1.0.1 / August 4, 2016
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Commando Survival Shooter is the onlysurviving Commando left in the frontline battle between the rebelforces and the zombies attacked the city. The renegade attackagainst the deadly general has begun. You are the only frontlinecommando survival shooter to take up the action and payback. As aCommando survival shooter engage yourself in action packed modernshooter battlefield and fight your way through the ruined city andfight the legendary battles with the ultimate and epic bosses, pullthe duty trigger and eliminate the call of the dead squad withinvaders of the dead and survival war.

You must use your entire SWAT, Commando and sniper commando shooterspecialized skills to survive the onslaught of the enemy forces andavenge for the martyred soldiers. Your Commando survival shooterbase has been taken and captured by the enemy, as the only survivalarmy death shooter and a special weapon and tactics SWAT commandoleader, you have to take up the challenge and restore the army andcity bases from the enemy. As an elite shooting commander and onlysurvival commando, you must face the enemies and take the best killshot to eliminate the zombies’ waves after waves and take out theglobal death and defense survival squad. Use your ultimate snipertraining and start eliminating your opponents. Every killed enemyhas definitive effect on the war line.

Forces from intergalactic have chosen earth for destruction andhave landed to destroy the earth, engage yourself, as battlefieldsand war becomes an everyday destruction and experience. The city isburning and the insane creatures are killing the humans, only realcrazy extreme true death survival commando can find his way throughthe lonely and dangerous streets and nightmares of war. Death liesaround when dead invaders and human flesh eaters wanders arounddestroying the earth. Blast off the enemy’s hideout, crush anddestroy their bases, eliminate the assigned high-profile targetthat matters most take your best kill shot and kill the sharpshooters in the cars in traffic sniper shooter assignment use yourammunition and automatic weapons and save yourself from enemyattacks.

Zombies and enemy commandos are hiding everywhere in the city andtaking down the humanity. You are only survival commando involvedin the war against the zombie and half dead commandos. Take thethrill of death shooting action to the frontline with all yourcommando and SWAT black ops elite forces loaded with artillery ofassault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocketlaunchers, med kits, armor. Trigger your survival commando wrathand use it against deadly hostiles and man-eaters and aliens fromthe outer space. Use your survival machine and sniper gun toeliminate and kill the creatures and soldiers you task is to callyour tank attack brigade and your SWAT Sniper and Traffic Shooterelite army commandos attack their troops.

Survive the battlefield and through your way till the end, it’s awar against all the alien and human eaters, come across whilereaching to the destination. Awaken in frontline battlefield and inthe lost city of jungle and black mountain forest the last thingwas an alien space ship crash destruction of city through alienforces. Survive your way in this commando survival shooter throughdestructible and deadly battlefields; increase your survival firepower with various deadly weapons including sniper rifles, assaultrifles, shotguns and machine guns.

App Information Commando Survival Shooter 3D

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    Commando Survival Shooter 3D
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  • Updated
    August 4, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Gamer Zone
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Bravo SWAT Kill Shot 3D Free 1.0.1 APK
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Bravo SWAT Kill Shot is a free FPS : FirstPerson Shooting with 3D realistic graphics game, so it’s time toload up your weapon and start shooting, load up yourself with heavymachine guns, assault rifles and assassin sniper weapons to fulfillthe covert mission and combat in battlefield deep inside enemyterritory! Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this actionand be a perfect marksman.The war has begun and its critical time for kill shot action, useyour SWAT and Bravo fighting skills and fight the war in action.The brigade is calling for the best sniper and Kill Shot specialistto take the enemy and evil forces down. There is no room forremorse or mercy, so shoot and take your best kill shot in thisbravo swat elite kill shot free 3D. Bravo SWAT Kill Shot is theelite American sniper, it’s time to load your weapons and make aperfect kill shot! Encounter the enemies in this bravo SWAT KillShot Free 3D game loaded with weapons like Ak-47, Snipers,Shotguns, Mini-gun, Bazooka and more destructive weapons. You arethe brave Assassin commando from the army force.As you are a special covert from Ops black hawk, get ready to playyour part deadly military FPS attacks