1.0 / April 12, 2016
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Commando Gunship Strike War is a full assassin real adventure game,it is a changeable for user to complete all mission. All enemiesare lies at your land they take the camp and making the all troublein your country.you are the last person which is left from youforce.it is your mission to kill all enemies before they all killyou and dead. And get your land from the bad enemy. All bad peopleare alert, you have no ammo and you are the stole enemy sniperweapon and use at this moment and compete the five mission eachlevel is challenging level and you have the varieties of theweapons. One man is the behind in the front like as word war two.There are different helicopter they use the gunship inside theheli, and one is army soldier that guide it like as igi. Best 3DFeatures 1) It is armed second person shooting with excitement hugesound play with destructoid.2) It is thrilling surprise creedwar.3) It is a first person and second like as ww2.4) Having littleads like as IGI2.5) All gun automatic reload with killer sound.6)It is a counter strike with stunning graphics.7) Addictive 3DGame-play zoneHow To Play 1) First you aim the enemy’s at thehead-shots .2) Press fire button to shoot it.3) Sniper Zoom in andout for close the target.4) Use rife to near the object.5) UseModern radar to find it .6) Life bar which is health bar at the topposition.

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    Commando Gunship Strike War
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    April 12, 2016
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City SWAT Commando Strike Wars 1.0 APK
In our duty anti Terrorist have a largest role and it have thecounter strike shooting war is the destructive and you the part ofthe SWAT Commando Team.There are many or multiple forces Terroristthat doing the work and intelligence report with the underworldcriminals violation our the city. Mafia X which is under biggestfighting that is world war 2 and which have the target killers hasbeen netted the whole world city as a area.The spread anarchy whichhave the drugs, as a violence or a serial killer and which have thefull target killer and drugs mafia. So we notice and covering thequick mission to have recover the small area city as cover therescue the innocent people. In now days world is under the ISISterrorists attack and we call of country where you a SWAT Citysniper army commando many dangerous assault have been assigned tothe blast so away ISIS biggest gang they using anti-terrorist whichin the bloody war guns.many under cover peoples that are inside theagents which have the sharp shooter,specially call as marines ormilitary gunners as the enemy's small frontier in each mission wesafe our homeland and we kill all bad enemy soldiers, and destroytheir war infrastructure and with clear militants we assigned theassassin largest commandos. In the Impossible missions but he isprofessional SWAT city commando. The new year is coming 2015 is theChristmas time. some days ago ISIS enemy which attack which isParis largest attack and they eliminate Abdlel hamid Abaaoud whichis expired and do the safe celebration that is enjoying ofChristmas and come new year. ISIS is the big occupy all the aroundweaponry and it have heavy tactics in the battlefield equipmentthey have using modern combat as a tactical in our city. now itmake the hostages people in the restore hotels.. Now we coveringthe all enemy with using the tanks or heli way that is gunship.Younow the hijacked terrorist and you fist kill the enforcement agencythey use the helicopter and killing our troops in the deadlyairstrike which is RPG as quickly there are different missions withthe elite team..Important High PowerFull WEAPONS: - - First isAK-47 with the multi mags and a ammo. - - Air Gun that is Heli GunM134 ,caliber six barrel most powerful combat weapon. -- oppositeTank RPG Rocket-propelled grenade3D COMBAT FEATURE:AddictiveS.W.A.T.it is battle simulator - WW2Modern and different weaponslike assault rifles and sniper guns.In Deadly bullets the effectswith head-shot to kill fast. Full 3D High graphics .FPS (FirstPerson Shooter) 3D Game - IGI 2Efficient control and excellentsound and music which is smooth. Powerful and high weaponsManyMissions Thank You so much It is free game it is available at theGoogle Play story which is the combat action.
Elite Warrior:IGI commando war 1.0 APK
Our environment is consist in two peace one is mountains and otheris big houses my player is lying on middle of the mountain where hesaw the map to find the bad peoples.The Aim of this Game is to killand cover the area where we Fight as brave soldiers inbattlegrounds among of World War 2 and we sttunning battle, singleplayer health,journey in the Day and mid Night.They are coveringthe area during frontline commando at WW2 in our duty and give thegood performance.special mission in warship to give thewarefare.The weapons are automatically reload when the terminate.You remind naval warfare where all things is available inbattlefield.bad enemies are in sudden attack by using air distorythe submarine warship and most have been dead. with intrestingmissions that is Gunship pilot in inside the helicopter that isgunner fighter and get the weapons one man have elite to playexciting artillery. How To Play and Game Features: √ Full HD RichGraphics and Addictive,Impactfull 3D Environment. √ Easy control tomove with 3D Realistic √ multi characters to GamePlay with modernA.I.√ First Person shooting Game with one.√ Single Level.
Army Sniper Shooter IGI war 1.0 APK
You Know about the sniper this one army person and single warriorwho as a also frontline commando war at largest mountains with hugebattle field as assassin big shoot.and we have blood shed action 3Dgame in which assassin sniper attack with the largest fury,and wealso include hunship helicopter gunner and small enemy extrememilitary troops.Now we have introduce the Assassins story aboutwarrior many pilot completed the modern mission combat using theultimate frontline as a military soldier.one single army man neverbe fear with deadly be assault on warship or navy thrillingaircraft. many person using the tank mission and high mountain anddesert shooting field they have most dangerous refuge area citythat is SWAT with rescue.Now days we assigned the hardtarget.police man pick the gun with high range distance target andalso pic different weapons that as pistol may be droid gamers.weall mountain war zone there were terminate with the ambush havewith deadly.we build quick death and small strategy to bloodshedcombat action.many enemies have been menace with battle strategy inmodern explosive our combat materials so it may be impossible butdon't mercy and show the fury to put all things intodestruction.you may kill enemy and have destroy tanks with the helpof the explode gunship with the helicopter and with ammunition asAndroid storage Robots.we know about the commando adventure shooterhave free 3D game_play as a battlefield with the walking bone deadtrigger and who is the delta force with war fighter you also knowabout droid battle warrior also is jigsaw which is around the worldwar second. in this we introduce the many things and it is veryinteresting game with good environment must recommended it.LargestNew Features >> Automatic reloaded gun when bullet are endwith excellent sounds which is maga music walking killer.>>It is first person shooter with surprise thrilling withglobal music.>>it is addictive game play .>>it is sameas counter_strike >>Awesome and more efficient like asIGI.>>Free download with little ads.How You play>>firstof all find the enemies with the help of radar.>>Then usemicroscope to kill the bad enemies.>>to press fire to shootit >>you may use zoom in and zoom out fartargeting.>>sniper have the rifle and differentbullets.>>In top left have a life that is health bar.
