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Let’s play Commander Shooter Army War, an action-packed US armycommando shooting Simulator 2017 game. Some terrorist plan toattack your state you has to shoot them and save your beautifulcity. There is a war scene just like ww2 Go in the Warzone and killthe brutal enemies Encounter enemies with high-tech weaponrymechanics, armor and destructive weapons destroy theirhigh-performance weapons warehouse and become the hero of US elitemilitary You have got the permission to shoot at sight the brutalenemies! being a real elite killer commando shooter simulator. Thisis very hard time because City has been overtaken by the enemy whois well equipped with Modern warfare weapons and mechanic guns andbent on its destruction to harm the public of the city.You are thebrave Assassin commando shooter who leads the army force in thismission. Kill the enemies with the passion like you are in theworld war and destroy the enemy land force who tries to demolishthe city. Helicopters are trying to demolish the defense force ofcity and you have to destroy these brutal enemies Helicopters byshooting them with your commando techniques and the heavy armyweapons, armor and much more horrible weaponry in your back tohandle this kind of situations!Go and lead the charge of armycommando force and go to the countryside and save the innocentpeople from the enemy and kill them the entire cruel terrorist andsave the city.Be the brave commando & gather courage to killall the ferocious enemies in city.Maybe it’s your first experiencewith the ultimate First person shooter game with stunning qualityvisuals, Accurate and easy to use controls, most advanced physicsof soldier, destructible environments and full voiceovers in allthe gameplay. Jump into the heat of battle and push your device tothe perform at their extreme limits!Experience many separatecampaigns with many separate intrusting missions based on theactual beach landings; Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold, Omaha and muchmore.Battle your way into the heart of brutal enemy territory! Runthrough the mines and leaping barriers as you move to the nextsolider cover point to avoid the fire from the enemy thatcontinually attacks you. Emerge from destructible cover points toengage waves of enemies!Features:- Aiming from the left side of thescreen.- The fire button is above Fire Button.- Top left cornershows you score/points.- Top right corner displays Enemies Killed.-Fire Button on the bottom right.- Unique art style- Free roamingstages- Thrilling sound effects and cover voice of more solid-Bullet time!- Destroyable environment- Full functional enemy baseenvironment!

App Information Commando Shoot Hunt Killer

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    Commando Shoot Hunt Killer
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    June 6, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Games Gromer Studio Action Racing Simulation Games
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Ready for the full of crazy killer and starving crocodile game2017, Do help for making clans of crocodiles family and its babiesalligators and crocs of hungry crocodile attack 2016.Be a real wildcrocodile simulator 17 and survive in the forest, beach , jungle orocean beach side as long as you can survive on water surfer orunderwater also.Start your own family of wild crocodiles, fightagainst fierce animals like krokodile , Lion, wild cheetah andenjoy the crocodile eating. Evolve your Crocodile Attackingsimulator 2017 to become the strongest Crocodile in the world.Haveyou ever imagined being the real vicious predator of the swamp? Andsee the world through the blood thirsty eyes of a real crocodilesimulator attack 3d. Well come back from the imaginations are overnow with Angry Crocodile Attack 2016 - 2017 it’s time to play as awild crocodile simulator with an appetite as big as its own self.You can swim, hunt, crawl an attack with jaws enjoy with all thedeadly instincts of the swamp crocodile simulator 2016.How manytimes have you experienced a wild alligator rampage? Let’s engageyourself in one of them. Save the crocodile from the sniper huntercrocodile shooter and survive in the jungle and hunt the animals.Some of the hunter catches you or your baby alligator and transportto hospital for the transformation of more crocodiles through thecargo truck transporter.In Angry Crocodile Attack 2017 attack yourprey to satisfy your hunger. See the world through the eyes ofangry alligator simulator. Chase your meal in the body of a realcrocodile in water but always be on the lookout as there iscrocodile sniper hunter looking for a good crocodile huntingexperience. 3D real animal safari is a real like hunting games withrealistic safari forest environment and crocodiles. Beware fromdeadly African and american Alligator and focus on the objective ofgameplay task as well.Enjoy the crocodile fun run away in rush ifany hungry animal attack’s. Crocodile Simulator 2017 game is fullof blaze and anger of the angry swamp crocodile sim. Use youranimal instinct and attack peoples with high power and rage. Takecontrol of most wild predators reptile swamp real monster, allanimals in forest are scared from the bloodthirsty hungry eyes foralligator of wild simulator games. Download this crocodilesimulator game and attack on peoples on beach. Be a part of animalbattle between survivals of the safari jungle animal simulators.Survive against wildlife reptiles in this ultimate 3D crocodileadventure world.How To Play:There are two game play mode ofgame:One is the family mode where you should perform differenttasks and first you need to complete your family so find your girlcrocodiles and then hatch your eggs and save your babies and findfood for them. For feeding your child attack on other animals andfish and hunt them for your child to survive in wild jungle beaware from crocodile shooter.Second Mode is career mode in whichyou need to complete some task and upgrade your level and get morescore to unlock next level.Hungary Angry Crocodile Attack 2016:»Epic wild crocodile attack 3d game revenge multiple levels» Realcrocodile features for amazing hunt» Easy and Smooth wild alligatorattack controls» Escape the crocodile sniper hunting plots»Realistic animation during gameplay» Beautiful crafted 3D graphics& realistic waterBe a part of over Game Studio and give yourfeedback that’s way we improve their game next time and improve thequality.
