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Combat bravo kill shooter
get ready for a great war and action packed fight in the campofterrorist army. You are a best bravo soldier and kill shooterofthe world. Your mission is very hard and impossible. Now it isthetime to pick your best weapon and best cops team to destroyyourrivals in the battlefield. Counter the wave of the enemysoldiersand in the jungle and save your country. This is the clashof twopowerful countries with modern weapons and army soldiers. Youmustprotect your country and peoples to the enemies. You should besentyour army cops with weapons in the battlefield to strikeandcounter the terrorist to kill them. Fight with enemies, killallthe terrorist, destroy their camps and release the hostage inthebattlefield.
Counter the terrorist
Combat bravo kill shooter is the most thrilling and fullactionpacked commando shooting game in front of you. This the storyof abrave and best soldiers to fight the enemies in thebattlefield. Inthis game, you lead the soldiers and commandos teamto strike onthe enemy’s basecamps. You are the front-line commandoand bestsniper soldier. Now this time you have assigned a hightarget andimpossible mission in the jungle. There are manyterroristbasecamps in the jungle. They want to strike on yourcountry. Butyou are the best army commando warrior. Ready tocounter thismission. Choose the best assault, gunship weapons andmilitary copsto fight with enemies. Take your positions, navigatethe enemiesand kill them with latest weapons and bombs.
Save your basecamps and country
The most advances and fighting mission game Army commandoassaultshooter is here down. Fight with latest weapons and defeattheterrorist. You and your cops team is best assassin commandos oftheworld. Your task is to fight against rivals and save yournation.Chose down your best rifle and weapons, enter in theterroristbasecamp, take an ambush on them and kill all the enemy’ssoldiers.Prove that with your battlefield abilities that you arethe bestassault soldier and one man army of the world.
With a trained force, pick up your weapons and eliminatetheterrorist cops. Complete all the battlefield missions andincreaseyour fighting abilities.
Control and graphics
With an easy and realistic control, you can move the firer gunandcan open the fire on the enemies without any hurdle. Youhaveminimum bullets to fire. Save your bullets, kill maximumterroristand complete the entire mission. Modern commando armyshooter gamehas HD action packed graphics and battlefieldenvironment to fightwith army cops. There are 10 difficult missionin this game. Everymission contains some targets. Yourresponsibility is to chase thetarget and complete themissions.
So, download this Front-line commando shooter 3d thrillingandaction game on GOOGLE play store and join with best armysoldiersof the world
Ten impossible missions with full of explosive warfare
HD graphics and 3d environment
Latest assault rifle
Addictive game play
Easy and realistic control
Free to downloads

App Information Combat Bravo Kill Shooter

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Get ready for real car parking adventure with Prado parking maniain 2018. On the start of 2018 Mini Art Studios’ bring for you areal car parking and driving with ultimate car parking simulator. AGreat Taste of Cars Parking Experience:A luxury car parking freedrive with modern animations and models of multiple vehicles thatattracts your attention towards the challenging game play. Thisbest parking and driving game gives you a real driving experience.starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay with super stunninggraphics. Drive fast and park the cars with precision in realparking lot. Classic car parking is enjoyable car parkingsimulator, made in a real city environment and an elite car parkinggame. With numerous unique levels, genuine graphics and gameplayHard Car Parking: Realistic carsWelcome to lover of car parkinggames 2018 New animation and amazing taste of car driving. Realmoving traffic to avoid and unique cars to drive. Show all yourdriving skills and pass level after level, trying new vehicles andcar driving games expertise. Immerse yourself and test your drivingskills in this unique and enjoyable car parking games 3d 2017 new.Modern Car Driver Park: Realistic EnvironmentsIn starting parkinglevels are quite easy and simple parking just start and park insome distance but will be interesting and addictive when you playmore and more. our determination and practice will make you anexpert drive of this master parking car drive game. Get for freeand enjoy the most enjoyable parking mode in this real car parking2018 game. Prado parking mania offer the biggest mobile parkinggame of all time.Car Parking Game 3D: Hurdles and Obstacles: Let usdrive Prado and park it in shopping mall and super marketunderground halls and on multi story parking garage. In this youwill find some where complex parking and need master parking skillin traffic parking and avoid hurdles and hit any vehicles intraffic. There are many sharp