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Be ready to the classic police chase game with Integer games, JailPrison Break 2018 - Escape Games. The mission in this game is tohelp your friend escaping from Jail, who sentenced to death for acrime he did not commit. Use the best strategy to overcomedifficulties on the way to exit. Play the great survival game withan elaborated plan. This escape mission is a bigger test for yourtrue friendship. Gather your strength and do whatever it helps tosave your friend. Breaking the chain and releasing a lockdown isnot an easy task, be alert in every steps of action. Attack andkill the nasty police guards before they catch you. Try to move andhide without being detected. Collect the available things in thecells you go through and solve the mini puzzles to open locks andgather some money from other lockup rooms. Features of Jail PrisonBreak 2018 - Escape Games: Breathtaking and destructive game play.Realistic physics and a dynamic damage system. Tremendous visualsand soundtracks. Fun Filled Action Game! Hints and Clues for a bestsimulation game feel Challenging Escape Missions. Be ready for thegreatest challenge. Enjoy the newest survival game - Jail PrisonBreak 2018 - Escape Games , from action based strategy gamescategory.

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-Optimized for Tablet
-Classic attack strategy
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Car Simulator 3D - 2016 opens up a whole new world full of excitinglevels in the themes of City, Village and car driving games! Drivethrough the swanky streets or among the rocky roads of the village!Pick up and drop the passengers to their destination, pass throughall the traffic checkpoints, tail the cars and always maintainrequired distance between to reach the target and complete this carsimulator within the time limit. Keep playing levels to unlock morevehicles to experience the real simulator! Look out for risky turnsand winding streets and be wary of others in the traffic. Avoid anytraffic collisions to escape vehicle damage in this car games.Fasten your seat belt and get ready for most realistic trafficdriving experience. If you love simulator games then this one isfor you. Game Features : - 25 exciting levels to challenge yourdriving skills. - 5 upgrades waiting for you! - Intuitive SteeringWheel, Gas, Break and Reverse controls. - Look out for the timelimit!