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After the success of ice cream truck builder and chocolatecandyfactory, Yippee Gamers is presenting you Color PencilFactoryMaker. Play and enjoy this color pencil making games forgirls inreal factory simulation. Pencil sketch or pencil drawingiscompulsory when you are going to learn fine arts. A little onewhodoesn’t have any know how of art, is not allowed to work withoilpaint or watercolor on canvas. Instead they are given colorpencilsand a sketch book so that they can start with color pencilsketchin Color Pencil Factory Maker.Little boys & girls wholike tobuild oil painting items and make the stuff with crazy funtimeswill surely enjoy Color Pencil Factory Maker. Let’s make andbuildcolor pencils in factory environment setting with fun andpaintinglearning elements. This fun factory game is a whole processofbuilding paint color pencils from cutting trees tobuilding,crafting and fixing color pencils in large factory plantsandmachinery in Color Pencil Factory Maker. In this crazy makergameyou need to make, design and decorate color pencils infactory.This pencil making factory game is as much fun as any cargarage orsalon game.Pencil coloring is the crazy fun adventure forlittleboys & cute girls. But the question is how to make pencilcolorin the color pencil factory? Download the best color pencilfactorysimulator game for boys and girls and make your own colorpencilbox in Color Pencil Factory Maker. Learn color pencil art inthecolor pencil factory simulator as hero factory worker, managerandmanufacturer at the same time. Color making is the craziesteveractivity for the expert factory worker and pencilcolormanufacturer.Cutting TreesLittle repairman & wood cutter!Go tojungle to cut some trees for collecting material for thefactory tomake outer pencil layers. Chop the trees & slice themin littlepieces. Make pencil wood structure from it, by passing itthroughthe slicing machine in Color Pencil Factory Maker.MakingColorfulLeadGo to hilly area to collect the lead rocks. Break themintosmall rocks & load them in the delivery truck. Grind theleadin form of powder and add different colors in it. Add waterandother ingredients in it to make it in liquid form. Pour it inthepencil wood pieces and heat it to fix the lead inthepencil.Pencils Packing & DeliveryJoin pencil molds withglueand cut them using cutting machine to make colorful markers.Nowpencils are ready for stationary shops, schools &colleges.Pack the pencils in the boxes and packets. Load thepackages on thetruck and deliver it to supermarket stores &high schoolshops.This color pencil maker game is amazing andawesomeexperience for home designer & house decorator. Showyourbuilding & construction skills as a factory managertoconstruct quality coloring crayons in Color Pencil Factory Maker.

App Information Color Pencil Factory Maker: Design & Build Crayons

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    Color Pencil Factory Maker: Design & Build Crayons
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    June 14, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Yippee Gamers
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Car Wash Service Station: Truck Repair Salon Games 1.0.2 APK
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Little boys and girls likes to have super sports cars but first youneed to learn that how to take care of automobiles in this car washservice station game. You already have played many police car washor car wash salon games but this car wash game 2018 contains uniquegame play which will allow player to clean up and repair 5different types of vehicles. This car wash service station is notjust a car washing game but it also have multiple mechanic gamesscenarios as well. Crazy mechanic! now join the truck wash andrepair games crew to cleanup car, bus wash, truck repair and buildsports car. Now play this car decoration and designing game toexperience real simulator of car wash and repair games for girlsand boys. Mike is a business tycoon and he is little mechanicalengineer. He is starting a mechanic shop which is equipped with allmodern vehicle repairing and fixing tools and equipment. Mike thereal mechanic needs your max support to run this business. Littleboys and girls pretend play to join the mike for running thisservice station for cleaning and washing and mechanic garage forrepairing multiple vehicles like van, truck, sports car and bus.Examine the all the vehicles like car doctor and fix the damages inthis best mechanic games. When a customer comes to the mechanicshop first you need to wash, cleanup and shine up the vehicle bygiving proper spa and makeover. For super car wash first you needclean up the dirt, mud and rusty spots with water. Apply soap,using sponge on all over the body of truck, van, bus or car.Washout the soap using water and dry the vehicle body. Car washsalon and makeover is complete but to remove dirt, mud and rustyspots from interior and exterior pass the police car through theautomatic garage service station. Super cars are tidy and cleanedup but they are also facing some mechanical damages which needs themechanic garage care. Crazy repairman! It's time to do some quadbike repairing and fixing activities. All vehicles like truck, bus,van and sports car are facing different damages so pay attention toexamine the automobile with perfection. Find the damaged parts andrepair them or replace them. Perform all mechanic activities fromwelding, tires repair, engine builder, wires fixing and oil change.In this garage game be the car builder, maker and designer to buildand decorate the super police car. Play complete game scenarios tobe the best car mechanic in the town. Now play this car washservice station 2018 and have real workshop simulator experience.
