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Hello girls, it's cleaning time you have somemessy & dirty places to clean up like garden, swimming pool& beach. For cleaning the mess you have all the required tools.In this game you firstly,have to clean princess pool,beach andgarden and then to decorate these places with your favorite itemsavailable.

Follow the step by step instructions to play our outdoorcleaning game

1- Hit the play button
2- You have a garden full of trash (broken glasses, cans,bottles,dirt and water)
3- Firstly drag the trash towards the recycle bin and bin will doit's job
*Secondly you have a broom given to remove dirt
*Lastly there is a water soaking broom to soak water
4- After cleaning up garden navigate towards next scene which is aswimming pool full of terrible things
*Use water sucker machine to drain the water
*There is a germ killer given to kill the germs in the pool, deadflies bees, ant etc
*Drag trash to recycle bin
*At the end use cloth to remove the leftover dirt
5- Beach will be your last cleaning scene where you will have toget rid off trash
6- Decorate the previously cleaned garden with swings &benches
7- Decorate the pool with beautiful flower pots & colorfultubes
8- Decorate the beach with chairs, umbrellas, boards &boats

It seems to be so much fun to play & it really is, so whynot cleanup the dirty places and turn them into gorgeous ones andbe a cleaning master. Although it's one of best girls games but itsuits the kids needs as well.
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So let's play enjoy, rate & have fun.

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    Cleaning games for girls
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    April 14, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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