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Clown - one of the most democratic and at the same time the mostcomplex and versatile actor specializations.If you are attracted todark, eerie, it is not fun you are enjoying the darker side ofclowns and clown will not scare the monster, killer clown, then youhave to! Load clown cool app and get cool, cool image of the entirephone. Dilysya application with friends though they too are awareof the most relevant innovations.Clown, clown - funny performersthat characterizes their grotesque appearance: colored wigs in, hisface covered with makeup, dressed in outlandish clothes, unusuallylarge footwear, and so on. E., Entertain spectators funny andhumorous. Clowns are cultures every time and place, so that theymeet certain requirements that are deeply rooted in human nature:they are allowed to break certain taboos, ridicule the authoritiesand society, customs and everyday life, and usually all at theborder, and often beyond obscenity. In the modern sense of the term- circus, theater or pop artist, using techniques and grotesquebuffoonery. Related definitions: clown, Gayéri, clown, foolothers.Stupidity or clowning, evolved from a common tradition andit is very important to understand that this skrystalizuvalosya asthe only tradition from many sources. Memes in ancient Greece andin the Middle Ages fool - a common feature of court in all Europeancountries. On top of this there are many non-European traditionsclown (including clown like figures in Japanese Kabuki theater).Thus clowning roots are present at all times and in every culture.

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Funny "peaks" allow you to transfer a whole range of emotionswithout any extra words. Of course, the most often used "Smile".Download mega cool pictures with smiles on the screen of yourdevice and elevate your mood to yourself and others!Smiley, smiley(from the English smiley - "snap", "smile", or smile - "smile"),also emoticon, emogram - a schematic image of a human face used totransmit emotions. An element of mass culture that arose as theInternet spread among the general population. It can consist of avariety of characters, such as the letters of the alphabet,punctuation marks, and various service symbols. Special spread ofemoticons acquired with the spread of the Internet (chats, forums,ICQ, etc.) and mobile phones (short messages - SMS), which arewidely used by users for messaging.One of the first attempts to usetypographic constructions for expressing emotions was made in 1881by the editors of the American humor magazine Puck. In 1953,emoticons appear on the pages of the New York Herald Tribune ("TheNew York Herald Tribune"), where they were used in the promotion ofthe feature film "Lili". The large-scale expansion of emoticons inthe printed text began with the advent of the Internet. For a shortperiod of time, the Internet community successfully adapted certaincharacters because of their simplicity and ease of typing, sincethey can be represented by typographic characters placed on thekeyboard. Smilies are part of a graphic-stylistic attribute.
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Download the cool heart app and get mega cool images of heartsymbols on your device screen. Share the app with a friend, let himalso be in the center of topical new products!The symbol of theheart is a symbol in the form of a heart. The symbol is often usedto refer to love.Versions of origin: a pair of swans, swarmingtowards each other, at the moment of touch they form the heart.Swans are a symbol of love, love, loyalty and devotion, since aformed couple lives together for a lifetime that is extremely rarein the animal world.Usage: for the visual representation of theverb "to love".For example: "I ♥ you" = "I love you".As a symbol oflove is depicted on gift products: leaflets, toys, chocolates, etc.When celebrating St. Valentine's Day it is accepted to give cardsin the form of a heart - "valentines". Gifts in the form of a heartare also accepted to give the beloved a birthday and otherholidays.
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The Cossacks are a rather interesting "phenomenon" in the Ukrainian(and even world) history. How many different references to themare, and not only Ukrainian. Enjoy yourself with greatness andstubbornness, glory and power, bravery and cunning of the Cossacksthen you to us! Download the Cossack app and get mega cool imageson your device screen! Share the app with a friend, let him also bein the center of topical new products!Cossacks are members ofself-governing men's military communities that existed from the15th century on the territory of the Ukrainian "Wild Field", in theregion of the middle reaches of the Dnieper and Don, on the brinkof the Christian and Muslim worlds. The main occupation of theCossacks was a military affair: the guarding and patrolling oftrade routes, sea raids on seagus against the Turkish fleet in theCrimea and the Black Sea, the protection of Ukrainian lands fromTatar "hunting for slaves", participation in military campaigns ofneighboring rulers and protection of the borders of neighboringstates.Zaporozhian Cossack army was formed in the middle of the16th century in the middle reaches of the Dnieper, in the virginterritory of Zaporozhye, located on the borders of theCommonwealth, the Crimean Khanate and the Moscow kingdom. The basisof the army were Russian nobles and burghers. The center of theCossacks was the Dnieper Fortress - Sich, whose prototype was thefortification built by Volyn prince Dmitry-Bade Vyshnevetsky on theisland of Malaya Khortytsia in 1553.Zaporizhzhya Sich - thefortified center of the non-Armed Forces of the Zaporizhzhia Lowsecond half of the XVI - the end of the XVIII century, which waslocated beyond the thresholds of the Dnieper. Preserved informationabout the seven Zaporozhian Sichs that imitated each other.