1.0 / July 4, 2016
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choose your own photos with best stylephotocollection.
Select our Flower Crown catalogue and make your choice amongvariousFlower Crown patterns designs.
What are you waiting for? Try this free mobile app this instant!

Flower Crown Photo Editor features:

The best crown "photo montage" you can find.
-Realistic flower crowns.
-Complete your look with amazing flowers stickers.
-Save to memory card.
-Share with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


You often love flower patterns and love to add crowns offlowersin your images, we understood that, and made an app justforyou!
We know, that floral crowns are in trend now, so we createdacollection of beautiful crowns with floral designs for yourlovelyphotos! You won't be needing a lot of image editors or photoeffectapps anymore – Flower Crown photo editor is all you need togiveyour cute pics an absolutely fresh and new look! Flower Crownphotoeditor is your new photographer and photocollage studio!Createyour pretty new look with nice flowers, then send it bySkype,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or E-mail.

Looking for a wedding photo stickers, or maybe flower crownsforyour birthday pictures, or you have a daughter and want tosurpriseher with our stickers editor! All of these are reasons toinstall 🌟Flower crown photo editor 🌟

Try Flower Crown Photo Editor and post your ownpersonalreview!

App Information Collage Flower prisma Snap

  • App Name
    Collage Flower prisma Snap
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 4, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Prisma Color.Photo Edition Art 1.0 APK
You'll be able to get art footage thatsquaremeasure , and use them within for photo prism.You can change photo to cartoons or caricatures easily forphotofilter prisma.This is an unofficial free fan / parody prism app. Any contentnotowned by this developer belongs to their respective owners.Webelieve the images fall under fair use doctrine as they arereducedsize and excerpted for informational purposes. If you wouldlike torequest removal of an image of our collection forcopyrightreasons, feel free to contact us and we will be happytooblige.The effects of Prisma are:- to impose picture over the picture;- to add stickers on photos;- to improve quality of the picture;- to make collage;- to add text over the photo;- brighten your teeth;- remove acne;Key Features:○ One-tap auto enhance○ Gorgeous photo effects and frames○ Fun stickers○ Color balance○ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo○ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature,andsaturation○ Sharpen and blur○ Color temperature ("Warmth")○ Color Splash○ Focus (Tilt Shift)○ Draw and add text○ Create your own memes○ Share to social network○ And moreThis is not an official Prisma app.
Selfie Snap photo filters new 1.0.1 APK
superb selfie camera,you can takeselfies,makephoto edit and even collages with amazing filters,funnystickersand nice frames to your favorite photos for Instagram, anypicturewill be perfect!Including Selfie Camera,Sticker,AmazingFilters,ProfessionalEdit,Photo Collage and Special Effects withlayout andframes.Features :* new Doggy Face for switch your face for free and createsmileyDoggy Face emoji stickers msqrd Anime Cartoon * cute rabbit *ears* nose stickers to your selfie photos* Flower Crown filter* emoji smiles and photo filters will make your photosmorefun* add custom text to your snap photos* crop your snap photo* save and share to facebook , whatsapp , instagramandsnapchat* you can make your photos to be like snapchat filterswithoutsnap
Prisma Snap photo Art effects 1 APK
* Prisma Snap photo effects for cartoonprismaeffects creation.Awesome photo effects like sketches, caricatures and otherdoodlethingsArt filters and color photo effects.You can change photo to cartoons or caricatures easilyWith over 120 photo effects and filters to choose from,prismaappgives you more options than any other photo editor.There’s cool nolimit to what you should create.Everything from oldschooland instant effects, to filters thatmakeyour photo resemble a Van Gogh painting are right atyourfingertips. Even stack as many effects as you would likecreateyour signature look!*Features of Prisma - фотоэффекты и фильтры *- Beautiful photo effects- Includes art effects- Photo editor- Photo collage- Edit Brightness- Add filters- Cut picture- Your photos become real paintings- Modern artistic filters- Stunning photo effects- Feel like a real artist. Have fun creatingbeautifulpaintings.Turn your photos into amazing works of art.Attention! It is not an official application prisma .
Square Snap Photo - No Crop 1.4.0 APK
Square Photo is a powerful photoeditingapp.Create amazing photos using variousbackgrounds,emojis,stickers.This app makes your photos intosquaredinstasize images for instagram using built in NoCropfeature.Apply hundreds of emojis and make your photo more expressiveEasy to use, just square and share your photo!* Select photo from Camera, Gallery or Facebook. Quick select oftheimage you used last time* Choose a beautiful filter to adjust your creation, changecolor,add border, blur or shadow to make your pics special* Many emoji, stickers and stamps are also available.* Custom text maker to create text bubbles or hashtags* Square Photo uses quick, powerful photo editing features inasimple to use free app* Make wonderful photos with cool emojis and get more likes andmorefollowers by using this app! Because the emojis you select aresavedin the picture that you post they will be the same both onAndroidand iPhone* Quick direct share to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp orjustsave it to your own photo gallery.* Position, resize and rotate with two finger pinch(includingemoji)