High School Anime Prom Dress Up: Girl Makeover Sim 1.0.4 APK
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Hey, little fashionistas! Are you a Manga, Anime and Japanese popculture fan? If so, the new High School Anime Prom Dress Up is theright makeover simulator game for you. In this virtual beautyparlor / makeover simulation game, you get to style beautiful girlsas fashion icons, models & superstars for upcoming princesswedding in this anime dress up game for girls with stylist hairdresser from the city barber shop. There are 4 cute girls withhundreds of clothing items to choose from the queen’s wardrobedrawer after hair cut. Be the star fashion designer with your ownspa & salon store in the super market shop to give the cutegirls a perfect prom night party makeover for their event in HighSchool Anime Prom Dress Up. Welcome to makeover salon simulatorgame for anime girls for free! Girls are going to hold a fashionshow in anime parlor theme after high school prom party. Theyprepared hundreds of fashion styles after having facewash, spa& makeup in their hairstyle fashion saloon. If you want todress as pretty as girls in cartoons and animated series, come tojoin this makeup salon makeover simulator game and you will love tobe the top fashion designer in High School Anime Prom Dress Up. Itwill surprise you with tons of fashionable makeup and dressupclothes for cute girls. Do a relaxing spa, put on amazing clothesand decorate with accessories for girls including scarf, jewelryand head gears like some Indian wedding bride and their awesomelooking hair dresser. Little boys & girls who wants to be astylist icon in the fashion world will surely love this High SchoolAnime Prom Dress Up. A unique dress up and hair cutting game forgirls with complete makeover scenario including lipstick, mascaraand blush on to put after giving face wash and cream facial to thecute girl. Choose from awesome line of trendy dresses from thesalon wardrobe drawer to wear as little princess & fashionqueen of the world. Match glasses & shoes with your purse andclutch with your top level fashion sense in High School Anime PromDress Up. Anime Dressup is one of the free dressup games that givesyou the chance to dress them all up like a trained tailor ofdesigner boutique shop. Start dressing up animatronic dolls as youwish! We admire manga culture, especially the kawaii highschoolgirl look. You may dress up a schoolgirl in high heels, thetraditional short-skirted high school looks, chibi princess, or theJapanese sailor suits that girls love in High School Anime PromDress Up! Every girl loves dress up games and makeovers. It's acute game that you'll enjoy playing in your free time. You'll lovethe awesome anime graphics, and the trendy and fashionable outfits!High School Anime Prom Dress Up Features: - Three sections for youranime girls: spa, makeup and dress up - Awesome Hairstyles withbraided looks - Cutest Kawaii girls ever for complete spa makeover- Nice collection of dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, adorable petsand more! - Hundreds of fashion combinations to make the girl morebeautiful - Pretty outfits, hairstyles and decorations for youranime models Download High School Anime Prom Dress Up like you arein a salon with lots of trendy, fancy, high fashion dresses andaccessories with millions of possible combinations that will allowfor seemingly endless fun!
