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🎂 Happy birthday quotes with images to congratulate your friendsandfamily Happy birthday quotes with images will give you a handwhenit comes to dedicating a good phrase in that person's mostspecialday. Download this application and you will always knowwhat to sayto that important person on your birthday. It is a signof affectionto be dedicated to each person on that important day.➜ Happybirthday quotes with images is very easy to share by any ofyoursocial networks. The people who receive these beautifulbirthdayphrases feel loved, appreciated and will surely cheer youup and geta beautiful smile on such an important day. Birthdaysare specialoccasions that have to be celebrated and demonstratedto the peoplewe love, how much we care. If you want to surprise,send a funnybirthday phrase. You will hit the nail on the head andthat personwill never forget the words you have dedicated to him.Happybirthday quotes with images is an application that containsagallery of original and funny images with special phrases ofhappybirthday to share with your family and friends. It is averyspecial day for all the birthday children and everyone wantstofeel very happy and appreciated. * If you have any questionordoubt or wish to contribute something, please let us know.Thankyou. Download now Happy birthday quotes with images and shareyourexperience with us

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The Acts of Apostles 1.0 APK
The Acts of the Apostles presents the amazing story of the earlyChristian church through he rest of New Testament times. AfterJesus was victorious over Satan and returned to heaven, the enemyturned his attention to Jesus' church on earth. The acts ofapostles is a compilation of almost all the moments, deeds andmiracles that the apostles passed after the ascension of the LordJesus to heaven. This inspired book casts a flood of light on theapostolic church and the portentous significance it has for us atthis time. The militant church demands a triumphant church. In allhis war, his trials, his defeats, he has had the vision of hisvictory. In the acts of apostles of Jesus, you will be able toread, with all kinds of details, the life, works and transformationof many of the followers of Christ. It is an excellent book andalso very enjoyable to read. You can find the following topics inthis book: - God’s Purpose for His Church - The Training of theTwelve - The Great Commission - Pentecost - The Gift of the Spirit- At the Temple Gate - A Warning Against Hypocrisy - Before theSanhedrin - The Seven Deacons - The First Christian Martyr - TheGospel in Samaria - From Persecutor to Disciple - Days ofPreparation - A Seeker for Truth - Delivered From Prison - and more... The Acts of the Apostles, commonly abbreviated to Acts, is thename of the fifth book of the New Testament, which tells the storyof what is known as the apostolic period. Here are exciting storiesof fierce persecutions and unwavering loyalty to God. Peter, Paul,James, John, Luke, Barnabas, Stephen, Mark and the other firstapostles brought the wonderful news of the gospel to all the thenknown world. Not wanting to surrender their faith, many gave theirlives. We wish The Acts of Apostles to be of enormous blessing foryour life and all those around you. If you liked this tool, Rateme, please help us to improve and to offer a better product. Thankyou. Download The acts of apostles and share with us yourexperience.
