1.1 / March 22, 2017
(4.1/5) (41)


A legendary naval warship shooting combathasbegun! Commando warship shoot combat is an amazing thrillingtopFPS commando combat action packed aquatic war-themedsimulation.Enjoy adventurous thrilling battleship clash in topshooting gamein real time modern combat arena with elite commandoskills stayalert and shoot deadly enemies warship with strategicbattlewarfare expertise in deadliest oceans. Commando warship navystrikeis naval combat between naval forces in deep deadly ocean.Navysurgical strikes will bring you back to World War 2 whilstyouenjoy real battleship clash in enemy's world. Be an elitesnipercommando shooter to destroy all enemy's fleet battleshipsinintense bloody battle with ultimate gunship shootingmachine.
Fierce navy gunner war is going to take place in the deepdeadlyocean duty as commando is to save the naval base and snipeaway theenemy's naval force with nonstop gunner attacks. Enemyisapproaching navy vessel, commando warship shoot combat ofgreatdeep sea is calling commando warrior to embark on mission indeepdeadliest ocean the given mission is to command warship anddestroyenemy's deadly ships with high teach navy gunship shootingmachine.Warship is equipped with latest & most powerful longdistantmachine gun. Use the most modern armory like rifles andgatlingguns to fight the enemies. Each machine has its uniquerealisticcombination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance.Dominate theseas and master the world’s most advanced combat seafight as youexperience the most deadly destructive battle in thisaction packedgame. Complete all levels by eliminating navalsurgical strike inthe Commando warship shoot combat.
Commando Warship shoot Combat provides an opportunity totakecommand of legendary vessels of naval force and fightfordomination on the high seas. Naval surgical strike battleshootinggame is modern commando military battleship combatprovidingengaging military scenarios to pull into immerse navalattackexperience the moment you start thrilling adventurousgame.Experience the thrill and excitement of striking enemiesthroughheavy machine gun installed on gunner warship. Win thisaquaticbattle combat as a real navy commando of country.
Assemble fleet of warships battleships and cruisers to fightepicbattles on the high seas! This warship battle fight is forglorydefends country honor and pride. Save country from navalattackthrough warship by using high teach navy gunner machineandcommando shooting skills. Keep in mind! Don’t let your healthgetfinished. Eliminate and kill all enemies before they manage tokillyou. Make them pay for their bad deeds. Clear way out bysnipingdeadly enemies.
Game Play:
• Aim & shoot the enemy from fire button
• For enemies at distance, use the stealth sniper telescopeforzooming
Key Features of Commando Warship Shoot Combat:
• FPS (First Person Shooter) Game
• New weapons and more exciting upgrades
• Fast paced naval battles with warships
• Challenging and exciting sniper shooter missions
• Amazing Sea Environment
• Wide Ocean command on battleship use deadly weapons
• Realistic Shooting and Explosive Sounds
• Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals different exciting sea base
• Thrilling navy gunner war
• Epic shooting mission!
• Easy GUI and controls
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App Information Commando Warship Shoot Combat

  • App Name
    Commando Warship Shoot Combat
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 22, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Versatile Games Studio
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email varestilegames@gmail.com
    199, Hub Commercial, bahria town Phase 8 Rawalpindi pakistan
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Air Force Jet Attack is modern air fightergameto enter into the world of plane battle for gamers dreamingtobecome bravo pilots to defend their country by survival skillsinfighter plane. Enjoy extreme gunship air battle withsurgicalstrike modern air supremacy jet fighter, perform spaceattack withrealistic and precise radar to face highly armored enemyin thisfastest and real jet fighter air battle.Perform air strike in modern air combat fighter aircraft tosaveyour city in modern warzone arena perform air force attacktobecome a fighter air force pilot. This aim and shoot jetcombatgame called Air Force Jet Attack provides thunder jetfighters fromassault Rafale to MIG-29. Control air supremacy jetfighter planein air combat arena by jet fighter air attack to makeyourselfuniversal star and bravo pilot and to save your city frombloodyenemy. Take control of fighting aircraft endless dogfightchase inmodern air attack deadly missions to shoot and fire rocketsonbloody enemy. Eliminate them from your country and prove youarereal sky gambler using your surviving and dodging skills withthisjet fighter plane simulator.Take enemy’s tanks and machine guns under thunder fighter jetairattack becoming a jet pilot and perform air force surgicalstrikebefore it attacks and destroys your jet fighter. Shoot downenemy’smilitary gunship helicopter, missile towers, watch towersandfighter warplanes with power of modern weapons of your ultracombatjet in modern warzone arena. Modern jet fighter air attackfrom airto air and air to ground tests aiming and shooting skillsinthrilling aircraft combat game with modern ammunition. Aimandshoot on enemy, fire