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Sniper Shooter Commando FightIt’s time to show your commandoshooting skills in this mountain sniper soldier strike game andbecome master killer of army commando bravo shoot. A game of funand action where you have to grip weapons like gun, rifle, knifeand machine gun. Get ready for soldier fighting army war gameplayand accomplish missions with professionality and addictiveness insniper fury army battle strike. 3d graphics and remarkable climateof military war where you have to eliminate the target with yourexcellent shot. Hit the enemies one by one and move towards thevictory. A compatible game for android where you have to strugglehard to understand the goal of gunner battle fire army game.Prepare yourself for shooting action with astonishing qualities andcomplete the objectives. Attack on the army commando and explorethe skills by weapons and ammunition in commando gunner FPS strikebattle.Come towards the levels of this counter shooter militarycombat game and complete the levels by suitable weapons. All levelsof this commando combat gun fight game are unique and have asuspense and thrill. Be a sharp shooter and unlock the levels bywinning the battle. Multiple weapons selections and variousenvironment will attract the players towards the gameplay. Focus onthe objective and don’t be afraid. Enter into the battle and proveyour victory in military fight gun battle. Hit military with shoottarget army gun killer 2018. Play the survival missions and becareful from enemy firing. Different camera angles will guide youin this shooting gameplay. Smooth control and remarkable physics ofthis army sniper fury war. Kill the terrorists and gangsters inthis gunner battle fire army. Levels are interesting and upcomingstages are tough and motivated. Experience gun shooting in armysniper fury war.Use your bullets and aim to shoot combat strikeprofessionally. Use FPS shooting strategies to serve for countryand become a brave commando. Compete with others and win thechampionship war. Best of luck for the players.Features:Remarkablegraphics and climateDifferent weapons and soldiersRealisticfighting animationsThrilling sound effects and interface

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    Combat Commando Gun Shooter
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    June 29, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    SABRES Games Studios
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★★★ WORLD OF 3D ★★★At the moment, respected team is keenly glad and confident tolaunch a Super thrill and full of amazement and dare, for the firsttime fully 3D featured Dinosaur hunting game has been added toGoogle Play Store and shall be prove world first class one amongbundle of the FPS, action and shooting games existing inmarket.Like past also want to hear from you, so Download free now andbless with your valuable reviews and suggestions.★★★ ARE YOU BRAVE ★★★Are you dary and brave to kill the world biggest vertebrate infront of you with your rapid and furious sniper gun. Perhaps youmay have hunt other small animals, if you have succeeded to huntall of them then now you have to hunt this giant monster tall over30 meters.★★★ FEEL THE REAL HORROR ★★★its not too much easy, a challenging game engage you in realfear and horror against your biggest rival which is from adifferent specie.★★★ JURASSIC INLAND ★★★Make a memorable Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island andkill the most ferocious animals of history. Kill dinosaurs, indangerous and scary forests, at their home.★★★ STORYLINE ★★★Game has more interesting and stunning levels having lots ofmost advanced daring and challenging tasks and difficulties. Fully3D functional furious gun is handed over to you to fall this badlizard down. Use extra zoom power to accurately target thisevil.Be quick and fast, kill that biggest monster before time runs outand you will become Dino lunch and your addictive gameplaystopped.★★★ HIGHLIGHTS ★★★Huge 3D world, try to explore!Marvelous FPS sniper shooting platform.Download and drown into unforgettable 3D graphics andenvironment.Dynamic shadows, Hi-res textures.Realistic Jurassic models to make FPS Dino shooting game just aclick away.Console quality HD graphics.Immersive everlasting impact android game fun.Simple screen touch to control whole UI.Be warned about involuntary addiction till your device battery runsout.★★★ HINTS & TIPS ★★★Tilt screen to view and search all around in your surroundings.Maintain your health bar to kill this giant reptile. Dinosauresshall appear behind of mountain. Use advanced 3D sniper extrazooming power, target dino, align our sniper and shoot to start waragainst big dangerous and dreadful Dinosaurs. Keep in mind onething that after your first short dino shall be aware and alertabout your existence in their native area.★★★ PREY Vs PREDATOR ★★★Its a challenging effort to shield your life after battlebetween a Predator (You) and a most powerful prey of world (Dino).Now I keenly like to see that whether you kill that biggest worstanimal or lose your precious life. Its all about courage, dare andbrave.So free download right now to explore world of real fun andthunder. A fully 3D featured stunning and marvelous Dino huntinggame especially has been developed for you.Take no pity upon them to end your game at successive andremarkable end.
