1.3 / March 12, 2017
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The national forces are sending in their commando killer sniper onan elite spy mission inside Kremlin building. His duty is toinfiltrate and obtain viable information on the series of terroristattacks the past year, without garnering much attentionSirius isthe best commando killer when it comes to disguise, infiltrationand discharge of national duty. Having had years of experience ofinside jobs, he will have to manage a way to get inside theKremlin. Sirius will have to bring in his bravo shooter skills,equipping silenced guns and knives shot to silently eliminate enemysoldiers.GAMEPLAY FEATURES- Elite FPS bravo shooter snipergameplay- Gameplay spread over 10 detailed commando killermissions- Use the best sniper rifles and numerous stealth killweapons- Battle like environments with an engaging action gameplayexperience GameplayPlay through 10 commando killer missions insideenemy territory battlefield. Eliminate enemies by sneaking up tothem and performing stealth shot up close and from distancesthrough knives shot and sniper shot. Your target is to kill enemieswithout being discovered as a bravo shooter, hiding to maintaincover each time an enemy grows weary of your reality.The commandokiller mission briefings will accompany the marine commando sniperon his route to 10 stealth assassination missions, ensuring that hemaintains the integrity of his armour and keeping his real identitya secret till the end.Earn rewards with each successful fire strikefor upgrading weapons and armour to fight in more challenginglevels of sniper games play.

App Information Commando Killer Bravo Shooter

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    Commando Killer Bravo Shooter
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    March 12, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    The New Games
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Mission IGI Battlefront: Army FPS Shooting game 3D 1.4.05 APK
The New Games
Get ready for a fun and addictive FPS sniper challenge action gameto take on the biggest retaliation of all time. This one of thebest Sniper elite FPS Shooting Games includes all types of SpecialForces survival warfare of gunnery legends and Army sniper shooterscenarios and wipe out Ops missions. In this epic tactical battlesimulator use amazing arsenal such as shotguns, rocket launchers,hand grenades, ballistic missiles, hand held shotguns and rifles.Our hero is a stealth special ops operative and a US army commandoswat team specialist fierce battle shooter. In this action packed,adventure filled game you will encounter military trained assassinswho are war specialist and deadly assassins. As a brave armycommando aim and shoot your way through elite dangerous commandosin this fun thriller action packed fps game. show your battleprowess by becoming the ultimate battle strategist.SPECIAL TROOPERSFORCES GROUPIn this one of best combat of sniper shooter war games,Agent Jason Dash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corps and aspecial ops trained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle of the newera of war of legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got some leadabout a deal of heavy nuclear missile weapons between two terroristorganizations on an industrial site from their militants’ commandand control center. The terrorist red alert threat is on its way.Gunnery Sergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assigned thewipe out retaliation and terrorist hunting mission to destroy thedeal and conquer over all the terrorists and the head of terroristorganization. Halting the heavy nuclear missile deal beforecompletion will not be an easy mission in this arena, as thewarrior terrorist organization is very vigilant and will break anambush onto Marine Corps IGI agency, if its identity iscompromised. There might be an uphill slam battle from there.BATTLEIN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAYIn this one of the best epic games ofshooting, ready your assault gear of sniper shooter to battle inthe most intense shooting survival showdowns, combating terroristorganizations in a fast paced FPS exchange, where your Agent JasonDash, the IGI Commando Marine Corps Sniper is equipped with a megadamaging sniper rifle and a dexterous shotgun and handgun for swiftattacks, you also have to take out all the RPG launchers. You haveto recover the nuclear missile arsenal from going into the wronghands. Your shooting skills and troopers survival instincts will betested in this wipe out retaliation FPS Shooter Game.This game isone of the best sniper rifle and military troopers Ops strategygame which has lots of ultimate action of sniper shooting andassassin thrill missions against deadliest militants. From sniperwar city to urban army sniper and fury of the sniper in the desertambush, it has many different new scenarios and slam warmissions.One of the Best Army