Commando Shooter-Sniper Strike 3D: It is one of the most popularFrontline Commando Games. Aim for headshot in this FPS game, youare contract commando sniper shooter in dangerous location, youraction will determine the victory. Load gun, shot in head, showyour skills, be the assassin in fury battle. Here you have to fightagainst very dangerous soldiers, enemies and spiders which arealmost spread in all over the desert, city, mountain, hills, jungle/ forest. Just find them and shoot them. Be-careful, there are someenemy soldiers also attacking you.In first level you have 20soldiers and one Helicopter. First level clear for go to nextlevel. As well as you have more powerful guns, weapons andammunition in store. In Urban Commando Adventure Shooting game hasmany weapons to choose: in which Sniper, MP5, Shotgun, M1911 etc.You are an army commando shooter therefore kill the enemy,soldiers, anti-terrorist and get cash, cash can be used to buyweapons and ammunition. Don't worry about your cash saved aftergame play. Let you experience the feeling of different weapons.This is a real sniper war!Features:Complete Battlefield reallooking 3D environmentFPS 3D (First Person Shooter) Sniper GameTapto shoot and kill the enemiesGreat 3D graphics andenvironment.Fabulous sound effects Share with your friends onFacebook and TwitterLatest update coming soon as your requirementIfyou like this Front Commando Assault game, please rate it. Yourfeedback and suggestion most welcome.Like us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/superdiktrading or find more games on thewebsite http://www.superdik.nlSuperdik Trading B.V.- cool apps

App Information Commando shooter-sniper strike

  • App Name
    Commando shooter-sniper strike
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 2, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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    Fun Games Studio-Parking, Racing & Pets 3D Games
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  • Developer
    Erik Olson Gata 4 Halmstad Sweden
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One of the most crazy addictive and entertaining physics based cardriving game ever made for Android! And it's free!Gatling attachedalready to cars in this Furious Crazy Car Racing Game 3D, RaggingTurbo: Feel the Burning Power! The long-awaited and the mostpopular CSR Armoured Car Racing in the world are finally here! Raceyour dream car in the ultimate Scenario: A Car Rally Game 3D alongdeserted village and city streets. 3D graphics with addictive HDgame-play, tilt controls. Collision & accident etc are notillegal here. You can freeze the enemies’ car as well as shootthese cars with gun and missile during road kill missions. You canalso use nitro to boost the car for winning race.Do you haveinterest in fast speed racing game, racer and racing? Test yourdriving skills in amazingly extreme difficult levels. Collect coinsto upgrade car, avoid enemy cars, collisions and accidents, keepyour car undamaged in given level to win the game, enjoy! Earn cashand upgrade your car and also customize your vehicles withdifferent colors. Enjoy all colors free for your all 3d vehicles.Challenging environment used for improve your driving skills. Facethe challenges of unique hill climbing and city environments withmany different cars. Gain bonuses from daring stunts and collectcoins to upgrade your car and reach even higher score.Features: -Upgrade and customize your own vehicles with latest colors. - Earncash rewards to unlock new cars- Challenging and outstanding 3Doutdoor environment with stunning graphics- Realistic soundenvironment- Tilt your cell phone or tablet to steer left orright.- Full HD crazy fast racing game with HD Graphics.- UsedMissile, Gun to shoot enemy and Nitro to boost the car.- Avoidaccident with other car-traffic, bus traffic and monster trucks-Top vehicles used in which 4x4 car, Hammer H3, 4x4 Truck, Pick Up,Land Rover, Miami Vice, Chevrolet Camaro X etc. Share with yourfriends on Facebook and TwitterLatest update coming soon as yourrequirementWe are the maker of Drag Racing Game – Car Racing 3D,Real Car Racing Game 3D etc. Thanks for your feedback andratings.Disclaimer: This is a free game and supported by Ads.Don'tmiss our latest update on my Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/3dgameseraA Game Developed By 3DGameseraStudios
Fast Motor Bike Rider 3D 🏍 4.7 APK
Fast Bike Racing at its best when you need some real speed.Formotorbike riders who love heavy bike racing games, you will alsolove this biggest race. Ride in traffic, against opponents with HDgraphics and 3D environment. World including Snow mountains, hillsand real life like bike racing stadium. Stunt on your bike, be theamazing motor rider and show your bike riding skills.Super Fastbike racing game like none before, in the category of AndroidMotorBike racing. Realistic and smooth physics with extreme fastexperience, same as real experience which you get while racing onactual bike on highway.All you need to do is to mount on yourmotorcycle and drive among other fast bike racers and prove somegreat skills. When you have lots of other AI biker rivals, youreally need to prove some skills. Plus the realistic environmentsplays its role in giving you the best experience of your life.SuperFast Bike Racer Features- Multiple Games and challenges in one gamefor 100% free. Take Challenges, Play Solo OR race in classic mode.All unto your mode and style of racing.- Wide range of extremelyfast Bikes with turbo boost engines and as high speed as 1000CC +to enjoy real fast bike racing. - Realistic bikes physics-Opponents with even devil racing bikes to beat and for realchallenging experience- Three realistic worlds for multiple levels.Hills, Snow Mountains and Stadium.- Race as real as bike 3Dsimulation- Choose controls such as tilt or buttons.- HD graphicsand smooth camera animation with realistic physics for you to proveyou bike riding experience.- Take challenges, Race against AIopponents and become extremely fast bike racer within minutes.