Snap photo filters & Emojis ♥ 1.0 APK
Snap photo filters & Emojis a best waytoadd snap and funny stickers on photo. Post the snap photo withyourfriends. And there are square function for you . You can makeyourphoto be square without cropping . At the same time you cancollageyour 1-9 photos be together.~ Are you like the snap with stickers? Do you want combine thewordand emojis on your photo? Come on the Photo Editor SnapPicStickers, We provide the the snap text function . It’s a easy wayto editthe funny snap.Features include…-BACKGROUND EFFECTS:We designed many background effects suchasGradient、Double Blur、Mosaic、background colors based on your picandmore effects are designing.-FUNNY STICKERS: Add the popular emojis,giddy and othermanystickers to make your photo more funny and stylish.-CORNER MARK: Add many color marks so that make yourphotounique. More love, more likes.-PIP PHOTO: More fun with the new PIP Frames and manybeautifulbackgrounds.-DESIGNED BACKGROUNDS: You can choose from a variety ofamazingbackgrounds. We can also support using your own photosasbackgrounds, and adjusting their blurriness.-NICE HASHTAGS: We designed the new hashtags page to help youtoget more likes and followers on social media especiallytheInstagram.-LIGHT LEAK: Add the nice light leak effect,make your photomoresurprise.-SIGNATURE: Add your own signature, so everyone can see thefunyou’re having with Square Quick!-QUICK SHARE: Import photos from gallery or take from camera.Youcan choose photos by using the default gallery. You can alsouse thedefault camera, or any of the camera apps like BeautyPlus,Camera360,Line Camera, Candy Camera, then import.Snap photo filters & Emojis is the powerful photo editor topostthe snap text photo and square and collage photos to Instagram/Twitter / Facebook / SnapChat. Use it and get more like !
Flower Crown Collage Editor 1.0 APK
Flower Crown Collage Editor Hairstyle isanphoto editor app that that offers you a variety of “photostickers”to add to your photos and give a virtual makeover to yourhair in asecWith amazing photo booth Wedding Flower Crown Hairstyle you canfindvarious types of Flower Crowns, plenty of accessories toembellishyour wedding hairstyle and make a perfect “photomontage”.Most Usable Features :1. More than 100- Flower Crown available for your FlowerCrownPhoto Editor.2. Change the size according to your face shape.3. You can set opacity Flower Crown with scaling option inyourFlower Crown Photo.4. All the Save Flower Crown Photo in one particular area onthestart screen of Flower Crown Photo Editor.5. All the user can easily used and simple steps follows with onebyone to make more easy.6. To share your friends with your best photo FlowerCrowndesign.Flower Crown Photo Editor contains few of the most attractiveandcool name Flower Crown designs which can make your handlookhandsome and your Flower Crown more elegant.Flower Crown Photo Editor is also known as Flower Crown Myphoto,Flower Crown on My Photo, Flower Crown Design Maker, FlowerCrownPhoto.Flower Crown Photo Editor download it and make it simple tousedfor all the users.
Square Photo Insta pic snap 1.31 APK
Along with powerful square function andamazingfeatures you can create best photos and be a square&collagephoto artiest.Insta square photo snap pic is a best app to post snap pic onyourphoto . You can add the text and stickers together . And ifyouwant remove it ,you can long touch to remove the snap . Addthesnap pic on your photo will make the picture more popular.Insta square photo snap pic also support you to add shadowandD-blur effect on photo. Enjoy itFeatures:↑ Insta square pic collage maker post full size photos onInstagramwith no crop.↑ Insta square with blur pip ,patterns background,gradientcolorbackground, pure color background.↑ Insta square square & size photo with fiftypatternsbackground↑ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let youmakeamazing creative shapes.↑ collage maker have more than hundred collagelayouts,withgradient background color, make record moment amazingandspecial.↑ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let youmakeamazing creative shapes.↑ Insta mirror photo & mirror image effect. provide10+beautiful mirror effect for clone yourself.↑ Mirror image create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeatingaswell as reflection style enabled photos with this photoeditorapp._ photo editor with 30+amazingfilters、light、artist、overlays、lens on you photo._ photo editor with tens designed popular and artistborders._ photo editor with Drag & Drop / Zoom In & ZoomOut/Rotate /Round Corner_ share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Google+ oranywhereelse.Download Insta square pic collage makernow - Best photo editorappwhich you can post full sized photos on Instagram with nocrop.