Shooting GamesIn this new sniper gameof legends, play in 5 epic challenging levels, where your sniperspy will tasked to crush the terrorist organization’s attempt toaccomplish weapons deal. The progressing danger levels will phasethe commando sniper of Special Forces with more daunting tasks,taking on army tanks with RPG bazookas to engaging in a finaleambush battle with the terrorist organization leader of the biggestand most dangerous militants group, as he attempts to take you downwith his massive machine gun in this mastermind military strategygame. GAMEPLAY FEATURES Exquisite FPS weapon controlsWeaponSwapping Action of SoldiersAmazing, dangerous and difficult secretagent elite mission first person shooting game7 Objective basedlevels Intense smash and shooting action
Spaceship Wars Scifi Adventure 1.2 APK
The New Games
Year 3208, humans conquered the aerospace galaxies a long time ago,but as expected, we were not alone. Another race, the Quorks, arethreatening the human race, and we are at the edge of extinction.It’s time to fight for survival once again! Join the resistanceskiff squad as a rookie space fighter of the future. Take part intough expeditions around the galaxy to win the aerospace space warsagainst the Quorks, and soon you will become race hero. Shoot alienships, dodge their lasers, use asteroids as cover and destroyeverything that comes in your line of fire in this aerospace spacesoyuz flying simulator. COMPLETE MAIN MISSIONS, WITH SIDE MISSIONSComplete both primary and secondary missions to unlock advancedspace fighter soyuz planes, upgrade your arsenal of weapons andships and get repair jobs to get back into action. In this game,it's fully packed action game so get ready to fight against yourenemies who is threatening to human race its in your hand to safethe extinction and get your galaxy back. TAKE OVER THE FUTURISTICWAR Take the aerospace space wars to the alien race, with superblybuilt skiff environment designs of the future. Take down aliensoyuz ships and avoid getting hit, using asteroids as cover. Thealien have attacked so its time for the ultimate war so take downeach of their space craft mothership in this space war. In thiswar, you will fully equipped with weapons in your craft to takedown the skiff aliens. Be alert because aliens have the latestgadget and weapons and are coming to take you down so be ready forthe ultimate war. In this war either you win for the human race orit will be end of your race, so take this opportunity to safe therace and become the hero of your people. But make sure to win itall for your people don't disappoint them they have their hopes onyou, so show the enemy soyuz aliens who ruled the galaxies. Makesure you don't let them win and be a great spacecraft skiff fighterin this game. Features - Futuristic space wars gameplay with spaceplane flying simulator - Numerous missions built around theinspired galaxy environment of the future- Complete missions andside objectives to unlock new space fighter jets and upgradeweaponry
Air Fighter Gunner Storm - Naval Battlefield War 1.3 APK
The New Games
Gun down enemy jets with your expertise at anti-aircraft gun. Usingthe ground air-gunner, your mission parameter is to shoot down Eurofighter and F16 fighter jet as they hover over the sky. In this FPSextraordinaire game, the enemy planes are moving swiftly intouncharted territory. The air gunner is the difference between anair strike and securing the parameter. The enemies fighter jets aredeclaring an open call of enemies warfare strike war as they haveinvaded your base to captured it. Its an action adventure gunnerbattle game 2018 for you to play. It takes you on a thrilling crazykilling adventure at right middle of war zone of explosive bombingand shooting ambush. This game is set in an amazingly exquisiteenvironment that will make you fell in love with its marvelouslocations. The Air Fighter Gunner Storm - Naval Battlefield Warprovides the best gunner war simulation experience for you on yourmobile devices. It have many difficult navy gunship fighting war 3dmission for you, with modern weapons and guns for you it forshooting the enemies & terrorist who comes to attack your base.This thrilling adventurous game will make you addicted to itselfand will engaged you in shooting for hours. Go in this call ofmodern war warfare to become the best true frontline soldier &combat striker of this ww2 attack war bomber. It is 2018 bestaction packed FPS shooting anti aircraft gunner game. There areimpressive fascinating war battles scenes and exciting criticalairstrike mission for you in this best Air Fighter Gunner Storm -Naval Battlefield War game. It brings challenging and difficultgunner battlefield 2018 critical strike war mission and duties toserve your country. The main objective of this game is to save yournavy base from the invading enemies fighter jets forces. They haveannounced an open navy gunner combat shooting 3d war it's time youshow why you are called the best