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Cobra Snake on Screen - Hissing prank display a crawling andhissing snake on the screen. It is the most funny and scary snakegame free in 2017. You can use it to prank and scare your friendseasily. You must love the scary games.This Cobra Snake on Screen -Hissing prank will display very realistic animation of snake(Python) on the screen of your phone. You can play game, watchfilm, browse the Internet and the slithery reptile will always bevisible. Movement of this footless vertebrate was generated on thebasis of a real film showing a snake moving in it's naturalenvironment. Fluent movement and high quality of graphics can makeanybody pranked that a real animal is moving on the screen of hisphone. This is a very real and evil joke, turn on the Cobra Snakeon Screen - Hissing prank app and put on their hand on the phone toa friend and get out of the Snake screen.Prank your friends byadding live snakes to your phone screen which appear any yourscreen always. You can choose one snake or two snakes with thecolorful snake prank. Cobra Snake on Screen - Hissing prank willshow you Notification with which you can stop the Snake prank anytime. Set the Appear time and give the phone to your friend or leftit on the table. You friends will be scared when they see the snakein screen. Schedule for cobra Snake Schedule for Snake to showanytime on phone. Scare your close friends with Snake on Phoneshowing up at Random time to scare them. Snake Popup Prank isunique and easy to Prank with Snake showing scary hissing wormfeature. The green and long snake worms will crawl from side toside just in the foreground of your screen, no matter you areplaying game or surfing the Internet. The graphic and animation isso realistic that your friends absolutely believe that there is ascary snake in phone and you would prank them with capturing avideo or photo and share with friends on social media like facebok,twiter, instagrm, whatapp and many more.How can you scare or prankyour friends1. Take their phone under pretext of checking somethingon the Internet.1. Install our great application Snake in ScreenHissing Joke .2. Set the vermin to appear few seconds/minutesahead.Start python with the time delay, e.g. 20 seconds.3. Ask yourfriend e.g. to help sign-in to his WIFi network, because you needto use the internet for a moment.Give the phone back to yourvictim4. After 20 seconds a virtual snake will appear on thescreen! A joke is ready, a victim is scaredMain features ofapplicationHigh quality of graphics and realistic movement of asnake Possibility of setting time delayPossibility of settingtransparent notification icon Normal, bigger and large snake sizeAn animation of the mammal always displayed in the foreground.Normal, bigger and large snake size Very realistic animation ofsnake and anaconda and cobra Choice of time after which snakeappear on the screen User can work on the phone while applicationis displayed.

App Information Cobra Snake on Screen - Hissing prank

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    Cobra Snake on Screen - Hissing prank
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  • Updated
    September 11, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    iShift Solutions
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    House 119, Sector F, Street 5, Sheikh Maltoon Town, Mardan, khyber pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
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No Need of Pen MY name Signature Generator – Fancy Styles is theone of the best android application to create easy signatures aswell as perfect signatures. Signature Generator and easy signaturemaker pro will make you happy for sure as it will work as signaturemaker assistant. This fingertip art handwriting signatureapplication can be used for art signature practicing on anelectronic device rather than by using old techniques on paper padand writing notes on books. There is no need of pen and ink tocreate cool signatures. This Signature Generator lets you play withyour words because it is also a signature composer and an autographmaker. Signatory can choose auto or manual way to generate glowsignature and fancy signature Signature Generator app is very easyto use and perfect app. You can Adjust or set your Signature bypinching, dragging, zooming and rotating your signature with thehelp of two fingers. There is no need of pen and ink to generatecool and stylish signatures. This Signature Generator permits youto create a signature from text and moreover signature with painttool. This Signature Generator are NOT indirect for any sort oflegitimate use. Signature Generator App will run on any AndroidDevice mobile or tablet to make a stylish and cool signature. Youwant to choose a Signature font form 300 font, style, design,color, size or draw your signature by handwriting in manual mood.Then write text of signature you have finished. When you want todisplay the result of write text by selecting on the 'Create'key.It will generate unique style of signature. If the result looksgreat and if you need to save this signature image you must longtap on the "Signature/screen" or tapping on any of 3 buttons next,back or save. As well you can share present signature image by yourfriends, contacts and family through any social media likeWhatsApp’s, Facebook, and viber by support of message, post andmuch more. Features ✔ Write your Name in text box. ✔ Choose yourfavorite font from 110+ Signature style fonts. ✔ SupportHandwriting Drawing Signature. ✔Multiple Color Pickers for Text andBackground. ✔ Lots of wallpaper.  ✔ You can also choose customimage. ✔ You can save Signature in your phone or SD card. ✔ You canshare your sign or image on each and every social media. MemorandumSignature Generator is free entertaining app. It is not a paid app,and has some ads which come. So you have no need to worry about allthat. In case, you will find some problems with the effectSignature Generator than Please don’t worry and don't hesitate tocontact me before giving us the down rating or negative views andopinions. Please send us an e-mail and tell us briefly about yourproblem. We will definitely try to make our app free from problemsby taking your suggestions. We will be very grateful for such kindsof feedback.
