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WBC Support App includes the following 1. Meal Logging 2. HIPPACompliant Messaging and Scheduling 3. Integration with smartdevices 4. Supplement and Hydration Tracking. ABOUT THE PROGRAM:Dr. Alan Wittgrove, our program Medical Director, is known as thefather of laparoscopic gastric bypass. He performed the firstlaparoscopic gastric bypass in the world as primary surgeon in1993. This was performed right here in San Diego, California. DrWittgrove is board certified in general surgery and is a Fellow ofthe American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. He served10 years as a Navy surgeon and has been performing bariatricsurgery since he set up private practice in San Diego in 1986.Since the mid 1990’s he has been practicing bariatric surgery inthe setting of a multi-disciplinary team approach. Dr. Wittgrove isthe past president of the American Society for Metabolic andBariatric Surgery (ASMBS) serving in 2003 – 2004. Tracy MartinezRN, BSN, CBN, is our program director. She oversees all aspects ofour program and our multidisciplinary team who provide supportbefore and after surgery. She is dedicated to help every patientoptimize their health and well-being. Tracy was the first electedpresident of Integrated Health Section of the ASMBS from 2000 –2004. She is currently the chair of the International SocietyIntegrated Health (IFSO). In addition, Tracy is a proud to serve onthe Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). The OAC is a nonprofitorganization dedicated to help individuals affected by excessweight-related health conditions through education and advocacy.Tracy is a certified Perfect Health Instructor at the Chopra Centerin Carlsbad California. This has helped her bring a holistic aspectof care in helping patients achieve health and balance in theirlife. Dr. Wittgrove and Wittgrove Bariatric Center have significantexperience in Bariatric Surgery on the Adolescent Patient andRevision Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Wittgrove was a primaryinvestigator for the LapBand System. We have added sections on allthese specialties through the tabs above. A 2009 addition to ourclinic is our Medical Weight Loss Program. Surgery is a powerfultool, but it is not for everyone. Some insurance programs require amedical program before surgery can be considered. Millions ofindividuals suffer from “Obesity” (BMI less than 35) and surgery isnot an option for them at this time. Many in this category needhelp and so we offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, medicalprogram. Call the office to ask about this aspect of our program.Few programs have evaluated their long-term outcomes as Dr.Wittgrove has. In fact, few programs have outcomes for longer thaneven a couple of years. In Bariatric Surgery, we know that resultsat one or two years are nice to know but the real important numbersare those at five years and longer. We have added our program’sdata, which has been reported / published in peer reviewed journalsand presented at annual society conferences. Since we believeoutcomes and longer-term results are important, we have added asection on some questions we think you should ask of your bariatricsurgeon. Wittgrove Bariatric Center is a Certified AccreditedCenter by the American Society for Metabolic and bariatric Surgeryand the American College of Surgeons in partnership with ScrippsMemorial Hospital. Our program has significant experience from allaspects of care! We provide Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (weightloss surgery), medical weight loss, long-term follow up, back ontrack consultations, and monthly support groups.

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Selvera 3.2.0 APK
The Selvera app works in conjunction with your personalized Selveraplan to help you and your Registered Dietitian track and adjustyour program to maximize success. With the app, you can:- Sync andmonitor key results from your wireless devices, such as weight,body fat % and sleep- Add to your daily food log- Update yourpersonalized nutrition keys- Share all this information real-timewith your personal Registered DietitianDownload the Selvera apptoday to get the most from your Selvera journey!