gunner defender of your base. Geton your turret seats and combat as a frontline gunner striker toshoot the invading enemy forces. The enemy will come with many airforces commandos with helicopter gunships, navy war ships & airforce’s fighter aircrafts & jet, rocket launcher, armed tanks,humvee. You have to win this war and put end to enemies wickedmodern navy strike war fight plans. Save your navy base and showthe enemy air striker why you are called the best fps gunner man inaction-filled shooting world war of your base.Hostile F16 jetfighters and Euro fighter aircrafts have entered illegally for anundeclared airstrike. Poised to destroy the warheads, it’s yourresponsibility to fend off an imminent air attack using air gunnerat your disposal. It’s ‘Now or never’. Hop on to your air-gunnerand strike thine enemy’s heart. No evil shall bat an eye as long asyou patrol the borders. Play through 4-different levels of actionplay testing your limit of gun firing at hostile enemy targets.Adding to the excitement, shoot down helicopters in advancedlevels. Air Fighter Gunner Storm - Naval Battlefield War Features•FPS air-gunner shooting game• Realistic F-16 jet and gun sounds•4-exciting levels of jet fighting action• Immersive 3D environment• Easy to maneuver air gun
Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare 1.2 APK
The New Games
Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare is the tale oftime when critical sniper war warrior rampage game has taken a turninto your direction to brace yourself into a trained Sniper shootercommitted to the critical attack war shooting game only! Kris Kyle,modern sniper army commando shooter is your talent which makes youto stand among top call of army kill 3d shooting sniper assassinsof US military. Officials, tormented with terrorists army snipershooter one many army combat mission rampage, are getting heat ofyour proficiency. So this is the right time to join the navy sealsas a modern commando sniper strike 3d in best 2018 world war 2rifleman first person fps game and turn into one of the bestcommando battle sniper shooting frontline attack in the whole ofthe USA force.The intense trilogy of modern sniper assassinshooting missions takes you to the points where counter terroristcritical shooting attack game fight is duty as a Sniper DutyRampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare who seeks its weapon andcommando training claiming on commando frontline shooter combatfury 3d terrorists lands. Going to be the part of an altercationIraq War, duty bound to the greatness, you are the only snipershooter force have! Go in this army sniper combat battlegroundssurvival desert war, to fight the call of enemies warfare striketerrorist who have captured your base camp. It's time you go in asarmy fps sniper ww2 first person shooter game and fight thefrontier sniper shooter frontline army commando bad guys to givethem what they deserved for destroying your base and killing yourtroops. GAME PLAY Strategy is the backbone of each elite commandosniper shooter modern combat game mission. Stationed at extremedaunting lands of altercation civil Iraq war, fight against theenmity prevailing around. Provide assistance to US force throughland attack and RPG gun shoot stroke fire storm. it’s analtercation battle to combat against flapdoodle terrorists in aquest to reach at the root of flapdoodle enemy. Comes with atargeted interval and limited ammo supply you are supposed toeliminate enemies fully and finally!Be alert at every point of thisgame to survive and hit the sniper gun shooter of this combatgunner strike stroke to enemy first. The altercation battle ofextensive glory is started so get ready to face each battle and winit, it’s all in your hands. Get the enemies in this rampage and beevery sharp with each stroke you hit the enemy, make sure your eachstroke makes vast damage to enemies. So take on everyone who comesin your way it’s a war battle against frontline commando of thisterrorist combat strike foe. Be on your front foot and finish eachof these terrorists. Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPS CommandoWarfare GAME FEATURES - 10 levels of extensive shooter ww2 armyfrontline shooter 3d mission series - Total screen view rotatingover 360 degrees - Aim based shooting - Spot and kill designatedtargets- Continuing story line with the game play- Scenic Iraq warbattlefield arena - Top quality battle ambience sounds and effects
Wild Shark Angry Attack 1.3 APK
The New Games
