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Are you getting a little bit boring with your phone wallpaper? Soset your homescreen background with these wonderful and beautifulDinosaur Wallpapers. You will find that this application canprovide you the best collection of Wallpapers for your androiddevice background. Decorate your Phone with these Awesome DinosaurPictures. All of the photos are dinosaurs that came from the jungleof Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous period. Beside wallpapers, Ihad added some bonuses for you to have more fun about dinosaur.Download this free application to find what there are. Althoughthese wallpapers are not live dinosaur wallpapers, the graphic isan outstanding High-Resolution images and there are lot of dinosaurpicture from the jungle, mountain, sea. Moreover, all of the famousdinosaur such as Tyranosaurus Rex, Triceratops, ankylosaurus,Stegosaurus, Velociroptor and Raptor are included for you tochoose. There are fierce dinosaur and cute dinosaur, there are allfor you to choose which is the best wallpaper for your Smartphone.Please give a good review and rating if you love this wallpaper asI am considering doing live dinosaur wallpapers as my next appsproject. Thank you.

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A birthday is always a special day for anyone. It is an occasionwhen a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of theirbirth and usually only celebrated once in a year. Birthday Greetingand Wishes app is a beautiful way of sending happy birthdaymessages to friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Mother,Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Mother-in-law,Father-in-law, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, and anyone else.Birthdays are important parts of life therefore sending birthdaywishes will really make their day and shows them that there issomeone remembered his or her special day and care for them.Genuine heartfelt Birthday Wishes can liven up the day for anyone.These birthday cards can be share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,email, MMS, Whatsapp and many more. Make them special and memorablewith this happy birthday messages with beautiful greetings.Birthday Greeting and Wishes has various Premium features like: •Uplifting birthday wishes • Lot of Happy Birthday quotes messages •Special and best Happy Birthday cards that can only be found inthis app. • Wonderful and inspiring birthday photo frame tofascinate your greetings. • Stickers of Birthday photo to make yourpicture cheerful. • Surprisingly, you can even chat with yourcontacts to brighten up your days. A birthday is always a specialday for anyone. And what better way to make it more special thansending a good and thoughtful birthday card? To those who arecelebrating their birthday anniversary either as a belated, or beit today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or just around thecorner, may you have a blessed and memorable birthday with thisapps. Download Birthday Greeting and Wishes now and send theselovely messages of birthday to your loved one.
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Christmas is one of the days that most of us waiting for. It’sreally a special time for the year. This is also the only time wegoing to decorate our Christmas tree. Besides decorating tree, howabout decorating your photo using famous Christmas sticker Icons orapplying Christmas frame into your photo? Decorate your photopicture to make his wonderful celebration merrier and fun.Christmas Icon Stickers will make your Christmas season more funwhen you apply it to your photo and it will be surely lookspersonalize and unique. Christmas will be more memorable andspecial when you use sticker such as Santa Clause, Christmas tree,reindeer stickers, presents, elves, Snowman and many moreornaments. Christmas Icon Stickers can be your personal seasonalcamera sticker maker for your Christmas photo. It is very easy andsimple to use. All you have to do is choose your Christmas stickerand stick it on the photo. There are hundreds of varieties ofstickers for you to choose. After finish decorating your photo, youcan save it in your photo gallery or share it via WhatsApp,Telegram, Facebook, email or Bluetooth. For more details, there istutorial on how use this apps. Christmas is right around thecorner! Here is your chance you show how creative you are byediting your photo during this festival season and share theunforgettable memory with friends and families. Give a new breathto the evergreen icon of Christmas such as Santa Clause, xmas tree,xmas Reindeer, xmas present, snowman, elves and many more. May thisChristmas season brings you a new kind of joy to you. Besidestickers, there is also a beautiful photo frame specially designedfor this special occasion. Apply the photo frame into your photoand it surely looks merrier and stunning. Impress your friends andfamilies with this unique Christmas photo frame and it will be yourwonderful present in this holy season. This Christmas photo boothand picture frame is free for you to download. The photo that youedited with Christmas sticker will be wonderful and perfect forthis holiday season. Download Christmas Icon Stickers now and Havea wonderful time in this Holiday season.