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Are you tired of the tasks of hygiene and cleanliness of thehome?Do you work all week and on Saturdays do you spend it cleaningandwith disinfection tasks? And you do not know how to get themaximumperformance while you use them, well do not hesitate anddownloadfor free this new free application dedicated exclusivelytoeverything related to the tasks of disinfection and homehygiene.With this new application we have chosen to select the bestTipsand Advice of Cleaning, Hygiene, and products that is beingused atthe moment all over the world, to make easier and moreprofitablethe time that you dedicate to the disinfection andhygiene of thehome. That's right, with this new application what wewant toachieve is that you reduce your time that you dedicate tocleaningthe house, which bothers us so much and steals our timefrom ourmoments of leisure and rest, for this we have designedanapplication of very easy use, to make your use easier, for themwehave included a lot of videos and tutorials of all kindsofcleanings that are used at home, fat burning, home tricks thatinan easy, simple and economical way you will get great resultsandvery satifastorios. There are cleaning tricks that can help uswithgeneral cleaning, on the one hand the idea is to learn tobetterchoose the products we use, to lower costs, to optimize theprocessand to achieve the best results, on the other hand therearecertain tips that we can continue when it comes to cleaningstainsor concrete areas of the house. The Cleaning Tips App, hasthefollowing features: The content is updated periodically, youwillalways have new updated tutorials. It is translated intoseverallanguages ​​with tutorials in Spanish, English, Portuguese.Itmarks you the videos already seen, in this way you save timeinenjoying its content. You can share the videos of yourcontentthrough the social networks of the moment. It isperfectlyoptimized for all Android devices. The application isfree, andvery easy to install. You can give us feedback of theapplication,to study different proposals for improvement. Thecontent ofCleaning Tricks, is composed of: 7 great tricks to cleanthebathroom. clean the house. 10 cleaning tricks with bakingsoda.disinfection tasks and advice natural products How to cleanhouse.Clean kitchen. Clean dishwasher and washing machine insideand burnfat. House cleaning tricks Care for the steam iron andcleaningproducts. Clean bathrooms. How to clean the tires of thecar.Cleaning a mattress. Tricks for cleaning your kitchen. HomeTipshouse tricks and cleaning tips. Remember that this newapplicationis totally free of very easy installation and occupiesvery littlespace in your mobile device.

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    Cleaning, hygiene and home tricks
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    July 19, 2018
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    Amaro Rojas Ponpeyo
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Do you like to sing like the best artists and have fun with yourfriends on holidays and celebrations? Do you like to sing thelatest songs and latest news and need an online Karaoke? Well, ifso, with this new application you have the best online karaoke,with only download totally free this new application dedicated tothe world of voice, music and entertainment. That's right, withKaraoke Sing, the user has at his disposal a large number of audiosof all kinds in online karaoke format, in which you can follow thelyrics and accompanied by audio and his voice interpret the besthits of this year 2018 and best hits in the history of manyartists. Who does not like to listen to music and test their voiceand sing their favorite songs at parties, and does not remember thelyrics, because with this new free application all your problemsare solved, interacting with our application you can find a greatvariety of better successes, and not only in your language, forthis we have wanted to add several languages ​​to this applicationsuch as Spanish, English and Portuguese, in this way you not onlyhave audio in your default language but with only one clip on thescreen of your phone you can change the language and select the oneyou like and you will find a lot of songs in several languages.Another new feature that we have included in this new version isthe input menu screen, it shows a window with different sectionsthat can be selected, and in this way it will be easier and moreorderly to use and manage, saving time in the visualization of allthe videos. We have also incorporated the option to vote and withthis score to improve our applications, there is also the option tocontact our team and comment any suggestions and modifications tomake a better application and improve it so that its use is aseffective as possible. The App, has the following characteristics:The content is updated periodically, you will always have new hitsand videos with lyrics to be able to sing. It is translated intoseveral languages ​​with music, lyrics and videos in Spanish,English and Portuguese. It marks you the videos already seen, inthis way you save time in enjoying its content. You can share thevideos of your content through the social networks of the moment.The application is free, and very easy to install. You can give usfeedback on the application, to study different improvementproposals. In the application you will find the following songs andartists: Boleros and ballads Romantic music in Italian I do not askyou much. For loving You. The best rok. I am free Life is a DreamAlways together You live in me Beauty and the Beast The best audioPop The best artists Children's songs To finish, we hope that thisapplication of Karaoke Sing, be of your pleasure and bring you alittle closer to the fun and fascinating world of online voice andmusic and enjoy it as much as we develop it, ah and remember it istotally free and very easy use.