turns and close hurdles and closepass in traffic in this ultimate car parking game 2018. Car ParkingSimulator Control: Park like a real driver with steeringwheel..this real car city parker free game play will providetraffic car parking practice game. In starting it is practice ofparking and finger grip on mobile screen for best parking inultimate hard level parking. you have to choose your favoriteparking car and drive it and become a fabulous car driver. In Pradoparking choose your objective mission and drive car in parkingarea. During drive keep in mind your Prado car and other luxuryvehicles do not hit cross any parking objects until you reach attarget. you will get well practice for forward and backward parkingin any parking zone. Get ready to play this luxury car parkersimulator game with interesting and thrilling dynamic climate andenvironment. This street car speed parking game is a latest andadvanced idea of intelligent and sensible parking with multiplevehicles. You have to choose a desired car and start ride towardsdestination with real parking car drive 3d automobiles. Asensational simulation of parking car drive mania in which thereare maximum chance of learning driving in short challenging roads.HOW TO PLAY SPEED CAR PARKING DRIVING?There are many interestingand challenging levels and stages of this intelligent parking cardriver adventure. First of all, you have to fasten your seat beltand start your responsibility of driving. You have to take care ofthe signals and signs during ride and save the automobiles fromaccidents and sudden mishaps. Your determination will make youprominent driver of this extreme car parking expert game.✓ Multiplechallenging game levels✓ Hard parking game with street car✓ carparking to park your vehicle as much as you want✓ Modern carparking with difficult mission✓ Real street car parking and greatenvironments✓ Extreme Car parking and amazing driving fun✓ withstreet car
Horse Racing Jump 3D 🏇 1.0 APK
Fulfill your dreams of horse carriage racing action in stadiumarena. Steed the ride with jockey horse course race to wincompetition….!! Prepare for competition for supremacy in thisextraordinary horse racing: super derby champion in running ways.Get ready for riding your mount to move with jumping over hurdlesin ferocious rivalries. Maintain the speed and stamina of yourhorse and saddle up to steer your horse to overcome the racingcontest. Enjoy this horse riding simulator racing to defeat otherriders. Play the crazy horse derby racer game to be professionalrider. Select your desired horse and race to the win the eventualtrials against your participants. Enjoy jump as well as racing funwith virtual horse challenge racer. This horse racing jump 3d gamewill check racing and riding stamina of horse as well as players.Enter into racing arena and fight for victory, pride and honor topolish your skills in this epic battle of dominance. HOW TO PLAYTHIS HORSE RACE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE?The objective of this stallionchampionship race is to make you thrilling rider of the mount.Multiple challenges and missions will excite and entertain you inthe game play. Face the conditions and move towards destinationwith sharpness and steadiness. Initial levels will be an easy taskfor you to accomplish it successfully but upcoming levels havedelight and enthusiasm for those who love to ride the horses andsteed. Prepare for jumping horse: new stadium race simulation freecontest. Start your mission, gallop on stallion and move towardstarget with extraordinary command and expertise. Differentinteresting features such as upgradation of horses and stadiumswill inspire you and make you able to become professional in allarena. You have to complete the stages and earn money for finallevels trials completion. So be responsible and take care ofhurdles and obstacles. Jump over the hurdles and reach the terminalpoint first. Defeat the opponents and win horse derby contest. Racecontinuously and dodge the obstacles with perfection to becomemaster of this horse racing cart challenge simulation. Smoothcontrol and compatible user interface will be additionalexquisiteness of this racing horse: modern championshipadventure.CRAZY HORSE DERBY RACER………!!Enjoy multiple horseselection variety and play the game with desired steed. Follow theinstruction and experience the remarkable graphics of this racingfun. Utilize control buttons and tilt anyway where you wish todefeat the rivals. Manage your riding and stable the horse on jumpsand sharp turns. An unlimited simulation of stamina inspection andstunt assessment qualities of players with multiple modes andtechniques. So, use your spirit and conquest the battlerace.FEATURE: Realistic touch controller for horse racing modeSensational stages with challenging tasks Exciting user interfaceand camera Multiple horse selection and upgradation stylesDifferent environments and stadium choices Many racing maps andinspiring sound effects A contest of stimulating championship
Truck Parking Simulator Free 1.0 APK
