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Are you ready to rock in this world cup? If yes then welcomenewcolor cricket.io game 2019. Get ready to eat each and everypieceof cricket cup objects in open world with the 3D hole. Expandthesize of the hole to destroy the latest cricket tournament game3Dobjects. In this arcade fun game start your fierce battlewithholes in the stadium & arena and face anonymous cricballs& blocks to enjoy the fun free epic game. Participate inthischampionship in a new way. Eat fantasy blocks in the groundwithyour black hole and expand its size as much as you can to eatmoreplay balls and best cricket related things in this new worldcuptournament 2019. So are you ready to make progress in thebiggestcricket competition? If yes then download it now. Thisnewaddictive IO game is very easy to play just think and jumptoexplore more adventures pitches before the match getsstarted.Also, explore new stadium pitches to reach the top in all.io gameslike basketball , football , baseball & cricket. Justclear theplatform expands tricky hole and do not pull unwantedobjects. Moveblack hole carefully to catch fall flat shape objectsto swallow inthe hole. Eat everything sports related things in thestadium.Touch the screen to drag the main hole with your finger.Collectreal real objects like balls, wickets, and etc. So hit thewicketand be the popular and biggest hole of all time in iogames.Control your hole and finish all the painted and groundrealobjects to go up against your enemies. When the hole getsmaximumsize its strength becomes double to eat targeted objects.Conqueras much as you can to increase the size of the hole in anepicoffline game. The smooth graphical environment with a singlefingertouch will never let you bored. So enjoy the new epic arcadegameand give us your valuable feedback about the game. Features -Freeto play - Smooth graphical environment - Eat maximum to expandholesize - Avoid unwanted objects - Easy to control Hole withfinger

App Information Color Cricket.IO- Hole 3D

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    Color Cricket.IO- Hole 3D
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    June 11, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Gamers Tech 3D
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Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World 1.0.6 APK
Become a cowboy in the western area to win the mafia war! The greatwestern old world shows the picture of a battlefield. Mafia gangsand gangsters started the mafia war in the west world. They areinvading the great western with their red dead plans and send theirteam in the dishonoured western side. The cowboy is needed in thiswestern area because he can exhibit his shooting skills as a mafiafirst hunter and gunfighter to defeat the mafia gangs in thisaction adventure game. Play as a cowboy who can ride horse as well.There is huge responsibility on you to rescue the westland ashigher authorities have assigned you this duty to participate inthis war. You might have played FPS shooting and commando missiongames but this new shooting game will give you something else thatyou really want to play. Explore various modern weapons in thisfrontier mission Start this cowboy adventure on your wild horse toexplore the world of gunfighters. There are lot of missions andchallenges of bounty hunting. Become a mafia first hunter todemolish the wrath of killers and gangsters in this great westernworld. These kind of cowboy games demand lot of skills just likegunfighter, real horse rider, commando and travel from town totown. Explore various elite weapons in these cowboy missions. Youare highly trained cowboy of the Great western world to explore thetowns of wild wild west to defeat the gangsters in one go. Go inthe town with your racing horse and leave your wrath as a greatcowboy in the history of great western in these kind of westerngames. Play thrilling adventures as a cowboy and gunfighter Rescuethe great western from the wrath of enemy gangs and terrorists. Winthe unique fighting missions as a frontier to be the killer of theevil entities. Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open Worldprovides you thrilling battlefield of great western challenges. Thelife of cowboy is not easy as they have to compete with the modernfighters that are equipped with guns and weapons to defeat you inthis mafia war, but you have to be alert and calm in these kinds ofcowboy games. These things will measure your patience and passionfor bounty hunting adventures being a cowboy of the great westernworld. Stunning 3D graphics and audio effects will boost yourstamina to win the mafia war. The adventures are lined up insequence and in the form of checkpoints, on each checkpoint you areassigned to a mission, you can enter buildings, jungles, houses torescue the innocent lives from the crazy terrorists. Earn therewards on mission completion, find the hidden places to play nextmissions follow the map carefully, ride your horse, win the wildhorse race. You as a cowboy can buy some clothes from store such ashat, pants, jackets etc. You can buy the Shotguns, Knives and otherweapons to win. The horse will be your virtual partner if you wantto reach at some point in minimum time. The west world want peace,you can bring their peace back with your cowboy shooting skills andefforts. Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World offers thegreat western platform that is battlefield this time. And as acowboy or a commando you can rescue everything from the assassins!Key features Explore the great western world Rescue the west worldfrom gangsters Multiple missions to play with modern weapons Playas a horse rider and cowboy of the western world
Gangster Plan: Crime Open world Sim 1.0.1 APK
Are you ready to the rescue the innocent people from horrible lifeof fear among blood, shots, bandits and killers? With GangsterCrime Plan Simulator it's time to show everyone who’s boss by yourincredible shooting you can destroy your rivals and ruling thestreets. Get on bike or car on these grand city roads of redemptioncity. You are not a random peaceful policeman. You are a truegangster, who doesn’t need peace for glory - you have a greed forrevenge from those who have let you down. You have a big selectionof weapons and must to kill as much as possible bandits with guns,knives and other deadly weapons. Choose your favorite one and startthis grand shooting mania. You as an expert gangster player aregiven a full sized modern city where you can go nuts with all thepower and weapons in your hands, but don’t go on the curiousrampage because then the cops will be upon you, don’t let them winthis fight of war, terror and shooting. The action in this crimesimulator 3D game adventurously revolves around shooting andkilling your enemies. Criminals have taken over the city of peace,to stop all this you have to be one of them as well. To stop thesecriminals you have to complete a lot of life threatening missionsand you need to learn how to fight with hands how to be a realgangster and snatch the cars, run like macho mafia man. GangsterCrime Plan Simulator is an action packed tremendous shooting andfighting gangster game with lots of missions. When you are drivingaround in gangster grand city you can look on the minimap formissions or you can use the quick buttons to start right away adeadly mission, kill as many people on your way as you want. Spreadthe crime and download the game for free. As a world best andnotorious criminal you can hit the other cars and fight with otherpeoples without any reason in the city and complete your missions,start shooting and killing for money. You can shoot, kill people,rob banks and blast bombs. There is a criminal’s chaos in thegangster city. You are not an innocent citizen or any policeman.You are a dreadful gangster, who kills for money and satisfaction.Key Features : 1. Classic city environment 2. Steal and drive anycar you wish 3. Huge 3D realistic world to explore 4. The realgangster theft action game 5. Unique mixer of a shooter, punch game6. Shoot and kill people to earn money 7. Easy and smooth controls8. Fun and Free to play
Car Mechanic Sim 2019 1.0.2 APK
Here comes the best adventure of Car Mechanic in the 3D simulator!Who doesn’t love cars? Everyone does it’s just like your secondhome; you just sit and ride on the places wherever you want to.Your real 3D Sim crazy real car needs a lot of care and dedication.Let’s start the journey to become an excellent modern 3D carmechanic of the year. Just get ready to repair 3D cars with thebest mechanic tools of 2019. Everyone wants to learn modern drivingand wants to drive on the American highway roads with full speed.This Car Mechanic game in 3D is the best mechanic game of the year.Be the best Mechanic of the year 2019. You might have played thecar fixing 3D games, car driving sim games, 3D car driving driftingsim games, to become the best driver in a super crazy environmentbut you may have not played the 3D mechanic drive game in thehighway offroad sim American modern HD environment. This would bethe extreme modern car mechanic adventure to ride with full passionand excitement speed in the super grand city. Enjoy the crazy realsuper ride in this fixed 3D car. Enjoy the crazy drive ride in therealistic racer 3D car mechanic game of 2018. This would be theextreme ride of car washing and 3D American car