Angry Shark 2017 1.1 APK
Let’s begin the underwater adventures with the angry shark! Rushinto the sea and experience the ultimate shark simulation andattack on everyone! You are a ravenous sea wild shark come toterrorize waters. Shark swimming through seabed’s and coral reefswith petrifying eyes and teeth as sharp just like knives! The mostimportantly, follow your instinct and hunt the other shark andother sea creature. Your field of choice is not limited under waterbut is vast on the beach to attack on humans which taking sunbathat beach. Find the tastiest human and attack to your heart’s desirefood! Scour out other prey like sea monsters and dolphins and fish.Attack ski jets and boats. Create HAVOC with your massive jaws! Innew addition, compete with other hunters for prey in the ocean. Getto them before your enemies reach them, and complete your huntbefore you get hunted yourself through some shark hunter or snipershooter! Choose from an array of awesome shark types to see whichone can remain the King of the Ocean.shark simulator 2017 is afast-paced aquatic adventure that requires quick fingers and keenhorrifying eyes! In this simulation game, you take control ofbloody hungry shark to explore the depth of underwater world fullof dangerous sea predators which ready to attack on you. Unlockyour partner wild crocodile and survive as long as you can withthem! Aquatic creatures in underwater ocean world are competing forthe new rules of living life in the ocean world; therefore a cruelfight begins between angry shark and wild crocodile! A group ofother tasty fishes, dangerous carnivores are coming to you toattack on you to save their life’s, which sparks your rampage andrevenge and you will show the real leadership of ocean!Take controlon 3D rendered shark in this action packed hungry wild angry sharkgame. The objective is to keep survive and eating good to make morescore to this action shark game. Play as a wild shark and save yourlife from the hunter because they found you they will shoot at sideor catch through the hunting stick and will transport you in themarket through the cargo truck and transport wild shark. AngryShark Adventures 3D Features:•Aquatic environments•DifferentMissions packed with Hunting Thrill•Multiple Shark •Easy &Addictive gameplay•Real water physics•Beautifully crafted 3Dgraphics•Fun joystick simulator controls to play game•AwesomeVisuals and sound Effects of game
Horse Life Village Adventures 1.0 APK
Let’s ride the realistic horse and join the real racing mania ofhorse simulator! Farmer horse simulation is the most authentichorse racing simulation game.Enjoy this horse run adventure gameand our fans show no patience’s for this game and show their horseriding skills in this 3D horse racing game. This horse riding newfree horse game reflects happy village life of a farmer with myhorse life story, in the immersive US village environment. Will yoube capable of riding your stallion to jump, riding and dodge theobstacles in the fierce competitions mania? Remember the speed andstamina of your horse since if your horse runs too fast in racingfarm mania the stamina will be used up very quickly. This villagegame itself an interactive horse run game which is held in thevillage ground. In this horse racing game 2017 participatedangerous horse and wildlife horse. This Horse simulator 3D gamewill offer you the multiple enjoyments you will enjoy farming,transportation and village life with horse racing, carriage goodfrom one place to another and transport passenger to theirdestinations being a public transport simulator. Horse village gamehas many intrusting levels in which you improve your horse riding,cargo transport, and farming skills by cargo different goods,transport wild animals, transport food from village farm to citymarket, drive farming tractor, deliver milk in the village from thedairy farm. In this game, you also become a farmer and doingfarming in your fields which provide fresh vegetables to the entirevillage and show your farming skills & be a real village farmerand drive the farming tractor and become a real tractor farmer,live a life of the farmer in this former life simulation game.Horse racing in village is a new idea because no one introduce thistype of farming and horse of life show you in one game where youfeel the realistic environment of village and live like a farmerand protect your cats, cows, dogs, hens and the entire wild animaljust like a wild crocodile or zoo animals. You also deliver milk onyour pk horse cargo services and become a milk delivery boy fromdairy farm to the door step of all the villagers home. Transportanimals of the zoo or other animals like cargo trucks transportersand earn money by delivering goods and wild animals on your cargohorse transporter cart. Game Play Level:First of all, you go to thefarm and select horse and ride the horse fast as you canThen goesto the market and buy some foods and load in the cart and deliverin the houseIn the game, some special task is to deliver milk tothe house just like the dairy farm and cow milk game of deliveryboyHorse of the forest is very dangerous so you need to take totalcontrol of them and then you take ride on them just like the wildhorseOne level is based on the horse racing simulator in which yourhorse race with other jungle horse animals.Features: • The one& only village farming game 2017.