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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Game Plan:::::::::::::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Havea Fantastic 3D Game ,Commando War Cant 3D in which army soldierkill the bad enemies. where soldier are arrested under the prison.army soldier is trying to help him army.It consist ten mission eachchangeable,user achieve each one.it is one off most imortantthrelling game How to Play This Game :1- Touch the screen for lookanywhere left, right, up or down.2- Move forward, backward, left orright with joy stick controls .3- Tap Fire button fire.4- Forenemies at far distance, use the telescope for scope.5- Detectenemies by the help of radar.6- Increase your Health by fire atHealth box .Features:1- Excellent Forest environment2- Fabuloussound effects3- Easy GUI and controls4- First person shooting5-every soon it is available on face book

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    Commando War Cant IGI 3D
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    May 13, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Publish Date: 2015 /9/1
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 33.1 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API: 22)
    File Sha1: b5ab978b5c8ea250d33b09598499de4a5d889548
    APK Signature: 8ca9e8833e6f79b80e6d91d2505702e7a40ef8d3

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IGI Commando Adventure War 1.4 APK
Best Story >>>>>>>>IGI Commando adventurewar have Totally New Idea Have a Fantastic 3D Game in which.As ancommando army, which is isolated by his army house. Enemy soldiershave assigned a mission to kill you and are wandering there to findyou. As well trained Commando , you have skills to traverse enemygroup to reach the safe place from where you will be picked up bythe helicopter. Ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.Digital radar system, which you have shows the locations andmovements of enemies.You are expected to succeed at all costs. Wishyou good luck and stay safe You are a brave heart commando targetedto fight with enemies in the streets to take revenge of murderedcompanions Experience exciting WW2 campaigns with challengingmissions that will test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium,Italy, Germany, and more To complete the target, you have got bestmachine gun and a precise RPG rocket launcher to fire Grab yourguns to fight enemy troops, eliminate snipers, or obliterateconvoys, halftracks, and tanks to forward the war campaign and saveEurope You have limited bullets and have to fire precisely Masterchallenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and Rocket Launchermissions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages of Axisinvaders! Become a special operations solider to take down thedeadliest, high-profile WW2 War enemy officers and destroy valuablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks nims It’s agreat challenge to attack on a number of soldiers and when survivalis must being a sole commando in the battlefield. So, as an expertfrontline commando of royal forces, use your specialized shootingskills and kill all the enemy soldiers to death. You have to beextra careful and is to make sure that the defense of city town isfool proof. Your strategy is to protect the city and keep theenemies away from their mission.each and every thing mission arevery important With cutting-edge graphics and precise controls, youcan see and feel the action of WW2. Whatever the mission or weapon-from machine gun to sniper- the game like as frontlines of war andCommando City War- Free tottal ,You will play as a sniper, striketerrorists. Your task is to fight against terrorists bases anddestroy Xp City terrorist remnants, to effectively combat terroristactivities hope you will be enjoy it.Important Weapons>>>There are different types of weapons, Commando is acomplete war machine but still modern war equipment really great tomaximize the enemy territory destruction.Long range heavy snipergun with amazing clear zoom for better accuracy to get target down.Short gun for sharp shooting while deadly ambush. RF Rifel ,SmallGun ,Sniping Gun ,Medical Full Kit ,Small Drone ,Commando Knife areother weapons are also used . How to Play:- Touch the right half ofscreen for look anywhere left, right, up or down. efficient Control- Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stick controls insimple touch .- for joystick touch and swap on left half of screen-Tap Fire button fire.- For enemies at far distance, use thetelescope for sniper shoot.- Detect enemies by the help of radarand Map.- Hear and Read the message from GHQ carefullyFeatures:-Excellent city house environment- Efficient sound effects- Fine thelocation of Enemies using map- hp GUI- First person shooting-Multiple Weapons are used
IGI Forest Commando Adventure 1.0 APK