Surf through the marine life as an angry shark. The most dangerouspredator and carnivore in sea. Concept: Simulate the deadliestbeaches as a wild shark and attack anything that comes into sight.Your job is to feed this hungry monster to the fullest and in orderto do so attack everything including people at the beach house orscuba divers swimming underwater.Use the animistic instincts of thewild and angry shark to approach your prey whether it is underwateror on the surface because this carnivore has the best hunterinstincts of the marine life. Gameplay: Surf the sea water in thisshark simulation game and attack the beach people in the water oron the surface. Angry shark has only one objective and that is tokill them all and feed on them because the predator is hungry andis in a wild mood.Take command of the carnivore through smoothcontrols and roam as the deadliest predator of the sea. Scubadivers who have come to swim devour them and spill their bloodacross the sea floor.Use the controls to navigate the hungrypredator in any direction you want. Go wild on your prey, give themno chance to escape the jaws of the deadly carnivore. Attack theprey from every direction until the angry monster devourseverything.Turn the peaceful beach into deadliest beach, use yoursharp instincts and attack anything that cross your path. Becomethe ultimate wild and angry predator of the marine life. Features:- Highly world adventurous aqua simulation experience- Engagingsimulation gameplay with brilliantly designed levels- Super andsmooth navigation controls for your hungry carnivore- Storepurchases in future updates
City Police Car Chase 3D - Highway Robbers Getaway 1.1 APK
The New Games
Be a furious rider, hop in your bulletproof ford mustang racingcar, hide from real city pursuit police, as you running away fromthem because you have robbed a bank and they are chasing you inthis ultimate malefactor run destroy them in this nitro racingchase and endless running ruffians missions. Earn points and selectdifferent car models, upgrading to take on more serious carmalefactor running ruffians challenges and bust bigger bank to earnyour reward. And your car will upgrade too with your levels. Do youlove crazy car chase game? Yes, then this game is for you. You haveto run away from the cops. In this pursuit police chasing gangstergame you will be driving a racing car so it won't be a hard job foryou to lost chasing police cars. In this pursuit police adventuregangster game, you have done some evil things and the cops wereafter you for a long time but couldn't catch you. But this timesomeone was a law enforcement informer in your gang who leaked yourdetails to the cops that's why now whole of the department is afteryou so get ready and put your feet on accelerator to speed as fastas you can so you lost the tail of chasing police officers cars andvehicles. In this ultimate high speed police crazy car chase gameyou have compete with the leadfoot high speeder reprobate policecars. As you were included in a bank robbery incident heist sorunning away is your only way of escaping the high speed patrolchasing you. Get in your fast bulletproof chamfer car for aleadfoot fast endless run in the city. In police chase thiefpursuit, be the best racer take the police pursuit for a long runand show them who the real city street malefactor racer is. Bankrobbery incident will be a gang operation after finishing your jobevery gang member will take separate ways so cops don't caught youthat easy. Escaping from this incident will be your main mission,so tighten your seat belt to run away from this incident. You havebeen given a bulletproof ford mustang racing car which will helpyou in escaping from the crooked reprobate police who is chasingyou for the bank robbery malefactor heist. In this police chasethief in car finish the ruffians runs as soon as possible don't getcaught by law enforcement agency. Come on top by completing eachlevel with chamfer ease, as you complete your level your car willbe upgraded so it can be more easy to run away from reprobate copsbut as the level increasing the difficulty will also increase whichwill make it hard to run away so chamfer easily, so tighten yourseat belt for an ultimate police chase racing.You have get intoyour bulletproof ford mustang, leadfoot ride in all areas of cityand rob all the bank for the ultimate chamfer thrill leadfoot lifeand endless run. You will be assigned the tasks to rob the bank andyou have to do the bank robbery and escape the reprobate copschasing you. Enjoy being in an ultimate high speed police crazy carchase but don't get caught. FEATURES - Beautiful 3D graphics-Different vehicle models- Destroy city police opponents- Coolsounds and effects- Effective control system
Angry Shark Attack - Beach Hunting Fish Simulator 1.0 APK
The New Games