Gunner Shooter IGI Commando 3D 1.0 APK
At 13 November 2015 in the evening time terrorist attack in Parisand it the capital of France which is located Northern suburb whichis Saint Denis.In Saint Denis three suicide bombers which is struckThey shoot all shooting cafes music venue or restaurants same asworld war two they suicide bombings. Terrorist killed the 130people they include 89 at the Bataclan theatre. and 368injuries.Seven of the attackers they also died.you no about thefrontline commando at ground in battlefield different war.Now SWATwill be covered these areas.In 2004 The Madrid people which arefull train they are bombing on European Union then France have beenalert January 2015 in attack Paris that will be killed 17 peoplethey include police and civilians officers same as elite mission ormay be using gunship using helicopters they used differentgunners.The Iraq is the Islamic state and Levant they claimed allresponsibility of the all attacks. In this attack AbdelhamidAbaaoud is the leader which have been killed during the police raidusing the IGI or Drag fever.They are so many army and arms militarythey killed all ISSI Terrorist which is covering all world.AboutGame Features♥. It Gun War Battle 3D which is intense shootinggame.♥. In mountain Realistic battle scenes at street .♥. Modernwar equipment weapons like as. WW2♥. Very interesting first personshoot game. ♥. Ultimate FPS Action Game!♥. Addictive and verysmooth game play mission like World War II♥. counter strike asFabulous first person shooter 3d game ♥. Assassins Thrillingsurprise attack like creed♥. Game is Free..
Commando Mission Arms:WW2 Heli 1.0 APK
Overview About Current 3D Game::It it compete full 3D actionmission game which cover the Jail Escape which is base under theArmy they have the commando soldier they captured world war IIunder the Enemy Army and cover the Prison in the Jail.Soldier arebrave they are fight in the battleground of as the world war 2 inthe dramatic fassion or stunning battle.you also now about thedeath-dealing and day night single player life time.All commandosare in our duty as frontline commando at the war time D-day.Thenavel warfare is the special warship diff mission in the diffbattlefield.They sudden attack by using air fighter and differentsubmarine to destroy the warship most criminal wanted commando dead.***DANGEROUS MISSIONS ARE COMPLETE AGAINST DEATHMATCH ***> TheJAILS ARE FULLY BRAKE, PRISON ESCAPE:We Kill the Guard snatchbecause his gun to shoot all enemy soldier brutally like asdifferent way.> We Access the Underground Car Tunnel:WE Find thetunnel in the surrounding for reach the area sea shore. But we arethe careful from all enemy shooters and the army dog go attack.>All The Deathmatch are in Maze Fight: There is so many complextunnel dangers system exist from World War 2 or above, The oneopening which end at sea shore go away quickly and kill smooth thekiller on your way.> All Soldier Are Using Gunship HelicopterAmbush For Safety. Many Army Choppers are loaded and located allheavy ammunition and gunner fighters lovers, Get them up down bylight out the weapons using hundred bad or good bullets.> NoReach to Ship: Go for ship Revenue.> The Different Island in theBattlefield:So The Heavy Military reach against you by helicoptersdill and battleship dill, Shoot all and they get battleship tocomplete escape war zone.>The Shipyard war zone live: Theyalways Surprise battle at go ship yardGame feature Get. √Imapactfull Realistic eD Environment like as WWII√ They have UniqueGame play Addictive with the Modern Battle A.I.
Jurassic IGI Commando war 1.0 APK
Thank You reading our Story about this Game and Welcome to Commandoarmy.Our Buildings search itself besieged ill by belligerent atterrorists warship. Now we have Equipped with your gunner that areweapons.You can take out the waves of deadly terrorist Gunship thatare descending upon your till peaceful country elite.it isThrilling is super surprise our attacking .The very lone easy braveCommando soldier that is at frontline, they will fight for thehonor of your country wisdom and The free rebels the people worldwar two and covering the battlefield of an intense shooting war onthe helicopter between the army and boats stranger having goodcontrol.
Gunship Battle:Air Helicopters 1.0 APK
Army Gunship Helicopter Crane is one of the threlling 3D game inwhich there are different types Helicopters, they are attack tomany peoples in the world.it consist single mission have efficient3D control and good sound and music. Thank you so much ..
Gangster City IGI Commando War 1.0 APK
Have intersting 3D game,you like it because it has great realenviroment and efficient GUI,model are used.Robot Commando MissionSnipers is action war game.one person as a shooter have a zone andIGI,that can kill the bad enemies same way they also shoot tosolider commando. They Fight as brave a soldier in world war 2 inbattle back ground.player play the frontline but this is sodifferent and user also play Gunship as helicopter.number onethrelling experience warship on special mission as attack a fighterand move to battlefield. i hope you will like this app it is soamazing.