Super Moto Bike Rider 3D 2.6 APK
Super Moto Bike Rider 3D is a Multi 3D Environment Racing game forandroid. Bike Riders will love it as it have heavy motorbike withnitro booster. These are city bikes on City, desert and Highwayrace tracks and these can burn the road in minute. HD graphics and3D environment will make you race again and again.Your dream ofplaying free, fast and 3D Racing Games have come true. If you likeRoad Rash, you will love this Super Bike Racing 3D is a fast pacedracing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world!Control your motorbike with incredible fast speed during hurdlestime! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey. We want you toexperience pure drift racing experience and earn your way toleadership. First time in the history of Android Super Bike racing,here comes an extreme bike game which is the perfect answer to yourneed for speed on a bike. It’s as realistic as it gets combiningthe laws of Physics and the adrenaline rush that one gets whenracing an actual bike on the different environment. So manyenvironments included in Super Bike Racing Game such as hills,hill, mountain, desert, snow, city etc. As well as in Mountain BikeRacer you have store where you change fast speed bike with your ownchoice. In Super bike racing you have multiple environments,multiple laps and multiple bike selection. Features:Challenging 3Doutdoor environment.Tilt your device left and right to steer Driftyour bike on the tracks and run through the 3DEnvironment.Different track used in which hills, hill, mountain,beach, desert, snow etc. Crazy addictive game-play with stunninggraphicsTurbo speed in narrow environmentEnjoy playing super bikeracing! Please give us your feedback, rate or comment if you likethis game!!Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Adswithin the App only as per Google Policy.Like us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/superdiktrading or find more games on thewebsite http://www.superdik.nlSuperdik Trading B.V.- cool apps
Super puppy adoption 3D game 2.8 APK
Have you ever wanted a pet? Have you ever wanted a pet dog? Most ofthe kids and even mature people like to own a pet dog. The problemthat arises are many. Sometimes their parents do not want pet intheir house because it is a huge responsibility. Sometimes it's thecase where you do not have much space in your house for petdog.There may be numerous reasons which would ultimately stop youfrom fulfilling your desire.You no longer have to ask forpermission about pet dog. You no longer have to worry about otherissues because you may not be able to own a pet dog in real lifebut you can fulfill your desire by owning a pet dog in a virtualsetting. Pet adoption 3D game is the solution for you. This way youcan fulfill your desire as well and can enjoy game as well. You canown a bet and you can spend time with it. This will also prepareyou whether you are ready for owning a pet in a real world setting.You can take that pet everywhere, wherever you wanted him to comewith you in your smartphone, tablet or computer. Have you everthought of owning a pet whom you can love, cuddle, comb hair, justto show your love and affection towards him or her. You can own apet dog of your own choice. Pet adoption 3D game also let youselect whether you wanted a puppy or you want a big, mature doggie.In order to add something interesting in it, I must add that thisgame will allow you to earn cash rewards as well. This cash can beutilized by owning a pet house where your dog can sleep and live.You can also use this cash to buy your dog different types of toyswith whom the dog can play. The entire Pet adoption 3D game themeis that you should have the feeling of owning a pet dog. A dog withwhom you can play, train him just as you always wanted. Order himand he will obey you. Ask him to sit and he will sit, ask him tostand and he will stand. Take him on morning walk with you. If youare a dog lover then you may want more than one dog at a time. Petadoption 3D game is offering you that you can own multiple dogs atthe same time and you can play with them as well. You can name eachand every dog, Call him or her from his/her name in your ownlanguage and he will respond you. This will give you the truefeeling of a person who owns a pet. You can share your pet’s storywith your friends. You can play numerous games with him. Throw theball towards him and ask him to fetch it for you and he will dothat. You can also check your pet dog’s intelligence. I would saythat Pet adoption 3D game is the best solution for you if youdidn’t get chance to own a pet dog uptill now. Normally peoplefulfill their this desire against a huge price but you can fulfillyour desire free of cost.Features:1. Adopt a super cute puppy2.Name hime, Buy items for him such as balls, frisbee, bone etc.3.Play fun games with him, throw ball and he will fetch it, Observeyour pets intelligence and speed.4. Call him by his name in yourown language and he will respond5. Feed him, buy him house so thathe can sleep there. 6. Train him for agility missions and in housefinding hidden objects missions7. Play multiple challenges himhim.8. Walk him around city and you can get to smash the objects onstreets as well.9. Complete agility training and enter into agilitycompetitions and win all challenges.10. Inside house find hiddenobjects such as balls, bones and frisbee. Be a sharp dog andCollect your items by sniffing them and locating them.Like us onFacebook at https://www.facebook.com/superdiktrading or find moregames on the website http://www.superdik.nlSuperdik
Space Race 3D,Extreme War 1.7 APK
Space Race Extreme War 3D is a race in space and a whole new warconcept in the outer galaxy. Everything unbelievable included inone package for you. You can race the opponent Space Crafts in bestSciFi 3D Space Station environment, Shoot them with missiles andGuns, Freeze your racing rivals using Freeze bonuses on the road,Use shield to protect your Space Craft, use Repair bonus along theway, Collect Coins to buy new space craft and upgrade them. In this3D space racing gaming you will jump to the space, no morerestrictions of gravity or any real world racing limitations.Upgrade aircraft now, burn up the space with the fastest and mostexhilarating racing action!Features:- Stunning 3D graphics- Shootthe enemy Space Crafts.- Boost your SpaceShip with nitro to beatthe enemy.- Freeze the enemy’s Space Craft to leave him behind. - 5different aircrafts to choose from and upgradeHow to Play:- Tilt tosteer - Touch boost button to speed up- Touch missile button toattack and shoot the enemy SpaceShips.- Get shield from Bonuses fordefense- Get Freeze from Bonuses to freeze the enemy- Get repairfrom Bonuses to repair your Spacecraft from damages.- Earn cash tobuy new spacecraft and powerful propsSpace racer, this is your turnto conquer the space, be ready.