The beach has been stormed by vacationers and tourist out to havefun, but what they don’t know is an unchallenged predator lurks inthe deep waters looking for fresh food. The angry shark is theultimate ocean predator and will stop at nothing till its tummy isfull of meat. Beach folks beware!Take control of the new blue whaleand find the wildlife at its finest. In this action wild seaadventure live the life of hungry blue whale looking for food. Feelwhat it’s like to be a real predator in this angry shark simulatorgame for mobile, where you play as a Angry shark world lurking thedeep seas looking for hunt, stalking and hunting beach folks, whoare unaware they might be served as dinner to this angry shark,king of the waters. Destroy boats and the beach environment tocreate havoc among the beach people, chasing them down andquenching for hunger for supper. Be careful, catching a prey isnever easy, even for the best predator, as each of them will make arun for their lives. Happy Hunting! BECOME THE ULTIMATE PREDATOR OFTHE WATERS Sharks attack the angry shark simulator is here. Becomethe killer blue whale of the sea and much on the scared humans. Theblue whale has evolved itself so it can tear apart the prey whenthey are hungry or angry. The ocean is full of the people so youcan eat them. Attack them when they unaware so you guarantee akill. Sharks are the best water predator for a reason, and you arehere to prove it. Stake out each target with stealth and when allseems good, unleash devastating moves to kill each of them. Takecontrol of your blue whale and go on a wild ocean rampage!!FEATURES - Classic attack strategy
- Attack with intuitive touch ortilt controls- Survival of the hungriest- Sink your teeth intoloads of challenging missions- Incredibly realistic shark simulatormechanism - Destroy boats and incoming obstacles to earn bonusscore- Smooth navigation controls and highly realistic killanimations- Play in numerous levels to survive and score as high aspossible, causing maximum destruction
Prince Endless Run - Temple Rail Road Wolf Runner 1.1 APK
The New Games
Get the thrilling new timeless runner sprint adventure game –“Prince Endless Run - Temple Rail Road Wolf Runner”The latestupdated Android version is available for download on the GooglePlay Store.Run from monster wild wolf and medieval mythologymagician in an enervating endless running rush timeless sprint.Jumpand Run into an excitement filled with adrenaline rush, enervating,adventure, Enemy monster creatures, medieval mythology magician,survive the dire wild wolf, cross hurdles, and dark Undergroundrail passages in the endless maze runner track to protect thecrown. A prince is in peril and crown and kingdom is at Stake. Aking doesn’t go down as its kingdom is on stake and he will givethis best fight to save its kingdom. In this fast paced run rushgame, sprint, dodge the obstacles, show your reflexes and don't getcaught by the wolf.***STORY***The kingdom is under attacked by therivalry forces. The buildings and temples are burnt down to ashes.Everyone is crying and running through the streets. The enemyforces are on the hunt to kill the prince. Prince’s security guardsare killed in a fight to protect him, leaving the prince alone andinjured. The prince is alone in the underground rail and runningaway from the enemy forces. Passing all the hurdles in the darkpassage, have to run and cross and survive the dire wild wolf,fight against enemy monster creatures, and medieval mythologymagician in the dark underground passage.***MISSION/TASKS***In thisadventure filled exciting game you have to run through theunderground rail passage and survive against the dire wild wolf,fight medieval mythology magician, cross the hurdles, and sprintaway from monster creatures and protect the crown, the last sign ofyour Kingdom in the maze runner endless hunt. Be a best templerunner in this myriad running game. Move faster show how good yourreflexes are in this adrenaline rush temple runner. Restore thecrown and unlock secret bonus and power-ups. Get ready to dashthrough the railroad as fast as you can and collect coins to buypower-ups which help you to win it all. ****GAMEFEATURES****>>>Adrenaline rush filled game>>>Savethe prince in a daring adventure>>>A Challenge for yourReflexes>>>Realistic and ResponsiveMovement>>>In-game bonuses andpower-up>>>Stunning 3D game levels>>>Fast-pacedRail Maze>>>Intuitive Controls>>>Fast Endless Runthrough a Temple Labyrinth

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QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0 APK
This app can create a shortcut to an application from the list ofactivities which are installed on your phone.Even if so manyapplications are installed, you can choose an activity smoothly.Youcan also use the QuickShortcutMaker for searching the app which youwant to launch.If you want to use the app which you don't usefrequently, maybe you have no shortcuts for it. So, you may have tosearch the app from a list of many apps. Even if you know the nameof the app, it's hard to find it.In this situation, theQuickShortcutMaker will help you finding the app. Please try!Thismay be useful. But please use it at your own risk!You can makeshortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usually notaccessible.Even if you encountered any problems using this app orshortcuts created by this app, I don't have any responsibilityabout that. Please be sure to use this app at your own risk.AboutInternet access permission:From the version 2.0.1, for a more rapidimprovement of the app, you will be requested an additionalpermission to access