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Machine drawing & design notes for mechanical engineeringstudents. Machine drawing & design app almost covers importanttopics chapter wise :- Chapter : 1 Drawing conventions; drawing anddimensioning IS codes, sectional views and sectioning, surfacefinish and tolerances, representation of machine parts such asexternal and internal threads, slotted heads, square ends, and flatradial ribs, slotted shaft, splined shafts, bearings, springs,gears. Rivet heads and Riveted joints, types of welded joints andrepresentation. Chapter : 2 Assembly Machine Drawing: Basicconcept, plotting technique, assembly and blow up of parts, bill ofmaterials, product data; Cotter and Knuckle joints, pedestal andfootstep bearings, crosshead, stuffing box, IC engines parts -piston and connecting rods; lath machine parts. Chapter : 3Introduction to Compute Aided Drafting software for 2D and 3DModeling, Basic design concepts, design process, stages/phases indesign, flowchart, problem formulation, design considerations(strength, manufacturing, maintenance, environment, economics andsafety); design for recycle and reuse, Design and safety factorsfor steady and variable loads, impact and fatigue considerations,reliability and optimization, standardization in design.. Chapter :4 Design of components subject to static loads: riveted joints,welded joints threaded joints, pin, key knuckle, and cotter joints

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