Music Eighties, songs and hits 1.0.0 APK
Do you like 80's Music and are you a fan of that decade? Do youwantto hear successes and great songs from the best times?Are youtiredof searching for Music of the Eighties apps and do not findany thatyou like?Well you're lucky, and download totally free thisnewapplication of Music of the eighties, which we have dedicatedonlyand exclusively to all kinds of music of this wonderful decadelikethe one of '80.Here, you will find music of all kinds, thebest hitsof pop music, the most listened to songs of rock music,the most popsongs of disco, and of course all the classics of thedecade of theeighties.All this in a very simple to use applicationthat occupiesvery little space in your mobile device and where youwill find alot of music videos of the entire decade of theeighties and listento all your favorite hits.The App, has thefollowingcharacteristics:The content is updated periodically, youwill alwayshave new songs and free music to listen.Listen andvisualize thesongs and their video clips in great detail. Enjoylaughing anddancing classics, rock, pop, and great hits.It istranslated intoseveral languages ​​with Disco Music, Pop Music andvideos inSpanish, English and Portuguese.It marks you the videosalreadyseen, in this way you save time in enjoying its content.Youcanshare the videos of your content through the social networks ofthemoment.The application is free, and very easy to install.Youcangive us feedback on the application, to study differentimprovementproposals.So you know if you want to have a party athome withfriends and you do not have time to look for music fromthe 80'sdecade, download this new application and here you willfindeverything you need, muscia pop, ballads, rock, disco, balladsinEnglish, the best songs, instrumental music, top 100 bestsongs,youth pop, disco party, classics and many more.
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Do you want to cook quickly and easily?Do you want to save timeindomestic tasks and make some delicious dishes?Have you boughtaprogrammable electric cooker, expresso or pressure and want tohavemany recipes to cook?Well you're lucky because with thisnewapplication "Recipes of programmable pots", dedicated solelyandexclusively to the world of gastronomy and especially toallrecipes that can be prepared with a programmable orpressurecooker, you have at your disposal totally free a largecompilationof the best recipes to make in a few minutes withprogrammable andelectric pots.All recipes are explained step bystep with somesimple tutorial videos in which it explainseverything you need tocook in a few minutes the best dishes.So donot hesitate anddownload this new application for free on yourmobile or cell phonedevice and enjoy cooking in a fast and simpleway with the newrobot expres.The App, Recipes Thermomix has thefollowingcharacteristics:The content is updated periodically, youwillalways have new recipes of programmable pots and videos.Itistranslated into several languages ​​in Spanish, EnglishandFrench.It marks you the videos already seen, in this way yousavetime in enjoying its content.You can share the videos ofyourcontent through the social networks of the moment.Theapplicationis free, and very easy to install.You can give usfeedback on theapplication, to study different improvementproposals.Remember thatthis new application is completely free todownload, its operationis very simple and takes up very littlespace in your mobileterminal, and the user has at his disposal thebest recipes ofpressure, expres and electric pots to be able toelaborate in a fewminutes in a fast way some delicious dishes.
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Welcome to Biblical Christian Videos, a totally free newapplicationthat we make available to the believing users of theChristian,Catholic and Roman Religion.A new application designedspecificallyfor the user to have a large number of stories of thesacred booksand Gospel in video format so you can enjoy all thepassage of oursacred books.In this new version we wanted to designa very easy touse application, with a very comfortable interface,all thinkingabout the user and which occupies very little space inyour mobileor cellular device.For this we have selected a largenumber ofBiblical Videos of Jesus Christ our God and betterpassages of oursacred Bible, and with them we can make our dailyprayers and be inthe company of Jesus our God and our religion.TheApplication, hasthe following characteristics:The content isupdated periodically,you will always have new stories, today'sGospel, Gospel of theday.It is translated into several languages​​with Texts of JesusChrist in Spanish, English and Portuguese.Itmarks you the Textsalready seen, in this way you save time inenjoying its content.Youcan share your content through the socialnetworks of the moment.Theapplication is free, and very easy toinstall.You can give usfeedback on the application, to studydifferent improvementproposals.The bible content for children iscomposed of:Videos ofthe Bible.The most important passage of theBibleSecrets ofMoisesStory of Jesus Christ our GodThe parables ofJesusTheprophecies of the Catholic BibleGreat Heroes andChristianLegendsDavid and GoliatThe garden of EdenThe Young RichBiblePassageMessages from Jesus for young peopleJonas and theWhaleNewTestament and GospelBiblical Verses of Jesus ChristThe fastofDanielHistory of JosueSo you already know if you are alover,believer and practitioner of the Christian, Catholic andRomanReligion, do not hesitate and download this new applicationforfree, in which you will enjoy the best Biblical Videos oftheChristian and Catholic Religion with the best stories. of JesusourGod.
