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If you love food and like cooking in kitchen, you will certainlylike the cooking challenge provided by the game—Cook the MostDelicious Pasta. In the game, you shall firstly prepare materialsyou need. Use a noodle maker or a rolling pin to prepare the noodleyou like. Cook the noodles. Prepare spices… Lastly, invite you bestfriend to enjoy the delight. It is really awesome. Right, pleasedon’t forget to prepare them a cup of ice cream or drink! Features:1. Mix flour personally. 2. There are 9 pasta species(E.g:Spaghetti, Fettuccine and Fusilli and so on) and 27 flavorformulas. 3. Search for flavor formula and prepare your uniqueflavor. 4. Select different ingredients and decoration for yourpasta. 5. Make ice creams and icy drinks. 6. There are multipletableware options. 7. Invite your friend to enjoy the delicacy.

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Our beautiful princess will have her excellent wedding today. Cometo take her to the makeup salon for a beauty makeover. Firstly, youcan help her wash her face and then give her a nice steam care.Next, come to make her hair with one beautiful headband to makerhair hair up. After that, you can come to make up her with ourgiven cosmetics. Choose one pair of contact lenses to make her eyeslook shinning. Then make up for her eyebrows and eyes shadows. Inthe following step, you need to choose one long veil for her. Pickup some marvelous hair accessories to the princess and then dressup princess with fashionable wedding dress and high heeled shoes.Select one hairstyle that fits her very much and don’t forget todecorate her beauty with gorgeous necklace and ear studs. Afterthis stage, you can come to choose one image of the groom that youlike and at last celebrate for their wedding and show us howattractive you can let the princess be. Features: 1. Give a facialtreatment for the princess 2. Help princess make up 3. Dress up forprincess and make her beautiful 4. Choose the image of groom 5. Letthem have a wedding How to play: 1. Help the princess wash her face2. Give her a nice facial steam spa 3. Use the hairband to fix herhair 4. Choose one pair of nice contact lens 5. Make up for hereyebrow and eye shadows 6. Select one beautiful long veil for theprincess 7. Pick one fashion hairstyle and decorate with hairaccessories 8. Choose one pair of ear studs and necklace for her 9.Dress up her with beautiful wedding dress and high heeled shoes 10.Select one image of groom that you like 11. Let princess and groomhave a nice wedding
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Our charming mermaid has a newborn girl baby. She loves her babyvery much and every day she needs to take care of the babycarefully. So she is very tired these days and needs to have anassistant to help her very much. Are you willing to help ourbeautiful mermaid and play the role of assistant? Come to our brandnew baby care game and learn some skills to care baby. Firstly, youneed to let the baby wake up by using the magic wand. Then you canhelp mermaid play with the baby. Choose the baby loved toysaccording to her requirements and put the toy on her bed to makeher baby. When the baby is hungry, you need to feed her with food.Put some talcum powder on the baby’s body to make her feelcomfortable and let the baby play with the fish in the sea. Afterthat the baby will feel sleepy and you should let her sleep. In thefollowing step, you can try your best to dress up the baby withbeautiful mermaid outfits and accessories. Show us how lovely youcan let the baby be.Features:1. Help the mermaid take care of hernewborn baby2. Dress up the little baby with beautiful clothes andaccessoriesHow to play:1. Wake up the newborn baby by the magicwand2. Feed the baby with food3. Put some talcum powder on thebaby’s body4. Play with the baby by choosing her loved toys5. Carethe baby to have sleep6. Select beautiful accessories to dress upthe baby7. Choose one lovely hairstyle for her8. Put on cutemermaid clothes for the baby
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Farm Girl Makeup Salon 1.8 APK
With the coming of winter holiday, our beautiful farm girl is verybusy preparing her party these days. Before the coming of party,she needs to have a nice bathing salon. Come to be her assistant tohelp her and show us your excellent fashion skills. At first, cometo give the farm girl a wonderful face spa. Use the facial cleanerto clean her face clean. Then come to get rid of the pimples one byone carefully. After that, you can use the face streamer to let thegirl have a nice stream spa. For the next step, use the eye creamsto clear her black eyes and then come to give the girl naturalmaterial face and eyes masks. At last, put some facial creams tomake her whole facial skin looks better. Next step, you need tohelp the farm girl have a body spa. Put some essential oil fortwice to let her feel relax and then wipe clean. Then our preparedmagnets to put on the back of the girl. In the following step, youcan try your best to show us your make up skills by using the givencosmetics and dress up the girl to make her look as beautiful asyou can. Features:1. Help the girl have a nice face spa2. Give abody spa to the girl 3. Make up the girl 4. Dress the girl upbeautifully How to play:1. Use the facial cleaner to clean thegirl’s face 2. Get rid of the red pimples on her face 3. Let thegirl have a face stream 4. Clear away her black eyes 5. Make facialand eyes mask for the girl 6. Put some facial creams on the cheekof the girl 7. Make some essential oils on the girl’s back 8. Putsome magnet on her back to make her relax 9. Use the cosmetics tomake up the girl 10. Dress up the girl beautifully