Welcome to the real truck parker 3D game with challenging andinspiring missions of driving and parking at different points withproficiency and intellectual skills. This city truck parking drivesimulation is wonderful creation to park the long engine vehicle ondifferent destination. You have to show your abilities to drivedifferent truck and trailer. Many amazing and beautiful views willcome when you will move on the well-designed roads and tracks. Youhave to follow the instruction and guidelines and take care of theobstacles and hurdles. You have to control the speed andacceleration of the trucker at signals and prove yourselfprofessional driver of this truck transport parking game. Realisticgraphics and different climate of city, mountain will inspire youto play this truck parking simulator free game play and this cargotruck driving parking invention is companionable for all age users.You have to steer the wheels carefully to avoid the vehicles fromaccidents and mishaps. Your physical and mental strength willimprove when you will drive the monster and heavy truck and traileron the highway roads and you will become real hero of this parktruck driving adventure.HOW TO PLAY THIS MODERN TRAILER PARKINGMASTER GAME?The goal of this transporter trailer parking 3d gameplay is to learn the players to drive long wheeler vehicles. youhave played probably many car, prado and luxury automobile drivingand parking game but this truck transport parking game is quitedifferent from those due to its creative and sensational levels.All stages are to be set corresponding to difficulty levels and youhave to move gradually towards the upcoming levels. Initiallystages will teach you how to drive and follow the interface of thegame and then your continuous practice will make you able to becomeheavy wheeler parking legend of this game. You have to acceleratethe trucks carefully and don’t go too fast or too slow. Yourmotivation and effort will be helpful in understanding theobjective of this parking game. Different cameras and back music ofthe vehicles are extra features of this lorry truck trafficparking. You have to drive in cities and offroad environment andaccomplish the missions successfully. It is not easy to drive longtruck and trailer as like as prado and car driving game. Complexengine physics and difficulty in turning at sharp turns will judgeyour control on acceleration and steering. So, get ready to enjoythis extreme truck sim parking game with amusement and fun.Continue to gain parking and driving experience with differentvehicles like modern trucks and trailers. Smooth and extraordinaryuser interface will train you and you will enjoy the driving willcompatible control of this cargo truck drive parking. Best of luckfor the players.FEATURES:Incredible and modified version of longtruck parking simulationChallenging and remarkable missions andstagesRealistic and smooth engine physicsAmazing truck selectionanimationThrilling experience of driving in highway roads andtracksFrom Mini Art StudiosWe are very thankful for making Mini ArtStudios such a major Simulation Game publisher. We’ve tried toprovide the new ideas game with the new features and best gameplay.We already have a lot of new features planned ourselves for thegame updates, suggest your own ideas in the comments and our page.the updates of the games will available very soon.Mini Art Studios★If you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead: ★ [email protected]★ For our upcoming games pleasevisit and like our - Mini Art Studio★ Tell us what you think orcheck out tips: [email protected]★ Privacy Policy:https://miniartstudios.wordpress.com/privay/
Bike Racing Super Rider 2018 1.0 APK
Bike racing super rider 2018 is the 100% real time best simulatorgame for the new 2018 Android users. you can love to ride your bikeon the city highway become a best traffic bike racer in thisamazing game. beautiful environments with ultra HD graphics.multiple scenarios super adventure of weather 5 types of highwaylike desert, highway roads, snowy path and many other. ride yourbike in the Christmas snow adventure and win the glorious raceagainst the best bike racers. it’s time to show your extreme bikestunts skills ride in the corner of road tap the boost for highfast speed of motorcycle. real bike racer drive and simulator is amust have game for all motorcycle the fun of mayhem riders! one ofthe best new generation bike racing games. Are you ready to showstunt skills and want to taste of spine-tingling adventure tobecome a master bike stunt? Live life on the edge and amazeeveryone with your stunting skills while executing of somedangerous stunts. This traffic bike and amazing racing fun is thebest racing drifting & stunt game of bike in the 2018 year. Beready to be a real traffic motorbike riding in the city highwaythis best bike fast speed simulator game to perform crazy stunts.Have fun dodging bike and trucks while you speed up to thelimit.Extreme bike racing is the one of the best addictive new agemotorcycle games. This game will take you on to another journey inbike rider race games that gives