• You can create your dreamfarms.• Eye catching & high definition graphics • Easy controlsof horse riding• Plant fresh crops for transport on horse• Bigintrusting game for family • Multiple Carts for racing andtransportation
Ninja Survival War Simulator 1.0 APK
The warm welcome in the Ninja Assassin WarLordgame, full of fighting, action, and training to become a realninjafighter assassin. A classic ninja fighting adventure beginswith thetraditional Japanese Kung Fu action, Japanese ninjafighting skills,attack, clash and run for survival on the island.The story of Ninjasurvival is about a warrior villain Loi ChangLong trying to takeover the villages and try to destroy the lifeof villagers. Therival clans of Loi Chang Long are fighting forinvasions and powerof their ninja elite force. They kill anyvillager who refuses toleave his home. We need an ultimate ninjafighter to defeat theenemies and kill them all to save thevillage.Loi Chang Long has attacked the city and abducted MasterShingFualong with his daughter. There is fire everywhere in thehouse ofthe master. Now it’s your turn to fight like a hero, showyourninja skills and free Master ShingFu from prison along withhisdaughter to save your village. An ultimate streetfightingadventure! An epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting action andadventure forthe fighting lover!Kai Long has most powerful army commandos of Samurai ninjafighterswhich are equipped with turtle skin deadly weapons toattack thevillagers. The shadows of mutant darkness have taken overtheentire village now. It’s time to take revenge from the KungFumafia for your people.This time is to show your ninja warrior skills. All you’reninjaassassin commando friends with you to take part in this brutalwar.Your mission is to save your wife and other villagers, be arealninja warlord and kill all the shadow of your enemies.Ninja military soldiers fight with enemies with angry ninjaagility.Ninja Assassin about blood revenge, enemy ninjas burntyour villagekill your companions. No time to avoiding evil gear upwith lethalweapons, samurai sword, shuriken and all for epicrevenge. Run upthe wall; slash evil ninjas with warrior samuraisword. Be a realJapanese ninja hitman infiltrate enemy; startsmashing your enemieswith your samurai sword and ninja skills.Kill them all with fetalstrong below of your sword blade.His dangerous attack, real stealth skills, assassin andevilcriminal escape skills spread terror among the villagers. Onlyyoucan take the risk to kill him as a combat hero killer. Don’tletthe underworld rule the streets. This action pack gameninjafighter with a true street fighter against mafia underworldbossjust for the lover of ninja games! Play Ninja Assassin WarLordgame for an extreme crime simulator action adventure!Ninja Game features:√ Amazing 3D City street Environment√ Dangerous Combating Tools for Kung Fu Ninja Fighting√ Thrilling and challenging fighting Missions√ Easy and fun to play√ Interesting Game Play√ Attack, Smash, survive and kill in a Stealth Mode√ Amazing Run, Fight, Jump & Kill animations√ Smooth controls of a real Ninja Warlord√ Stunning & High-Quality 3D Graphics
Motobike Mechanic workshop Sim 1.0 APK
Now dare to dream your motobike fully upgraded to the finest level.Give motobike mechanic a chance to repair bike, build and customizeyour bikes. Along with dirt and luxury bikes, he is certified toperform various repairing jobs like painting and customizing bikesto the highest levels. All the repairing of heavy sports bike willdo like car mechanic workshop and pit stop car mechanic.Select thesuitable paint it over the motobike through auto machine simulation2017. Use best possible paint colors and make car look awesome andsuper cool. Now move the next level of polish assembly line andgive it shinny look. Now drag the engine on the assembly line andadjust it in the bike. Fix the engine using ranch and other moderntools and equipments. Change the engine oil and make the enginework properly.Be a Sports motorcycle designer, creator andmanufacturer in this motor bike simulator game for crazy mechanics.Best bike mechanic garage is now opened in your city and they areproviding