1.21 / July 14, 2018
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You target is to flood bigger territory with your bricks, then youropponent. You are starting on left bottom corner with black coloredbricks and your opponent on right top corner with white bricks. Toflood new territory, just select color of brick which you want tojoin you. All tiles of this color sharing border with you will joinyour team. But remember, your phone is playing against you, so bequck and think strategically. There are two game modes: Puzzle andStrategy.In strategy mode you can not choose tile's color selectedby your enemy before and your enemy can not use tile's colorselected by you before.You can see current results on the top ofthe screen, left one is your result, right one for your opponent.Player can choose from three different puzzle sizes.

App Information Colors Wars

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    Colors Wars
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    July 14, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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