and silent assassin missions.It's time to rise and counter the strike against enemies, as aprofessional frontline commando and battlefield expert, with skillsof combat fighting, SWAT and special weapons and tactics skilledSniper Assassin with special elite commando and black ops soldiertechniques, are you ready to play your part in Bravo SWAT Kill Shotdangerous military FPS attacks and SWAT silent assassin missions.Trained as Bravo SWAT Kill Shot expert and elite super Sniperassassin you will navigate secret missions around the battle arena,eliminating terrorists that are danger to the world peace.The Bravo SWAT Kill Shot soldiers and death squad Critical CounterCity Strike Portable commandos and control battalion is already inthe city, and engaging. The terrorists are hell bent on wreakinghavoc and spreading CHAOS, they have captured and have set up theirbase in our once peaceful city. Your have been trained as an Elitekiller and bravo sniper S.W.A.T kill shot and special weapons andtactics and expert FPS shooter and one of the best sniper in themilitary base ready to join the great SWAT special ops and eliteforce team to take aim at evil, there is no room for error, remorseor mercy here, so shoot to kill.You are a well-trained elite member of special weapons and tacticsteams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stungrenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe toeradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peacefulworld.The confirm Intelligence reports that some of the deadly and mostwanted Suicide Bombers and marksman has taken up the military basesand city buildings by killing dodging Elite Police, SWAT and NavySeals, now Army General and Chief has assigned you a special targetto aim hunt and take the best kill shot and headshots of suicidebombers.
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The Dominance to take over the airbase of AirWar Ultimate Jet Fighters F18s and F16s are based is under animmense attack. Indulge into the battle and world war, takeoff yourultimate flying machine cockpit and be the fighter pilot, get airborne in powerful air attack flying machines like F18, F16, hornetand submerge yourself in the deadliest ultimate Air War Jet FighterAir Strike and Dogfight with the most powerful jet fighters in AirWar Ultimate Jet Fighters 3D free online game.Simulate across the ocean to hunt down the enemy’s F16 & F18Hornets and Fighting Falcons, engage into air to air strike anddogfight simulation and air strike missions eliminating theobjectives with exotic controls, simulate over the red canyon,hills, deserts and oceans and hunt down your enemies hiding inmilitary bases with sharp shooters and snipers all over the base.Get into the cockpit of your Ultimate F18, F16 super flying airattack flying machines capable to taking warheads and warfare andimmerse direct into the dogfight and air strike missions, hunt downand destroy the backbone of your ultimate enemy hiding behind enemylines for an extreme and realistic air war action combat. Simulateand take control of your Air War Ultimate Jet Fighters in F18 F16Dogfight simulator game, hold your cockpit tight; your jet is fullyloaded with ammunition and warfare warhead supplies. Burn thosetanks and anti aircraft missiles and guns into rubble and returnback victorious.Your air war ultimate jet fighters like F16 and F18, hornets andtomcat jet fighter are the most advance and sophisticated withmilitary warcraft, warheads and warfare combat navy, army and airforce jet fighter which are engaged in air strikers with nocompetition in supersonic speed and maneuverability, your F16 &F18 ultimate air war Jet fighter warrior jets are fully equippedwith assault gunner machine guns, ARM, SARM, missiles and otherpowerful air war fare weapons to take up the enemy’s Migs, SU27,F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fightersand drones air crafts and jet fighters as they are the masterassassins and sharp shooter within the air combat and dogfight, thetask is ballistic and the combat is ON simulate like an ace andprofessional jet fighter pilot of F18 & F16 shoot’em up andrain down destruction upon your enemies with your amazing skills ofdogfight and gun strike shoots in this action packed adventure ofair war jet fighter warrior game.Engage into the dogfight mode and fly the ultimate air war flyingmachines and fight like an ace, defend your air, land and sea fromthe enemy targeting from their military bases and naval battleships, take the dominance, you will have all the air support fromground radars, you have full support from your wingmen, you will besurrounded with all sorts of enemy jet fighters, but your air warultimate jet fighter like F18 and F16 is the most advance fighterjet equipped with modern air warfare missiles. Just take the hotseat and scroll into your cockpit, takeoff and lead your fighterjets while shooting and destroying the enemy’s air defense systemand all major ground forces, avoid enemy airplanes, air fighterjets, aircraft and navy air fighters, navy carrier gunships withgun strikes take all of them OUT!