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Come to join our brand new baby nurse game. Firstly, choose onenurse that you like and then try your best to dress up herbeautifully. Choose the hairstyle,dresses and shoes for her andmake her as beautiful as you can. Then you can come to let thenurse take care of the baby bathing. Inject the bathtub with warmwater and make some bubbles for the baby to let her be happy. Thencome to use shampoo to wash her hair. After that you can come tochoose one type of bath foam to wash the body of the baby and useshower head to clean away the bubbles. At last of the bathing, cometo give the baby some toys to play and use the towel to dry herbody. Put some clothes for her to make her happy. The third stageof the game, you need to decorate the baby’s play room with ourgiven decoration materials. Use the jigsaw to make the playingareas floor and then decorate the room with some given furniture.Then you can make one windmill for the baby and make the tumblerfrom small one to the big for the baby to play. The fourth stage ofthe game, you need to look after the baby for night sleeping. Puton some night clothes for the baby and play with her by using thedrawing board for a nice picture. Give the baby toys for her toplay and read one good story to help her to have a sleep. Turn offthe lamp when the baby got sleep. The last stage, come to dress upthe game with cute baby clothes and shoes. Features:1. Choose onenurse that you like and dress her up beautifully 2. Help the babyto have a bath shower 3. Play with the baby 4. Care the baby for anice sleep 5. Dress up for the baby How to play: 1. Choose onenurse that you like 2. Dress up the baby nurse beautifully 3.Inject the bath with warm water 4. Use shampoo to wash hair for thebaby 5. Clean the baby’s body by using bath foams 6. Dry the babywith towel 7. Decorate the baby playing room 8. Make one windmilland tumbler for the baby 9. Put one nightclothes for the baby10.Play the drawing board with baby11. Read story for the baby 12.Dress up the baby with cute clothes and accessories
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Nowadays, more and more children like dinosaur robot especiallypterosaur. Today in our brand new game, you will have theopportunity to assemble a dinosaur robot. Firstly, come to use ourgiven components to assemble the head of the dinosaur. We will showyou a blurry image and you can assemble according to the guidance.Then you can use the same method to assemble the neck part of thedinosaur step by step. After that come to assemble the tail partcarefully. In the following step, you can try to fit the arms andlegs parts of the robot. Next step, come to assemble the wing partsand face parts of the robot. After the face part, come to fit theweapon components and and the key spine of the dinosaur. At lastyou need to assemble the important armor that protect thedinosaur’s arms and legs. When you finish the assembling of robot,you can come to show us the skills of the dinosaur. He can walkforward and backward, jump and squat. Moreover, he can also jetflame and laser. Features:1. Assemble the whole parts of thedinosaur robot 2. Show us every skill of the robot How to play:1.Assemble the head parts of the robot 2. Fit the neck and tail parts3. Use the same method to assemble other body parts of the dinosaur4. At last fit the armor parts one by one 5. Show us the skills ofthe dinosaur
Mermaid Hospital Doctor 1.30 APK
This beautiful mermaid hurt herself seriously when she has aperformance under the sea. Now she has been sent to the hospitaland you need to cure her and play the role of doctor carefully.Firstly, come to wipe off those dirty things on her whole body.Then you need to help her get rid of the octopus on her head. Nextstep, you need to use the knife to cut those water plants twiningher. Moreover, come to use the medical equipment to check her heartbeats and rates, body temperature and blood pressure. After all ofthese checking, you can let mermaid take some oxygen and then usethe cotton swab to cure her wounded parts one by one and pasteband-aids on the scars. Next, come to cure her fracture parts onher tail and modify her broken mermaid outfits. At the same time,come to use ice to give cold compress therapy for her arm andinject for her. Last step is to use bandage to cover her body andgive her one pearl medicine. At last you can come to dress upmermaid with beautiful outfits and accessories. Features:1. Wipeoff those dirty things on the body of mermaid 2. Get rid of theoctopus on her head 3. Cut those twining water plants for mermaid4. Check her heart beats, body temperature and blood pressure5. Letmermaid take some oxygen6. Use cotton swab to cure her wounds7.Paste band-aids on her scars 8. Check her fracture parts on hertail 9. Modify her broken fish scale outfits10. Use ice to give herarm cold therapy and inject for her 11. Use bandage to cover herwhole body12. Give her one pearl medicine 13. Dress up herbeautifully