Drag Racing Game-Car Racing 3D 2.2 APK
Play crazy drag racing game, check your performance and win thedrag race 3D Game. Real speed 4WD fans will also love it. Do youthink racing in a straight line is easy? Try to find the rightbalance between power and grip while staying in your class. In RealDrag Racing Game have three type of track and it's free. You winrace and earn cash more than more and buy new fastest racing carand select choice able color. Burn up the street with the fastestand most exhilarating 3D racing action in Fast Racing today! Liveyour life a quarter mile at a time as you take over the streets inthis. You don't uninstall game on your device because your cars andmoney are saved on your device. DO NOT EVER uninstall the gamebefore updating, otherwise you loss all your cash and 3DCar.Features: * Smooth and polished graphics. * Full 3D Physicsbase Racing Game.* Different track used in which hills, hill, city,beach, stadium etc.* Achieve challenges and improve your drive. *Increase your cash and upgrade your car.* Different car used inwhich BMW, GT Blaze, Nissan 350Z ‘Bullet 350’, Marco mantis‘Sunstorm’, Audi R18, Tsunami etc.* Intuitive steering (withaccelerometer)No limit of Drag Racing Game: Drive your car throughdifferent highway traffic track, earn cash, upgrade your car andbuy new ones.Note: The app is brand new, if you find a bug pleasegive me a chance to fix it before leaving a negative review.Try ourmore 3D Games: 3D War Racing – Car Racing, 3D War Troops – Extremeetc.If you like this Fast Drag racing game then gives me feedbackin rating and reviews. Your feedback and suggestion mostwelcome.Don't miss our latest update on my Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/3dgamesera
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D 2.1 APK
If you are bored from Slow Parking & Driving Simulators, thenthis most entertaining and challenging game is for you. Also If youare a big fan of WRC at Ridge motorsports Park, Colin McRae Rallyor any other circuit rally of the world then this entertainmentfurious racing game is just for you.Everything related to freestyles rally racing game which you ever wish for is available toyou for FREE download and NO IN-APP purchasesIn this dirt rallyracer game, Choose from a lot of available 3D cars and 4x4 trucksand enjoy extreme driving experience on 4WD ride. Customize withyour favorite colors. Choose the beautiful environment for free andno need to unlock it. You can burn out Jungle Hills tracks,drifting and dragging your vehicle OR you can choose the verynarrow and extreme edgy snow Mountains.Rally racer is all aboutcrossing the checkpoints before the time is out. So speed up yourcar and cross the checkpoint before you lose your time and proveyour skills. Thats not all, you also compete with real AI physicsbased opponent. Beat him and show that you are best in Rally driftracer. The less time you take to reach the checkpoint, the morecash you achieve which helps you to unlock new 3D Cars and 4x4trucks, Hummer and other vehicles.Most realistic physics Drivingand most realistic 3D tracks.FEATURES• Real physics basedimplemented drifting experience, turbo fast speed and skillful gameplay with sharp edgy curves and extreme U Turns on 3D Tracks.• 12Awesome cars to collect.• Different jungle & snow stages.•Extreme weather conditions.• Optimized to run on most AndroidDevices.For Upcoming details, Like our Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/3dgamesera
Super Panda Runner 1.6 APK
Run Infinite with Super Panda Runner through maze full of obstaclesand tough terrain.Features:- Run infinite- Tap to jump- Double tapfor higher jump- Run through rocks and use skills to avoid fallinginto void- Run as fas as you can- 12 levels- Collect coins whilerunning- Avoid obstacles.- Run infinite and win.