Speedy Stunts Car 3D 1.0.1 APK
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Daredevil stunt master is back in town anddriving high-speed stunt cars on high roofs and rooftops with megaleaps and jumps all over the roofs of high rise buildings. Hit theroof hard,And feel the daring stunts and anxiety rush in performing deadlyand daring speedy stunts in the sports cars, take high jumps andtackle insane obstacles and hurdles to make some giant leaps. Drivesports car and heavy duty 4x4 offroad cars and hill climb vehicleson high rise city buildings and roof top crazy stunt shades,perform furious stunts with the awesome sports cars, speed kartaround different angles, turns, hurdles, and on the roof of theparking lot borders and different city plaza with speed andprecision.Speed Stunt Car 3D enables you to simulate and drive cool sportscars at full speed on dangerous highway and rooftop deadly tracks,be alert and careful and avoid obstacles with real driver androoftop stunt skills. You have good experience in hill climb andmounting driving skills, perform massive jumps with realisticdriving experience with speed stunt cars on rooftops. Show extremeprecision driving on high rise sky scrappers, hold the steeringtight in speed stunt cars 3D rooftop car simulator game, in sportscar models to drive at top speed for performing stunts. A realextreme and crazy stunt and rooftop adventure lays ahead youexperience awesome car stunts. Feel the adrenaline blood rush inthis awesome stunt car game.As a master stuntman and expert daredevil car driver, performamazing stunt on ramps like lined tracks or wicked paths. Selectsome of the luxury and branded sports rides drive at rooftop stuntenvironment with extreme madness and daring. Maneuver dangeroustracks like building edges. Avoid obstacles in stunt racing carwith skills, race over ramps to jump from rooftop to rooftop. Onlya highly skilled stunt car driver can handle jumping in top speed.This awesome speed stunt car drive Roof Top Stunt Jumping Simulatoris an addictive game, perform massive jumps, mid-air ramps,outlandish tracks and crazy high jumping stunts! Experience thethrilling adventure now! Roof top stunt car jumping is challengingand difficult, with skilled roof top stunt and driving levels,superb tracks are available for speed stunt car daredevil. Thisspeed car stunt and roof top jumping simulator and stunt performergame lets you drive your 3D turbo speed stunt cars with precisiondriving and real physics.Speed Stunt Car has smooth car controls with more fun and thrill,this speed stunt car 3D has some thrilling ride, escape, jump andcross the nasty and huge hurdles and buildings coming on your way,get ready for adventurous stunning and speedy thrill and agilityride through tricky and slippery rooftops and high rise buildingswhile you perform live stunts on the roof tops in this speed stuntcar. You will extremely enjoy these stunning car and rooftopgraphics, mid-air ramps and car stunts. Get ready to drive andsimulate into your luxury and sports cars, your off-road racingcars in mega city with roof top buildings and skyscrapers where youhave to park, climb and perform crazy stunning stunts from roof toroof.