Dieta Sana para Adelgazar 1.0 APK
Descarga Dieta sana para adelgazar y pon tu cuerpo en forma enpocos días Si quieres comenzar una dieta y no tienes muy claro quéalimentos consumir para mantener una alimentación saludable, DietaSana para Adelgazar te ayudará a conocer con detalle qué elementosintegrar en tu día a día, bien para adelgazar unos kilos, bien paramantenerte sano. Dieta Sana para Adelgazar está dividida en variosapartados, el primero te dará una serie de consejos acerca delconsumo de carne, pescado, verduras y frutas, que te ayudarán areconocer a los amigos y enemigos del cuerpo humano. Además, estaherramienta incorpora dos opciones más, donde puedes informartesobre la alimentación más adecuada durante tus dos próximassemanas. Dieta Sana para Adelgazar te ofrece un menú completo paratodos los días de la semana. Las comidas incluidas en el menú seestructuran por almuerzos y cenas, y podrás presionar sobre cadaplato para conocer con detalle cómo prepararlo. Descubre en todomomento no solo qué comer, sino que es lo que necesitas paraprepararlo y consumir sin excesos. Perder peso es complicado cuandono se sigue una rutina específica o simplemente no se come bien.Dieta sana para adelgazar te ayudará a encontrar una buena dietaque te permita comer de una manera saludable y evitar productosperjudiciales que afectan de una manera negativa en tu cuerpo. * Sitienes cualquier cuestión o duda o deseas contribuir en algo, porfavor, háznoslo saber. Gracias. Descarga ahora Dieta sana paraadelgazar y comparte con nosotros tu experiencia Download Healthydiet to lose weight and put your body in shape in a few days If youwant to start a diet and you are unsure what foods to eat tomaintain a healthy diet, Healthy Diet Weight Loss will help youknow in detail what elements integrated into your everyday life,either to lose weight a few kilos either to stay healthy. HealthyDiet Weight Loss is divided into several sections, the first willgive you a few tips about eating meat, fish, vegetables and fruits,which will help you recognize friends and enemies of the human body. In addition, this tool has two more options where you can findout about what is best for your next two weeks. Healthy Diet WeightLoss offers a full menu for every day of the week. Meals includedin the menu are structured for lunch and dinner, and can press oneach plate for detailed how to prepare. Discover all time not onlywhat to eat, it's what you need to prepare and consume withoutexcesses. Losing weight is complicated when a specific routine orsimply not eating well is not followed. Healthy weight loss dietwill help you find a good diet that lets you eat in a healthy wayand avoid harmful products that affect in a negative way in yourbody. * If you have any questions or concerns or want to contributesomething, please let us know. Thank you. Download now healthy dietto lose weight and share with us your experience
com.applibres.nuevo.testament.bible.study 1.0 APK
Download the most complete New Testament Bible Study New TestamentBible study is a powerful and valuable learning. It brings you asummary of each book of the Bible and will help you for yourpersonal study. The purpose of this utility is to provide a basicunderstanding of each New Testament book of the Bible. In theinformation of each book of the Bible, will include the author,date in which it was written, purpose of his writing, key versesand a brief summary. New Testament Bible study helps you tounderstand God's purposes for today as well as your plan for thefuture. We want this New Testament Bible Study books to help youunderstand it better, and encourage you to study the Bible in adeeper way. 📖 Includes a Theological Dictionary to complete yourexperience. The New Testament is divided into five sections: - theGospels (Matthew through John) - history (the book of Acts) - thePauline Epistles (Romans through Philemon) - the General Epistles(Hebrews through Jude) - prophecy (the book of Revelation). The NewTestament (Greek: Ἡ Καινὴ Διαθήκη, trans. Hē Kainḕ Diathḗkē; Latin:Novum Testamentum) is the second part of the Christian biblicalcanon, the first part being the Old Testament, based on the HebrewBible. The New Testament discusses the teachings and person ofJesus, as well as events in first-century Christianity. Christiansregard both the Old and New Testaments together as sacredscripture. Download now New Testament Bible Study and share with usyour experience * If you have any questions or wish to contributesomething, please let us know. Thank you.
