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Fight bosses literally as an unpaid intern in Clock Out!!,anarcade-style fighting game. Wreck chaos, climb thecorporateladder, and fight the system! * Beat up your bosses andget yourrevenge with simple and responsive controls! * Square upagainstunique bosses from different departments, from cattycoworkers toslothful supervisors! * Upgrade your resume and improveyour skillsas you climb up! * Liquidate the company and bosses asyou takedown higher-ups one by one! * Pit yourself againstincreasinglyhard waves of enemies in arcade mode!

App Information Clock Out!!

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Takeover Trail 2.0.0 APK
Times are hard, and every day is a struggle.With society slowly falling apart it seems like we’re bound forutter chaos. But things don’t have to be this way… You can unitethe world! You have the power as a leader to weed out the unrulybehavior of your followers and to unify all countries in the worldinto one giant utopia!Of course, no leader had an easy ride bringing those in theirnations under rule. Quell the revolutionaries that rise up againstyou in the form of rebellions! Rule with an iron fist and sway thepeople of the world to your side with force, but also usepropaganda, social media, and religion to reign over the minds ofthe masses!It’s up to you to push your way to the top, so don’t stop until thewhole world is yours!
Merge Critters: Idle Tycoon 1.2.0 APK
Who would have thought that such cute little critters wouldhavesuch big weapons??? The demons have invaded the crittershomeland,eager to fight!! Match the adorable critters to getbigger, baddercritters with even bigger weapons! FEATURES 🐱 Matchcritterstogether to FIGHT the demons! 🐶 Discover 50+ critters, allwiththeir own weapons! Match bigger critters to get more powerfulones!🐹 Collect coins from fallen demons to get unique power-ups topowerup your critter! 🐭 Drag your new critters to the front linestobattle it out with the massive demons! 👿 Don't let the demonstakeyour critters down! Match more to be more powerful! 👑 Playforfree! Simple controls make it easy to pick up and play! 🎮Thecritters are ready to merge and fight... are you? 🗡🔪🔫 JointheCritters right now!!
Protest Sim 1.0.5 APK
Protest Sim is a choice-based game following the story ofacommunity plagued by police shootings and brutality, and thesocialmovement organization that rises up because of it. Takecontrol ofa socially active citizen in your community, and helpguide themembers of your town through these tumultuous times. Butbecareful, as the decisions you make have consequences, andwillimpact the course of the entire narrative.
Digi Fighters 1.1.0 APK
Celebrate MassDiGI's 10th anniversary with this action packedarcadegame featuring MassDiGI characters! FEATURES 🤛 Play as over20different characters each with different super moves! 🤛 Punchandfight your way through hoards of different enemies! 🤛 Who's thebestDigi Fighter? Compete with your friends for the high score inthisfast-pace, beat-em-up! Play for free now!
Roller Riot APK
Get your revenge on the enemy cyborg roller derby gang! ⚡⚡ Rollandfight through a beautiful neon cityscape as CB, ageneticallymodified cyborg, bent on getting revenge for her past...FEATURES 🤛Punch and fight your way through hoards of enemy robotsto takeyour revenge! 🤛 Collect the most technologically advancedbodymodifications in the city and take out more enemies! 🤛 UseFRENZYMODE to go on a nasty rampage and knock out even more robotfoes! 🤛Square up against unique and challenging enemies, just don'tletthem smack you first! 🤛 Punch your way through levels withsimple,intuitive controls! 🤛 Who's the best Roller Fighter? Competewithyour friends for the high score in this fast-pace, beat-em-up!Areyou ready for the roller derby fight of a lifetime? CB is readytogo, are you? Play for free now!
House Haunters 1.1.1 APK
Fight your way through haunted houses to make a quick buck inHouseHaunters, a turn-based strategy game. Rid each house of theghostshaunting the furniture, sell the property, and fight throughtheneighborhood! ** TURN BASED TACTICS ** Foresee enemy movesandstrategize against them in a rock-paper-scissors stylecombatsystem! Pre-plan three moves per turn using thetelegraphedinformation and win!! ** PROCEDURALLY GENERATED HOUSES** Encountera wide variety of different possessed furniture tofight, includingstoves, dressers, lamps, novelty singing wallfish,and more! Eachhouse features a randomly generated plethora ofenemies, each withtheir own distinct fighting styles! ** UNLOCKABLEABILITIES ** Useyour profits to unlock a variety of uniqueabilities to aid you incombat! ** HARD MODE ** Take on an extrachallenge in hard mode,where enemies provide no hints, and ghosthunters tell no tales!
Colosseum Coach 1.04 APK
Build your ultimate team of gladiators in Colosseum Coach today!InColosseum Coach you can customize your team of uniquegladiatorswith armor and weapons to defeat the monsters that laybefore youin each arena! Slay them all to become the ultimateColosseumCoach!
Ballroom Banter 1.04 APK
Engage in social exchanges with various members of themasqueradeball, climbing up the social ladder and gaining favoralong theway. Use various persuasion tactics and options to playtowardsyour opponents’ weaknesses, and become a social powerhouse.