1.9 / March 20, 2018
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Mountain commando survivor is a special that you really want. Youare on special mission and you are alone to survive and completeyour mission. You must use all of your specialized skill to surviveand destroy enemy camp. This is a great test of your intelligenceand commando abilities. Enemy is everywhere on camp and they arewaiting for you and you have to focus on all. Destroy towers andthere lot of shooter waiting to kill you. You have different typeof weapon you can choose any of them and complete your mission. Onthis mission have tanks and helicopters as well. This game hasdifferent level you have to complete all mission and become a hero.You have to destroy tanks and helicopters that are more dangerousfor you. This is the time to show your skills and complete yourmissions.Features!• Realistic 3D graphic.• Easy to play.• Awesomegraphic.• Different variety of weapon you can choose.• Unlimitedammo and bullet. • A perfect game controlHope you like this gamedeveloper did nice work on it and make nice game. Play this gameand give your positive feedback best wishes…………………………….

App Information Combat Commando Secret Mission

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    Combat Commando Secret Mission
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    March 20, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Combat Commando Secret Mission Version History

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  • 1.5 (6)
  • 1.2 (3)
  • Combat Commando Secret Mission 1.5 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /2/7
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 44.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Sha1: d85b6a2f02f26621a028767637bba5d2c6095cd5
    APK Signature: 1ec7ab6dc4128a65aebaae466c4caaff9f3de277
  • Combat Commando Secret Mission 1.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /9/8
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 43.8 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: ba123c29d4687a750ad7d904e99906fdb80adf6b
    APK Signature: 1ec7ab6dc4128a65aebaae466c4caaff9f3de277

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Commando Adventure Assassin 1.19 APK
Commando adventure assassin is real war game. Its really challengefor you to complete your mission. Enemy has taken your land andthey make their camp and making trouble in your country. You areonly last person left from your force. It’s your challenge to killenemies before they kill you and take back your land from enemy andbecome a hero. They already got information about your mission andthey are ready to kill you. Enemy is alert. You don’t have enoughammo you have to stole enemy weapon and use on them and completeyour mission. You have different varieties of weapon and best luckfor mission. Commando adventure assassin is an army based game andis all about army soldiers attacks in which you will get experienceof shooting to protect your country from their attacks. Simply fromstart to end of level your mission will be to remain alert forenemy strikes and kill them as soon as possible. There will bedifferent controls to control your army fighter. To achieve yourtarget you, as an army man can run in the war zone and kill enemyat any time. Automatic radar system is provided to facilitate youtrace exact location of your enemies. so you have to follow thatRadar to find out enemies. Be careful, enemy army soldiers hiddenin mountains can attack on you at any time and your littleignorance can lead you to death. Enemy army commandos can attack onyou from different directions left, right, front, from the top ofmountain and also from check posts so you would have complete lookon all sides to stay safe. 4 different types of guns with unlimitedbullets are available you can choose according to your own choice.If one magazine ends then your fighter automatically loads anothermagazine. If you are not comfort from your weapon then you can alsosnatch advance guns from enemies by killing them like AK-47 andother type of guns. With the passage of time your power willdecrease so as fast as possible you have to complete your level.After completing one level you will be allowed to play in nextlevel. Thrilling sound of enemy guns will ultimately keep youactive. You can focus on target by using aiming facility. By usingaiming facility you would have to set your target and fire. You canalso target enemy soldiers sitting in their check posts. Your lifeis very important to accomplish the mission because if you die thenmission failed. To resume the game click resume button and To playfrom start click on Play again button. Features! • Second personshooting game. • Challenging mission. • Different varieties ofweapon. • Use modern radar to identify enemy location. • 3Dstunning graphic. • It’s totally free game and easy to play. • Moveforward, backward, left or right with joy stick control. •Excellent adventure environment. Hope you like this game installand enjoy update will be soon with more missions and give mepositive feedback and best of luck……………
Jungle Free Run Game 1.8 APK