28 Creencias Adventistas 1.0 APK
Descargue las 28 creencias adventistas y aprenda como expresa lasenseñanzas bíblicas la iglesia Los Adventistas del Séptimo Díaaceptan la Biblia como su único credo y mantienen creenciasfundamentales como enseñan las Sagradas Escrituras. Estas creenciasconstituyen la percepción y expresión que la Iglesia sostiene conrespecto a las enseñanzas bíblicas. Es muy necesario conocer yestudiar las doctrinas bíblicas que nos apuntalan como verdaderoscristianos de los últimos tiempos. Descubra y profundice en las 28Doctrinas Adventistas en las cuales se fundamentan la fe de loscreyentes. Enriquezca su conocimiento explorando cada una de las 28creencias adventistas, las cuales, describen la posición oficial dela Iglesia Adventista. Deseamos que esta aplicación le sirva a todohermano que quiera profundizar en las creencias adventistas y atodas las personas que quieran conocer por qué los adventistas delséptimo día creen en cosas que otras denominaciones no creen ydicen que han sido abolidas con la muerte de Cristo. Las 28creencias adventistas divididas en 6 doctrinas: I. Doctrina deDios: 1. Las Santas Escrituras 2. La Trinidad 3. Dios Padre 4. DiosHijo 5. Dios Espíritu Santo II. La Doctrina de la Naturaleza delHombre: 6. La Creación 7. La Naturaleza del Hombre III. La Doctrinade la Salvación: 8. El Gran Conflicto 9. Vida, Muerte yResurrección de Cristo 10. La Experiencia de la Salvación IV. LaDoctrina de la Iglesia: 11. Creciendo en Cristo 12. La Iglesia 13.El Remanente y su Misión 14. Unidad en el Cuerpo de Cristo 15. ElBautismo 16. La Cena del Señor 17. Dones y Ministerios Espirituales18. El Don de Profecía V. La Doctrina de la Conducta Cristiana: 19.La Ley de Dios 20. El Sábado 21. Mayordomía 22. Conducta Cristiana23. Matrimonio y Familia VI. La Doctrina de los AcontecimientosFinales: 24. El Ministerio de Cristo en el Santuario Celestial 25.La Segunda Venida de Cristo 26. Muerte y Resurrección 27. ElMilenio y el Fin del Pecado 28. La Nueva Tierra Descargue ahora 28Creencias Adventistas y comparte con nosotros tu experiencia * Sitienes cualquier cuestión o duda o deseas contribuir en algo, porfavor, háznoslo saber. Gracias. Download the 28 Adventist beliefsand learn how to express biblical teachings the church Seventh-dayAdventists accept the Bible as their only creed and maintain corebeliefs as taught by the Scriptures. These beliefs are theperception and expression that the Church holds regarding biblicalteachings. It is very necessary to know and study the Bibledoctrines that underpin us as true Christians in recent times.Discover and delve into the 28 Adventist doctrines in which thefaith of believers are based. Enrich your knowledge by exploringeach of the 28 Adventist beliefs, which describe the officialposition of the Adventist Church. We hope that this applicationwill serve every brother who wants to deepen Adventist beliefs andall people who want to know why Seventh-day Adventists believe inthings that other denominations do not believe and say they havebeen abolished with the death of Christ. The 28 Adventist beliefsdivided into 6 doctrines: I. Doctrine of God: 1. The Scriptures 2.Trinidad 3. God the Father 4. God the Son 5. God the Holy SpiritII. The Doctrine of Nature of Man: 6. Creation 7. The Nature of ManIII. The Doctrine of Salvation: 8. The Great Controversy 9. Life,Death and Resurrection of Christ 10. The Experience of SalvationIV. The Doctrine of the Church: 11. Growing in Christ 12. TheChurch 13. The Remnant and Its Mission 14. Unit in the body ofChrist 15. Baptism 16. The Lord's Supper 17. Spiritual Gifts andMinistries 18. The Gift of Prophecy V. The doctrine of ChristianConduct: 19. The Law of God 20. Saturday 21. Stewardship 22.Christian Behavior 23. Marriage and Family VI. The Doctrine of thefinal events: 24. Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary 25.The Second Coming of Christ 26. Death and Resurrection 27. TheMillennium and the End of Sin 28. The New Earth Download now 28Adventist beliefs and share with us your experience * If you haveany questions or concerns or want to contribute something, pleaselet us know. Thank you.