CurryCare 2.28.010 APK
JourneyLite Physicians & JourneyLite Surgery Center arededicated to the care of our patients in each of our Cincinnati,Dayton, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky bariatric surgery andmedical weight loss centers. We have one of the most experiencedweight loss team within Ohio and across the United States. We havedone as a practice over 1000 laparoscopic gastric bypassprocedures, 3000 sleeve gastrectomies, and 4000 Lap Band® andRealize Band® procedures. We have done more gastric balloons(Orbera and ReShape) than any practice in the midwest as well.JourneyLite Surgery Center is a 12,000 square-foot outpatientsurgical center in Cincinnati dedicated to bariatric surgeryincluding Lap Band, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, SIPSprocedure, and gastric balloon. The entire center is designed fromthe ground up to cater to surgical weight loss clientele and is theonly one of its kind in the country. Our bariatric surgery programhas been certified as a Bariatric Surgery Outpatient Center ofExcellence by the American Society for Metabolic and BariatricSurgery and JourneyLite is also an Anthem Blue Distinction PlusCenter. For those who aren’t interested in surgery or do notqualify, we also offer numerous non-surgical treatment plans. Wewere the first in Ohio to offer the Orbera and ReShape gastricballoons, and we also offer Healthwise and Medifast programsmonitored by experienced registered dietitians. We know that somepatients need pharmacologic help as well, so we have an intensiveAdipex (phentermine) protocol to augment your success as well as ahighly-structured, affordable, HCG diet regimen. We have a team ofexperienced surgeons, dietitians, physician assistants, and nursepractitioners to help you on your journey to better health throughmedical weight loss, surgical weight loss, or gastric balloontherapy. We have three Ohio weight loss centers (Cincinnati,Columbus, and Dayton) and one in Northern Kentucky to serve ourpatients. Click here for maps and directions to all 4 of ourconvenient locations.
My Medifast Coach 2.25.060 APK
Medifast Weight Control Centers features nine locations inMinnesota and Wisconsin. The clinically proven program was foundedin 1980 and is recommended by over 20,000 doctors. Medifast Centersfacilitate your journey to success with meal plans and programsdesigned with busy lifestyles in mind. Whether you’re looking tolose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds or more, each program iscustomized to your personal weight-loss profile, dietaryrestrictions, body composition and health concerns. The program isnot one-size-fits-all. Medifast offers a variety of specializedprograms for teens, men, nursing moms, seniors, athletes,vegetarians, diabetes and gout. At Medifast, you will receiveprivate, one-on-one support from a team of professionals includingnutritionists and registered dietitians that is devoted to helpingyou lose the weight and keep it off through the weight loss,transition and maintenance phases. Throughout the program, you willalso receive education on healthy living! While in the weight-lossphase, you will consume a combination of our Medifast products aswell as your own grocery store foods. As you move into thetransition and maintenance phases of the program, you will begin tore-introduce even more grocery store foods and meals into yourdiet. In order to make this a seamless transition, you will haveaccess to a large archive of Medifast-approved recipes to keep youon track and educate you on portion sizes and optimal food pairingsto maintain the 1 to 1 ratio of protein and carbohydrates. You willalso have access to the Healthy Life Workbook, which covers myriadtopics from controlling social eating, managing risky situationsinvolving favorite foods or desserts, and how we form and breakhabits involving food. This education, paired with one-on-onevisits with the Medifast team, will ensure that you have the skillsand support to succeed from start to finish!
CoachCare 2.28.550 APK
The CoachCare technology platform powers weight loss clinics.Custom-branded mobile app, coach dashboard and connected devicescombine in one integrated platform to improve patient care andincrease clinic revenues.
SlimLife App 2.28.150 APK
The SlimLife Health & Wellness Program is customized to helpyou lose weight quickly and safely. The program includesclinically-proven, meal plans and products from Medifast designedwith busy lifestyles in mind. Medifast’s meal plan has beenrecommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. The SlimLife programis customized to your personal weight loss profile, dietaryrestrictions, body composition and health concerns. Our team oflocal, experienced professional counselors are dedicated to guidingyou through every step of your weight loss journey! Studies haveshown that professional support during weight loss leads to lastingchanges. If you are looking for a program that combines scientificresearch and dedicated personal counseling to help you effectivelychange your eating patterns and gain control of your weight, theSlimLife program was made for you. At our SlimLife Health &Wellness centers we give you the knowledge you need to make eatingright easy and delicious. And, we keep you accountable to ensureyou succeed. Our SlimLife App brings state of the art technologyinto the program, helping you stay on track with your weight lossprogram. The SlimLife App not only provides tools to help youachieve your weight loss goal, it also provides greater access,continuing support and resources to help you maintain your healthygoal weight once you attain it. You access this information on yoursmartphone or through our secure web portal. The SlimLife Appallows you to communicate securely with the SlimLife counselingteam – and allows them to monitor your progress remotely 24/7. Youcan ask questions, manage your appointments, access supportivevideos, recipes and other tips to keep you motivated and on track.The SlimLife Health & Wellness program is the most completeweight loss program utilizing the latest technological advances,professional supportive personal counseling and clinically provenweight loss products from Medifast.