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Super VPN Free Proxy Master - Free Best VPN 2018 is the mosttrusted security, privacy and access for android to unblock sites,watch video , browse privetly and secure WIFI hotspots with topperformance on speed, stability, and security. Super VPN Free ProxyMaster - Free Best VPN 2018 gives you true online freedom bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing world’s content fromanywhere, with just one click. No need to spend much moneytravelling around the world, free unlimited SuperVPN will show youthe beauty of the whole world.Enjoy multiple proxy server to bypassblocked website and apps as if you were in anothercountry. Bypass location restrictions, internet filters andcensorship at super high speed.Bypass firewalls of school wifi whenyou are at work or school. Secure your internet connection underWiFi hotspot.Enjoy various proxy server with best Super VPN FreeProxy Master - Free Best VPN 2018 to avoid obstructed website andapplications just like you were in another country. Avoid arearestrictions, internet filter systems as well as a restriction atextremely high-speed.Bypass firewalls of faculty wi-ficompatibility when you are at work or even university with thisSuper VPN Free Proxy Master unblocks.All of us tried plenty of VPNfor android most of the vpn master unblock proxy no longer workingand many of them are for restricted time.This best available SuperVPN Free Proxy Master - Free Best VPN 2018 for android is reallytouch vpn one click super proxy unblock and also have unlimitedease of access. Super VPN Free Proxy Master unblocks site is verysimple to use. The task of this Super VPN Free Proxy Master app isextremely super and one can work keeping this Rocket VPN anywherethey want. You might have just VPN free download and enjoy theparticular self-sufficiency. There is no need to sign up or evenregister process. Just vpn download free available VPN Turbo forandroid choose your own country and just click the particular vpnbutton.Super VPN Free Proxy Master - Free Best VPN 2018unblock allis very super great vpn application and work is extremely super andhigh speed. You can be in the new world while using this vpn proxyunlimited unblock.■ What can I do with a VPN?- Provide privacy byhiding your internet activity from your ISP- Protect you againsthackers or online trackers when using a open WiFi hotspot- Usepublic or hotel WiFi in confidence- Break out of a restrictivenetwork at work or school- Access full Netflix and streamingcontent from outside the USA- Allows you to create a secureconnection to another network over the Internet- Use virtualprivate network (or VPN) to secure your Internet traffic- Changeyour IP address- Unblock games or videos everywhere- Unblock orBypass all blocked websites - Enjoy you true online freedomFEATURE*Protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking*Unblock geographically restricted websites* No registrationrequired, no settings required* No speed limitation, no bandwidthlimitation* One-click to connecting VPN* No root access needed*Encrypts your internet traffic* Top server speed & reliability*Using most secure VPN solution
Hidden Spy Camera Detector 1.0 APK
Hidden Spy Camera Detector helps to you to detect any hiddencameras and spy electronic devices by a simple scanning. Hiddencamera and spy devices can be easily fit into behind themirrors,clocks, fans etc. Hidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Camuses the magnetic sensor of your phone to detect magneticradiations and magnetic fields, on the base of which it detects andlocates hidden cameras and spy electronic devices.Staying in somehotel room and worried about hidden spy cameras?? Well no morebecause hidden spy camera detector detects any hidden spy camera inthe room. Hidden cameras and spy cameras can be easily installed indifferent objects like in lamp, behind the mirror, in a fan thatcan be used for spying purposes. To get rid of hidden camera andhidden spy camera use hidden spy camera detector. Hidden spy cameradetector also detects electronic devices such as smart phone, amotor, fan, TV, AC using the magnetic sensor of your phone.Magnetic sensor of your phone detects the magnetic radiation ofelectronic devices also known as magnetic flux.★ Hidden spycamera detector can also be used as electronic devices detector bydetection of radiation field or magnetic field of electronicdevices. Scanning using hidden spy camera detector is very easy todetects electronic devices such as fan, TV, AC, smart phoneetc.★ How To UseTo detect hidden spy cameras and find hiddencameras you just need to open Detect Hidden Camera UsingRadiation Meter option in your hidden spy camera detector andmove your phone near to the suspicious area such as behind themirror or in electronic lamp and to a quick scan. If the radiationsare high enough the radiation meter will show you the figure andwill also notify you by starting beeping that there is somethingdetected it might be a hidden spy camera.Using hidden spy cameradetector infrared base devices can also be detected such asinfrared camera, infrared Remote, infrared scanner. A specialfilter is used to detect infrared spy cameras. You can see it aswhite spot in your camera screen.★ RequirementTo use hiddenspy camera detector you phone should have a magnetic sensorinstalled. The magnetic sensor detects magnetic fields and magneticradiations emitted from hidden camera and other electronic devicessuch TV, AC, Remote. For Scanning hidden cameras magnetic sensor isrequired.★FeaturesSpy Detector infrared detector It is easy to usecamera detect hidden detector It has accurate measurements detecthidden camera through radiations hidden camera detector Usesmagnetic sensor detect camera detect spy camera detect secretcameras Hidden Camera Detector Hidden Spy Camera Detector InfraredCamera Detector Infrared Spy Hidden Camera Detector Anti SpyDetector Free Hidden Camera Detector Find Hidden Camera Find HiddenCamera detector Free Hidden Camera Detector Free Hidden Spy CameraDetector Androidhidden video camera detector apphidden camera andvoice recorder detectorhidden camera detector workinghidden camerawireless detectormake your own hidden camera detectorhidden cameradetector apphidden camera detector apkhidden camera detector appfor android free downloadhidden camera detector app androidhiddencamera detector besthidden camera bug detectorhidden cameradetector devicehidden camera detector how does it workBe sure toTurn Off camera in any other application open in the background,otherwise Infrared detection in Hidden Spy Camera Detector won'twork.Your suggestion is always welcomed and will be include inupcoming version. Don't forget rate and review this incredibleapplication.
