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This app is designed to increase reasoning and problemsolvingskills for kids in the first grade. Specifically, theexerciseswithin are for mastering the COGAT FORM 7 (Level 7) test.In thisapp you will find a full test for the language and visualparts ofthe test and many more questions for the number/mathematicsrelatedportions of the test. This app contains 9 areas of study:VerbalAnalogies Sentence Completion Verbal ClassificationNumberAnalogies Number Series Number Puzzles Figure MatricesPaperFolding Figure Classification We present a quiz of 16-22questionsfrom a bank of questions stored in the app. You get ascore and thenumber right/wrong as well as an indication of correctanswers whenyou get one wrong. A full length practice exam can runyou $30 inpaper form; this app is presented at a tenth of the costandfeatures enough questions to make multiple practice exams. Ourmathsections in particular have over 300 questions in the bank.Let'salso mention that this app is in full color unlike yourexpensivepaper based exams. This is important, because the realCOGAT testuses color in the Figure Matrices and Classificationportions ofthe test.

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Unstructured Self Development is your guide to the Army StructuredSelf Development course. This is not a test cheat sheet. Allinformation comes from Army regulations approved for publicrelease. This app has EVERYTHING you will find in Structured SelfDevelopment Level I. SSD Level I must be completed by all Soldiersprior to attending the Warrior Leader Course. The actual SSD coursecontains tons of good information for troops. The problem is youonly get to see it once while taking the course and ALMS is aterrible system if you want to review information. Completeinformation on 33 SSD topics: MODULE 1 Army Writing Style CombatReporting Composite Risk Management Detainee Operations FratricideHistory of the NCO mTBI & PTSD Personnel Recovery Self DirectedLearning Principles MODULE 2 Army Customs COIN Multiple DeploymentPsychology Leadership Military Problem Solving Process PhysicalReadiness Training Troop Leading Procedures MODULE 3 CasualtyAssistance Conflict Management Lean Six Sigma Recruiting andRetention Prepare a Brief Joint Service Management SupplyActivities Rehearsals MODULE 4 AAR Process Army Ethics FormationsHistory of the U.S. Army Environmental Financial Readiness TimeManagement Task Organize Bonus: Think you know your stuff? Try outone of seven SSD practice exams in flash card format.
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Army Leader Smart Cards is a free app for all Soldiers to get tostandard information in a hurry. It is an introductory app forSoldiers to see what kind of apps we produce (Structured SelfDevelopment, WLC, NCO, Air Assault, etc). All information isunclassified for unlimited distribution. Content includes: UniformStandardsManual ExcerptsRisk Matrix Troop Leading Procedures SALUTEReport SALT Report LACE Report Call for Fire CBRNE 1 Report 9 LineMEDEVAC 9 Line UXO/IED Report Evaluate a Casualty 5 S's of HandlingEPWs OCOKA METT-TC GOTWA OPORD Format Suicide PreventionNew SchoolArmy Humor New School Army Philosophy
Fallacies and Biases 1.0 APK
Polemics Applications presents Fallacies and Biases. This is an appthat contains quick reference information on formal fallacies,informal fallacies, and cognitive biases. You can use it as areference and a learning tool - it contains flashcards and quizzesas well to help you memorize the terms. The app contains:- 16Formal Fallacies- 95 Informal Fallacies- 92 Cognitive Biases- 26Social / Attributional Biases- 46 Memory Errors / Biases- FlashCards and Quizzes for Fallacies and for Biases- Over 250 Terms inall!
Autogenic Drainage 1.0 APK
The Autogenic Drainage app provides a customizable timer with voicecommands to aid in doing autogenic drainage. Autogenic drainage isa breathing exercise that is used to clear mucus from the lungs inpeople with lung disease. Autogenic drainage requires no equipmentand is done entirely through controlling your breathing. This appcontains a default autogenic drainage session that was customizedby a person with cystic fibrosis and also contains a fullycustomizable session if the defaults do not work for you. You cancustomize the length of every inhale, exhale, time holding yourbreath, and total number of breaths in each phase of autogenicdrainage. Hit start and voice commands tell you when to breathe in,hold, and breathe out. The timer also displays how long yoursession is, the current breath number, and how many breaths youhave remaining. The app also contains a reference section. This appwas designed to the specifications of a single person with cysticfibrosis and was developed as an aid in doing autogenic drainagefor people with cystic fibrosis or perhaps other lung diseases.This app was not developed by doctors, respiratory therapists, orany other medical professional. This app is not intended to replaceany existing medical treatment and should be only used as an aid topeople already doing autogenic drainage or those eager to try it.
92Y Unit Supply Specialist 1.0 APK
Greetings Distinguished 92Y Unit Supply Specialists! This is theonly app in the store for your profession. You are of the mostimportant professions in the Army and we at the New School Armyproject thought we'd honor you with this tool. Inside you'llfind:*Every common task for the 92Y found in the 92Y SoldiersManual complete with task conditions standards and go/no-gocriteria. *154 Supply Terms flashcards*A supply dictionary with all154 Supply Terms*Excerpts from the most popular supply manuals
Infantry 1.0 APK
The Army Infantry Guide is a resource for all infantrymen to learnthe culture of the profession and brush up on basic skills. This isnot a dry text or a rehash of .pdf manuals. This is distilled needto know stuff mixed in with some good Army humor so you don't gettoo bored while studying. Pull out this app whenever the Army makesyou hurry up and wait. Content includes: 19 sketches of classictactics Infantry Mission Set MOS and Skill Set List MovementFormations Hand & Arm Signals Rage Comics Order of St. MauriceUrbane Dictionary (35 Entries) 18 US Weapons 14 Threat WeaponsOther content distilled from various sources include: METT-TC,OCOKA, GOTWA, Composite Risk Management, 5 PARA OPORD, Principlesof Training, Troop Leading Procedures, 9 Line UXO Report, 9 LineMEDEVAC, 8 Step Training Model, MDMP, Fundamentals of Marksmanship,Function of an M16, and others…
Edible and Poisonous Plants 1.0 APK
Edible and Poisonous Plant Identification is part of a series ofoutdoors survival and adventure apps designed to give informationon demand at the moment of need. All plants depicted have aconnection with survival whether they be edible flowers, medicinalherbs or poisonous berries to stay away from. Within this app: Over100 Useful Plants 15 Poisonous plants Flash Cards for studyMultiple Choice Quiz Each plant entry has a picture, description,habitat, growing areas and edible parts or warnings. Content istaken from the U.S. Army Survival manual and open source publicrecords.
Army Warrior Tasks 1.0 APK
Hail to the New School NCO! This app has all 65 Army Warrior Tasksfrom STP 21-1-SMCT dated September 2012. This is not just a .pdfmanual in app form. Our app lets you search your task by category(shoot, move, communicate, survive and adapt) and quickly viewstandards and Go / No Go criteria. Never be without hip pockettraining material again.This is a New School Army app, therefore wehave the best advice from NCOs on how to plan, prepare, conduct andassess training. Purchase of this app comes with a free (optional)membership into the New School Army. What’s Inside:9 SHOOT Tasks18MOVE Tasks6 COMMUNICATE Tasks22 Survive Tasks10 ADAPT TasksAllperformance measures, pictures and assessment standards you’ll findin the manual.