1.3 / August 23, 2015
(3.7/5) (355)


Blackout mission of sniper survivor in shootwar brings five missions of furious army sniper in war. Assassinkilling targets in five missions of gun shooting. Exotic addictiveexperience. Contract assassin aims targets in blackout war fromrooftop. Action camera following bullets makes gameplay veryaddictive. Simple thrilling action contract killing FPS game foryour entertainment with rare high precision rifle. You have limitedrounds and bullets. Make them count.

Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill enemies are around you insurrounding environment. The place is a valley in betweenmountains. Gun shooting blackout war has started. Make combatstrategy, focus rival, aim precisely and start eliminating targetsin the warfare. Equipped with military rifle and high zooming scopefor detection. Strategy is important for success in this game.There are many challenging enemies in five levels of this FPS. Thegun shoot attack has started. Furious killers aims to eliminatetargets with the rare high precision army rifle. You are triggerperson, peace enforcer and terror eliminator in this realisticwarfare.

Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill environment is a green valley inbetween hills with structures and building occupied by terroristforces. Terrorists plan attacks and kidnap innocents in this area.Bring peace to this beautiful valley. Take your rifle, use zoomingoptions, and take clear shots of terrorists. Take out all targetsin furious killer war with your high precision rare commando rifle.Reload you gun as quick as possible. Aim in the blackout missionpulling the trigger to enjoy addictive strategy using your guncompleting challenges to bring peace.

Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill takes high calibre rifle to aimtargets. Bring peace. You are the last commando survivor of war.You are army commando. The five missions are your last objectives.This game bring you intuitive controls and new content. Nearlyimpossible to eliminate all targets unless your play with strategy.High-res textures, 3D graphics, low memory requirements enjoyableFPS 5experience on android smart phone and tablets. Fire at rivalswith great strategy.

If you like sniper shoot games. This game is for you. Take youshooting to new environments have new content and new missions. Newobjectives in levels. New challenges in the battlefield. Militarycommando game for exotic entertainment. Pull the trigger, takeclear vision shots in this FPS to win the combat in warfare. Freeto download 3D action UK Arts brought to you the most amazingaction packed game in all together. The trigger is ready.

Coolest Spectacular Features
Addictive sniper 3D
Five challenging levels
Remarkable high quality textures
Radar navigation system
Realistic sound effects
Realistic enemy attackers

Simple addictive challenging game
Pull spectacular trigger and take shots. We appreciate your kindfeedback.

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App Information Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill

  • App Name
    Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill
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  • Updated
    August 23, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    UK Arts Games
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Get into your luxurious limousine, drive toparties in San Andreas Limousine Driving. This limo drivingsimulator will make you feel like real limo driver. Dodge lots ofcity traffic to reach parties in time. You can free roam around thecity or town. Once you pick up city passengers, you will be showndestination, San Andreas Limousine Driving will make you feel likea real limousine driver.Drive an enormous limo vehicle in crowded city. Drop off townpassengers to parties, events - party Duty. Clock is ticking. Youenjoy the ride while the passengers pay for your service. Earnmoney to unlock, buy even better limo cars, be the best San AndreasLimousine Driving around town. Move around the beautiful city fullof parks. Be at their service on first call.San Andreas Limousine Driving: Earn rewards - you have limitedtime, rise in the leaderboards by earning the highest money, oravoiding collisions. Hurry up, city is full of traffic, choose aluxurious vehicle, passengers are waiting, this can be the bestchance of driving, roaming, around the city in limo.Game features - San Andreas Limousine Driving- Best controls in driving simulation- Beautiful city with gardens, parks, buildings- Realistic graphics, immersive details- Limited time to complete objectives- Tens of exciting objectives to complete- Leaderboards/Achievements to share score in social networksGreat! That's it. The Party is On. Enjoy the awesome San AndreasLimousine Driving. Dont forget to rate our game!Visit our websitehttp://www.ukartsgames.com/
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