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With bolt video player - Background Video Player you can easilyminimize vadio and can still listen to the videos on. (mex)Boltvideo player - background video player(en ventana flotante)supports all kind of video formats(cheers video ). Boltz vadioplayer have crystal video clean video graphics. (en ventanaflotante). mex video player(cheers video ) is also suitable forgirls video player and girls video player. Also this Advance HDvideo player is gift for christmas and can be called as christmasvideo player or santa video player.(movie player) Advance Options ★Eye Video protection - Eye video(en ventana flotante) protectionwill protect your eyes from video rays and bright vadeo player. ★Headphone Option - Headphone video player(cheers video ) you canlisten to video sound or vadeo music while minimizing the video.(enventana flotante). ★ Easy christmas video player(movie player) andsanta video(background video) have video gestures for controllingvedio sound(en ventana flotante), vedio brightness and many more(crystal video). cheers video support all formates of video suchas(mex) 3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v.flv .gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2.mp2v .mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .(mts.mtv(videos player) .mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm.rmvb .tod .ts .tts .vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xescvideo playerhd(christmas video player) bolt video player (christmas videoplayer)- Background video player(santa video player) is a mex videoplayer. it is also a mix video player and an excellent videoplayer.(videos player). clear quality video(mix)(girl video player)looks good on this player(Advance High Definition Video Player)(HDvideo player). This app is very efficient player video(videos on).Small size player(videos on). and is cheers video player. KeyFeature mex video player mix video mix audio background videochristmas video player santa video player girl video player girlsvideo player movie player clear quality video video player allformates gesture brightness gesture sound video sound videos soundvideo sounds advance HD video player
Flash Blinking on Call and SMS 1.0 APK
You are a very important person and worried about missing a call ormissing SMS? Well not to worry any more, Flash blinking on call andSMS will alert you with flash alerte SMS alerte. Blinking flashlight will notify and will alert you that someone is calling (callcall) and call flash with blinking flash light. Flash on call andflash on SMS is like text notification system. Like textnotification system, flash on call alert and flash on call alertewill alert you with blinking flash. вспышка на звонок.Flash blinkson call and flash blinks on SMS is one of the best appeler flashalert app on the market. Flash blinking on call and SMS have veryattractive graphics (Axion). There is no chance that you could missa call or SMS because phone light in flashing call, ringingflashlight, call flash light, den flash cuoc goi will notfi youwith SMS alert, SMS alertes, torch flashing light and flashover. ★How To UseBlinking flash on call and SMS also know as flash on calland sms, flash alerts on call and sms, flash alert on call and sms,flash alerte on call and flash alerte on sms is very easy to use.Just push the on/off button to activate the flashingoperation(zeng). To control the blinks, rate of blinks, number ofblinks go to the settings option in blinks flashing on call andflash call text and change the frequency and rate according yourchoice(text notification system). It is indeed a smartnotifications system.★ Key Features✔ Blinking flashlight✔ Blinkingflash alert✔ Blinking flash alerte✔ Blinking flash alertes✔ callflash light✔ den flash cuoc goi✔ вспышка на звонок✔ call flashlight✔ fach✔ sms for work✔ oncall✔ ringing flashlight✔ alertmessage✔ appeler✔ attractive graphics✔ call call✔ flash ringtone✔phone light✔ Axion✔ flash alerts on call✔ flash alerts 2✔ flashalerts 2017✔ flash on call and sms 2017✔ flash alert on call andsms 2017✔ flash alert on call and sms free✔ chid✔ lighton✔ lightfor iphone✔ flash call text✔ flashover✔ blinking flash light 2017✔blinking flash light for android✔ flash light on SMS✔ blinkingflash light on call and sms free✔ blinking flash on call and smsfree✔ flash alert for call and sms✔ blinking flash for call and sms