STRONG STORY >>>>>>We Have Introduce New 3D GameStreath Forest Commando War Have Totally New Idea . Differentmaterials are used.that are Tank Oils , Oldest Buildings ,Different Weapons,Different Enemies and First Person. Where we usedthe first person and different enemies. all enemies are lies onland,Buildings and Oil Tanks. there are different materials areused and Different weapons that are Guns .Army have differentwarrior as a frontline commando war, mountains with sniper gunshootings:: We have introduce Plus shape way like as Road like aswarship Battle . my person have move from one side and He saw theenemies.Enemies only attack when my commando is in 10 m distanceaway otherwise they not attack Fallen nation,Sea,mountain.Each havea changeable.Forest and Fury action have the First AttackAssassinates and warrior,heli .last army sniper including gunshiphelicopter war and enemy military troops war have a largeDetail.Great navy commando Streath ultimate Fronlines commandosmilitary soldiers.most user used IGI Have because this Game is moreefficient to other Games.freedom is very important to expand herlife shadow fighter,sea,Modern and unkilled enemies that are Gluand Bubblo . Animal is the part of the life , Lion ,cat ,deerHunting ,wild Hunter,safari,Duck,Real,Russian animals,americananimals, Australia and other countries.Peoples playing more type ofapplications that are Shhoting,lone Killer,Contractkiller,Robocop,Mission Impossible,Iron Death,Zombie,clash war,1965war. and many other peoples like the puzzle Apps include Candy,Farms,Heros Digger,Alphabetty,Pet,Rescue,BubbleWitch,Diamond,Charm,calaputt,Soda,Xperia theme Papa and other farmof Pyramid ,In This 3D Game i have introduce Differentfunctionality,That are >>>> Radar Circle Where we findthe enemies >>>> Fire Button Player used the fireButton to kill enemies.>>>> Scope Button where playerhave Zoom in and Zoom out the Scope and Target theenemies.>>>> Health Bar This is the life of Player.>>>> Pause Game , Menu Game , Win Game and Lose Game>>>> Joystick is Also used . where Player Have a moveto different location. move to left Right and Down, Up. How To Play>>>>> >>>> To Move Commando Left Right,Up and Down Using Joystick.>>>> kill the enemies usingFire Button.>>>> To Target The enemies using the scope.>>>> To Find The enemies using Radar.Full Game Features>>>> Nexus Sound . >>>> Action thrillinglikes as Commandos war .>>>> Full thrilling Action Gamewith First Person Game .>>>> Download free Game likesas IGI First .>>>> Reload Automatic Gun. >>>Wonder Full Sound and Music >>>> Different TypesMission each have ChangeableNote : This 3D Game is Tottaly Free andIt available To Google Play Store and i have Requested To All userThat Give me our Feedback so i have update in next version . Thankyou For All You.Best Luck and EnjoyIt>>>>>>>>>>>>
Commando War Cant IGI 3D 1.0 APK
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Game Plan:::::::::::::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Havea Fantastic 3D Game ,Commando War Cant 3D in which army soldierkill the bad enemies. where soldier are arrested under the prison.army soldier is trying to help him army.It consist ten mission eachchangeable,user achieve each one.it is one off most imortantthrelling game How to Play This Game :1- Touch the screen for lookanywhere left, right, up or down.2- Move forward, backward, left orright with joy stick controls .3- Tap Fire button fire.4- Forenemies at far distance, use the telescope for scope.5- Detectenemies by the help of radar.6- Increase your Health by fire atHealth box .Features:1- Excellent Forest environment2- Fabuloussound effects3- Easy GUI and controls4- First person shooting5-every soon it is available on face book
IGI Commando War Adventure 2 1.0 APK
Strong Over View:::The concept of this game is drive from Windows IGI Game.but herei have developed android IGI Game that is different from other IGIGames. the story is totally different in past you play thedifferent Games Like as Front lines and here we use the concept ofworld war two.and there are so many shooting application areavailable on android store.I'm Going to released that App is atactical first-person shooter developed by GSMARTSTUDIO andreleased on OCT 10, 2015 by MSM Upon release the games receivednumber of comment mixed review due to a number of shortcomingshaving totally low programmed and depend on AI.have a lack of midsaving options and also lack of multiplayer features likes asAssassin.It was Super praised for its superb music,sound design andgraphics have Full HB like as Battle warriar Fury action.In Part ofThanks its used of a proprietary game engine.this app havedeveloped in multi country languages like as americanlanguage,Indonesian,Canada,Russia,Australia like as helicopter.userare mostly play puzzle type apps like ascandy,deluxe,soda,farms,heroes,aircraft carrier, gunshipshelicopter,modern combat tank missions on high mountain snipersshooting area foundations and in deserts war shooing field evenhigh dangerous all refugee city camp rescue missions.Now dayscommando give hard target at high uponthe mountains. Navy man pickshis long range sniper shooter gun for long range snipe targets.Also some short range guns and pistol drugs for safety bound in thetents while moderns night time and evening times the Glu is largestocean in the world.IMPORTANT MISSIONSIn the world there are so many operation are performing underarmy.army is the one of most popular FORCE that cover all thing.Here we also use that type of mission in future we add thesemission1->>Fist of all Trainyard have a most popular mission2->>SAM Base hight form3->>Military Airbase low target4->>GOD mission middle5->>Radars Base mission6->>Get Priboi extant7->>Borders Crossing no one8- >>Re-Supply not allow9- >>Missiles Trainyard permuted10->> Defends Priboi listing11- >>Eagles Nest one12- >>Eagles Nest two13->> Nuclear Infiltration heroes fighting14- >>Findings The Bomb. normal modeNote :This Game is Totally Free and available on Google Storeand must reviewing this application in next version we improve it.Thank you So much andEnjoy it .