Warrior in Terrorist Base Camp 1.0.1 APK
At this moment our World and society is facingterrorism around all of us. At the National and International leveleach country is now its victim. Terrorist belonging to many oftheir groups, regions and countries have been made bone ofconnection among many of states and countries. These are in actionat many of the state’s borders and inside those countries and havebeen made a big reason of horror and dread for lack of innocentpeople.So how you think about these bloody and cruel enemies? If you founda chance to weed them from their base camp then how will you thinkand act?Download this 100% free third person controller game having fullamazing and stunning 3D featured graphics and images and dive intothe world of war, thrill and courage.Storyline:You are the senior militant of your army. After the clearance ofborder control line your army Platoon orders you to take command ofISIS Daesh Basecamp attack mission with your complete squad andfully equipped vehicles with ammunition and bullets. As you invadeat enemy, you embattle your soldiers to attack their field work andraveling. You attack with your soldiers bravely upon terroristsbasecamp.But after few days your complete troop of armed force has beenmartyred during this war operation. All of the vehicles aredestroyed and occupied by terrorists. You are out of fuel to comeback. Now you are last one warrior of your battalion. So encourageyourself and finish all of the terrorists to clear their campcompletely.☆☆☆ Face of the Game ☆☆☆Perfect orientation and game control.Critical terrorist killer mission.A unique and rare idea to kill ISIS, Boko Haram, TTPterrorists.Full functional Third person to complete the mission.Stunning 3D graphics.Easy & User Friendly Interface.Perfect 3D Radar system.100% free Third Person Controller game.Your Strength:You have strong and powerful AK-47 with unlimited bullets. Ingame gun has powerful scope, providing you zoom in option to viewcamp clearly and a brand new 3D featured gun scope to target yourenemy preciously and accurately. You can crouch to make yourselfhidden from enemies and also can back in standing position to viewall of camp thoroughly. This is really a marvelous third personcontroller action and shooting game. Use motion controller to runfast and target terrorists which are still entrench into theirrebout. Be aware about gun scope point, red color scope alert youto fire. Magazine will reload automatically after bombardment ofthirty bullets.After clearing the ISIS camp, your next target will be towards BokoHaram and TTP camps adjacent to Daesh camp. So shield and maintainyour health bar, push trigger and finish all these rivals ofhumanity.Game has two fabulous parts, clear all of the ten different andmissionary waves in part one to unlock second part. Second partalso has ten others fantastic war missions at Boko haram and TTPbasecamps. Once you have completed this mission completely you willbe awarded a 3D truck to come back. Play and clear all waves ofsecond part to obtain full filled oil truck to come back tohomeland.Best of luck soldier. This beautiful and marvelous third persongame with 3D artwork and terrorist killing is awaiting for you.Then what are you waiting for?Free download right now and clear this mission and save ournation.☆☆☆ How To Play ☆☆☆First tilt/touch screen to keep an eye on all of yoursurroundings.Use strong zoom in pointer to explore enemy camp wisely.Use joystick/direction controller to run commando in all of thesides.Use more advanced featured crouch button to hide.Align your target scope at enemy and wait for red targetalert.During target the enemy, after red scope point use triggerbutton.Gun will automatically reload after 30 bullets.Keep an eye on fully functional 3D Radar System to explore enemyposition and invasion.Look at your health bar and maintain it.Be careful about the close encounters.
Army Sniper Duty Street War 1.0.1 APK
American trained army for the sniper missionhas decided to let you go for war against terrorist which is goingto take place in the street of your beloved city. Honor is all forbrave person or soldier who have given all their lives for thenation and those who have fought for their nation on any platformwith every person opposing the nation cause. Army has trained youfor secret mission like killing some rebel crusade warrior orremove enemy assault from the ground. Shooter action is going tostart now when you play this game for unlimited ammo of your snipergun in holy city against supreme leader force of modern weapongorilla terrorist. Heroes are always true to their nation whateverhappens to them going for that purpose is for their better. Startto shoot kill the killer terrifying people on the roads and killthem without any mercy or rule of war. There is no love for thesebastard who are under command of enemy forces. Storm of fire andguns going to start as you pull the trigger and they come to knowyour existence. Get ready your sniper as one weapon against thoseassault rifle attacks and ak47 and uzi user. They are trying todisturb the peace of your nation and city so be ready shot kill thecounter army agent with fury and epic for relic of your and othersfuture. Your general has given you charge for survival of onslaughtto annihilate alone the stealth of fury forces. Kill them all withcourage and strength as SWAT military action taking place withouttoo much of blood on street of innocent people. Bloodshed shouldonly cause harm to terror forces no one else on the roads. Opponentfoe raid and clash has to end with glory prestige of insurgentinjunction in hangover of single unescorted allegation of yourchief colonel. At the end you should be a lion heart knightchampion conqueror of escapade accusation. One-man single armyprime victor survival operation with privilege distinction againstwraith anger and violence of antagonist blow warfare clash conflictshould end now. The world war has to go to an end and peace shouldbe for all people also for super power like America and Russia andmany more.
