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Save your cows, and don't forget your hay! Aliens from outerspaceare trying to steal all your cows and hay! Test your reactiontimeand see how good your memory is. Use you lasso and pitchforktowrassle back your livelihood from the Aliens.

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Spinder 4.8 APK
In Spinder, students play the role of a breeder trying to createpeacock spiders with specific traits. The peacock spiders vary inthree traits: tail size, tail colour, and dancing rate. As studentsnavigate different goals, they learn about how selection functions,how the value of a trait changes the relative effect of selection,and why populations vary in phenotypes. The intuitive interfaceallows students to quickly grasp concepts and test different ideasof how selection functions. This game is best assigned as homeworka week prior to introducing the concept in class. keywords:correlated selection, peacock spider, positive and negativecorrelation, fitness
Blue Steal APK
Females in the animal world are choosy and males have to work hardto impress them. In Blue Steal, players need to impress anaugmented reality female by presenting her with different objectsof different colours until she's satisfied. To win, players mustfigure what it is the female prefers and find all the objects theyneed. The first to find all four objects wins! This game isdesigned to be played with a classroom of students subdivided ingroups. Groups of 2-5 individuals with at least 6 groups worksbest. Alternatively, parents can hide objects throughout the houseand kids can play the role of male bowerbirds trying to finddifferent objects that impress their females. The players to findall the objects first wins! It's a great scavenger hunt to pass thetime! You can download the augmented reality tags from the Arludowebsite here: https://arludo.com/game/blue-steal/ Keywords: BlueSteal, animal behaviour, female choice, mating system evolution,animal behavior, cultural transmission of information, learning
Split-a-Cell: The Division 2.3 APK
Split-a-cell is a game where players learn about the differentsteps in mitosis to better understand cell division. Players aretaught about the order of cell division while playing a matchingstyle game to build cells. While dividing cells, players arefamiliarized with the position of the chromosomes and how geneticinformation is moved within the dividing cell. The intuitive gameplay and stage changes in as individuals progress allowsindividuals to make connections between the cell stage and theposition of the chromosomes. Split-a-Cell: The Division is a singleplayer game and can be used as homework to reinforce the conceptsbeing taught or by lecturers and teachers to introduce the conceptsprior to discussion in class. Key words: Split-a-Cell: TheDivision, mitosis, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase,telophase, cytokinesis, chromosomes
Phylotile 2.5 APK
Phylotile is a game where players learn about the relationshipsbetween organisms and how to read a phylogenetic tree.Players aregiven different tiles that they need to place at the right point ofthe phylogenetic tree to solve the puzzles. Players learn about theevolution of traits, how trait relationships change through time,the concept of convergent evolution and how to read and understandphylogenies.This game is a single player game with 5 differentlevels.Level 1: What is a phylogeny?Level 2: Gaining traits.Level3: Losing traits.Level 4: Convergent evolutionLevel 5: Readingphylogenieskeywords: phylogenies, convergent evolution, cladistics,taxonomy
Motor Tests for Groote 7.4.2 APK
This game is used for research purposes to test various motorskills ranging from reaction time to fine motor control.
Reservoir Crabs 2.0 APK
Practicals teaching animal behaviour rarely work because ofstressed out animals and naïve students. We take all the difficultyout of running your first animal experiment by using augmentedreality fiddler crabs. With crabs that behave the “right” way eachtime and are immune to stress, students can focus on improvingtheir understanding of experimental design and behaviouralobservations. Each crab has real measurements and behaviours whichallow players to perform statistical analyses. This game replacesanimal behaviour practicals and is best used in a class whereindividuals work in groups. It can also be used to teach studentsconcepts surrounding animal behaviour in online courses. Theaugmented reality tags can be downloaded from the Arludo websitehere: https://arludo.com/game/reservoir-crabs Key words: ReservoirCrabs, contest dynamics, animal behaviour, fitness, statistics
Eat Prey Live 2.0 APK
Populations change over time, and one of the strongest forcesshaping populations is predation. As predators hunt prey, theyremove certain individuals, and as a consequence, the genes thatencode that individual from a population.In Eat Prey Live, playerstake the role of a predator that hunts dots. Players start bycreating a population and are then allowed to hunt their dots. Thedots vary in speed and maneuverability and hunting them changes thetraits of the future population. While playing Eat Prey Live,layers learn about how selection functions, and how populationschange through time.Sandbox variables: population speed andmaneuverability, a trade-off between size and maneuverability, sizeof the waves, an energetic cost of hunting, and the benefit gainedfrom a kill.Keywords: natural selection, predation, correlatedtraits, hunting costs, Eat Prey Live
com.arludo.HungryBirds 1.8 APK
Life is full of choices. In Hungry Birds, players learn about thedifferent choices animals are forced to make every day. The goal ofHungry Birds is to rear as many offspring as you can. But nothingis as simple as it seems. Players take on the role of a birdnavigating the wilds to hunt for food for offspring in differentenvironments. As players explore the different locations in hungrybirds, they encounter different obstacles and enemies and eachenvironment varies in food availability. Choose whether to continueor give up and use what you have! The game teaches conceptssurrounding various life-history decisions ranging from allocationand feeding strategies, to giving up densities and risky and shypersonalities. Key words: life-history trade-offs, parent-offspringconflict, nestling competition, foraging theories, personality