fuel fillingadventure of the year. You will enjoy the super real crazy moderngas station 3D environment with the wonderful adventure. Be arealistic expert sim car mechanic of the gas station to fix thecustomer’s car with the full expertise and best car mechanic tools.You as a car engine mechanic, your life runs around the crazy realsim offroad car ultimate mechanic workshop, this car repairsimulator specifically lets you tune up the real 3D cars as no onecan modify in the real crazy gas station games. Fix the defectedcar parts with the real super highway mechanic tools, remove dentsfrom the car doors, paint the real cars with the best paint vibrantcolors etc. Drive as a real crazy car mechanic driver with the fullexcitement, fix your customer’s cars and give a test drive to thisvehicle to see its performance. Be the expert Gas car station realultimate mechanic in a best super 3D simulator. Give a great andgroomed look to sports cars and luxury cars with your own choice.All these tasks can transform you and prove yourself to be anexcellent modern car mechanic in Car 3D game. Do you want to becomethe expert car station mechanic of the year 2019? If yes, thendownload this Car Mechanic game with the perfect smooth graphics.Do multiple tasks in this Car Mechanic game to become the car drivemechanic, fix the car body parts, find out the engine’s fault,diagnose the drive wheel problems, you would have never experiencedthis kind of 3D car gas station game in 2019. You will learn toreplace different car engines to make their performance much betterand great. Do your best so that everyone in the super crazy citycomes to. As an excellent car mechanic drive engineer you willlearn many multiple techniques for the best super crazy real gascar performance results. Grow your business by your best techniquesto tune up the cars and polish up their performance, you would haveenjoyed luxury car drive simulation, truck driving, car racing& drive games, but the combination of all this with mechanicsimulation games and modified car drive games makes this workshopgame part of top gas car repair games in only one Car Mechanic 3Dsimulator. *Key features* 1. An amazing 3D environment of Car washand fuel filling stations 2. The best gameplay of Car mechanictools and machines 3. Best Audio play and HD video play 4. Americancar wash system to wash and groom the car performance 5. AddictiveGameplay with car fixing tools 6. Become an excellent 3D carMechanic of the year by installing it
Modern City Train Driving : Indian Train Sim 2018 1.0.1 APK
Let’s take a ride of the crazy journey in this super real train andbecome an expert train driver by installing this game!Modern citytrain driving Indian train simulator is a 3D game that will takeyou to on the crazy journey of 2018. You will explore differenttunnels, tracks, subway points in this 3D game of multiplefeatures. Super railroad tracks are waiting for your arrival!Thecrazy real rail drive will make you crazy and increase your urge todrive more in this railway mission. You will explore crazy realways in this adventure mania and explore multiple kinds of grandrail road tunnels, subways and tracks. Drive and enjoy the crazyreal missions under the challenging tunnels that go to your realroad destinations. Become an amazing train tunnel driver of thisamazing 3D simulator game of 2018. But be careful because you haveto survive to reach at the endpoints. You will explore crazy realdriving missions in this 3D game. The real rail journey will takeyou to the other worlds to explore, as it is really challenging todrive a train in 3D tunnels and on rough rail tracks, so you willget the experience of crazy train drive in this 3D game. Thestunning and attractive graphics, 3D realistic environment willmake you crazy. Train rail journey is long and tiring journey sopassengers and tourists will explore and see realistic beautifulviews on the way to their destination. The rail journey is alwaysbeen favorite of many people as they go to out of cities by trainand it totally depend on driver that how much he is expert in histrain driving skills and how he manages to pass through beautifulrail tracks to explore. The duty of train driver is super criticalas you have to carry many tourists and cargo stuff, you need to beexpert, you have to be a real super crazy expert driver to drivemillions of miles with the total responsibility. You will become areal Indian train cargo modern driver of your city by playing thisastonishing game of multiple 3D graphics and features. This 3DModern City train driving : Indian Train simulator of 2018 gamecarries excellent railway tracks, beautiful scenery views forpassengers and tourists and wonderful driver