com.applibres.adventistas.el.deseado.de.todas.las.gentes 1.0 APK
El Deseado de Todas las Gentes es un libro leído, o audiolibro enel que se narran las enseñanzas de Jesucristo. El deseado de todaslas gentes es un libro adventista en el que se cuentan todos losdetalles sobre la vida de Jesús de Nazaret y el advenimiento. Enél, se nos traslada a los distintos escenarios que sirvieron comofuente creadora de los más hermosos mensajes que transmitió el hijode Dios. Puedes disfrutar de las narraciones contenidas en estaaplicación en cualquier lugar. El deseado de todas las gentes nospresenta el amor de Dios como ha sido revelado en su Hijo, ladivina hermosura de la vida de Cristo, dela cual todos puedenparticipar, y no simplemente satisfacer los deseos de la meracuriosidad ni las observaciones de los críticos. Un viajemaravilloso sobre las magníficas enseñanzas de Jesucristo. Tendrása tu disposición ochenta y siete capítulos que arrancan con 'Dioscon nosotros' y terminan con 'A mi Padre y a vuestro Padre'. Cadacapítulo muestra el inmenso amor que Dios tiene al ser humano, ycómo a través de Jesús, Él ha estado tratando de ponerse a cuentacon el hombre, siempre buscándolo para restituirlo y brindarlesalvación y vida eterna. El Deseado de Todas Las Gentes, unedificante libro en el que podrás leer grandes historias sobreJesucristo solo o en compañía de amigos o familiares. Si usted haestado buscando una experiencia más profunda en su vida espiritualcon Dios, El deseado de todas las gentes debe convertirse en sulibro de cabecera. * Si tienes cualquier cuestión o duda o deseascontribuir en algo, por favor, háznoslo saber. Gracias. Descargaahora El Deseado de Todas las Gentes y comparte con nosotros tuexperiencia The Desire of Ages, a book read or audio book in whichthe teachings of Jesus Christ is narrated. The desired of allnations an Adventist book in which all the details about the lifeof Jesus of Nazareth and the count is coming. In it, we moved tothe different scenarios that served as the creative source of themost beautiful messages that transmitted the son of God. You canenjoy the stories contained in this application anywhere. Thedesired of all nations presents us the love of God has beenrevealed in His Son, the divine beauty of the life of Christ, delawhich everyone can participate, not simply satisfy the desires ofmere curiosity nor the observations of the critics. A wonderfuljourney over the magnificent teachings of Jesus Christ. You willhave eighty-seven chapters that start with 'God with us' and endwith 'My Father and your Father'. Each chapter shows the immenselove God has for the human being, and how through Jesus, He hasbeen trying to get right with the man, always looking for him tomake restitution and provide salvation and eternal life. The Desireof Ages , an uplifting book that you read great stories about JesusChrist alone or with friends or family. If you have been lookingfor a deeper experience in their spiritual life with God, Thedesired of all nations should become their reference book. * If youhave any questions or concerns or want to contribute something,please let us know. Thank you. Download now The Desire of Ages andshare with us your experience
Old Testament Bible Study 1.0 APK
Download The most complete Old Testament Bible Study Old TestamentBible Study helps you to understand God's purposes for today aswell as your plan for the future. The Old Testament (abbreviatedOT) is the first part of Christian Bibles, based primarily upon theHebrew Bible (or Tanakh), a collection of ancient religiouswritings by the Israelites[1][need quotation to verify] believed bymost Christians and religious Jews to be the sacred Word of God.[2]The second part of the Christian Bible is the New Testament. Thepurpose of this usefulness is to provide a basic knowledge of eachOld Testament book of the Bible. In the information of each book ofthe Bible, will include the author, date in which it was written,purpose of his writing, key verses and a brief summary. We hopethis Old Testament Bible Study books will help you to understand itbetter, and encourage you to study the Bible in a deeper way. 📖Includes a theological dictionary to complete your experience. Hislove, kindness and wisdom are the motto of many psalms of the OldTestament and numerous prophetic declarations. What can rivalIsaiah 40 about the greatness of God, or Psalm 23 about his lovingsolicitude? The Old Testament is divided into five sections: - thePentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy) - the historical books(Joshua through Esther) - the poetic books (Job through Song ofSolomon) - the Major Prophets (Isaiah through Daniel) - the MinorProphets (Hosea through Malachi). The Old Testament consists ofmany distinct books by various authors produced over a period ofcenturies. Christians traditionally divide the Old Testament intofour sections: the first five books or Pentateuch (Torah); thehistory books telling the history of the Israelites, from theirconquest of Canaan to their defeat and exile in Babylon; the poeticand "Wisdom books" dealing, in various forms, with questions ofgood and evil in the world; and the books of the biblical prophets,warning of the consequences of turning away from God. Download nowOld Testament Bible Study and share with us your experience * Ifyou have any questions or wish to contribute something, please letus know. Thank you.