professional services to make and repair your chopperbikes. In this bike mechanic workshop you can make customized autobikes of different models and designs.You will be having variousother jobs to do; you will be painting, denting, engine repairingthe motorcycles with amazing colors using paint spray guns. Grabyour skills to give new and modified look to your custom madevehicle apply some sports bike stickers to your cool motobike. So,let's repair, fix, paint & design your special motor bike inour motor bike mechanic workshop game for kids the best game forfun times.We modify the 2016 game in 2107 and the motorbikemechanic garage game is more popular in 2017 as compare to 2016.Because in this new game we provide new tools and equipments forfixing the bikes and do more job in this motobike mechanic workshopgarage simulation game.you play many of the car mechanic workshopgame but this is the real auto mechanic garage game. So keepplaying and have fun.Features: Awesome environment speciallydesigned to be in service station games. An absolute treat for theplayer on each level of game Amazing gameplay adding workshopgames with a fully equipped garage unseen in typical motorcyclegames. Variety of vehicles represented in mechanic simulator game2107. Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for the lover ofmotorbike games. Eye catching HD graphics with the feel of realbike garage simulation. Compatible with every supportive deviceGame Gromer Studio is the most famous studio about the games andgave you more fun in every new game. Your feedbacks are morevaluable for us.FollowUs:-***************************************FollowUs:-*****************************************FaceBook |https://www.facebook.com/GameGeneratorStudioYouTube |https://www.YT.com/channel/UCCCMMAHMypK4O0azEVBsZlgTwitter |https://twitter.com/maqsoodggs
Bus Simulator 17 Bus Driver 1.0 APK
New Bus Simulator 17 Bus Driver will make you real challengingexperience the life of driving a real bus in city through heavycargo traffic and carrying out the passengers from one place toanother , pick the school childrens through school bus and dropthem to school on right time and follow the traffic rule whiledriving bus on city road its an opportunity to be a real busdriver. Sit behind the wheels of this city bus simulator 2017 andbecome a real bus driver in this most exciting gameplay who travelsfrom one place to another. This school bus game travel throughCity, rivers, hills and green safari lands. As a real bus driver,passengers will be waiting for commercial bus simulator 17 at busstations and you have to carry the entire passenger safely them totheir home, offices and shops. This Bus Simulator 17 Bus Driverdesigned city truly feel of real city and parking place on the roadallow you to park on the road. The liberty city tour bus providesorganized shuttle tours to the city.Make sure the safety of yourpassengers and feel them safe in your city bus simulator 2017 whileyou drive your passengers to their destination. If you likerealistic driving games like hill climb bus simulator you will alsolike this tourist city bus driving simulator with real city drivinggame features.Eye-catching 3D environment will make you feel likedriving a real bus driver. City bus simulator 17 is offroad bussimulator 17 you feel the reality of nature with realistic river,mountain, hill and safari garden on tops. Drive a bus along theOff-Road terrain and transport passengers and enjoy realistic hillclimb game. The Game-play revolves in the mountains, beautifulnature scenes, hill tops and rocks. Transport passengers from onehill station to another safely. Play as the Extreme bus driver andenjoy Off road bus driving on the top of mountain and cityenvironment. Become top driver of heavy duty 4x4 cargo transportertruck and be the driver for transport passengers. You play most ofthe real bus game but this is the real tourist bus transporter gameof 2017 and the level of this game full of excitement and thrillbecause you play as a bus driver and transport passengers safely.But this time doing something different you play in the city anddrive your bus on the city roads but you become a good parkingmaster by completing the parking simulator level of this gamebecause we offer parking level in this game and you become a bestdriver of real bus simulator 17 parking master. ***** Bus Simulator17 : Bus Driver *****• Real life Bus parking situations• Realisticenvironment• Realistic Bus Controls• Multiple camera views mirrors(also from inside)• Drive in the city and highway• Open/Close Doorsbutton• Bus Simulator 17 Realistic Vehicle.• Realistic bus drivingexperience• Realistic Cities• Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tiltingcontrols• Bus stops, Bus stations during the journey.
