/ May 19, 2017
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Used for testing of a coloring app

App Information Color Test

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    Color Test
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    May 19, 2017
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    Android Varies with device
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    Gamonaut 3D Games
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    Miroslava Krleze 1/1 42000 Varazdin Croatia
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Bus Parking 3D 1.42 APK
Who wants to be a bus driver? It looks easy, but who knows :)Across20+ challenging levels, you get to test your driving and parkingskills both, aim is to reach the parking spot, but beware - if youtouch any cones, you will fail the test.Good graphics, optimized torun smooth on all devices, crazy challenging levels and a lot offun awaits you with Bus Parking 2017 in full nice 3D. Use pedalsand steering wheel to play. For rough corners and tricky parts,there are 3 insightful cam angles you can use to get pass theproblematic levels.Rate game if you like it, and we hope you enjoyyour casual time with this 3D game.Follow us on google + :google.com/+UnityGamez
Truck Demolition Derby 1.02 APK
Drive, smash and crash all the trucks! Yours and opponent's -doesn't matter as long as you can do maximum damage possible.Sounds fun? Try the Truck Crash Simulator and see how you likemaking extreme destruction in exciting little car wreck wars. It'sa game related to demolition derby and car war games yet quiteunique by itself. It's something NOT recommend doing in real life,but hey - that's why games exist, right? You can play two differentmodes: Survival mode in which you're collecting coins for in gamecash. Avoid AI trucks as they're nearly indestructible. There's a 5minute limit for this destruction mode. Can you reach the limit?Hunt mode - in which you're driving a huge truck. In this modeyou're the indestructible one and since it's only for fun - youneed to hunt down other cars and crash them. Also, 5 minute limit,so see how much can you crush during that time. Crash Arena mode iseven more fun: it's you against 4 AI opponents at same time. Whowill survive in this totally extreme truck wreckage? This mode istotal war! I'd bet on you but we can never know ;) There's manyways you can outsmart AI opponents, but make no mistake - they areset to hunt you down and will not stop until demolished. All topscores in all destruction derby modes will be submitted toleaderboards automatically if you log into Google Play Games upongame start, of course, making it more fun to compete against otherplayers. Who's the ultimate truck crusher? You have 5 realistictrucks and 3 maps to play with, so enjoy demolition wars and goodluck! Download today, have fun and let me know your thoughts aboutgame in the reviews.
Blocky War Machines 1.00 APK
Do you like blocky graphics, tanks & other war machines andaction shooting? If so, you're at right place.Blocky War Machinesis a cool mini game in which you need to find and destroy opponentslocated on different arenas, using variety of weapons that areavailable to you. Plenty of those are waiting for you to unlockthem: from simple machine guns to ultra powerful laser turrets.Every war machine has 2 upgrade groups: chassis upgrades and weaponupgrades, which can help you win battles if you upgrade oftenenough. As you progress through game, you encounter more difficultopponents.There are 8 war machines available in game, presented incool blocky graphics: 1. Light Armour: Gun & Rocket Scout2.Medium Armour: Mini Gun, Tank, Rocket and Laser Assault3. HeavyArmour: Rocket & Laser CruiserEvery war machine has it'sadvantages and disadvantages, for example: light armour does leastdamage, but is fastest vehicle. Vice versa for heavy armour. Lookfor more clues you can find which correlate in game and can improveyour game score if you use it well. Each war machine you own can beedited to your liking using Blocky Vehicle Editor, you can add orremove blocks or just paint them any way you wish. Anycustomisation you do is processed by damage engine so you can enjoyseeing real time blast and damage effects on your customised warmachine.Game comes with 3 difficulty modes and well tested controlsset up. Not all difficulty levels provide same amount of in gamecash, but in easier modes you don't get destroyed as much, sochoose mode you find suitable for your gaming style. Harder modegives more rewards but enemies are much stronger.There are alsorandom power ups and other fun things you can pick up or use oneach map to get advantage. Or get into trouble :PTo play game inarenas, use magic swipe joystick on left part of the screen tonavigate your war machine and fire / lock controls on right end.Game features:- blocky damage engine - blast your enemies inpieces, literally- 8 arenas and 8 unique war machines- 7 differentupgrades per war machine- Blocky Vehicle Editor - customise any warmachine you ownThis colourful and fun action shooter is ready toprovide hours of game play and it's just starting: feel free toshare any ideas you might have about game, they will be considered.You can expect updates to game with more arenas, more war machinesand game modes, as game is under constant development.Downloadtoday and have fun!