network so that the app can send a detailederror report to developer.The app uses network only to send errorreports.And when it communicates, a confirmation message will bedisplayed, so please rest assured.for Launcher3 of CyanogenmodIfyou cannot create shortcut, please try the following steps:1.Long-tap the home screen.2. Tap "WIDGETS".3. Long-tap "Activities"which has the QuickShortcutMaker's icon.4. Drag it to somewhere onthe screen.5. QuickShortcutMaker will be launched.6. Select anactivity, edit it, and tap "Create".7. A shortcut will be createdon the home screen.Follow theupdatesGoogle+https://plus.google.com/u/0/114542232871046503427Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sika_appRecentupdates:(v2.4.0)- Added Italian and Arabic translations.- Adaptedto AndroidPhone7 theme.- Changed dialog UI.- Fixed a bug that theshortcut for Google Play cannot be opened.- Added function to askyou to rate this app. (Forgive me if you don't like such athing.)(v2.3.0)- Added translations to many languages. (Français,Español, Português, Polski, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Bahasa Indonesia)-Added support for some other themes. (Atom / Solo, etc.)- Addedseveral other improvements.(v2.2.0)- It is now possible to operatemultiple items from the activity list by long-tapping the items.You can add them to favorites or share.- Changed the text format inwhich to share the application information. - Added the types ofthemes that can be selected icon (ADW / Nova / Apex / LauncherPro /GO / Holo).- Added the number of icons in the list of themes.-Changed the UI of shortcut editing screen.- Added Germantranslation.- Added a lot of improvements.(v2.1.0)- Added supportfor tablet devices.- Added function to share app information astext.- Improved UI of some screens.- Fixed some bugs.(v2.0.3)-Added function to open the App info screen from the shortcutediting screen. (Android 2.3 or later only)- Fixed a minor bug andUI.(v2.0.2)- Fixed a bug that the app crashes while searching at acertain condition.(v2.0.1)- Added error report function to senddetailed information when the app crashes or when you see "Failedto load" message.- Reduced consumption of the memory so that themodels which have low-memory not to crash.- Search results can besorted order by names.- Increased speed of search.- Fixed a bug onsetting icon.- Fixed a bug that the icon becomes smaller when youuse the app on tablets.(v2.0.0)- Added history and favoritefeatures.- Applied Android 4.0(ICS) UI style.- Activity list is nowgrouped by app.- Fixed some bugs.Keywordsquick, shortcut, maker,create
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android >= 5.0(Lollipop), can connect with this app but they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android< 5.0 (Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOTview the WEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point isvulnerable at the WPS protocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app thatyou need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with manyalgorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBoxArcadyan-Arris And others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOTALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINSBRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTED DEVICES )WhySMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits ofWPS PIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, appallows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NO ROOT ).NOOTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is astate when Access Point, for security reasons, does not allow nomore PINs. THEN is USELESS to try others PINs. App needs rootpermissions for devices with Android version < 5.0 ( LOLLIPOP).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs withthis app and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP )PASSWORD WITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your ownAP for do not go against the law.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
WordPress – Website & Blog Builder APK
Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from yourAndroid device: create and edit posts and pages, upload yourfavorite photos and videos, view stats and reply to comments.WithWordPress for Android, you have the power to publish in the palm ofyour hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap and posta photo on your lunch break. Respond to your latest comments, orcheck your stats to see what new countries today's readers arecoming from.WordPress for Android is an Open Source project, whichmeans you too can contribute to its development. Learn more athttps://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/.WordPress for Androidsupports WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org sites runningWordPress 4.0 or higher.Need help with the app? Visit the forums athttps://android.forums.wordpress.org/forum/troubleshooting or tweetus @WPAndroid.