rockets on tanks and anti-aircraft gunsbeforethey get clear shot on you in air combat arena.Enjoy modern air combat fighter jet simulations to trainbycompleting the amazingly developed challenging mission basedgameand test you under modern jet strike war in Air Force JetAttackwith surgical strike in city. Become a flying ace inrealistic airattack dog-fight chase where you will face brutalenemy with yourfighting aircraft. Game has ten dreadful jets to airattack: F-16fighting falcon, SU-35, MIG-29, MIG-25, MIG-21, F-22raptor, F-35lighting II, F-15 eagle, Mirage 2000 and DasssaultRaffale withvirtual jet shop and 5 challenging missions. Each nextmission canbe unlocked by completing previous mission.Air Force Jet Attack is real jet fighter air battle thatcombinesstunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation andengagingmilitary scenarios to pull you into an immersive combatexperience.If you like extreme action games then this jet fightermania isimmensely action packed to feel intense combat warzone inthemiddle of enemy crossfire. Show the world how to restore peacewithyour heavily armed airplanes.How to play:• Tilt the device left/right to change direction or aim atthetarget• Tap on shoot button when target is locked• Raise the accelerometer to get the desired speedKey Features:• Extreme deadly jets to fight on• Realistic based jet simulations used• Challenging missions with engaging gameplay• Various modern fighting jets to select from• Easy controls with engaging gameplay• Virtual purchasing shop• Free on Google play, just install and enjoyIf you like this game, please try other games by clicking “MorefromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforget torate and review.https://www.facebook.com/uniqueandroidgamerz/
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Welcome to the world of best bike racing games, the desert trailstunt bike rally. If you are a lover of stunt bike racing games,then be ready to enjoy the maximum fun and real thrilling actionwhile beating the rival racers in the mid of desert stunt arena.The 3D bike game is beautifully designed in asphalt rally xtremedesert terrain along with cool ramps and dirt tracks. So enjoy yourjourney on the top of Hill Mountains as well as in the mid ofdeserts and beat the competent as fast as you can. Perform someinsane acrobatic stunts while rushing through the impossible dirttracks and show your real drifting skills to the world of superbikechampionship. Ride the uphill difficult off road tracks like a prostunt master and don’t let the rival racers win this superbikerally game.Desert trail stunt bike rally is an ultimate addition tothe desert bike racing games and have many unique features whichyou have never seen before. Put on your helmet, race theaccelerator and boost like a jet fighter plane. Use the nitro boostwhenever you feel losing yourself in this bike rally racing game.The nitro will provide you the sufficient boost to perform theadrenaline asphalt rally rush on the dirt tracks. Take the sharpand crazy turns while performing the insane acrobatic stunts andwin this bike rally superbike jumping game like a pro rider. Thereare many different camera views in this trail bike game to give youthe most realistic bike simulation feel during the gameplay. Playlike the super hero of superbike racing world and don’t lose asingle stunt bike racing mission.The desert trail stunt bike rallygives you the chance to maximize your stunt bike racing skills ondifficult off road tracks in the mid of desert stunt arena. Sobrace yourself for the most thrilling trail bike racing trilmissions and start your rally desert racing game motorbike rallygame with a dash. Just like the other stunt bike games, the deserttrail bike rally will fulfill your motorcycle racing fever andallow you to enjoy the best racing games of the world. Use yoursuper bike simulator to perform the front-flips or back-flips andeven the wheelies like pro racer. There are many thrillingsuperbike racing bike rally challenging mission. Each mission havedifferent number of racers and have more and more difficult offroad tracks. Choose your favorite trail bike, upgrade it and startperforming the most insane tril stunts of all times. Use the nitroboost and front flips to speed up your motorbike and win thissuperbike racing championship on every cost. There are manydifferent types of stunt bikes available in the game garage. Playwith your best dirt bike simulator and explore the most adventurousfun ever.Top Multiple Features of Desert Trail Stunt Bike Rally:•Stunning 3D graphics and amazing desert environment.• Mostrealistic physics-based desert bike racing game. • High-Qualitygame sounds and beautiful music tracks.• Insane and crazy stuntsand jumping ramps.• Difficult and impossible dirt tracks.• Smoothgame controls and tilting.• User friendly GUI and gameplay.•Different thrilling and challenging game missions.• Wide variety oftrail bikes.• It's a FREE game!Game Play:• Tap the acceleratebutton to speed up the motorcycle.• Use brake button to slow downor reverse stunt bike.• Tilt the device to steer the motorcycleleft/right.If you like the desert trail stunt bike rally game,please try other games by clicking “More from Developer” or byvisiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.We don't collect any personal information; any non-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and game improvements.