views, So the driverand the tourists both can enjoy their real super crazy trip. Enjoythis beautiful long hours journey with the crazy railroad views,mountain views, village views, subway views and explore the beautyof this world. Modern city train driving: Indian train simulatorhas high quality graphics, subways and tunnel railroads in 3Denvironment that take you to your final destination.The real andextreme challenge is to drive a huge train under rough tracks,subways, grand tunnels and tough railroads. You should haverealistic driving guts to carry a heavy train with lot of touristsand cargo stuff. You can control the driving speed and reversefunction with amazing easy driving controls. Amazing and supercrazy wonderful features will make you a real train tunnel cargodriver of 2018. The game is specially designed for all the gamerswho love to play 3D driving latest games. The mission is to reachat the destinations along railroads and tracks in given specifiedtime. Cover all the tunnels, subways and rail tracks in the givenlimited time to complete all the missions. It is real crazychallenge to become an expert train driver of 3D simulator game.This 3D game with amazing simulator is casing the major points ofthis world. Tourists and the travelers will enjoy their journey inthis whole super crazy trip. The game has real railroad pleasingenvironment. You have to moderate the train speed to surviveotherwise you will give a smash to your cargo train that willresult into deaths of lot of innocent people. Key Features :• Super3D railway tracks to explore• 3D railway stations• Stunninggraphics and wonderful journey views • Challenging environment•Amazing HD and 3D graphics
Expert Watermelon Target Shooting Challenge 1.0.3 APK
Ready to smash, crack, blast and shoot for fun? If yes, target& fire tons of watermelons in this 3D game. Let’s satisfy yourshooting needs with this crazy training for watermelon shooting inthe real village. Enter the natural craze hunting and flinch thewatermelon destruction like an expert army commando shooter. Getready to target the watermelons with sniper gun and shoot them.This is the super real shooting mission which will ultimatelytransform you into an expert fruit smasher shooter. The crazytarget and hunting challenge is just now one click away from you.This is one of the best snipers shooting game with the superamazing 3D realistic environment. Many thrilling adventures andmissions are waiting for you. Get trained with the super sniper gunto shoot the watermelons. Enjoy with this crazy target shooting tofeel the real fun and get the fruit smashing experience! Expertwatermelon target shooting with the powerful sniper gun hasrealistic 3D environment and awesome HD graphics. Get ready to havethe amazing fun of your life. This one is the best choice for you,if you are the lover of shooting and target at aims. These army andshooting skills will enhance your abilities to attack in the front.This game is filled with the super crazy hunting target challengesof 3D simulator. This game is based on super sniper 3D shooter toattack the watermelons in the given limited time. Your task is tohit the target and complete all the missions in the given time. Usethe latest sniper gun shooter to hit and cut all the targets andsmash them to complete your army training procedures. Avoid missingof targets to achieve the goal in limited time. Clear the firstchallenge to unlock all the remaining challenges. It’s a time tocheck your sniper shooting skills with limited bullets through thisarrow and bow game. Get ready for the real shooter missions withyour favorite sniper guns or bow and arrow to go to the water melonshootout mission. Avoid missing the cutting chance by using yoursharp shootout skills while playing this sniper game. This amazingExpert Watermelon Target Shooting is a real Challenge in the newand improved world of sniper shooting game. Get the thrill ofshooting and experience the crazy dangers of bombs. Hit and strikethe watermelons to be the ultimate modern real bullet master. Lockyour aim with precision that people only get to learn in therealistic army trainings. Show your real expert sniper shootingskills in the modern hunting of watermelons. This expert watermelonshooting challenge provides the real shooting army training camp.This game provides a wonderful and crazy hunting target challengewith HD graphics to crush and chop the watermelons. This game isbest choice for those who love to shoot at the targets in the crazy3D simulator environment. The mission is to crack and bang all thewatermelons with the limited bullets in restricted time. This isthe super real hunting challenge for you to be a shooter expert inamazing 3D