Indian Bride Wedding Makeover: Bridal Fashion Doll 1.0.2 APK
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We welcome you to experience the Indian wedding ceremony being themost experienced wedding planner in this bridal wedding gamessimulator. Your job is to plan & execute the perfect weddinglooks for the couple in Indian Bride Wedding Makeover giving themtraditional indian shadi dress up and bridal makeup. Weddings inIndia vary regionally, the religion and per personal preferences ofthe bride and groom. Play this bridal tailor game which is best inthe category of makeover games for girls to learn manicure,pedicure being celebrity glamour princess. They are festiveoccasions in India, and in most cases celebrated with extensivedecorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that dependon the religion of the bride and the groom just like high schoolprom night party. Being the top dress designer & partydecorator, it is your duty to give best makeover to the Indianbride & groom in Indian Bride Wedding Makeover. Give yourIndian bride the best face spa including lipstick, nail polish,blush on, mehndi (henna) & dress up in your traditional weddingsalon game. Little boys & girls who loves to play fashion worldmakeover simulation will love this bridal shop games. Being theowner of a bride salon simulator, you have to do all the facialtreatment including spa, face mask, cleansing, black heads removal& steam in Indian Bride Wedding Makeover. Make sure the bride& groom wears traditional sari and kurta shalwar on theirIndian shadi event keeping bride fashion sense in mind. Use hennaand mehndi on both hands & feet for your fashion doll makeup infashion designer games simulator. A traditional Indian weddingsimulator consists of following steps in typical Indian shadi: FACESPA Know bride putting their best face forward by booking askin-care treatment before the big day. So simply schedule a facialtreatment at least one week prior. MEHNDI Mehndi is a ceremonialart form which originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent. It istypically applied during weddings for brides. Made from the fineground leaves of Henna MAKEUP Indian bridal makeup takes in thewhole person and consists of 16 items including the dress, bridaljewelry, gajra, payal and shoes. These items are known as the SolahSinghaar of the bride. MANDAP DECORATION In Hindi, Mandaptranslates to a covered structure with pillars. In essence, theMandap serves as alter for Indian weddings, specifically for Hinduceremonies. The Mandap consists of four pillars, symbolizing thefour parents who worked hard to raise their children, beautifullydecorated using flowers & ribbons. DRESSUP Hindu brides areasked to usually wear red during the wedding proceedings since itstands for prosperity and fertility. It may be a traditional Sarior Lehenga of red, maroon, gold or green colors with differentjewelry items. Red color also symbolizes love, commitment, strengthand bravery in Indian culture. Download Indian Bride WeddingMakeover, best & top trending bridal fashion simulator of 2018and learn the process of Indian shadi in traditional style. Be thebeauty glam queen & a glamorous model to wear right king oftrendy dresses & jewelry.
Chocolate Candy Factory: Dessert Bar Baking Maker 1.0 APK
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Chocolate Candy Factory is a choco sweet dish maker game for bakerytaste lovers. If you love to cook and prepare chocolate dishes,gumball & cotton candy bubble gums in your home kitchen thenthis baking simulator game is made for you. Prepare tasty darkchocolate for kitchen cafe shop & dessert restaurant store.From cocoa farming till the final preparation of chocolate creambars, you will learn each & every step required to cook &bake chocolate cupcakes in the oven for your mall store. Be thebest sweet dish maker of the cookery show & make the mostdelicate and marvelous dark chocolate syrup in Chocolate CandyFactory, your cooking factory simulator games for girls. As a toptrending cake baker & vanilla pastry maker, play ChocolateCandy Factory a fun & adventurous factory learning simulationfor crazy chef empire making chewing gum & choco candies.Littlefoodie boys & girls who love dessert maker factory games andwant to make & eat dark chocolate of different shapes, tastesetc. in their supermarket shop. Chocolate bars are used in almostall bakery desserts and shop sweet dishes like brownies, chocolatecookies, cakes, ice creams and all other sweet muffins. Did youever wonder how dark chocolate is made in factory using raw cocoa,sugar, butter and other ingredients? We will make you learn to becrazy skilled chef and bakers knowing how to make chocolates ofdifferent tastes and flavors like milk, dark and white in ChocolateCandy Factory. Work as a dessert factory worker and make deliciousmouthwatering chocolate candy and learn the whole process ofchocolate making for foodie carnival treats. This is a greateducational game that will help you learning how the factorymachinery and equipment works and how chocolates are made in thefactory using raw cocoa making you a chocolate empire tycoon indays.Expert farmer! Let’s gather cocoa nuts in the store bucketfrom the cocoa farm. You should place the bucket in right spot andthen tap on nuts to drop them in bucket. Crack the nuts, take outbeans and dry them under sun light heat in Chocolate Candy Factory.Pack the dried beans in bags and load on truck for factoryprocessing. Roast the cocoa beans and crush them to extract cocoapowder. Add cocoa powder, butter and coconut oil, heat it up andthen add powdered cocoa, honey and sugar. Mix the ingredients tomake the molten chocolate bubble gum. Fill the batter in jars,molds and freeze it for baking & cooking sim game. Fill thechocolate molds with melted chocolate bars on conveyer belt. Placethem in freezer to cool. Take out the chocolate candies in the mold& color them with the coloring machine. Pack the chocolatecandy in boxes and load on truck for selling to super store, hypermarkets & busiest shopping malls of urban city.DownloadChocolate Candy Factory simulator today & be the top chef &master cooking star of the city.