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Get ready for breathtaking 3D Xtreme turbo drift car racing gamewhere you get to drive real racing cars on crazy asphalt racingtracks. Pick your wanted formula car and join the extreme racingchallenge. Turbo formula racing car’s gear is in full throttle andthe foot is on the pedal, all you have to do is take control anddrive your real Super Cars on some of the fastest racing tracks.Enjoy an advanced driving & physics engine using drifting &speeding around the maps like an turbo stunts pro racer! Rememberthe crazier you’re driving the faster you’ll go. Race against time.Achieve all the goals before finishing the lap; experience uniquereal car racing physics on amazing 3D graphical environment.Xtremeturbo drift car racing game awaits you in the crazy sports racingarenas! Race and chase your opponents to become a car drivingexpert and master each of the racing game modes as a top notchmotor racer. Dash through the fastest racing tracks with yourluxurious turbo sports car ride and enjoy the 3D views. Barrelthrough the crazy asphalt track, avoid crashes take down theopponents and perform extreme sports car stunts & drifting bycontrolling your car movements on highway asphalt track. In Xtremeturbo drift car racing, fulfill your fever of racing and driftingby refueling nitrous and earn cash to buy a new car. Tap on thenitrous and thrust full to experience the real speed of your car inthe ultimate turbo racing game. Turbo Real Racing combines withstunning HD quality graphics with addictive gameplay. Xtreme turbodrift car racing has been made for the lovers of speed. Drive yourautomatic real super formula cars around the 3D challengingenvironment spin around corners drifting crushing and do as much asyou can. Enjoy the most thrilling extreme stunt car racing foradrenaline fueled racing action on the best highway race tracks.Complete Extreme drift turbo car racing challenges at over 180 mph!Just make sure nobody gets to drive ahead of you! Game Play• Tiltright/left to turn right/left • Touch brake button to slow down orreverse the car• Touch boost button to boost the car speed• Collectboost packs from the road and refill your nitrous boost• Experiencethe thrills of real racing and driftingFeatures of Xtreme TurboDrift Car Racing Game:• Addictive action packed gameplay• Highlyimmersive racing game • Stunning 3D HD quality graphics•Breathtaking visuals • Dangerous and tricky paths• Furious racingon asphalt tracks• Real Driving feeling with extra Fun • Smooth& realistic sports car controls• Challenging missions• Fastnitrous boost to speed up your race• Earn cash to upgrade differenthigh-performance cars• Realistic sound effects and best suitedmusic tracks for locations and racesIf you like this turbo driftcar racing game, please try other games by clicking “More fromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’t forgetto rate and review.
