7.1 / October 11, 2016
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Hi, welcome! We are very happy that you have chosen to visit us.For a long time we want to meet you and today the dream has cometrue. Certainly you will like what we have prepared for you, thiskids game will help you to have fun. Do you like to go shopping? Doyou like to always be wearing fashionable clothes? If you like tolook good means that you are where you need and you'll be happy toknow that through this game you'll be able to buy the mostbeautiful clothes. We know you're a hard-working kid, we know thatyou will be able to prove to everyone that you are a responsibleand especially child and do not forget that you will be able toprove that you're really good at fashion. Our son is always carefulabout the way he dresses, he always wants to look good and today henoticed that all clothes are old and need other clothes becauseChristmas is coming soon. Now you have to go to the store to buythe most interesting clothes but you have to buy clothes for a roleat school, you will have to go help him with everything heneeds.Follow all instructions of this shopping clothes game forgirls.Pay attention to all the details of this game.Good luck!-First you will meet Mario;- He has trouble with the new costume forschool;- She has to go and buy a new one;- Help him get to thestore;- You need to buy a suit of knight;- Do not forget theaccessories;- The hat is very important;- You have to buy the mostbeautiful boots;- Do not forget to pay;- Now the store is dirty,you have to clean the floor;- Clean the dust;- Fix the door;- Theboy is happy;- You are a wonderful friend.Thank you for help,please come back every day through this game for kids.Have fun!

App Information Clothes Shopping Mall

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    Clothes Shopping Mall
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    October 11, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Cartier Obor, Bl.5, Sc.B, Ap.7, Buzau, Romania
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Hi, is very hot and we thought to go out to the park to enjoy thegreenery and fresh air. What do you do on hot days? Maybe you go tothe park or the pool. Everyone loves the hot weather, the sun makesus happier. Every day of the summer we are preparing salads andmany cold drinks but today we want to prepare a fresh juice.Natural juices are very healthy and delicious and that is why wechose to do the best today but we need your help. Do you help us tomake a fresh juice? If you want to help us through this cookinggame for kids we will give you everything that you need. You willfind a very well equipped kitchen and you will receive all theingredients that you need.For the juice come out very well, pleaserespect all instructions of this recipe in this cooking game.Respect the time!We wish you success!1) This juice contains severalfruits and you will have to prepare all;2) First you have to cutlemons;3) Clean the peel on the apples, then cut the apples intosmall pieces;4) Clean the peel on the pineapple;5) Squeeze all thefruit from their juice until it forms a colorful and delicious;6)The juice looks great and now you can sit it in a glass;7) Thisjuice is perfect to serve at any time of the day;8) You can servethis juice in any way you want;9) This juice is refreshing summerand in winter is a good source of vitamins.Thank you for your help.You are a very good cook and please come back to help us throughthis cooking games for girls.Have fun!