1.4 / February 9, 2017
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********** CODE DE LA ROUTE 2016 GRATUIT**********
Entrainez vous gratuitement au code de la route 2017 avec plus de500 questions officielles.
Entrainement - Test blanc - Explication //// Vous ne pouvez plusrater votre code avec cette application!

********** Entrainement **********
Nous vous proposons de vous entrainez uniquement dans les series dequestions qui vous pose problème. Decouvrez des questionsofficielles du code de la route avec les explications sur lesthemes suivants :

********** Test blanc **********
Vous pensez connaitre votre code par coeur ? Retrouvez plus d’unecentaine de serie du test blanc.
40 questions - 5 erreurs MAX pour réusssir

********** Explication **********
Chaque questions est accompagné de sa réponse et d’un texteexplicatif.

Vous n’avez plus aucune raison d’échouer avec le code de la route2017 gratuit

La version gratuite vous propose un test blanc différent toutes lesdeux heures : 40 questions choisies aléatoirement dans une base dedonnées de 500 questions.
Pour pouvoir enchainer les tests et les entrainements, téléchargezla version pro (et débarrassez-vous en plus de toutes les pubs!)
********** TRAFFIC FREE2016 **********
Practice for free the code of the road in 2017 with over 500official questions.
Training - white Test - Explanation //// You can not miss your codewith this application!

********** ********** Training
We propose to you train only in the series of questions that givesyou trouble. Discover official matters of the highway code withexplanations on the following topics:

********** ********** White Test
Think you know your code by heart? Find more than a hundred whitetest series.
40 questions - 5 MAX errors réusssir

********** ********** Explanation
Each question is accompanied by his response and explanatorytext.

You no longer have any reason to fail with the code for the 2017free road

The free version offers a different white test every two hours: 40questions randomly selected from a database of 500 questions.
To chain the tests and trainings, download the Pro version (anddispose in addition to all the pubs!)