Angry Lion 3D Simulator 1.0 APK
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Angry Lion, the king and the ruler ofthejungle, with the horrific and wildest hunting instincts andanappetite for hunting. Play your role as an Angry Lion 3DSimulatorand see the jungle from the eyes of a Lions roaming indeep jungleforest. The roar of an Angry Lion is unmatched and acall ofvictory and bravery.As a Wild Angry Lion your task is to hunt for food and look outforthe animals as your prey. The jungle is full of animals andyourattacking instincts are guiding you towards the prey and hunt.Becareful when the animal is near. Playing the part of an AngryLionSimulator, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of thesafariand hunting down any other animal as food, You are the rulerandking of the jungle forest feel the real rush and adrenaline inyourblood as you prepare to attack and simulate to otherjungleanimals. Be an Angry Wild Lion and survive in the wildernessaslong as you can. Start your own pride, make family of lions,andfight against fierce predators like Deer, Zebras, Boars,Foxes,Wolves, Hippos, Rhinos, Bears, Gorillas, Elephants,Panthers,Jaguars, Cheetahs, tigers and other Lions. Evolve yourlion tobecome the king of the jungle in the deadlyenvironments.While simulating and roaming in the jungle as an Angry WildLion,you’ll be able to experience the thrill of the safari andhuntingdown other animals, you have to be careful as African safarihasjust begun and the deer hunting season is almost over, bewatchfuland alert, as the hunters, sharp sniper shooters, wildanimalhunters are wide spread in the jungle to kill the ferociousand maneater lions and big cats who have been in the near byvillage forhunt, the silent shooters are hiding and stalking intothe jungleto hunt down the wild and man eater angry lion, tigers,panthers,leopards and other big saber tooth cats. Beware from themarinesoldier he is very famous hunter in arctic town withsnipershooting. Feel like RPG game style pounce, fight and kill foryourlife and show your hunter instincts. Release your primalintuitionand show your angry wild side! In this game, you takecontrol of afurious angry wild Lion that pounces and attacks itsprey. Thesafari jungle is dark and the forest is deep and is yourhuntingplayground, fellow animals will become your prey, as youaresearching for food while simulating into the deep jungle.Stalk, chase, run and attack throughout the wild jungle andforesttheme. Attack all animals on your way, there are so manyotherscary beasts and wild animals, experience the extreme angryLionwho attacks other animals to feel the real game to have fun!!AngryLion Simulator, an amazing game, with classic and real crazygameplay and animation! Not in your wildest dreams could youhaveimagined how it feels to be a real Angry Lion when it’s inanattacking mode. Be a wild beast as Angry Lion simulator andfeedyour hungry nature. Some wild animals might resist on yourattackand pounce on you, so beware and go for the kill. AngryLionSimulator is an action packed simulator and thriller game, beahunter or be hunted. Make all animals victim with your ferocityandpowerful claws and sharp teeth.Rampage the safari jungle wildlife and forest to get yourrevenge.Smash everything in the jungle. The Angry Lion simulator isfilledwith realistic animal physics and amazing 3D environment.Feel theReal 3D Environment and HD graphics as Angry Lion huntingwildanimals throughout the game play.
Angry Wolf 3D Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Gamer Zone
Hunt and live a life of a gruesome Angry WildWolf trying to survive, hunting for food and prey in deep darksafari jungle. Search for food and fight for survival! Fight foryour life against brutal animals in Angry Wild Wolf Simulator. Racein the ferocious deep dark jungle in search of preys and otheranimals. Show the wilderness and anger of a wild wolf! Rage off inthe jungle and complete animal killing quests while wander andsimulating into the jungle.Be the most powerful animal in the wilderness in Angry Wild WolfSimulator. As Angry Wolf, attack and survive, fight for your lifeagainst fierce animals like moose, bear and fox. Evolve yourself asa Wolf to become the strongest Wild Wolf attacking in the wildness.As an angry and vicious, Harmonious Mountain Wolf, coldhearted andfast Snow Wolf, and scary and cruel Wild Wolf with sharp sabertooth, simulating and looking to hunt and slaughter anyone whocomes within your sight. Close in for the kill and ATTACK! Thejungle and forest place is filled with giraffes, sheep and otheranimals. Don't forget about the humans; simulate and hunt them alldown with your sharp jaws.Learn the basic ultimate angry wild werewolf survival tips from theangry wolf simulator. The struggles of the life of wolf revenge areto survive in the wildlife simulator not only from hungry wolfattack and animal killing for food but also the battles againstother wild animals like angry lion, cheetah or bear. Angry wolfattacking was never that addicted and superb. Angry wild wolves arelooking to slaughter anyone who comes within their sight. Explorethe arena and look for prey for feast. As Angry Wolf, you need tobe very accurate while attacking. Become one of the ultimate deadlywild angry wolves and enjoy the tremendous experience of angrywolves. Let the angry wolf simulator race in the ferocious junglein the hunt of preys! Show of the wolves anger, hungry wolf attackand animal killing predator instincts by complete angry animalhunting and real wolf simulator quests!Maintain your health, hunger, thirst and energy to survive in ahostile forest while simulation, use your wild angry wolf sabertooth sharp teeth, iconic howl of angry wolf, and swift speed tocatch a tasty snack or fight dangerous foes! Gain experience bydefeating other animals and level up your wolves to increase theirhealth, attack damage, and even unlock new abilities and levels! Asan angry wild wolf, you can freely roam a massive open-world forestfilled with dangerous carnivores, towering trees, and sparklingpools of water!Angry Wild Wolf Attack Simulator 3D, is a realistic wildlifesimulator and hunting game with amazing graphics, sounds effectsand wolf simulation makes it even more thrilling to play. Time tokill your prey because this is how a real wild wolf lives! Livelife as a wolf battle against people in arctic town and wildlifewilderness animals and make them your food. Enjoy chasing animalsfor hunting, attack cars, hunters and innocent peoples in thishunting game.
