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Life is like a rainbow, so full of beautiful colors and thesecolorsare a source of power which directly influence your soul.Artestablishes a deeper connection of a man’s body and soul,whichmakes us a better and a calmer human being. We at BACA BACAGamesbelieves that coloring book games is a great therapy not onlyformind but it also helps the soul in finding your peace.So,believing that we bring you yet another amazing and fabulousLowPoly Art Color By Number coloring game. Color By Number PolyArtPuzzle Game is specially designed and developed according tothetheory of ” Coloring is therapy for both mind and soul.” LowPolypixel art is not just a simple coloring pages game. It includesalot of different concepts of color therapy like Low Polyart,Jigsaw Puzzle and the most important and unique one is Colorbynumber. So ease your heart, your mind and your soul, just relaxandrelease your anxiety. Color by number is a very unique conceptinwhich you have to put images by number. Color by number isalmostlike a puzzle game but it is neither entirely a puzzle norentirelya coloring game, it is a profound and perfect mixture oflow polyart, color by number and jigsaw puzzle. Color By NumberPoly ArtPuzzle Game Play: BACA BACA Games offers you a very uniquestyle oflow poly color by number coloring book, where you have toput theright number of color to the same number of image. That iswhy thisis called color by number. You have a lot of puzzles tosolve withcoloring. Choose beautiful polygon, you have to pick therightnumber part from the scroller and place it at the same numberinthe polygon image. First complete your polygon art jigsawpuzzlethen share your master piece with your friends and family orsaveit in your mobile. Low Poly Art Color By Number Benefits: •Yourbrain experiences relief by entering a meditative state. •Stressand anxiety levels have the potential to be lowered. •Negativethoughts are expelled as you take in positivity. • Focusingon thepresent helps you achieve mindfulness. • Utilizing thetechnologypromotes creation over consumption. • Coloring can bedone byanyone, not just artists or creative types. • It’s a hobbythat youcan carry with you wherever you go. Color By Number PolyArt PuzzleGame Features: • Different and new style of coloringbook. • A lotof low poly artworks waiting for you. • Profoundmixture of Lowpoly coloring, puzzle game and color by number. •Easy,entertaining and interesting gameplay. • Amazing andHigh-QualityGraphics. • Beautiful and majestic low poly images tocolor. •Color therapy and anxiety relief packed in the game. • Bestway toput your mind at ease. • Best app for all ages. • Totallyfree todownload and play. There was a study published in the ArtTherapy:Journal of the American Art Therapy Association 22(2) pp.81-85provides support that coloring geometric patterns actuallydoeshelp lower stress and anxiety levels. This study proves ourpointthat coloring actually lowers your stress and anxiety levels.Sowhat are you waiting for, download and install Color By NumberPolyArt Puzzle Game and forget your anxiety and stress and getrelaxed.

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    Color By Number - Poly Art Puzzle Game
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    September 4, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Baca Baca Games
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