Gunship War:Helicopter 3D 1.1 APK
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< AWESOMESTORY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gunship War:Helicopter 3D have a 3D Game but have a concept TotallyDifference from other Games.In market there are so many apps areavailable that are , Battle and Gunner apple,WARSHIP and zone andZombie Free and Gun Dead Mostly user's play that type of the Gamebut now my company introduce a new concept and new Mission.Is aaction game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight controlsimulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into animmersive combat experience the moment you start the game. It isthe Historic navel or clashes of world war 2 ,in Brave commando,commando attack the Bad enemies in different ways , there are somany weapons are used. Become a pilot and engage in combat missionsacross the world.Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wingVTOL aircraft to complete your missions.puts you in the gunner seatof a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Strategicallyfire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies andprotect the remaining survivors of the racing apocalypse!Extremechallenging really bloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassinateattack with full of fury, huge destruction of army including lovingand enemy military troops.Commando war adventure story: Navalcommando war on holidays have a plan to adventure in mountainshooting area. Mostly deer hunting and snow bear is favorite hobbyof the army soldiers, exactly same commando decide to go for animalshooting in jungle at high above the mountains. Border forest wasmost famous Hunting ground for the hunters. Soldier gets his bagand baggage for adventure mission plan. Navy man picks his longrange sniper gun for beast and creature hunt. Also some short rangegun and pistol for safety in the tent while night time.ComingUpdate.>>>Fighter got old army jeep for journey andreached at the point after a day passed, further few miles was highrisky at must be tedious and with necessary apparatus As he reachedsnow covered cliffs there was lot of suspicious activities bymilitary of opponent country this time was decision to get ambushwith deadly warier or run off. Serviceman made a decision to playrole as frontline commando and make a quick strategy to bloodshedcombat action. Combatant have created mines field around the secretarmy base. Enemies have menace battle strategy with modern combaterexplosive material so mission was more dangerous than expected. Donot stop your anger there and show your full fury to makeeverything into destruction. Destroy all enemy tanks. Maximizeopponent casualties and do not show mercy for bloody warriors.GameFeatures->> Efficient and High quality 3D graphics despitecompact app size ->> Fast paced naval battles with authenticwar Helicopter from the World War II era.->> Customize yourHelicopter war with different weapons and parts to win thebattle->> Five different Episodes and Hidden missions basedon real WWII naval battles.->> Internet connection is notrequired after downloading the game->> Full Action Game withFPS (First Person Shooting) Game. and Download for free just littleads placed to improve and maintain quality of awesome game.->> Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mega sounds veryefficient and sample game.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Dragon Commando Warrior War 1.0 APK
One Month You know about the Anti Terrorist Counter Strike shootingwar with the full destructive a exhilarating weapons live now Youare the part of the SWAT TEAM Commando Unit Counter terrorist isour and your duty. Anti terrorist SWAT Police they plan and haveintelligence report about the full underworld criminals dotsviolate in the city live.So There are many and multiple terroristforces which doing work like Mafia X lovers ,the Under World 2 zoomand Target Killers has they netted the whole country and city an.They are spread or anarchy by drugs mafia, violence young, serialkilling zone, target killing and drugs. So it's have a quickmission to all recover the city position area, They are all rescueinnocent people they are not safe.There fore one is the mostbiggest World that has been under ISIS terrorists attack.They Callof country where the you are long a SWAT Commando & city sniperarmy.These area are Dangerous assault mission assigned to the allblast away the ISIS gang terrorists team the using anti-terroristbloody war guns boys, explosives attack, undercover agents they,sharp shooters net, they are marines and specialized militarysniper gunners at the small enemy’s frontier . In the huge everymission you step by for homeland covering, They are kill all enemysoldiers using , so destroy their all infrastructure and clearmilitants position.Now we assigned mission to the assassin allcommandos they are strong. Now The target is the and about toimpossible mission next but not for the all a professional SWATCity Commando strong They Keep out world at war arms as World WarII you know about this position.In the Ending of the 2015 andstaring of the 2016 The ISIS are attack to Paris this is the timeof the Christmas in which they eliminate Abdelhamid Abaaoud deadyou know about Helicopter and gunship they destroy all things byusing the tans and killing the gunner and they are snipers at thetop of the buildings you know about the battlefield which is themodern combat. ISIS gunners are so strong they occupy allweaponry.You First Terminate counter terrorist force which highvalue target which is enforcement by the largest agency hijackedhelicopter by using they also doing gunship strike.they also deadlyairstrike so do the aircraft with the RPG.In those days militarycreating the backup way enemy engage by using elite.STRONG POWERFULL WEAPONS: They are so many power full guns which is trigger tothe shoot down all bad deadly killers you know about the AK-47 withhave the multi mags and full ammo.I have the one Heli Gun which isM134 caliber is consist six barrel it is most powerful combatweapon Now one is Anti Tank which is Rocket propelled grenade...COMING FEATURE:Realistic Dragon S.W.A.T. likes as battle simulatornext WW2They have Modern weapons which is assault rifles livesniper guns.The Deadly bullets a effects with the head-shot to killhuge fast. High Definition 3D graphics - World War 2FPS (FirstPerson Shooter) 3D Game compare to IGI 2 different.Full Sound andmusic.