This is very simple and adventure game. you are on adventure andyou are running on jungle you have to keep safe from dangerousthings and keep running on. you have to collect different item onthe way to keep you more powerful and strong. You are jumping oneside to other side just single tap. You can challenge to yourfriend with your best high score. Once game start you have to keepclear unexpected difficulties. Features. - Beautiful graphic. -Simple and easy to play with one tap. - Endless game. - Enjoy thegame and wish you all the best
Safari Dinosaur Hunter Challenge 1.5 APK
Hunting is almost everyone’s hobby but hunting the dinosaurs is thedream and here is a chance for you to convert your dream intoreality. Do you want to become dinosaur’s hunter? Yes, here is abest action game for you to hunt dinosaur in a safari park. You arein a large safari park and hunting the dinosaurs is your mission.You have to hunt the dinosaurs before they hunt you. It would be agreat challenge for you to hunt dinosaurs. You have to show yourbest hunting skills. To hunt the Deadly dinosaurs in a safarijungle is not so easy they can also attack on you reversely. Socarefully make target clear and shoot them. It is the mostchallenging game because your life is in full risk. You will getreal time experience after playing this deadly dinosaur’s huntchallenge game. The best sniper gun with unlimited bullets has beenprovided to you so don’t care about the bullets just shoot and huntthe dinosaurs. Thrilling sounds of dinosaurs will make this deadlydinosaurs hunt challenge game more dangerous. Deadly dinosaurs alsotry to save them and run away from you on hearing the sound of gunso you have to find and kill them quickly and wisely. Multiplechallenging levels with increasing the difficulty are developed sothat you can improve your hunting skills and could become expertjungle dinosaur’s hunter by completing all the levels available.Howto Play?- Select level and tap on start button- Use GPS to find thedinosaurs- Drag joystick left right up down to see dinosaurs aroundyou- Set aim on dinosaurs by swiping on the screen- Tap bulletbutton to shoot dinosaurs- Hunt all the dinosaurs to complete thelevel successfully- Complete all the levels to become masterdinosaurs hunter Deadly Dinosaur hunt challenge Features:Uniquefeatures of Deadly Dinosaurs hunting game are given below:-Stunning HD graphics- A best shooting gun - Unlimited bullets-Aiming facility to set the exact position of dinosaurs- Simple andeasy game play- Multiple challenging levels to play and hunt-Thrilling sounds of dinosaurs roaring- Real Safari dinosaur’sjungle with 3D environment- Hunting the dinosaurs- Totally free tohunt DinosaursYour feedback, comments and reviews are valuable forus. Give your good feedback after playing the game.
Crazy Taxi Jeep Drive 1.5 APK
Here is one of the most modern realistic taxi jeep game on androidplay store. This is tourist jeep mountain is the wonderful drivesimulation game with top mountain hill and amazing driveexperience. Drive between mountain, hill and tourist point withyour jeep. This game is full of adventure and great experience withlatest physic control drive around the top mountain places and nicehills scenes.Drive the big mountain tourist jeep and drivecarefully on the road. Game play is really beautiful top hillsviews, Valleys, water, rocks, and stunning natural scenes. Pick uppassenger one place and drop them to their destination. Completeyour mission with safe and sound drive. This is time to show yourdriving skills.Every level has more challenging objectives. Drivejeep and pick and drop passenger and tourist from one hill sidearea to next point. Tourist from all over the world is waiting tovisit the beautiful mountain and top hills. Tourist likes to travelbeautiful mountain so give them the ride they need.HOW TO PLAY:•Three type control mode. Tilt, steering and move left and rightarrow.• Tap on accelerate to speed up.• Tap on brake to stop thejeep.• Keep press the brake paddle to reverse the bus.• Use camerabutton to change the camera view.FEATURES:• Thrilling and awesomejeep driving.• Extreme jeep driving experience on sharp anddangerous challenging mountain tracks.• 12 different challenginglevels.• Smooth control and very easy to play.Please don’t forgetto help us with your valuable rating. Hope you like this game
Egg Collection : Egg Catcher 2017 1.8 APK
The egg collection is one of the most exciting game and it is freeof cost. Colorful eggs falling and you have to save them. Catchwhite eggs and especially golden eggs give you more point void fromblack eggs. don't collect black eggs you will die if you will tryto collect. If you catch black egg game will be over. This issimple and interesting egg catcher 2017 game with awesome graphics.Specially for children and family friendly game. Make highest scoreand challenge to your friends and family.This is a best kids gameto play. Kids like to play and enjoy this kind of games. Collecteggs and make highest score and challenge to your friends. It is anaddictive and endless egg collection game you will really enjoy it.Realistic bird view. hen will throw eggs including golden, whiteand sometimes black eggs you have to collect both white and goldeneggs but avoid black eggs. Feature!• It’s totally free game.• Veryinteresting and simple game.• Excellent and unique graphic.•Endless game• Colorful eggs white, golden and black.• ChildrenfriendlyWe created this lovely that is fun for the whole family andespecially girls and children.