Ice Cream Delivery Boy Sim 3D 2.0.1 APK
Gamer Zone
Drive into the tasty world of Ice Cream andplay your role as an Ice Cream Delivery Boy, in this game of IceCream Delivery Van Boy Simulator. Get to know what it is like to bean ice cream truck driver! Drive and play with an ice cream truck;sell ice cream to the customers;Supply ice cream in the city and on beaches. Drive ice cream truckand delivery van by being an ice cream delivery boy. Ice creamdelivery games and truck delivery were never such entertainingbefore, maneuver ice cream truck in the big city to experience theexclusive environment in ice cream delivery games category. Icecream man needs to be on time to be a hero in the brand newaddition to truck delivery games. So, treat yourself with ICE CREAMDELIVERY VAN AND TRUCK BOY, the king of all ice cream deliverytruck games.Race against time with your own unique Ice cream van, truck andbuggy and reach out all the customers to delivery ice cream. Testyour simulating skills driving the irreplaceable van, truck orbuggy. Hey boy, drive and simulate in ice-cream delivery truck andvan and sell ice cream, make frozen yogurt or stack your ice creamcone with as many scoops as you can. In a big city with anabundance of truck drivers, an ice cream maker has abandoned itsice cream store and got hold of an ice cream delivery truck. Youhave to act as a trucker supplying and delivering delicioussweetest treats of icecream all over the city in icecream deliveryboy simulating in the van and truck simulator.If you love simulating games, like to have ice creams, icecreamvans and euro truck driving and parking games or crazy about racingand pacing, then this game of real euro ice cream truck simulatoris just the one you are waiting, you're going to fall in love withkids and grown ups as well in this ice cream delivery trucksimulator game, icecream delivery boy in van and truck andtransport simulators are very attractive and addictive to play.This wonderful fun game of ice cream delivery truck simulator isbuilt around a colorful city where kids are waiting for your icecream truck, simulate across the city to deliver ice cream in youricecream truck as delivery boy. Help yourself in being the best icecream boy and truck simulator driver in town.Simulating in an ice cream truck is a life time experiencerealistic simulation effects and great precision truck drivingskills, discover an unprecedented world of experience by puttingyourself as an expert icecream delivery trucker 3d driver and getbehind the wheels in this icecream truck game. Watch Out, whileparking the ice cream delivery van boy and truck simulator, roadsare filled with heavy duty traffic like car, transporter trucks,animal transport trucks, heavy duty trucks and many other vehicles,be careful with speeding cars, ambulances, police car chaserssimulators etc. that will be all over your on the roads and makesure you don't hit them or may engage in accidents, crashes orcollisions in this wonderful game of ice cream delivery trucksimulator which will lead you to the extreme levels and will notonly test your driving skills trucking and delivery skills but alsothe simulating endurance in different locations, treacherousroad.Its high time to download and play ice cream games and experiencethe finest of ice cream delivery games. The combination of vans andtruck delivery games with a skilled ice cream delivery boy is areal time killer. ICE CREAM DELIVERY BOY IN VAN AND TRUCK is surelygoing to be a top choice in all van and truck delivery games.