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results of online marketing, howto articles, tools and tips for running your business, businessideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, start ups, successstories, interviews and reviews of relevant books.You can visit theweb version of our app: http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a listof 8 recent articles on the homepage and user can navigate to olderblog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later frombookmarks section.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offlinereading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based onCategory.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others toour app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facilityto directly share the posts and pages with others from inside theapp via popular social sharing applications.
WPS Connect 1.3.6 APK
With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which have WPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version 4.1.2of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I am notresponsible for any misuse.Released under license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0:https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/WPS:http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_SetupWPS Connect isfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN.Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilities in thisaspect. With this application you can check if your router isvulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs, aswell as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) or StefanViehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- Samsung GalaxyS3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that it serves theapplication.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What isXPOSED Framework then do not try this application (it wont work)HiGuys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and otherwebsites.some websites have really good tutorials about it.So whatI understand is that we can modify a function and its return valuesusing the Xposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module ForChanging (MASKING) the IMEI No of the PhoneChange Means How OtherApplication gets the IMEI No of the device using below codeAs youall know,The Value is not permanent as it is an Xposed Module:)XDA-DevelopersThreadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Proversion :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall app Enable module in xposed framework Come back to app andenter new value Press Apply Go to xposed module Open framework pageDo a soft reboot Open the app And you can see new valuecheck thevalue by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Panda بنده 3.14 APK
من خلال تطبيق بنده كن بالقرب من احتياجاتك .. تعرف على فروعنا،منتجاتنا، عروضنا وكل جديد أينما كنت وفي كل الأوقات. العروضالأسبوعية:عروض بنده وهايبربنده الأسبوعية في متناول يديك اينماكنت...تصفح مجموعة كبيرة من منتجات بنده على جهازك الذكي مباشرةً...كما يمكنك الاطلاع على أسعارها ومعلومات اضافية عنها.. هذا بالاضافةلمحرك البحث الذي يوفر لك امكانية معرفة أسعار المنتجات ومعلوماتاضافية عنها بلمسة واحده... قائمة المنتجات:سهولة التعرف على تفاصيلفئات المنتجاتانشاء قائمة مشتريات خاصة بكإضافة منتجات من فئات متنوعةلقائمة المشتريات ومشاركتها مع أشخاص و حسابات متعددة لمواقع التواصلالإجتماعي إضافة معلومات إضافية لمنتجات قائمة المشترياتتصفح المنتجاتبناءا على السعرتوفر خاصية تخصيص البحث عن منتج معين قائمةأصنافي:الآن باستطاعتكم انشاء قائمة أصنافك المفضلة في أي وقت لتجعلتسوقك داخل أسواقنا عملية سهلة وممتعة، كما يمكنك مشاركتها مع اي شخصآخر باستخدام مختلف تطبيقات التواصل الاجتماعي (واتساب، انستاجرام،الخ) محدد مواقع متاجر بنده وهايبربنده وبندتيتريد معرفة فرع بنده،هايبربنده أو بندتي الأقرب اليك؟ استخدم محدد مواقع أسواقنا، وبلمسةواحده، سيتم تحديد الفرع الأقرب عليك مع امكانية استعمال خرائط الجوالللوصول الى الفرع
