7.0.1 / June 26, 2019
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Ball Blast : Jump Ball - The most addictive ball shooting game for2018 and 2019. Ball blast is an addictive arcade game which allowsyou to use cannons to shoot the balls containing numbers. Thehigher the level is, the higher number the ball contains. Thesemagic balls will jump up and down so you must avoid them and shootto destroy all the balls. When the big balls have been shot down,they will split into smaller balls containing smaller numbers. Thestrongest balls are the Red one and the weakest are the Green one.Your mission is to move your cannon to avoid and nonstop shootuntil you destroy all the balls. *** FEATURES *** - Choose up to 9types of cannon with different bullets. - Upgrade cannons to gethigher scores and pass more levels. - Many beautiful themes in eachgame. - One big balls will split into many small balls when thenumber decreases. - Magic ball is many color ball and it changecolor when decrease number of ball - The red ball is strongest andit change to green ball when it prepare for split or destroy - Newtype of Egg Shooter and more fun.

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In a near future, human conquered all planets in the Solar System,thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing the potentialthreat, all other races rallied their armed forces, bending ondestroying the human race. Humans had suffered from a suddenattack, lost many space colonies in the process. You, once a heroof classic time, was living in seclusion, now return to ride yourown fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces. Thegame has classic pixel style and Danmaku barrage of bullet hellshooter. Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we need you!FEATURES - Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics, which remindsof old school retro games, is best fitting for vertical shooters.Epic exciting sky battles are waiting for the arrival of a truehero. - Exciting Campaign: More than 90 levels full of differentchallenging enemies and breathtaking action! - Epic Boss: Wipe outswarm of minions before challenging tough and fierce big Bossbattles. Taste the Danmaku barrage of bullets! - Perfect Shoot ‘emup: Lots of fighter jets, supporting drones and gorgeous wings,ammunitions and guns, with various upgrade options to choose from,a full armory of high technologies to customize your partner! -More additional mode: Experience more of true space battles indifferent modes like PvP, Endless, Tournament,… or taking part inlive events for even more rewards and excitement. - Unique PvPbattles: Challenge your friends or random players through PVPbattles! Fight and raise your rank to the top of the globalleaderboard! - Retro modernized: Played or didn’t play Shmup (STG)game before? No matter, this is a Super-easy control game, so easythat a tutorial is not even needed! This top-down shooter will makeyou feel awesome and relive the old feeling of playing scrollinggame! Lead the humanity and bring us back to our glory day again.The force is with you!
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Alien Attack is coming. Reload your spaceship cannon and surprisethe enemies with a destructive missile. Use your skills and agilityto fly through the deadly enemy territory, defeat all the alienshooter and rescue your falcon squad Are you ready to gather yoursky strike force to kill all the alien invaders and protect thesky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxy now! UNIQUEFEATURES ►CLASSIC SPACE SHOOTER GAMES : Top-down perspective, oldschool graphic, 1942 game and superb gameplay mechanics. ►VARIOUSCANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your aircrafts, devices,and equipments tobecome the strongest sky strike force. ►CHALLENGING PvP: Defeatyour opponents to become a space shooter champion ! ►HD GRAPHICS:Beautiful maps levels with immersive missions to complete. ►ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal, Heroic. Accessible to beginners, aswell as shooter games addicts. If you are a fan of the SpaceShooter, Falcon Squad, Galaga games genre, you should not miss thistitle! Welcome to space games: Strike Force - Arcade shooter -Shoot 'em up
Galaxy Shooter APK
Earth’s very existence is threatened. Alien invaders from spacehave been sent to destroy our planet. You have been called up torepel their attack. You must plan your battle strategy well andupgrade your fighter ship to defeat the increasingly advancedaliens. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage andwisdom. FEATURES : * The game is packed with 111 levels giving youhours of fun for you and your friends. * Amazing Lighting andSpecial Effects * Precision controls * charming sound and music,with HD graphics . * 11 different weapons . * 21 different enemytypes . * 8 Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations. *6 unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed alleasy/normal/hard levels . Simple game rule but it's surprisinglychallenging. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Play now,you can do it ! Always thanks for those who love ✈ Galaxy Invaders- Alien Attack ✈ .
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