simulator. Aim at your target in this shooter 3D gamewith modern shooter weapons or shotgun. Take the accurate shot,target carefully, don’t miss the chances, be careful whiletargeting at the watermelons with your shooter guns. You need tostay focused while crushing all the watermelons with limitedbullets in the limited time. Get the strong grip on your pistol orshooter gun to smash the watermelons easily. Like other fruitshooter games you have to blast all the watermelons before time outand before they disappear in the next levels. The real challenge ofshooting is just one click away from you. This amazing fruitshooting 3D game includes different missions. Key Features : •Latest sniper shooting gun to crash the watermelons • Move gunleft-right with finger to shoot watermelons • Blast all thewatermelons with limited bullets • Smash the watermelons withinspecified time • Realistic colorful and 3D animation
Real Tractor Farmer : Offroad Farming 2018 1.0 APK
Real Tractor Farmer : Offroad Farming 2018 in 3D simulator is aboutthe modern farming challenges!Offroad Farming 2018 3D game with thelatest simulator. Explore the modern farm machines to plough thefields, seed the modern village areas and many more farmingadventures are waiting for you, they are just one click away fromyou. Farming is a real tricky profession; it needs lot of hard workand dedication. People living near countryside mostly related tofarming profession. Farmers are really hard working and passionateabout their work. Some people love to become the modern farmerbecause they love gardening and super beautiful charming nature.It’s an art that need to be learned by time, pure super dedicationand concentration. Some people are inherited farmers some becamefarmers and carry their farming professions for years. This farmingprofession requires simulator farming trucks, modern harvesters,crop choppers, trolley and different sprayers for fields. Farmersare the best resources for pure foods, they are the asset of acountry who provide fresh food, vegetables, dairy products andtransport various stuff to the city area, so that citizens canfulfill their basic needs and live happily by enjoying the modernnatural products. Farming is the real economical profession youbecome a farmer you grow wheat, take care of fields, harvest thefields, milk cows and other animals and then sell the products toearn the better revenue for living. Farmers are the resources thatcontribute in the economy of the state; they grow rice, corn cropsand many vegetables. Farmer has to wait for the perfect suitableseason to harvest the crops. He has to throw the seeds on theproductive land and then take care of this land with pureconcentration. Real Tractor Farmer : Offroad Farming 2018 haspleasing 3D graphics and HD game environment to play. Real TractorFarmer : Offroad Farming 2018 has awesome game play and providesyou the best platform to become a harvester and enjoy the greatfarming life happily in 3D simulator. Show your real skills as afarmer who belong to realistic farming background family and canachieve all the farming goals in limited time. Farmer has to grownew crops and then sell them to the nearby city market for money.By before this you have to go through all the growing cropsprocedure, Plow the field, spray the field to save them frompesticides, watering the fields, transporting the animals and dairyproducts to the city. Attach the machinery with the real 3D farmingtractor and go towards to complete the real farm mission. Drive theultimate tractor farm machines to achieve all the goals, use themodern machinery to become a successful farmer of the year 2018 inthis 3D simulator. Enjoy the highly detailed farming environmentand village area to explore. Drive on the offroad for transportingthe animals in this farm adventure. Enjoy the realistic machinerydriving tools and real vehicles in this Real Tractor Farmer :Offroad Farming 2018, This is not only 3D farming game but it isalso a vehicle driving based game on offroads to enjoy the realadventure in the grand city. Become an expert farmer in RealTractor Farmer : Offroad Farming 2018 of 3D simulator. DownloadReal Tractor Farmer : Offroad Farming 2018 for an excellent farmingsimulator adventure! Get a ride and drive to take care of a grandrealistic farm!*Key features*1. Take care of the farm and harvestthe crops2. Realistic tractor farming tools and farming tractor todrive towards fields3. Smooth and easy controls to drive4.Interesting and easy gameplay 5. Real farming environment and 3Dgraphics6. Animal and dairy products transporting7. Sell the wheatand hay stock to nearby market for earning8. Enjoy the best farmingfeatures in this 3D farming simulator game