Bravo Shooter: Gun Fire Strike 1.0.2 APK
Bravo Shooter: Gun Fire Strike is firt person shooting game. Thisgame contain different missions,multiple levels and multipleattractive environments.Shoot enemies tanks,boats,ships,jetfighters and survive for next missions. Each mission is differentfrom other. Accept this challege and prove your skills. Youhavemultiple guns with a lot of bullets. Save your life and shootthe enemies with accurate target. Heli is Coming with peratroopers,shoot the heli and peratroopersefficiently. Tank are attacking onyou and blast the area of your land. Fire on tank and shootthem.Enemy's goal is to capture the island。You, as a soldier toprotect the island, you need to stop the attack from the water,land and air enemies.The enemy has a strong firepower, not onlyland soldiers, as well as amphibious tanks and aircraft support.Howto play:- Fire button is on the right bottom corner of the screen.-Zoom button for focus- Gun change button is the beside of the firebuttonFeatures:- Fps- Island environment- city environment- multiguns- multi levels- Good graphics- Easy to play
Roller Coaster Rush Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Broaden your outlook among roller coastergames at which public love to ride, enjoy amusement travel of NewYork, experience flash of insane arena. Rush towards the amusementtrain. Roller coaster parties have designed every coaster feed foryou with insane focus to make a smash hit roller coaster mania.Hope you enjoy.When a roller coaster track is so amazing that it has verticalloops and the sudden rises and troughs which makes the ride evenmore astounding and the best part about the game is that it letsyou enjoy the ride in different cities and uniquely adventurous andthrilling roller coasters. Various types of roller coastersincluding hybrid steel made massive metal machines which floats inthe air so all in all it really is high ride for your mood. Getinside mine train roller coaster, floor less roller coaster,shuttle roller coaster and spinning on pipeline roller coaster. Inthis game none of the adventure is made up and everything in thisgame abide by the rules of physics. The speed and thrill you getwhile going down after reaching the highest point in track andmoving downwards. You can see the ground from the 150 ft height andyou are moving very fast towards the ground. That is most thrillingadventure you could have absolutely free by just downloading ourgame. When the game offers you a lot of modes as well to have a lotof fun like in snow mode, desert or theme park etc. find someexcitement in riding the roller coaster provided with the bestsimulator and 3D graphics. While taking sharp turns, slow down alittle but always follow the time limits for each. Our Rollercoaster rush simulation game has a variety of tracks which are allfull of surprises and best adventure. Control your speed whiletaking sharp turns and don’t get your passengers to meet death byfalling off the track. To avoid this, slow down your roller coasterat sharp and wild turns in your track and also avoid crashing intoother roller coasters while crossing off the intersections. Followthe other roller coaster on map as well and look out for theintersection and heftily dangerous turns. Get your adrenalinerushed out to the point where your ear get swollen by hearingscreams of passenger in this thrilling ride experience in yourfingerprints. Chase and make the loops in the air and be whippywhile you are in control of the roller coaster.Game Features:• Large collection of extremely well designed rollercoasters.• Camera rotation is also available.• Roller coaster over a lake.• Free to play• Customization in roller coasters.• Parks developed and changed professionallyGame controls:• Use left and right button to make turns.• Use brake button to pace down your roller coaster.• Use auto or manual acceleration.• Use camera icon button to change the view of the rollercoaster
Horse Racing Liberation Run 1.0.02 APK
TRY FOUR FEET WALK*****************************After the successful launching of FPS and Action games, Allied ITSolution is introducing for the first time a different 3D game, butfully filled with amusement and joy for passionate and youngaudience crazy about gaming like you,. 