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The dining room is a container that accommodates eatingactivities,a place for occupants to eat. The dining room isgenerally equippedwith a dining table and other supportingfurniture such as a fridgeand water dispenser. The dining roomrelationship with the kitchenis very close to make the dining roomis usually placed near thekitchen to facilitate the presentationand cleaning. The diningroom became one of the rooms where familymembers gathered. It usedto be used only for meals, but as timewent by, the dining roomoften had other functions as a gatheringplace for family membersto eat, to talk seriously, to just casualconversation. InIndonesia, the dining room is usually synonymouswith large houses,or families of certain groups only. Maybe becausethe house has alarge size, has enough room to create a dining room.But that isnot always true. The dining room is not necessarilysynonymous withlarge rooms, luxurious tables and chairs and soforth. Because youwho have a tiny house can actually present theirown dining room.Even because the dining room is narrow, the familyatmosphere atmeal or gathering becomes more pronounced becausethere is nodistance between one family member and the other.Determining theright dining room design is sometimes not easy andalso takes timeis not small, for now the concept of dwelling to beone of thefavorite residential concept of homeowners, especially inlargecities densely populated. Here we present some kind of diningroomlayout.

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Model Tas Tali Kur 1.0 APK
Akhir - akhir ini jenis tas yang terbuat dari rangkaian tali yangdisebut juga talikur ini semakin banyak digemari. Berbagai bentukmodel tas dari tali kur yang menarik dan sangat cocok untuk parawanita. Tas Tali Kur – Seolah tak pernah tergerus zaman, keseniantas tali kur selalu mampu mengikuti perkembangan zaman denganselalu menampilkan desain yang cantik dan menawan hati.Tak bisadipungkiri bahwa kesenian tali kur itu sendiri merupakan kesenianyang tergolong unik dan menarik yang pernah ada di dunia. Andaingin model tas terbaru yang sedang banyak digandrungi para wanita?Kalau begitu model tas tali kur terbaru bisa menjadi pilihanterbaik untuk anda. Ya, saat ini model tas tali kur memang menjadisalah satu tas yang paling diminati oleh para wanita.Bentuknya yangunik dan motifnya yang cantik membuat tas yang terbuat dari talikur ini menjadi tas favorit wanita masa kini. Model tas dari talikur memang bukanlah model tas terbaru, akan tetapi, kehadiran motifbaru dari tas jenis yang satu ini membuat tas semacam ini selaluunik dan selalu banyak peminatnya, khususnya para peminat dari kaumperempuan.Model tas yang terbuat dari tali kur ini sesungguhnyamerupakan hasi kreasi dan juga bsia dikatakan sebagai model tasrajut tali kur. Ya, pembuatannya memang menggunakan rajutan daritali kur. Model tas tali kur terbaru biasanya terletak darimotif-motif yang ditunjukkan, yang biasanya berbeda dengan motifyang sebelum-sebelumnya sudah beredar di pasaran.Biasanya, modeltas tali kur ini berlaku untuk beberapa jenis tas, seperti tasselempang dan juga tas ransel. Akan tetapi, tas selempang yangterbuat dari tali kur agaknya sedikit lebih banyak diminati jikadibanding dengan tas yang berjenis ransel. Tas selempang tali kurbiasanya diminati oleh banyak orang karena dinilai simpel dan mudahuntuk dibawa-bawa saat berpergian. Ada juga tas kecil yang hanyaberfungsi sebagai tas untuk handphone atau barang-baranglainnya.End - the end is kind of a bag made of a series of ropecalled talikur also more and more popular. Various forms of bags ofrope chair models are attractive and very suitable for women. RopeBag Kur - As if there was ever by time, art rope chair bags arealways able to keep abreast with the times always displays abeautiful design and captivating.It is undeniable that art ropechair itself is an art that is unique and interesting that everexisted in the world. You want to model the latest bag which wasmuch loved women? Then the latest model of the bag rope chair couldbe the best option for you. Yes, the current model of the bag ropechair has become one of the most desirable handbags by women.Theunique shape and beautiful motifs make bags made of rope chair hasbecome a favorite handbag modern women. Model bag of rope chair isnot the latest model of the bag, however, the presence of a newmotif of this one kind of bag making such bags is always unique andalways much demand, particularly enthusiasts of women.Model bagmade of rope chair is actually a creation and also bsia hasi beregarded as a model rope chair knitting bag. Yes, indeed making useof knitted rope chair. The latest model of the bag rope chair isusually located on the motives shown, which is usually differentfrom the motives ever before already on the market.Typically, ropechair bag model is applicable to several kinds of bags, such assling bags and backpacks. However, sling bag made of rope chairseems a little more attractive when compared with manifold duffelbag. Sling bag rope chair usually preferred by many people becauseit is considered simpler and easier to carry around when traveling.There is also a small bag which only serves as a bag for mobilephones or other items.
