/ September 24, 2018
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SRX-Pro Remote 2.5 APK
The SRX-Pro software system is the i3 International latest digitalvideo management software. The enhanced features and functions ofthe SRX-Pro will provide the best solution for the retail andcommercial applications. SRX-Pro software works both on hybrid andnetwork video recorders. This software accepts both analog and IPcamera inputs with different video formats: MJPEG, MPEG4, or H.264,for best video transmission over the Internet.SRX-Pro is flexible,adaptable, and user friendly and is uniquely designed to meetindustry standards by integrating with multiple IP cameras, whileutilizing video analytics to gather business intelligent data. i3Annexxus and other popular network cameras can be easily integratedwith SRX-Pro through built-in camera search function. SRX-Prosoftware accepts a maximum of up to 64 network cameras (2MP) or acombination of up to 32 analog and 32 network cameras, or a similarcombination based on customers requirements and server hardwarespecifications.SRX-Pro Mobile Remote is supporting for all popularmobile platforms. With a simple and friendly GUI, user will bealways updated live video, alarms and status of SRX-Pro Server. TheMobile Remote application can also playback recording data andstream both video & audio from mobile device to SRX-Pro Servereasily.New features list of v2.3:+ Playback feature (compatiblewith SRX-Pro Server v3.3 and higher versions)+ Main / sub streamoption for both Live and Search modes+ Camera device streaming fromsmart phone and tablet to SRX-Pro Server+ Number of views from Livemode up to 256 channelsNew features list of v2.5:+Supportconnnecting to CMS Server for getting DVR Server list
CMS Mobile APK
CMS Mobile full description
i3 VEO Mobile Remote APK
i3VEO is an advanced surveillance control app for VEO EmbeddedDVRproviding easy access to live cameras and playback ofrecordedvideo for remote surveillance and real-time monitoring.Benefits:View live video from any number of cameras Search andback-uprecorded video. Multiple camera viewing layoutsincludingeverything from a single full-screen camera up to a 16camera gridTouch control of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) on both IP andAnalog PTZcameras Intuitive interface allows for easy access to anycamera onany VEO Embedded DVR. User authentication and passwordprotectionensures security Save or e-mail snapshots from any videocamera