you the entertainment of riding arealistic bike racing. Race against the opposite directions cartrucks bikes and buses in an outstanding drag racing and try toearn the respect of your fellow drivers. Forget those dumb drag carbus and truck racing games. To become a master motorcycle, theperformer stunts. bike rider the modern highway racing is one ofthe best extreme stunt master games for you. This speed motorcycleracing game is going to keep your bike ride for hours. Ride yourbike in the endless highway ramps roads overtaking the time notraffic and try not to crash. Ride into the city streets and roadat the speed of lightening the riding free! Realistic impossiblebike stunt and extreme riding flying in the city scenario. Pickyour favorite bike and join the ultimate challenge! Tune your bikeand accelerate your way to victory, try to find the right balancebetween power and grip while staying in your class. Sick stunts andinsane tricks as you flip and wheelie through levels. Detailedenvironments: Village, Desert, City, Rich types of trafficincluding others bike and cars.Easy to learn and drive improve yourbike riding skills show your ability. This is a very passionateracing game, where you can drift in the city, destroyed traffic.The faster you drive the more scores you get. When you hit theaccelerator, brake and slide the steering wheel then you shouldfeel very smooth control experience. the game mission is so simpleAvoid collisions by tilting right/left Tap the accelerate button tospeed up Touch Apply breaks to decrees speed Pick up boosts tospeed up the bike. This is a desert bike stunt exotic locationslike desert bike, snow bike stunts, autumn bike stunts. Takechallenges, Race bike in the traffic and become extremely fast bikeracer within minutes. Win all the challenges as a professional bikeracer in this race and show the world you are master in bike race.HD graphics and smooth camera animation with realistic physics foryou to prove you bike riding experience.GAMEPLAY:Tilt or Touch tosteerTouch gas button to accelerateTouch brake button to slowdownFeatures:Different game modes.Accurate physics.Simulator-likecontrolsEndless bike racingMini Art Studios★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead: ★[email protected]★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Mini Art Studio★ Tell us what you think or check out tips:[email protected]★ Privacy Policy:https://miniartstudios.wordpress.com/privay/
Army Cargo Trucker Driver 🚒 1.2 APK
1 Army Cargo Supply Truck.Now time to become a brave soldier and cargo army supply to thesoldier.Army cargo supply truck a multilevel challenging game for androidgamers. This is free game on play store for everyone with modifiedcontrol. It is very addictive game for gamers. If you like armygames, then this game for you with great adventure and realisticatmosphere. This is cargo game in army to cargo army tanks army warmissile army heavy weapons. This is army simulator game to drivedifferent army truck with modified control and color andenvironment. Army cargo supply truck selective mode game to cargo,transport, escape missions and much more to unlock.Get ready for real time adventure and simulate your skill to drivearmy truck for cargo military supply in war zone. Enemy strike hasbeen started and your base under attack and your duty to transportarmy soldier for backup. So build your army and prepared them forwar and take them to the army base. Your duty to pick soldier fromarmy check post and drop them in different army base. Your alsoduty also drive army ambulance to shift brave soldier got injuredin war to the hospital. If you are driver and can drive long cargotruck on mountains road through heavy rock stones, then this gamefor you. Your duty to drive 4x4 army truck and pick the soldierfrom your main army base and drop in war area.How to Play army cargo truck?After downloading this game first of all select your army truckmodified its color you can change tyres and control. In controlsettings you can select simulator games control or racing gamescontrol or drifting control or arcade control. So select your truckand fallow army intro instructions. In first level you have tofallow learning tutorial of army driving school and pass the levelunder the instructions of driving school instructor. If you havepassed the first level and got driving license you can play nextlevels clear levels unlock more trucks like 4x4 Wagner truck andheavy army missile launcher and armored personnel carrier and mushmore.So speed up the truck and simulate your driving and enjoys withthrilling music.Key features of Army Cargo Supply Truck.One touch smooth control with modification (racing, simulation,arcade, drifting)Multiple missions with real graphics.Multiple UI setting (tilt, buttons, or string wheel)low size android wear friendly.Enjoy 3 pack vehicles free in first week.Special cargo trucks pack.Missile launcher packWeapons heavy delivery vehicles pack.At the end I hope you will enjoy our game and give us your feedbackto improve game. I feel glade to see your suggestions.