App Information Code de la route Francais 2017

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    Code de la route Francais 2017
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  • Updated
    February 9, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Ultimate Party Apps
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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    Email greenseedapps@gmail.com Privacy Policy
    305 moo 1, The Resort 101, T. Chang Puak, Muang Chiang Mai 50300
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➾ DOWNLOAD TRUTH OR DARE FOR FREE ! ➾ A free game that anyone canplay! ➾ Download for loads of fun #LMAO ➾ Download to get to knowyou friends better ➾ Download to get to show them your freakyside!! It’s time for things to go crazy with a free dirty truth ordare game for friends and couples. Leave your inhibitions at thedoor: our truth or dare app will have you telling adult storiesthat will make you sweat and in no time our dirty dares will haveyou showing a side you didn’t even know you had! Like playing spinthe bottle, no one’s getting off easy. But, if you do want to getoff, we might be able to help. lol O:) Our free game comes in 5flavors: ☯ ANGEL ☯ Our tamest adult truth or dare game. Great forgetting the party started. Grab a couple drinks and get ready tolearn more than you ever wanted about friends, new and old, withour app’s adult games. ☯ DEMONIC ☯ We dare you to play our mostadult sexy game content! No one is innocent and everyone will gettheir naughty truth or dare turn. This sexy app is full of adultgames that’ll Really bring on the heat. We dare you to keep yourclothes on. ☯ PSYCHO ☯ Our craziest questions for a couple or groupof friends who love dirty games. These sex games are for adultsonly! Adults with a screw loose… lol You’ll be bouncing off thewalls and acting like a lunatic. But, don’t worry. You won’t bealone ☯ ADAM AND EVE ☯ Every couple likes a good adult erotic game.These dirty questions are the ultimate XXX love game. Every playerwill end up with much more carnal knowledge than you get from yournormal party. Just a warning: Adam and Eve weren’t afraid to getnaked… A great couples app to spice up the night for happy couple.☯ THE PACK FROM HELL ☯ No one’s getting into Heaven after playingour most sexual truth or dare pack. Brought to you by the Devilhimself, the question will make you sweat like never before. And,our couples game and sex game will leave you screaming for mercy.If you’re lucky. ☯ ULTIMATE GAME PACK ☯ For the best dirty truth ordare experience save a few bucks with our biggest and best dirtygames mega-pack. All our questions brought together for thecomplete Truth or Dare experience. Love games, sexy games, darethat are crazy, wacky, funny, sweet and red-hot sexy. Spin thebottle—who knows who’ll be coming back… _____________________ *This awesome free app supports in-app purchases. * For your safetyand your friends’ safety, don’t drink too much, fam! * Above all,don't drink and drive! * If you chicken out, you can skip yourchallenge. Our free game doesn’t judge - only your friends’ll holdit against you. lol
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•• BE NAUGHTY AND DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW ••Have fun tonight withTruth or Dare Special Gay, the best naughty game for gaypeople!Truth or Dare special gay has been made for Gay couple andadult friends to spend dirtiest night of your life. Find out thingsabout your friends you would never imagine. Are you ready ?•DOWNLOAD TO HAVE FUN ! •• Between girlsA Truth or dare’s nightbetween girls is always a success ! Make it EPIC thanks to our app! Who have the most naughty secret and never told you before ? Whotold you than a party with only girls can't be super hot and fun ?:)• Between guysEvery guys keep some secret deep inside, evenadult. Find out what are they hiding with this awesome Truth orDare special Gay. The party is going awesome, and we’re sure youwill open the app every week-end ! Spend the best party night everbetween guys and enjoy the power of this simple, but awesome game!Download for free !
Truth or Dare ⁉️ Dirty games 2.1.3 APK
Awesome house party with this app, whatever if you're a couple orpartying with your friends. 5 different games : 🆓 Truth or DareFREE PACK 😝 Truth or Dare CRAZY PACK 🍑 Truth or Dare DIRTY PACK 🔞Truth or Dare EXTREME PACK ❤️ Truth or Dare COUPLE PACK The weekendhas landed, you’re over 18 and you want something a little crazy todo with mates? You’ve come to the right place. Let this Truth orDare app get the party started. After years spent lovingly creatingtruth or dare games, group games, house party games AND couplesgames, we can say with some confidence that we know what we'retalking about. Our Beta-testers feel the title sums up the apppretty well ;) With this app, rest assured: all your squad’ssecrets will be revealed and the dares will see off their dignityas well. To sum up, this game is simply the best Truth or Dare youcan play on a smartphone. To get that full app effect, the mostimportant thing is to take the time to discover the five group gamemodes, all designed to give a specific theme and a certain level ofdifficulty to your night. 🆓 Truth or Dare FREE: a good way to kickthings off without losing any friends. A nice mix of challenges atthe gentler end of the spectrum. What’s more: "Daaamn, it's free!"😝 Truth or Dare CRAZY: Things are about to take a turn for thetotally insane. An onslaught of ridiculous truth or dare games tobe carried out in the shortest time possible will leave youwondering why you didn’t just play cards with memaw. "Daaamn, thatescalated fast!". 🍑 Truth or Dare DIRTY: Turn up the heat with thishot house party game mode made for adults. Our dirty truth or darewill soon have inhibitions and underwear out the window. “Daaamn,that was hot!” 🔞 Truth or Dare EXTREME: only the hardest adultdares and sickest truths await in this mode. Be ready for anevening that will remain etched in your memory for a long time.Even if you may wish it didn’t. "Daaamn, what just happened?!...."❤️ Truth or Dare COUPLE : Hey there all you beautiful, filthypeople! Message for the girls: discover all your guys' secrets withthis truth or dare couple mode... Message for the guys: discoverwhat "bae" is capable of in the sack with our sex games... "Daaamn,girl!...". Brave enough to try it? Straight or gay, anyone can playthis Truth or Dare for couples! Play with unique features andthousands of crazy rules. To fully enjoy the game, you have topower right through to the end! We’ve included a surprise featurethat we’ll let you discover for yourself - at your own risk. So,when do we play Truth or Dare with and who? ▸ For a ridiculousweekend with your family or a night in with your buddies ▸ Justyour girlfriends, at a pajama party where dark secrets will bedragged out into the light. The more easily-offended of your GFsneed not apply ▸ Bros only, to see who comes out Top Dog after afew rounds of Truth or Dare Hardcore ▸ With your other half, for afun and steamy sex games session under the covers, or elsewhere....Initial download is free of charge. No weekly or monthlysubscriptions. Paid modes are always there if you want to get ineven more trouble, get access to crazier dares or even close thedeal with someone ;) Anyone can play! And if you want to throw afew drinks into the mix, all the better!________________________________________ - Features in-apppurchases. - For your safety and health, drink in moderation! -Never EVER drink and drive! - No one should feel obliged tocomplete any truths or dares they don’t feel comfortable with.
Truth or Dare ⁉️ Spin the Bottle 1.8.1 APK
SPIN THE BOTTLE AND DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE GAME Explore the greatestTruth or Dare app with a spin the bottle game that’ll get the uglytruths and risqué dares out of you! This heated, and sometimesdirty Truth or Dare session has got hundreds of funny questionsthat will have you revealing your dirtiest secrets, and crazy, hotchallenges in store for you. Our app isn't just classic Spin theBottle, it actually mixes Truth or Dare and a drinking game! Ofcourse, if you don't feel comfortable performing a dare orrevealing a truth, you have another option, which is to push themystery button that will tell you to drink a random number of sips.Don't take this too lightly! Our Spin the bottle and truth or darecan be played with friends or even lovers! Get ready to see a sideof yourself you haven’t seen before. A fun game with challengesmade for adults or for kids — what more do you need for a memorablenight? For even more fun, our spin the bottle game is available ina range of themes, based on your mood: Ⓞ SOFT: Perfect for kids andteens, this free truth or dare game will crack you up withoutcrossing the line. Good for family game night. Ⓞ COOL: Also free,this version is perfect for getting the night started with avariety of entertaining questions. Ⓞ CRAZY: Get ready for some wackdares. Ⓞ DIRTY: For those who want to turn up the heat...check outGoogle Play’s hottest version of Truth or Dare with our naughtydares and our dirty truths! Ⓞ COUPLE: We didn’t forget about thecouples out there with our spin the bottle game made just for you.Tested and approved ;) Ⓞ HARDCORE: For those who think they canhandle anything—this mode of Truth or Dare is strictly for peoplewho are totally out of their minds! For adults only ;) What are youwaiting for? Start testing this unique, dirty Truth or Dare gamewith our 18 bottles of booze. So, what will it be—truth or dare?__________________ - In-app purchases are available in this app -For your health and safety, be aware of when to stop with thealcohol! Drinking challenges are intended for adults only. - Don’tdrink and drive! - Nobody should force a player to do a truth ordare that they’re not comfortable with.