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Combat YO Shoot: Zombie Battle is a game free order accordingshooting game to the movement to save the world of the apocalypsesuper heros.The fight takes stress between Combat YO with thecruetly Zombies that is equipped with sophisticated weapons of thefuture world.Combat YO Shoot: Zombie Battle: will help the playerto experience immersive feeling of being a hero to rescue peoplepeoples in the continents of the world. The playershave to overcomethe hurdle that the arduous hurdle is created by Zombie=====HOW TOPLAY========-Tilt the device left and right to avoid the Zombies,Zombie’s tank or firing line aimed at the “Combat YO Shoot” thatzombies shoot- Eat the Item in the game (bullet fire, lightningrounds, magnet, rocket) to increase the capability of killing toZombie- To pass the level, Super Combatant have to kill the mightyZombie Boss to liberate every land- Collect gold coins to the shopto upgrade equipment which served for the war as ammo upgrade:bullet Fire, lightning rounds, magnet,rocket=====FUNCTION=====-Easy to play and easy to control theplayer.-Cute graphics, close, exciting sound and vivid.-There aremany weapons: missiles, jet larse, rocket.-Level playing unlimitedand there are many levels of play, with many differentchallenges.Let download the “Combat YO Shoot: Zombie Battle” tohave the most fun and enjoyable time. Thank you for your using ofthe game, all of your feedbacks will make our game complete moreand more.

App Information Combat YO Shoot: Zombie Battle

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    Combat YO Shoot: Zombie Battle
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    January 2, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Megafun Game Studio
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