Tappy Circle 1.0 APK
Quick and small game project for fun - justtap until your finger hurts or you hit the obstacles - which youprobably will be doing all the time. Our best score is 53, and wehad to hack the game to do it :pCan you do better?Oh yeah, and if you do by any chance - visit our FB page viagame and brag about it!Have fun!
Truck Simulator 3D 2015 1.0 APK
Drive construction truck in this simulation game and deliver theasphalt for the road repairs. Truck Simulator 3D 2015 is a greatfree simulation game that offers hours of fun.Drive around the cityand fix the roads. Some levels offer challenges as you try to avoidobstacles on the road. This free 3d game features:- amazing andsmooth 3D graphics- realistic environment- real construction truckphysics- huge city mapHave fun!
Truck Parking 3D 2015 1.0 APK
It's time for some truck driving! Truck Parking 3D 2015 is free 3Dgame where you get to drive and park a truck with a trailer.It'sall about precision because any real truck driver needs to know howto pass rough spots and corners. If you think you're up against aneasy task, double check that because in each level, after you findthe parking spot with only truck, you'll have to carefully drive toattach trailer as well and then find the second stop and park. Insome levels you'll even have to be very skillful and drive inreverse. This free 3d game features:- great 3D graphics - 3 trucksto unlock in garage- in game cash tied to time - faster youcomplete levels - more cash you get- fun concept of trailer pick upand parking huge truck, with precision in mind- real truck physics-plenty of levels - 18 - and more will be added- truck damage- 3different controls to suite everyone's taste - steering wheel,arrows and tilt (gyro)- 3 different camera modes for easierget-around and rough corners- fast loading and lightweight casualdriving game package (24mb)- reset data feature for endless funGetready for some fun times with truck parking - find those stops, tryto reach them in best time possible, use cameras on different tightangles and situations and have fun!!Follow us on Facebook andGoogle+ and download new interesting free games every week (racing,parking, simulation, etc).Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/theUnityGamezGoogle + :https://google.com/+UnityGamezTwitter:https://twitter.com/unitygamez123
Monster Truck 3D 2015 1.0 APK
Get ready for some serious monster truck racing.Monster Truck 3D2015 is an amazing free monster truck simulation game. Thanks toreal car physics you can enjoy racing like a real monster truckdriver.This free racing game features:- realistic monster trucks-real car physics- 18 unique tracks- amazing 3D graphicsEnjoy thisfree 3D racing game in realistic environment!
Sport Car Simulator 1.50 APK
If you're into sport cars, racing and drivingsimulation or competitive game play, you're in the rightplace!Download this game and engage into never ending car simulator,thanks to 3 fun modes this game has to offer:- Time Trial with Leaderboards- PvP multiplayer racing- Free Drive mode for practiceIn Time Trial mode you need to stay on the road as long aspossible by driving super cars through busy city traffic. Followthe arrow pointer to find the clock tokens generated around thecity in order to get more time. Avoid bumping into traffic cars asit will cost you some time. Aim for the best time possible as gameplay times are sent to the leaderboards. Longer you stay in game,more traffic will run through city, so things can get challenging,but we're sure you can make it.In PvP multiplayer racing mode, you get to challenge realpeople, other players, for a racing match. In this simulation modethere is no traffic, but the objective is to reach the track endbefore your opponent does. Wait to be auto matched, then have funcompeting against other people. Enjoy our state of the art multiplayer mechanics.Also there's a Free Drive mode with extra time at start whichyou can use for practice. You play this driving simulation with anycar you've previously unlocked.As you play more, you'll unlock more cars. There are total of 12you can play with, each being fast and good looking. Some are evensupercars. Use steering wheel and gas/brake pedals to control yoursport car.Try it out now, and we hope you'll like it.Have fun and keep tuned for updates with more racing cars, areasand more, we're just getting started :)