Drive Tuk Tuk Modern Rickshaw 1.2 APK
Let’s ride on the tuk tuk auto rickshaw totheir destination. This modern tuk tuk rickshaw simulation is free3D game for all auto driving lovers. This is a traditional vehiclewhich used to transport people to their different location in thecity and off-road mountain tracks. Offroad rickshaw is not a racinggame but you have to ride your tuk tuk like a real racer to reachtheir destination.We bring the best tuk tuk modern auto rickshaw in off-roadenvironments for you, where you can show your driving skills in ahilly track. Drive your rickshaw in an off-road mountain road toavoid traffic and also challenge with your friends by ridingrickshaw to win this battle of extreme mission. In this game, thereare verity of endless traffic and also has a rough off-roadenvironment. You can also protect your tuk tuk rickshaw from atraffic such as cars, jeeps and bus.Now get your tuk tuk auto rickshaw on the road and do taxi driverjob. You can grab this opportunity to ride a three-wheeler vehicleand enjoy the best modern rickshaw in the huge 3D off-road and hillclimb environments. It’ll give you the real taste of publictransport services. You will not find these features in any othertuk tuk auto rickshaw.Drive carefully your tuk tuk without hitting any obstacles andtraffic. You have to make your own way to drive the tuk tuk andexplore each level. There are more the 5 beautiful and differentlevels with different camera angles is an added in feature. We aresure you will enjoy this latest drive modern tuk tuk rickshaw game.Going through the heavy traffic in hilly environment and givingpleasurable ride with make you drive as fast as you can.*** Game Features***- Various challenging levels- Different hilly environments- Multiple camera angles- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth controls- Modern rickshaw vehicle- Off-road thrilling driving- Endless traffics- Immersive sound
New Road Construction Builder 1.4 APK
Welcome to the city significant roadsdevelopment improvement and engineer diversion. Play one of thenatural roads advancement zone beguilements. Driving dears! Plan tobe a part of a super advancement site and play out your commitmentof driving, ceasing, stacking building material and passing on itto different improvement zone centers.Rehearse your driving aptitudes in this free drive diversion today.So you want to ace the Road roller in this stopping 3D test systemamusement. Test your aptitudes in a Real developmentenvironment.In this game you must follow the direction arrow to complete thegiven task otherwise you loss, and in other different levels youmust collect the shining glowing blocks which is appearing in frontof your vehicle otherwise you lost the gamelevel.This game has limit time task ,follow the task and complete thetask in time and prove skills.● Control your own street development vehicle the streetroller.● Handle the monstrous weight of the street roller.● Be extremely exact in stopping your crane in the correctspot.● Don't hit anything else you have to start from the very beginningonce more.● Practice your abilities in accuracy driving and stopping thestreet roller.● Change view to investigate your roller● Enjoy gameplay seane.● Awesome High Quality Graphics● Amazing foundation sound to improve your gaming knowledge● Time is not on your side so be as quick as would be prudent
Cargo truck drive sim 1.3 APK
Cargo truck drive sim is an ultimate drivinggame of 2017. Many creative and technical driving techniques youcan learn from Real cargo truck 3D. You can transport goods,crates, and wooden boxes from one place to another. Highway cargotruck free can give you a professional driving training and youwill become a best goods transporter.Environment of the game consist of city area as well as snowmountain areas. You have to travel a long distance to reach at thedestination point with in the given time. Only you can reach attime if you follow the arrow signs which are placed on differentlocations on the road.Control is very reliable and mobilize specially designed for thegame lovers. We use power brakes for the crucial time. Head lightsare very bright. Engine is very powerful and energetic. Seats arevery comfortable for long drive. Starting levels are quite easy butadvanced levels are very tough.You have to plan many things before starting the journey. Becausemany herders you may face on the highway. You can perform zigzagadventure high speed race. Very dangerous paths and barriers also apart of the game. Many thrilling and amazing stunts you can performwhile driving. All levels are creative and different.Camera views are realistic and clear for the user to drive easily.Sound effect also pays an important role which has an ability toappeal the user. Ultimate fun with craze. Start your journey withpleasure and excitement. Please gave your feedback at our providedemail we will consider it as a worthy advice.Download Cargo truck drive sim game and enjoy the best off roaddriving adventure.Features of the game play:Modern truck usedMany thrilling play modesCreative EnvironmentOriginal Sound EffectsEasy Game PlayMagnificent and Smooth Control