Little Tailor Fashion Boutique Shop: Dresser Store 1.0.2 APK
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Little tailor fashion boutique shop is a trendy dress designing andfashion clothes making game. Princess dress lovers! Be the besttailor in the town and design tops, stitch garments and designskirts for wedding couples, beauty models and popular celebrities.Starts tailoring the trendy designer dress for customers. OfferTailored cloth ideas for wedding dress, party wear and casual wearto enlighten the fashion industry. Open up the best dresser shop inthe town and starts tailoring clothes for customers.Design anddecor garments like trouser, shirt, top, skirts, frocks anddesigner dress for customers and receive money on the cash registercounter. Make beautifully stitched cloth to get more gold coins andeventually it will increase your tailor store popularity. Stitchdress for more and more customers to update your tailor boutiqueshop. Create, knit and craft master piece suits for models rampwalk, celebrities red carpet and for prom party glamour. Princesstailor! wedding season is on and many customers are heading towardslittle tailor fashion boutique shop for shopping tailored glamorousparty wear. Get order from the customers on the cashier counter andstart stitching garments. First take measurements of the cloth andcut it with scissor. Princess tailor mark the cloth in dress designand use scissor to cut it in right shape. Best dress designer cutthe clothes carefully with professional skills. Crazy clothier andgarment maker it's for stitching the multiple designed clothes. Usesewing machine to sew the glam dress. Work on sewing machine likeexpert as stitching is the most important element in brandedoutfit. After completing the outfit sewing it's time for dressdesigning and outfit decoration. Little tailor fashion boutiqueshop is very popular for its clothes design and decor. Use multipletextile tattoos design, textile lace, multi color buttons andprints for garments decoration. Little princess use appropriatetextile design ideas for dresses. After completing all theprocesses now pack the clothes in boxes, wrap it in wonderful andamazing packing paper and give the package to customer. Manage thewhole crazy tailor store receive cash money and manage it in cashregister machine.Be the store manager, manage cash money and designmaking to the best dresser maker in the town. Real crazy dressmaker also keep your boutique shop clean. Use vacuum cleaner toclear the trash and dust and shine up the floor. Now download thislittle tailor fashion boutique shop game and have entertainingtime.
Shopping Mall For Rich Girls: Supermarket Cashier 1.3 APK
Yippee Gamers
Crazy shopping lovers! A new store is opened in the town and theyare offering most exclusive trendy designer dresses, cosmetic kits,shoes, fashion jewelry and bags. Go out with your rich BFF (bestfriend forever) on shopping spree time for buying most expensiveand popular brand clothes, footwear, makeover accessories andjewelry fashionista products. Live a luxury cool life and enjoyyour time with multimillionaire friends. Do shopping till you gettired! Move from shop to shop in this supermarket game simulator tosee the whole classy superstore, dress up in the designer boutiquewith personal stylist friends. Get princess makeover, coolestoutfit and look like a celeb at fanciest shopping mall in the town.Dress up & makeover like a ramp model and do cat walk like youare in a fashion contest. Show off your vip status class and have agood life with unlimited money shopping. Shopping mall for richgirls have many sale offers so rush in the store for buying all thestuff on 50% sale discount on black Friday. Avail the 50% off blackFriday offer and shop all you need in this shopping games forgirls. Shopping mall for rich girls is a supermarket shopping andcashier simulator game. Little boys and girls join the best cashregister, supermarket manager and shopping game to experience thevirtual reality of real life mall shopping. Play the role assupermarket manager and as a pro cashier to have fun maniaexperience with crazy store customers. Sell elegantly designed andfashion outfits in 50 game levels of entertainment and adventuregames for girls. Girls you can buy a lot varieties of clothes fromboutique store including pent, shirt, top, skirt and weddingdresses. Shoes includes sandals and high heels. Purchase stylishjewelry in gold and diamond. Multiple designed necklaces, rings andbracelets are also available. Shop the most cool and awesomehandbags, glasses and hats of classy design on black Friday sale.Shopping mall game also have a cosmetic kit factory store where youcan buy all makeup kit products from popular factories. Makeoverstuff includes nail polish, lipstick, face spa mask and eye shades.In the end pretend play as cashier on the cash register counter andmanage the money. Scan the shopping items, place them in shoppingbags and collect cash money. Manage the money in the cashiermachine. This cahier game is as much fun as any grocery, cafe andfast food shop game. Now download this shopping mall for rich girlsgame and have fun mania time. Features - 50 levels of shopping,cash register and time management fun . - Shoe shop includes allvariety of footwear like high heels and sandals. - Clothes shoppingfrom wide range of prom party wear, jeans, wedding dresses anddesigner shirts. - Jewelry stuff includes necklaces, rings andbracelets of trendy styles. - Cosmetic store have a wide range ofcosmetic makeover stuff like nail polishes and lipsticks. - Billpayments on the cash counter, manage cash and learn timemanagement. - High quality amazing graphics and exciting game play.