "Ovulation Tracker - Periodtracker". Please rate 5 and G + 1.
Woman Tracker 1.0.3 APK
Woman Tracker, Menstrual cycle, Woman diary, the easiest way totrack your menstrual cycle.Woman Tracker, Menstrual cycle, Womandiary, the easiest way to get the baby boy or girl.You want to knowtoday is a day of conception or safe days for sexualintercourse?You really want to be notified the menstrual cycle,safety days, ovulation, fertilization or days to prepare action?Youwant to log to track each sign change in the date: menstruation,ovulation, fertilization, safe days for sexual intercourse, and youcan note everything happened during takes place during themenstruation, ovulation, and safe day.We bring you "Woman Tracker"app than you can do things as: intercourse for conception, safe sexto the easiest."Woman Tracker" app is a nice and easy - to - useapplication helps women (man) keep track of fertile, periods,cycle, ovulation, and safe sex. Whether you are concerned aboutconceiving, birth control, get baby, contraception, regularity ofperiod cycles then this app can help you. "Menstrual cycle tracker"app that helps users to track the cycle, menstruation, ovulation,fertility, on safe sex, date sex of conception , mood, spirit, bodyweight, height, get baby , etc. Helps you achieve all issues ingender relations.Woman Tracker" app will help you control such ascycle tracker, woman diary, and menstrual cycle, period calendar,ovulation calendar, fertility tracker, period tracker, mood trackerand can be generalized as "woman calendar"."Woman Tracker" appfeature: * Beautiful Interface Design* Easy to use andmultilingual, free use.• Schedule time tracking for girls and youngwomen, even men are age of majority, adults.* Time tracking,scheduling safe relationship, safe sex date, expected date of safesex.• Schedule ovulation, conception date intercourse, ovulation tohaving a baby.* Displays important information daily diary to trackdetailed menstrual cycle.* Note logs by date/daily: Allows you tosave the information on a daily blood flow, symptoms, mood,temperature, daily menstruation.* Adjust marked the first day ofthe menstrual cycle, the last day of the menstrual cycle, the levelof more or less blood.• Schedule showing the first day of the week:Mon day or Sunday.* Backup and restore the data on your system,delete and reset the system.* Set a password for the app if youneed privacy.* Estimated date of menstruation when approachingday.* Setting: change the subject, change the cycle length, thelength of the menstrual cycle, symptoms and mood* Adjust thepredicted period of time in the Settings* Show beautiful graphs.The"Woman Tracker" app, "Woman diary, Menstrual cycle" application isuseful to users (free), allows users to calculate: fertility,ovulation, conception sex date, date of the baby, woman diary,cycle tracker, menstrual cycle, ovulation calendar. Besides, thisapp allow you proactively establish cycles, write daily diarycalendar, and proactively configure the application: re-set app,setting password for login, backup and restore data, setting note,setting date of week, easy to install applications and the use ofthe application.Finally, we summarize the features of the "WomanTracker" app: fertility, period, ovulation, women check, cycle,pregnancy, pregnant, health.Download app free today! Thanks you fordownload and use “Woman Tracker” app.
Phone Cooler Master 2.0 APK
CPU Cooler Professional temperature monitoring and control ofresources to detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps toreduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature, the “Phone coolermaster - Device cooler” app to reduce CPU usage and cool down yourphone, without having to worry about device heat and coolingfunctions. Make optimal performance with your device "Phone coolermaster - Device cooler” and enjoy multitasking with ease andcomfort. "Phone cooler master - Device cooler" worked perfectly. Itwill stop the running applications that take up a lot of resourcesto free up RAM, and cooling to reduce the temperature of yourphone, to optimize the speed of smartphones and increase batterylife. Features of “Phone cooler master - Device cooler” app : Allowyou to close overheating CPU Cooler apps with one simple tap toreduce CPU usage and cool down your phone. * Real-time temperaturemonitoring for smartphone. - Monitors and logs device temperaturein real time. - Displays temperature on chart. - Change curves. *Dynamic overheating detection and closes heavy resource. - AnalyzesCPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that are overusing systemresource to determine the cause for phone overheating. - CoolDevice app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps toreduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature, CPU Cooler * One tapsto cool down CPU Cooler. - Real-Time Temperature Monitoring - Closeoverheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage. *Overheating prevention - Closes apps that are likely to causetemperature rise - Prevents the phone temperature from risingagain. “Phone cooler master - Device cooler” app clean your cachememory, free up RAM, provide Real-time temperature monitoring, Cooldown your phone, optimize its speed and overheat presentation. Thefeatures CPU Cooler listed above are free. Please contact us if youhave any questions or suggestions. Thank you for downloading CPUCooler app and using the application "Phone cooler Master - Devicecooler" .