Koko Shirt Design 1.0 APK
Muslim fashion is not only focused on the female users only, butMuslim men also have certain clothes that can give the impressionof Muslims radiated but forever with a trendy type and can appearneatly. Among the clothing of the adam who became one of the Muslimmen's clothing options today is a modern koko outfit that hasbecome a dress normality Muslim men Indonesia to particular but notjust limited in Indonesia aloneThis clothing is worn but is nowworldwide and has been known to various countries. Here is one ofthe latest models koko clothes as your inspiration in choosingMuslim clothes. Koko clothes is one of the clothes that should beowned by every Muslim, because in addition to worship can also beused for other activities.It is true that Muslim fashion hasundergone many shifts, when compared to the past years where Muslimfashions are only for the sake of worship only but now there are somany different models of Muslim clothes that fit very well forvarious events. Even modern clothing models are available so muchnowadays that it makes it easier for us to choose which ones fitand we like.Moslem clothes in general have a design and amonotonous model in the fashion world. But now Muslim clothes havebeen explored in such a way as to produce the latest clothingtrends of Muslims which when viewed from the side of clothingdesign and Muslim dress modes a lot of changes but still maintainthe feel of religion and formal.The use of coco clothes for men isa type of Islamic that can be considered modern because of kokoclothes that exist in this time, merupkan model koko clothesequipped with variations and decorations in some parts of clothingsuch as the chest, the hands, bahakan given additional variationsin Bagain back with yarn that is in solid design match the coloraccording to the basic color of clothing priatersebut.
Creative Rice Tumpeng 1.0 APK
Tumpeng is a way of serving rice and its side dishes in cone form,because it is also called 'rice cone'. Processed rice that isgenerally used in the form of yellow rice, although often also usedordinary white rice or rice uduk. The way of serving this rice istypical of Java or Betawi society of Javanese descent and isusually made at the time of festivity or celebration of animportant event. Nevertheless, the people of Indonesia recognizethis activity in general.Tumpeng is usually served on winnow(traditional round container of woven bamboo) and banana leaf.Tumpeng rice is one of Indonesia's most famous food. These foodsare usually served in various occasions or celebrations, rangingfrom religious pickles, salvation, weddings, to birthdays. Tumpengrice is usually made with the main ingredient of yellow rice, whiterice, or rice uduk.But the most widely used is usually yellow ricebecause in addition to its beautiful appearance, it also tastesmore delicious and distinctive. This tumpeng rice is served on topof the tampah along with side dishes. Actually there is no standardside dishes used for rice cone because we can customize itaccording to taste and the show.Here are some of the usual dishesto accompany the rice cone:Fried chicken or grilledchickenSambalPotato cakesFried tempeFried tofuFresh vegetablesCrackers In addition to rice and side dishes, cone also usuallydecorated as beautiful as possible. Ornament or garnish tumpeng ismade from various kinds of vegetables and fruits.Some of the usualmaterials used as tasseng ornamentsinclude:CucumberCarrotTomatoLettuceMustardParsleyCeleryleavesChilli RadishLeekBeef flossBanana leaf
TV Shelf Design 1.0 APK
TV or television today is an electronic item that can notbeseparated from humans. Although today's tekologi isgrowingrapidly, and there are many electronic goods that aremoresophisticated and better in presenting informationandentertainment, the role of this one box can not be separated. Inahome, television is also one of the items that areconsideredmandatory owned by a familyits function especially if itis not asmedia penyampai information and for family entertainment.In frontof a television also usually children or the whole familygatherand watch together. In a home, television is usually placedin theliving room if the house is not large enough or if there isanotherroom, usually the television is placed in a comfortableliving roomin a cabinet or a special shelf television.televisionhoused familyroom in a complete home along with a television rack.about the tvshelf is in addition to having a function as a mediumto lay tv canalso be as furniture that beautify the room. InteriorTV rackdesign comfortable for the family, sharing ideas andinspirationmodels of TV rack design can be your choice ofinspiration for thedesign concept of making the appropriate tv rackis also in harmonywith the concept of the model and your minimalisthomedesign.Almost every home has a tv, a place for them to relaxaswell as chatting together with family, a place that is set inahouse to watch news information and watch favoritetelevisionshows. Well, for those of you who are confused to findinspirationabout the design of television shelves, now comes a veryeasyapplication to use and many examples of television shelf designinit. Please download and hopefully useful.