Salud Mental 1.0 APK
Descarga Salud Mental y dale un impulso a tu vida Si cuidas tusalud mental puedes llegar a ser más feliz cada día, tener másánimo para afrontar las cosas de una manera más tranquila e inclusomadurar y mejorar como persona. Adquiere consejos centrados en lasuperación personal, la manera de enfrentarse a la realidad y lasdistintas formas de enfrentar cada problema. Muchas personas pasanpor alto el valor de la salud mental. Es importante para hacernosla vida más agradable lo que repercute también en una buena saludfísica. Obtén Salud Mental y aprende a ser feliz y afrontar la vidacon una visión distinta y mejorada Siguiendo los consejos de SaludMental te asegurarás encontrar algo de tranquilidad y motivación,suficientes para hacer frente a cualquier cosa que tengas quesuperar. La Organización Mundial de la Salud define la salud mentalcomo: “Un estado de bienestar en el cual el individuo es conscientede sus propias capacidades, puede afrontar las tensiones normalesde la vida, puede trabajar de forma productiva y fructífera y escapaz de hacer una contribución a su comunidad”. * Si tienescualquier cuestión o duda o deseas contribuir en algo, por favor,háznoslo saber. Gracias. Descarga ahora Salud Mental y comparte connosotros tu experiencia Download Mental Health and give your life aboost If you take care of your mental health you can become happierevery day, have more courage to face things in a more calm way andeven mature and improve as a person. Acquire advice focused onpersonal improvement, the way to face reality and the differentways to face each problem. Many people overlook the value of mentalhealth. It is important to make our lives more pleasant, which alsoaffects good physical health. Get Mental Health and learn to behappy and face life with a different and improved vision Followingthe advice of Mental Health will ensure you find some peace of mindand motivation, enough to deal with whatever you have to overcome.The World Health Organization defines mental health as: "A state ofwell-being in which the individual is aware of his own abilities,can face the normal stresses of life, can work productively andfruitfully and is capable of doing a contribution to yourcommunity. " * If you have any question or doubt or wish tocontribute something, please let us know. Thank you. DownloadMental Health now and share your experience with us
Patriarchs and Prophets 1.0 APK
Download now The History of Patriachs and Prophets Patriarchs andProphets is the first in a series of five exciting and inspiringworks that cover the history of the world. Presenting the wholehistory of the conflict between God and Satan, this tool explainsthe origin of sin and defends creation. Enjoy reading this greatwork anywhere. Patriarchs and Prophets covers the broad panorama ofhuman history from the creation of the Earth until the reign ofKing David of Israel. Some chapters in Patriarchs and Prophets: -The origin of evil - The creation - Literal Week - Babel's tower -The call of Abraham - Abraham in Canaan - The Test of Faith - Thedestruction of Sodom - The marriage of Isaac - The Temptation andFall - The Plan of Redemption - Cain and Abel Tested - Seth andEnoch - The flood - After the flood - Jacob and Esau - Flight andbanishment of Jacob - The Fight Night - and more Patriarchs andProphets is a very important work for all Christians who wish tohave more light as to what happened in the past with the ancientpatriarchs and prophets, men who despite their human condition verysimilar to ours, made life decisions with God or death by the pathof error and perdition. * If you have any questions or concerns orwant to contribute something, please let us know. Thank you.Download now History of Patriarchs and Prophets and share with usyour experience