3D featured Horse Jump play.Free download now, Grab horse rein and enter into horse racingworld.Team want to hear from your end. Give your kind suggestion andreview. .GRIP REIN, FASTEN YOUR HORSE*******************************************Have you ever ride a powerful 1322.8lb heavy horse in Greenlandthrough the resisting obstacles!!! Now get ready to go for a horseracing championship. Tight your horse nose and jaw with hisnoseband, set his halter, sit at saddle, grip rein to fasten eachend of the bit and start jumping with a 6'6" long horse with awagging tail.STORYLINE***************Game has easy user friendly UI consisting upon 4 advanced andfantastic riding tracks. Unlock all levels to enjoy realistic likehorse riding and jumping. Tracks have lots of hurdles to damageyour record scores. Use fully functional jump button to escape fromeach hurdle.Finish each riding track in less time to make a big total atscoreboard. Jump at full speed to escape from fault, which can bindyou from playing next fun enhanced game levels.HIGHLIGHTS****************★ Realistic animations.★ Exciting obstacle challenges.★ Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics.★ Realistic 3D show jumping course.★ Clean and user friendly interface.★ Real physical impact to obstacles.★ Get training of horse riding and jumping.★ Challenge your friends and break your own records.★ Demonstrate your superior riding abilities.★ impressive 3D graphics and intuitive controls.★ Ride Your horse in gallop gait and jump over the hurdles.★ Amazing game physics, and it's small and easy to install.★ This game provides a number of challenging obstacles tocross.★ Game proudly mixes riding style with characteristics ofsimulation.★ Experiences and Emotions of a Horse and Cattle show in immersiveenvironment.★ 4 Types of natural gaits.* Walking* Trots* Canter* GallopsNote: Avoid from any fault. To unlock the next level you shouldhave zero fault.WALK, TROT, CANTER, GALLOP****************************************If you are racing or riding fan then you must boost your horsespeed using horse speed varying feature, especially added for youfrom developer. For beginning everlasting joy gameplay Either youcan use Horse Walk Gait or can ride in Tort gait at 6.24 -38.95mph. But on going through game levels successfully Be airy andride horse furiously in Canter or Gallop gait at 49.2 -54.7mph.Grip your horse neck strap, control his rein and start jumping likein real horse and cattle show. Enjoy realistic horse boots runningsound effects.BOOST RIDING SKILLS*****************************Let’s see how well you can do, and reach for the high score. It isa chance for you to ride a horse and boost your ridingskills.Are you ready to ride and Complete all the riding tracks. . !
Real sniper city war 3D 1.0 APK
Bravo fury sniper action warThe terrorist squad attack over the city and the hero _Bravo Furysniper, as a one of the best snipers is assigned a task to clearthe city by expertise. The sniper mission has decided to let you gofor war against terrorist which is going to take place in the city.Mr. Sniper is the last hope of the city in habitant, his strategywill be to segregate and sniper them one by one. Heroes are alwaystrue to their nation whatever happens to them going for thatpurpose is for their batter.This situation to make more challenging and interesting, Bravo Furysniper faces many levels with increasing number of enemies withdecreasing the health bar. There is no love for these bastard whoare under command of enemy forces. Get ready Mr. sniper as oneweapon against those assault rifle attacks and Ak47 and UZI user.They are trying to disturb the peace of your nation and city so beready shot kill the counter army agent with fury and epic for relicof your and others future. Kill them all with courage and strengthas SWAT military action taking place without too much of blood oncity of innocent people.Aim the enemy squad by head shots at a distance in the battle andwar and have an experience of the best Fury sniper shooter . Takeyour best bullet shot to spot, counter attack and kill them. Take abrave for your city and country to Win; The Best Thrillingdestruction war game.
Truck Driver Hill Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Truck driver hill simulator is an interestingand adventurous simulation game for you. It is not an easy task todrive truck through hilly, desert and snowy tracks. Show yourdriving skills and complete this challenging task of truck cargothough difficult paths. You need to transport multiple packagesform one point to another. Donít let the package fell down. Driveslowly while passing through speed breakers and carefully passthrough the sharp turns.In this mini truck driving, you will encounter challengingsituations which help you to improve your driving ability. Playthis game to enjoy realistic experience of delivery truck.Game Features:ï 3 different realistic environmentsï Mini truck in multiple colorsï Traffic with Artificial Intelligenceï Different Loadsï Easy and smooth game playï 6 Challenging and Exciting LevelsHow to Play?Use accelerator to start and speed up, apply brakes to stop,right/left buttons to move the truck.Support:We believe in developing quality games and user satisfaction. Giveyour valuable feedback and suggestions in the form ofreviews.