Door Handles Model 1.0 APK
The door handle of the house or we used to know the handle. Doorhandles designed to open and close doors. Handle door is a houseelement that serves as a giver of comfort, so that the door that weuse can be maintained.In addition, must have a role in giving abeautiful impression is also interesting for us to use as a doorhandle suitable for your home, but to get all that you have todesign as beautiful as possible with the concept of minimalism,should also consider the process of making.Because if we see thematerial that we handle the door handle that is often the type ofbrass, stainless steel, iron and others depending on the creativityyou have to create a handle that can attract the attention of manypeople. It turns out to have the type of handle, you need to knowfrom the model desainya to look more beautiful and very compatiblewith the house you have select the appropriate and good at see.Whatyou need to know again in terms of security, is also very importantas a locking device at home also to facilitate open and close theroom of the house, so that our homes can be maintained. Inaddition, from materials that are materials that are durable for usto use, and not easily damaged of course very important if youchoose a good quality is also very last long.Well, for those of youwho are confused to choose the type of handle or door handle on thehouse here there are many pictures that are perfect for you have,in addition to durable also has a uniqueness and very beautiful tosee, especially if you have a luxury house must handle Also shouldbe more visible beauty and do not lose with the beauty of yourhome. We provide various jeis grip or door handle.
Spinner Design 1.0 APK
Hello gengs, Udah on tau there is a viral toy named fidget spinnerIndonesia. For those who do not know I've just explained a littleabout this happening toys again. Fidgetting is a move unconsciouslycaused by anxiety, boredom or a combination of them, the cause ofthe fidget caused by genes or by the subconscious.Fidgetting isoften done with a finger that involves hair, things around orclothing, and also involves repetitive leg movements. Well, FidgetSpinner was created to overcome the habit of fidgeting. Whetherbecause of the trend or indeed this interesting toy, finallyemerged some kind of spinner that the design is unique and unusual.Spinner fidget toys recently booming in cyberspace. A very uniquesimple toy makes it interesting to be a child's toy.Spinner is thelatest modern toy that can be one way to relieve stress. The designand unique shape make this toy very suitable for use by variousage. In addition to the form of toys, spinner fidget is alsoclaimed to help improve focus and eliminate one's stress. Thesebenefits result from increased sensory satisfaction when thespinner is played by the hand.Even so, the main function of thespinner is actually only limited to toys only. Factors that are thespinner's appeal are the length of time the spinner spins and theuniqueness of the spinner's fidget form itself.
Ornament Cutting 1.0 APK
Cutting board is a grounding tool for cutting, tightening, and asfollows. This cutting board is made of boards and others. A cuttingboard is a piece of wood that serves as a tool to support variousfood ingredients to be cooked, many things that we can cut, likewhen we want to cut bread, chicken / beef, vegetables,fruit.Cutting board has a very important role, which is why so manyemerging small and large producers, creating different forms ofcutting board different from the usual form. If you ever accompanyfriends, mom or wife go shopping to the supermarket, look at somesides of the area in the mall that sells various cookingutensils.There you will find a variety of cutting boards withdifferent shapes. In general, the design of the cutting board onthe market, most have a standard shape, round and box. Well if youare one of those who pay attention to things like this, then youwill probably want a cutting board with a design that is morecreative and unique, because I am sure many of you have someone whowants the same thing as some of these people.The cutting board cannot only be used as an object to cut cookery in the kitchen, but itcan also be used as an ornament to decorate your home. Now it hasbeen sold many decorations of the cutting board with a variety ofdesign drawings that you can choose, or order as you wish. Here Iam trying to tell the talent design colleagues who I think may beyour reference or the producers of the cutting board get thecreative idea from the unique drawing board design
Lampion Design 1.0 APK
Lampion is a kind of lamp usually made of paper with wax in it.More elaborate lanterns can be made of bamboo frames wrapped inheavy paper or colored silk (usually red). Lampion usually can notlast long, and easily damaged. Selan it lanterns can also be usedas entertainment or hope.Lights that have a variety of colors andcolorful light is very beautiful to enjoy at dusk and at night.Likewise with light lanterns that have a color that is very diverseand also beautiful. Lampion in ancient times do have a form thathas been grip. The shape of the ancient lanterns has a round shape,oval shape and box shape.Apart from the already standard form, thecolor of the ancient lantern itself also has a meaning so that itsuse also can not be arbitrary. Red color is used when there arehappy events, luck, events that expect sustenance and also expectsafety. Being white for use when there is a death event thatexpressed condolence from someone. As for the lampion today morecan be used for various events.There is no specific benchmark likewhat shape and what kind of color. Paper lint is easy to find.Paper lanterns have a shape similar to that of traditionallanterns. The shape is mostly round. But for the color is morevaried with a variety of colors. In addition to the creativity ofchildren bandung also very felt in this lantern because thelanterns decorated with a variety of beautiful ornaments paintings.Paper lanterns also exist in various regions in Indonesia. Lanternsare mostly made with paper material.These balinese paper lanternshave a variety of shapes, ranging from the same shape as theancient lanterns, which are round and oval or square, but some areshaped into lanterns of characters. Lampion is a lot of characterswho are looking for that given to the children as a gift or indeedused as a children's room decoration. But in addition to thecharacter form there are also bali lanterns are formed with abeautiful and unique design. Some are made with a curved shape, sothis lantern can be installed in various spaces in our homesbecause of the beautiful shape and can beautify the room in yourhome.