SeroFit 1.08 APK
We are an Internal Medicine Practice that specializes in medicalweight control with the use of a doctor-developed SerotoninFormula. Serotonin is a natural brain and body chemical. Serotoninimbalance can lead to carbohydrate cravings, depression, anxiety,and low energy levels. Unlike 5-HTP, which requires inbodyconversion to serotonin, SeroFit delivers real 5-HT effectively.Our SeroFit Weight Management Formula allows the serotonin tobypass the barriers in the GI tract and the brain in order to reachthe receptor sites that help reduce appetite and cravings. Thisnatural option is full of antioxidants and vitamins that willcontribute to sustaining overall health. Our staff is available toprovide full support and dietary counseling. We offer our MedicalSerotonin-Plus Weight Loss program in 50+ Board Certified PhysicianOffices across the US. Our focus is on behavior modification usingreal foods and incorporating our Serotonin Supplements. We havesuccessfully helped over 25,000 patients achieve health by use ofour doctor patented delivery system of natural serotonin.
NOVA Health Recovery 2.28.140 APK
Weight Loss in Fairfax and Alexandria. Health risk screening ,Wellness Plans, Pain Management, Personal Injury, and LifestyleManagement. Addiction recovery treatments using tested andprogressive therapies. Our clinic is involved in the care ofpatients with Addiction, weight management issues, and chronicpain. We offer progressive therapies for each condition with acomplete evaluation and care plan to optimize your recovery. Wealso offer Ketamine therapies and Transcranial magnetic stimulationfor treatment of refractory mental health conditions, neuropathies,fibromyalgia, and chronic pain as well. Also offered are healthscreening for DOT physicals and preventive medical care to mitigatecardiac risk. As one of our primary care focus is on nutrition andweight management, we will evaluate and suggest treatments foradvanced lipid profiles associated with weight-related disorders.
IndMedWtLoss 2.27.350 APK
The mission of INDIANA MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS AND WELLNESS CENTER isto provide safe, comprehensive, and quality health carecoordination and medical management services for the obese andoverweight population. We continually strive to give you the bestpatient care possible, by first and foremost, truly listening toyour problems and giving you the time required to fully address allthe issues you are currently facing throughout your weight lossjourney. This app is excellent tool you can use to be in constantcommunication with us during those times when you are not in theoffice. We can proactively reach out to you to offer our support,encouragement, and advice to help you stay on course throughoutyour weight loss program. Your wrist activity tracker andbio-impedance scale communicate automatically to the mobile app.The app gives you the ability to track your activity, your foodintake, and your weight loss progress daily. You can easily journalyour food intake which can be made available for us to review andmake suggestions on how you can improve your food consumption. Theapp also gives you access to us 24/7 through text messaging, so youcan make us aware of any issues you are having or if you justwanted to share your successes with us. The real-time data wereceive on your progress allows us to make corrections and/orsuggestions BEFORE your next patient visit with us. This alsoincludes integration with Apple Health Kit, Home Kit, Fitbit,Google Fit & Levl! Stay connected with us every day, no matterwhere you are or travel to. You are never truly alone in yourweight loss journey and we are always available to educate,motivate, and support you. This not only applies during your weightloss phase – we are still here for you during the weightmaintenance phase of your journey as well! We want to make surethat you not only lose the weight you desire, but that you keep itoff for the rest of your life!