Dubai jeep Drift Desert Race 1.3 APK
Welcome to Dubai Desert. Here is a lot of fun out there in thedesert, lots of jeeps and the whole desert to drive for. Experiencethe thrilling crazy drive in the desert of SAHARA the world’s mostbeautiful desert. Try your luck and become the legend among thelegends the stunning Arabic guys driving crazy through the trackschase them and enter your name in Victorians list. Select yourluxurious jeep from the list of various monsters and drift aroundthe amazing arenas. Fly the dirt in the eyes of your opponents.Enjoy the ups and downs of the lovely Sahara desert in the heart ofDubai. So get ready for your 4x4 monster jeep in action.Thiswonderful Dubai desert game have three type mode every mode is moreinterested and enjoyable. First mode is free mode you can enjoyyour driving on real Dubai desert drifting with other jeeps. Secondmode is checkpoint you have to clear checkpoint with given time andevery last checkpoint you will get extra that will keep you in gameand you will get more points to unlock other jeep and challenge toyour friends. Third mode is circle mode you have to show yourdriving skill you have to take jump your jeep between rings and getmore point and make highest score. This is challenging and endlessgame.Game Play:• Left and right arrow to turn.• Tap an accelerateto speed up.• Press brake to stop jeep• Keep press brake button toreverse jeepFeatures:• Nice smooth control• Awesome Desertenvironment• Multiple monster jeeps• Rally in the desert• Beat thetime• Reach the checkpoints• Follow the circles• Heart beatingstunning drifts • Addictive game play• Crazy drifting• EndlessgameSo why you are so late, just come down in the desert and enjoythe unlimited breathtaking fun waiting for you here. Let’s go!Yourvaluable comment will help us to improve to game play.
Sniper Traffic Shooter 2015 1.4 APK
Show your sniper skills and destroy thevariety of traffic cars in the sniper traffic shooter 2015 game.Destroy modern cars with your semi auto gun and use your scope toshoot cars from distance. You have to get 200 points in limitedtime and move to next level. Every next level will be morechallenge for you to make 200 points in short time period.Features!• Free to play.• Realistic and modern 3D graphic.• Variety of traffic cars to destroy.• Latest modern sniper rifle.• Unlimited vehicle models.Download free game and start to destroy traffic and show yourskills. Hope you like this game and please give me positivefeedback and best wishes..........
Helicopter Rescue Game Free 1.4 APK
We welcome you in one of the best helicopter game in which you haveto do different tasks to become an airplane pilot. Do you knowabout flying helicopter? If no, then it’s the best opportunity foryou to learn the flying techniques of the helicopters in thishelicopter sim game.You might have played many flight simulatorgames before like helicopter fighting game, flight simulator games,fire fighter or many others but this time we bring a new pilot 3Drescue game for you which is unique from all previous planesimulator games due to its unique features and a chance to do theairplane simulator rescue job in this best helicopter game.This isone of the best pilot simulator game in which you will have achance to do adventures and get an amazing flying copter experienceto play this next level flight simulator game.Get ready for thefirst plane simulator mission and explore the city and take amodern helicopter flight in different environments filled withforests, hills, mountains, and many more. Fly around and get a lotof amazing rivers, mountains, oceans view experience and start yourvery first helicopter rescue journey to rescue the peoples inforest who are in danger in this air helicopter game. We can set amap in this helicopters game which will help you to explore themission spots and the time starts now to do a helicopter flight andto complete your first mission in this rescue simulatorgame.Customize different realistic helly copters and do your bestand become a hero to complete your first task to rescue the peoplein the forest top free games. We bring multiple helicopters whichyou can use for your mission in this best helicopter freegame.Touch the skies and perform your duty as a real pilot and thenland the chopper in helipad. So, stop thinking and hold yourdevices and install the helicopter pilot rescue game sim and keepsharing with your friends and do a lot of adventures to completeyour missions and also rate us. Give us five stars. Thankyou!***Features***Realistic flight physics and realistic flyingsimulationDifferent environments to explore filled with mountains,hills, riversReal game play and smooth controlsFree to downloadfrom play storeCustomize different physics-based helicoptersBecomea real airplane pilotHigh quality graphics and different cameraangles Navigation map to find the spotVarious astonished missionsand a quality background soundSimulated visuals effects and tiltsensor for controlsDo give us your feedback!