Real Desert Safari Racer 1.1 APK
Real Desert Safari Racer puts jeep racing gamers in extreme offroad motor race to become best all-terrain racers of 4x4 cruiservehicles. This off road drifting game gives off road racers achance of insane stunt jeep driving as crazy off-road riders inlatest SUVs to become top desert safari riders on hot sand. Ridejeep in unlimited offroad desert racing game to train and expertiseultra combat off-road jeep racing skills and to become top desertsafari racer.This off road dirt racing mania is filled with jeepfree ride challenging missions to enjoy endless fun driving andoff-road drifting in deadly rally race. Real Desert Safari Racer isoff road jeep racing game provides different types of land cruiserjeeps with realistic accelerometer and blazing 4wd jeep vehicle ondangerous bumpy sandy track. Become top offroad dirt racer in thisbest off road racing simulator game playing in deadly off road racewith amazing scenery and responsive speedy paddle.This off roaddesert racing game provides four land cruiser jeeps with extremelypowerful engine to race in desert safari racing againstprofessional opponents. This is not f1 racing game, neither it isheavy bike or super bike desert trip to race on asphalt tracks butthis is modern offroad racing in 4x4 vehicles with realisticphysics and amazing power ups on sandy track. Real Desert SafariRacer is best jeep rally desert racing off road jeep racing desertgame rally desert racing game to become off-roading specialist withadrenaline rush in offroad vehicles.This off-road racing maniaprovides four super fast cruiser vehicles for off road racing intwo modes to play on three different challenging sand tracks.Expertise off road jeep driving skills by completing objectivebased strategic desert racing demanding missions with a lot of morestuff to come in next updates with best offroad simulators. Becomean off road driving legend in safari desert racing game withrealistic physics based simulations and combat action racing.If youlove to play off road racing and drifting games for insane stuntdriving with real crash effects, real life recorded sounds andcrisp HD visuals, then Real Desert Safari Racer is perfect offroaddesert racing game for you. Drive as an extreme SUV off road jeepdriver perform drag racing and 4x4 motor stunt drivingdesert tripin offroad cruiser jeep simulator to rule the world of off-roadracing. Download now and enjoy for free.How to play:• Tilt deviceor tap on the screen to change direction• Collect power ups• Enableboost to activate nitrous powerReal Desert Safari Racer keyfeatures:• Extreme off road driving simulations• Crisp, cinema like3D high quality visuals used• Real life recorded sound effects•Animated crowd for thrilling experience• Best off road gameavailable on Google playIf you like this game, please try othergames by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting ourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.https://www.facebook.com/uniquegamerz/
Xtreme Trail Stunt Race 1.3 APK
Xtreme Trail Stunt Race is a new era in bike death racing gamesdesigned for daring highway riders on bizarre offroad tracks toride bike in city offroad highway riding modern super xtreme traildirt bike race. Bike Stunt is no.1 extreme trail stunt racing gamedesigned for thrilling bike racing game lovers searching for realsports bike race challenge with acrobatic stunts. Buckle up for thereal thumb bike racing adventure in superbike racing game withmodern asphalt tracks and stunt bike racing. Ride in adrenalinefueled stunt action racing control super trail stunt bike bydodging and avoiding insane obstacles on asphalt track. Play dirtbike trail stunts game like motocross madness in extreme actionsports bike racing game. Extreme trail stunt racing is extremeaction city dirt gt bike game on android with insane and stunt onewheeling action! That blends the boundaries through a variety ofdangerous tracks while enjoying the realistic bike physics andfast-paced game play. Experience the real thrill and adventure of3D stunts. One of the most addictive and entertaining physics baseddriving game on Google Play ever made! And it's absolutelyfree!Xtreme trail stunt race is all about maneuvering the dirt bikefor control as you guide your motorbike rider across the rampsbarrels and obstacles for an ultimate GT bike stunt race. Thebike’s engine is at full throttle! Satisfy your xtreme bike stuntrace fever while perform death defying stunts on crazy rough track.Jump over ramps to show off epic stunts as a stunt bike rider! Ridein style on highway race tracks; Pick up boosts & performstunts to win the race. Strap on your GT motorcycle helmet mountyour superbike and get ready to burn the track with 10 differentbike racing levels with multiple obstacles, roadblocks, explosiveand other road hurdles in turbo extreme trail stunt race. Your goalin the game is to Drive your xtreme dirt bike, collect pickups andperform dangerous stunts to challenge your skills by achieved bestcollection of coins target forever. Enjoy realistic andeye-catching HD quality graphics which provides the best stunningmotorcycle gaming stunts on straight roads with incredible highspeed race track experienced consisting of challenging anddangerous roads.Game Play:• Hit race button to boost the speed •Hit break to stop the dirt bike• Left/right /upper arrows forperforming stuntsFeatures of Xtreme Trail Stunt Race:• Stunning 3DHD quality graphics • Enhanced Physics Engine • Fast paced actionpacked game • Insane challenges and missions • Various challengingmissions • Exciting obstacles and hill climbing racing tracks •Thrilling detailed asphalt tracks with obstacles• Amazing thirdperson view• Smooth and realistic physics based simulations used•Crisp, cinema like 3D high quality visualsIf you like this Xtremetrail stunt race game, please try other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforget to rate and review.