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The coconut tree is one of the mostversatileplants in existence. Whilst we are all familiar with thecoconut asa food source not many of us know the myriad of otherbenefits thecoconut holds. In many countries coconut husks arewoven intofabrics for mats, insulation and much more. The shellsthemselvesare used as bowls, to make utensils and as floatationdevices forrafts. Yet it is the coconut itself that draws the mostinterest.Coconut flesh has a beautiful taste and is used all overthe worldin a variety of cooking styles. Coconut milk is gorgeousto drinkon its own and also is the chief ingredient in curries allover theworld.

Over the years there have been many, many claims made aboutthenatural health benefits of coconut oil mostly surroundingthedietary and medicinal properties that it holds. This is why inthewest coconut oil has quickly become a hot consumer productwiththousands of companies including it in their beauty productsandthousands of recipes including it as an alternative tootheroils.

Yet a lot of controversy still surrounds the actualhealthbenefits of coconut and debates still exist as to whetherclaims ofits benefits have been exaggerated. This is where thisapplicationcomes into play. We have carefully researched thebenefits ofcoconut oil and outlined at length all the fantasticqualities thatcan come from eating coconut oil and applying it toyour skin. Wehave left out some purported benefits through lack ofevidence tosupport them and hope that this application will go someway todispelling the myths surrounding coconut oil, whilstproviding thereader with knowledge of coconut oil treatments thatwill beapplicable to everyone in their normal lives.

Thank you for downloading this application and we hope itwillhelp you as it has helped us.

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