Smule - The #1 Singing App 5.9.1 APK
Love music? With Smule, you can sing and make music with friendsand fans around the world! Karaoke solo or duet with people acrossthe globe. Sing duets with major artists like Ed Sheeran and LuisFonsi. Sing a cappella, solo or with a group. Dance or play alongto top hits. Use audio effects and video filters while singing yourfavorite karaoke songs. Try it free! Featured on EntertainmentTonight, Forbes, and Google Play’s Best Apps.FEATURES• Sing karaokefree to millions of songs with music and lyrics. Karaoke anytime,anywhere.• Sing solo or duet to songs, sing a cappella, dance, playalong, or just enjoy the show!• Sound like a pro! Add polish toyour vocals with studio effects.• Use pitch correction forreal-time tuning while you sing. • Star in your own music video!Record your vocals first, then add any video that you create.•Apply video filters to make your recording look pro! Choose fromSelfie, Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Fight Club. • Addvisual effects, like smoke, bubbles and fireflies, to make yourrecording stand out even more. • Share your creation on our 50M+global platform to get discovered.• Upload your song to the SmuleSongbook for other singers to perform• Connect with Facebook tofind and karaoke with friends on Smule, as well as chat with othersingers!• Have a karaoke duet with top artists: Shawn Mendes, JasonDerulo, Train, Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth, James Arthur, Jessie J andmore! • Beat your singing score and sing like a karaoke pro! •Customize your profile page and pin your fave karaokes. With newsongs added daily, you’ll find your favorite songs and karaokehits. Choose from a huge karaoke songbook of Pop, R&B, Rock,Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, K-pop and more!Popular on Smule:SINGPOP HITS & KARAOKE BALLADS:* Shape of You - Ed Sheeran* PlayThat Song - Train* Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes* Say You Won’tLet Go - James Arthur* Closer - The Chainsmokers, ft. Halsey* 7Years - Lukas Graham* Rockabye - Clean Bandit, ft. Anne-Marie* Loveme Like You Do - Ellie Goulding* All of Me - John LegendSING NEWCLASSICS & KARAOKE ESSENTIALS:* Killing Me Softly - The Fugees*I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor* Un-break My Heart- Toni Braxton*Happy - Pharrell Williams* Eye of the Tiger - Survivor* BohemianRhapsody - QueenSING MUSICALS & SOUNDTRACKS:* Beauty and theBeast - Beauty and the Beast (Disney)* Part of Your World - TheLittle Mermaid (Disney)* Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen byDisney)* Cups (When I’m Gone) - Anna KendrickDon’t see yourmust-sing karaoke jam? Upload to the SmuleSongbook:https://www.smule.com/support/upload#songbookCONNECTINGTHE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™We believe music is about more than justlistening—it's about creating, sharing, discovering, participatingand connecting with others. It’s the original social network withthe power to break down barriers, touch souls and bring peopletogether from all over the world. Join our global community ofmusic lovers. Sing karaoke or a cappella! Get discovered and getfans! Connect with Facebook to make music with friends! Try itfree.FIND YOUR VOICENo matter what kind of singer you are, you cansound amazing on Smule. Use mic effects and video filters toautotune, add reverb, and smooth over imperfections in yourrecordings. If you love karaoke, singing along to radio songs or acappella in the shower, dream of singing duets with pop stars, orsimply love music—try for free now! FOLLOW US and keep up with newmajor artists and featured singers onSmulehttp://www.smule.comhttp://www.facebook.com/smulehttp://www.youtube.com/smulehttp://www.twitter.com/smulehttp://plus.google.com/+smuleHavequestions? http://www.smule.com/support/sing#androidThis app hasbeen Superpowered