How to make Slime, gorilla snot. 1.0.0 APK
Do you love crafts and homemade tricks and have fun playingwiththem?Do you want to see and make a mass of Slime fastandeasy?Well, download this new application for free on your mobileorcell phone device and you will find a lot of tutorial videosthatdetail step by step everything necessary to make a perfect massofeslain or gorilla mucus.That's right, in this newapplicationdedicated to crafts, tricks and homemade inventions wewanted todesign an application of very easy use, that occupies verylittlespace on your phone, but that in turn contains a lot oftutorialvideos, to be able It does eslain in many differentways.The alsoknown as gorilla mucus, can be made with manydifferent types ofmaterials, all homemade and the steps change fromone type toanother, but the goal of all is the same, get an elasticmass, verypleasant to the touch and Children enjoy playing withher.The Howto Make Slime App, has the following characteristics:Thecontent isupdated periodically, you will always have new tutorialsandupdated crafts.It is translated into several languages​​withtutorials in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hindi, IndonesianandJapanese.It marks you the videos already seen, in this way yousavetime in enjoying its content.You can share the videos ofyourcontent through the social networks of the moment.It isperfectlyoptimized for all Android devices.The application is free,and veryeasy to install.You can give us feedback on theapplication, tostudy different improvement proposals.Do not wastemore time andget your mass of gorilla mucus, watching the videos ofthe manytricks and tutorials that this new application has. Chooseyourfavorite slime, look for the tutorial videos and get to work,sureyou will get it.The content of the application is composedof:Howto make Slime.Slime without borax.How to make eslainwithoutboraxKids' gamescrafts without boraxSlime home withoutboraxgorillamucushomemade tricksHow to make eslain.Games forchildrenAdvice forall types of materialsRemember that thisapplication is totallyfree, very easy to use, takes up very littlespace on your phoneand you will find a lot of tutorial videos withwhich you canfollow all the steps to get your Slime masspreferred.It's thefashion toy! You have at your disposal a lot oftutorials withwhich you have the opportunity to make slime in manydifferent waysand with totally homemade productsHurry up! Learn howto make yourown slobberAll the ingredients can be found at yourlocalsupermarket
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Welcome to the best application of Indian Music this year 2018. InApp Musica India, we have collected all the great successes ofHindu Music this year 2018, so that the user of this applicationcan easily and easily access a large number of songs of all kindsof Hindu music and listen to your favorite singers. With MusicaIndia we wanted to focus only and exclusively on all the musicrelated to that great country like India, and offer all the fans ofthis music a great compilation of the best hits of traditional andtypical Hindu music, with songs and sounds to be able to listenwith perfect quality. The Indian Music App, has the followingfeatures: The content is updated periodically, you will always haveupdated India Music. It is translated into several languages ​​withtutorials in Spanish, English, Portuguese. It marks you the videosalready seen, in this way you save time in enjoying its content.You can share the videos of your content through the socialnetworks of the moment. It is perfectly optimized for all Androiddevices. The application is free, and very easy to install. You cangive us feedback on the application, to study different improvementproposals. In content of the Indian Music is composed by:Traditional Indian song. Free music. Music typical of India. Queenof spring. Dance Indu for dance. Indian music. traditional songsand sounds. Indian electronic music. Music of India to dance. Musicand sounds indu de salon. India Background. Remember if you are anaficionado to the Indian music, do not hesitate to download forfree this new application with the best hits and typical music tolisten.