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Play in a new arcade game on android! Jumptothe platform further and further away, playing for differentcubecharacters - pixelmons! Collect diamonds and crystals to buythemnew characters and different locations! Compete with yourfriendsto see who can jump on and get more points

App Information Color Jump: pixelmon heroes

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    Color Jump: pixelmon heroes
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  • Updated
    February 7, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Fresh Craft Develop Buildcraft Pixelmon Go 2017
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Cube Craft Go: Pixelmon Battle 10 APK
Welcome to the new survive simulator 2017:pixelmon cube world in which you expect a lot of adventures! Youhave to survive in a world after the apocalypse and fight with evilcube creatures! Choose your pixelmon, bleed it, become the mostpowerful craftmaster! Coaches its pixelmon that they receive thelevel and were strong. The cube world there are many differentpikselmons to get hold of all, you will have to fight with evilcreatures, pump your pixelmon and their abilities, magical spellsand become a master trainer! as the game has a crafting system thatallows you to build Poke home, where your pixelmon will rest andgain strength. The game will be added to the system evolution,which means that there will be more available models! Each has itsown pixelmons ability that helps them fight! Build your own Battlearena to fight for real. Cubi sandbox gives you the opportunity toexplore the world of the cube, that thou die not need to becreative! Show imagination to combat the worst pixelmon! Pixelcraftis mod on multicraft in which you can become master of craft.Sandbox cubi gives you the opportunity to play with cute animal,and to be a top coach!This game are suitable for all teenagers boys and girls who lovecraft and pixelmons!Soon will be added:- New pixelmons- Evolution system - model of pixelmon will change then levelup!- New skins of enemy- New abilities and spells- Multiplayer mod- Adventure mod- Crafting system- Herobrine modDownload and play new app in 2k17 together your friends!
Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod 11 APK
Welcome in to new adventure game for androidin 2017, in which you will plunge into a new world after theapocalypse, which is build from cubes and voxel pixelmons but notzombie. Pixelmon mod craft - are you ready for a new amazingexperience? Try to catch all of themExplore the large open world – a sandbox to find a new pocketpixelmon and catch them in the pixel ball and get it to the yourcreatures - bag, that you can throw at them! Mystical creaturesroam the planet in search of the coach - You must become him! Tryit crafting and building system with new UIThe game is developed by crafting system: various pixel blocks!Kraft all that fancy enough!Gather your team pikselmonov to go in search of forgotten treasuresin abandoned mines! Find there is a lot of loot, crafting and thento build a new building!Make Pocket shelter home for yourself and your friend pixelmon !Organize it with the blocks!Find a lot of diamonds, gold and silver in the mine under world, tomake it more expensive things and to survive in this harshworld!This game is suitable for all teenagers boys or girls, who love tocraft and want to become masters of the craft and construction!Build all of you may imagine!Soon in the game Multicraft Go pixelmon edition– New textures and mod game– Story Mode , where you can learn the history of this planet– Survival mode , hunger– Crafting system– Pokecraft system– the change of night and day– New pixelmons and their evolution– New blocks and skins players– Multiplayer mode– Battle arena and pixelmons spells: increase level of yourpixelmon, fighting with other players.Rather, download and play the new simulator survival andconstruction MCPE GO craft build pixel
Candy craft: Sugar Princess 3 APK
Hi, my little girl! Play cute creative fashionexploration craft game for girls in a cute pink world! Feel like aprincess in a sweet world! Build a cute house and construct a candycastle. Make your own High School story! Be a Top Girl! Craft,exploration and build! Adorable princess needs a castle! Build one!Feel like a princess and live in a castle made of pink fabulouselements! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resources or minedeep into the cube girls world. Build a princess home with cubes.Design pink interior, building and design kitchen - start cookingand baking! Building a whole city with a SPA salon, Nail Salon, PetShop, Make-up & Beauty salon or a sweet shop with candies inthis games for girls will not be hard anymore! Cute animals allaround you: cute rainbow pony, sweet little cow, puppies, kittens -all for you! A serious pocket game for serious girls who love to beadorable princesses! You can destroy all the blocks, collectresources, survive and build beautiful & perfect cubebuildings. This creative simulator game for teenage girls (PocketEdition) contains a large number of different cute glitter blocks(pink, yellow, colorful) with which you can craft your own teenagegirls cube world! You can plant flowers in the garden, bake cakes,building a house for your pet, pony, unicorn and friends or evenbuild your own palace in this building games for girls!Soon updates:Multiplayer : be vet and save cute animalsStory mode : be a top model of schoolSurvival mode : build all what you wantCandy vs. ZombiesCreative mod.Baking and cookingFollow our updates: preparing to release a game about pixelmonscraft!If you love craft this game for you, my little princess :)
Build craft: pixelmon zombie 5 APK
Welcome to the new world after the apocalypse!This game will allow you to plunge into the fantastic world, whichconsists of a voxel cubes, and which is inhabited by hordes ofvoxel scary zombies! Will you be able to survive here?Explore the pocket world, armed with a melee weapon and guns (inthe game is available different types of weapons, such as an axe ,sword, pick , shovel ), send in a great adventure in theunderground abandoned mines, build yourself a big house - a shelterby a craft - system in which you you will be able to protectthemselves from attacks of the dead! Crafting in a house bed torest there. Also, you have to go out on the hunt for wild animalsto find their own food and survive!The game is available a lot of different pocket blocks and cubes,with which you can craft and build yourself anything. Turn on yourimagination and the imagination to build a beautiful house that youwill build. Put it in the stove, a poket bed, a bookshelf, chest tomake you cozy and comfortable! This game will appeal to allteenagers boys and girls who love to craft and survival!Every night you will attack the hordes of pixel zombies that willbe looking for you. Always be ready to survive in this world!Keep track of the level of fatigue and hunger of his character,it's a real survival simulator! If your character is hungry ortired, it becomes an easy prey to the terrible pixelmons dead -murderers!Features:- Open, endless world- A simulator of survival- craft- Various types skins of pixelmon zombies- A living dynamic world (with animals)- An indicator of fatigue, and hunger- Different types of weapons- A variety of blocks- the change of night and day- New texturesSoon update will be added:- Ranged weapons- New animals- New zombie skins- multiplayer- story mod- creative modDownload and play new free app on android 2017, compete withfriends to see who of you will be able to live longer and buildpixel town in this harsh and surprising world of adventure andcrafting!
Color Jump: pixelmon heroes 1 APK
Play in a new arcade game on android! Jumptothe platform further and further away, playing for differentcubecharacters - pixelmons! Collect diamonds and crystals to buythemnew characters and different locations! Compete with yourfriendsto see who can jump on and get more points