Oil Tanker Truck Driving Game 1.0.1 APK
Be ready to play offroad Oil Tanker Transporter game in which yougo to oil refinery station and load petrol tanker for deliveringoil tank to petrol and diesel station during driving the driverface off-road roads and mountain. Driver’s duty is to deliver fuelto gas station safely and on time on destination. So feel like atruck driver and Start driving offroad heavy 4x4 truck trailer andoil cargo transporter, Driver must be careful about heavy offroadtraffic on the road and avoid accident with other 4x4 and 4wdmonster jeep, heavy cargo truck and other heavy auto machinery andvehicles. It is very difficult to you to drive on hill climb withheavy truck and oil tanker transport. So if you have dare to playthe heavy duty oil tanker truck cargo racer game then drive thepowerful oil tanker & enjoy the oil cargo truck drivingexperience to facing the hilly off road mountain traffic. Fuelcargo transporter truck is one of the best Oil tanker transportertruck games with a maximum fun of oil tanker parking & drivingsimulator experience. So let’s play and enjoy the oil tankertransporter truck game that has a real game play of oil tankerdriving skills to control heavy duty trailer on offroad mountaintracks. Your ultimate duty is to make sure continuous oil supply tocity site gas stations.In this real tanker 3D extreme trucker gameyou get to check your driving skill with off road Majesty Mountainsand environment soothing the natural scenes. Feel like a furioustruck driver and transporter of oil tanker. This Offroad game ofOil Tanker Transporter gave you to real drive oil trailer lorryfrom petrol refinery station to the other oil stations in the cityand all around them. So be a real truck driver and transport fuelcargo to oil gas station and earn more points like the other cargotransport truck and animal cargo transporter games. Fuel Oil TankerTruck Transporter Game Features:Real Experience of HeavyTransporter Truck with Oil TankerDifferent Exciting Levels to EnjoyOil Tanker Truck DrivingDriving Fun on Scary Mountain Roads withTrafficHave Good Experience with Heavy Truck Driving Simulationwith Smooth Steering & Hydraulic Brakes of Vehicles OfferingDifferent Camera Angles to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironmentDifferent Concept of Mountain Oil Transportation fromother Game
Bicycle Quad Stunts Racing 1.0 APK
Bicycle racer is one of the earliest sports cycle game whichtesting the cycling skills and have number of competitors, eventsand spectators. Now get ready to take another journey and enjoy anamazing bicycle ride like bike blast rush. In this racing simulatorquad moto stunts you will be riding your mountain cycle on cityroads against other players in the game. This bicycle racingsimulator 2017 gives you extreme offroad bicycle driving and luxurybicycle driving experience. In bicycle racer and quad stunts winall levels as professional cycle racer, in this bicycle racingsimulator 2017 give you realistic feel of offroad bicycle drivingexperience.This extremely convincing bicycle rider game is packedwith different levels. This bicycle racing give you bicycletraining driving which is the best offroad bicycle driving schoolsimulator 2017 features and also have features for employee likebicycle racer & quad stunts. Bicycle racing is real arcade gamein which you are going to ride bicycle on uphill terrain. Inbicycle racing ride your cycle as fast as possible and reach atdestination to win race. If you want to participate in thinscycling race you have to cargo your cycle. The animations ofbicycle accidents and bicycle stunts 2017 gives you realistic feelof offroad bicycle driving experience. This game gives you bicycletraining driving which is the best offroad bicycle driving schoolsimulator 2017 features. There are few service stations and few carmechanic workshops or bike mechanic workshops in hilly areas so ifyou want to repair bicycle you have to go them before race. You canalso ask for bicycle modification from few truck stops or bus stopsand bus station. This game is all about bicycle racing game unlikeother games 6x6 truck driving or also involve parking like multistory car parking, luxury bike parking, multi storey mall parkingor multi storey parking. In this game you are going to enjoy freeand latest thrilling and exciting bicycle racing. Training ofbicycle is held near army training school for new drivers and armybike drivers are also going to take part in this bicycletraining.This offroad cycle game totally different from otherbicycle games it’s offer you right pic of enjoyment and endless funof cycle riding in this offroad bicycle riding game 2017.GameFeatures:- Realistic physics of cycles and controls - Simple andSmooth Game Play of each level- Obstacles to avoid damage of yourcycle- Breath taking & Stunning Hill Mountain Environment- FreePlay Game