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Our photo editor has a lot of features like rich pic editorwithcreative collage maker with several live camera filters andeffectto increase photography as you take picture. Apply multipleeffectsspecially photo special effects with the pic editor change,whitebalance or saturation and many others. Apply photo effects inrealtime, beauty face filter and make creative adjustmentsdirectlyfrom the selfie camera. We introduce you a Best photoeditor toresize pictures and edit background blur picture withphoto filtersat just one tap to apply lens flare effects or createlight leakphoto in no time. The Photo Director Camera and editorgive you alarge variety of tools to turn your pictures intospectacular shotsto share. Get your beauty filters now with BeautyFace Cam: SelfiePhoto Editor and Live Filter now! Lot of Filters orPictures Adjustbrightness, hue, warmth, saturation etc.. Lomo,Pink, vignette,warm, dew, dark, natural. Body Retouch Manyhairstyle, muscles andtattoos stickers. Face and slim body to get aperfect figure.Elongate legs to make your proportion better. PhotoCollage Maker100+grids,massive backgrounds, frames, filters tochoose from;Remix up to 18 pictures into a photo collage instantly;Cartoon,Emoji, Doodles, Halloween and more photo stickers for baby.BlurBackground Glitch Effects Blur photo background to get DSLRBlurEffect GB, RG, Neon, swirl, pixel and more; Photo Blender LightFXMix and blend two images to make stunning artwork Lens, Splashanddozens of light leak effects. Key Features • Powerful andeasyphoto edit tools; • Glitch and light leaks effects; • Hundredsofphoto filters and effects; • Collage maker of 100+ layoutsandbackgrounds • Blur photo editor with DSLR blur effect • Drawandadd text with various art fonts • Highlight and shadow •Crop,rotate, horizon and vertical • Adjust brightness, warmth,contrastand saturation etc • Insta 1.1 square blur background forinstagram• Share pictures of high resolutiontoWhatsapp,Facebook,Instagram,etc • Totally Free To Download!SeveralPhoto Effect Highlight your photo with high photoeffectart,old,vintage filters,overlay,Sparkle,glitch,angel wingsphotoeffect… There are so many features wait for your discovering.BlurPhoto Editor Best photo editor with advanced blur image brush.Itis used to blur of your picture to get DSLR blur effect.GlitchPhoto Editor Glitch picture editor combines old school andmoderndigital system rather well.Glitch effect brings intensevisualconflicts, which makes your photos eye-catcher on instagramPhotoEditor New Version 2019 A useful Photo editor free withmanyfilters of selfie photo,Powerful make you a vivid photowithartwork and photo blender etc. It’s the best photo editorfree.Photo Editor Free The photo editor new version 2019,Photocollagemaker for Facebook user. It is full of unlimited featuresincludingstickers backgrounds and other photo editor tools. PhotoCollageMaker Select several picture,Photo Editor instantly remixinto thecool photo.You can pick layout you like best editwithfilters,background,text,etc.. Aesthetic Photo EditorAestheticphoto Editor allow you add cool effect to your photo.Startyourjourney with glitch effect.If you are fan of Aestheticstyle,youcan not skip this Aesthetic photo editor About OurPermission Photoeditor pro asks for permissionREAD-EXTENAL-STORAGE,WRITE-EXTERNAL-STORAGE to read your picturesso that we canedit and save pictures. We don’t use this permissionto any otherpurpose If you want a perfect photo editor app to makeyour daythen the wait is over. Download Beauty Face Cam: SelfiePhotoEditor and Live Filter now and be beautiful.

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Mega Killing Squad 2: Winter Wars Shooting Games 1.0 APK
Play the game which is the top ranked and fantastic 3D FPS game.Because you are the sole survivor of Special Forces of a rebelattack against a merciless terrorist organization, it is your dutyto go on the battlefield because it is time to payback. Startplaying this Mega Killing Squad 2 – Winter Wars Shooting Games (Oneof the best FPS shooting games). This is the best offline shootinggame, easy but not simple, you have to play with strategy and mind.So, just start playing this survival game. The Storyline of thispart of Mega Killing Squad 2 is winter wars shooting games. Whereyou are assigned a task and the army helicopter drops you at one ofthe biggest and secret mafia attack base like a best fps shootinggames. You have a tablet with you as a smart assistance, which willguide you the mission objective, your total enemies and levelprogress. You have a wide range of high quality sharp shootingweapons but in this free shooting games, buy your favorite gun andstart your action games for free. You are a great warrior andsoldier hero in this survival game. Be the player of unknownbattleground and be an elite killer in this action game. Get yourarmy soldier’s boots and shoot down the enemy in this survivalshooting game. Enjoy your last day shooting battleground survivalmission with high definition and realistic 3D winter environment.Get the modern different weapons from store to shoot enemies. Jumpinto this amazing survival battleground and complete your assignedarmy war task, so you can also train yourself as a war fightingsuperhero in this action game. Complete the tasks in best fpsshooting games like pick the laptop, crack the code, find thenuclear weapons, get the time bomb, defuse the time bomb, place thebombs and destroy everything in this Mega Killing Squad 2 – WinterWars Shooting Games. Do this all with a brave heart & also makesure about your survival to win this battle in this clash of armywars game. In order to survive, you have to use all the skillsnecessary against the onslaught of the enemy groups and takevengeance for your fallen commandoes, let’s play some offlineshooting games.. Get ready and get on your helicopters. Take M16 toAK47 and sniper from heavy arsenal that has been provided to you.Don’t forget the grenades in your action gamewar. They will provideyou an edge in your battle game. Heavy and light arsenal andweapons like AK47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400. Bombs are also providedas bonus. You have to be victorious no matter how many times youfall. This freezing environment cannot cause you any harm becauseyou are a trained commando. Start playing Mega Killing Squad 2 –Winter Wars Shooting Games. Game Features: • Fight in the freezingenvironment that you cannot bear. • Providing advanced weapons andfire arms. • Modern Special Weapons for Sharp Shooting. • Thrillingand freezing winter environment. • Smooth & Easy Controls andUser Interface. • Realistic Environment, Sounds and Animations. •High quality 3D Graphics. • Breathtaking Dangerous Missions • SmartAssistance for User at Each Level • And Many More, start playingand explore Number of enemies and missions are different dependingupon the situation of the player. You have to crack the code;diffuse bombs collect the secret information as a spy and muchmore. So, get ready for an amazing adventure and thrill just foryou. A whole new 3d shooter experience. Join the rebel forces ofresistance and take Command of this revolt like a real war hero.Hold your weapon, open fire on the enemy army like a hail ofbullet, massive guns and grenades. Let free the Fury of this War!You acknowledged the call for duty of keeping the people safe. AIM,PRESS TRIGGER & SHOOT! Download now for free one of theexciting and best fps shooting games. Clash with the enemies squadin breathtaking missions.
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So, get yourself ready to transport the vehicles like sportscarsand heavy bikes in your real big cargo truck. Takeresponsibilityas a cargo truck driver and fulfill your duty as atransporter,deliver the new exotic cars and racing heavy bikes withsafety tothe showroom. Complete your duty and Transport car cargoby loadingthe racing cars and bikes in your loader truck and be atrustedcargo truck driver of your city. In this Cargo Master -Truck, Car& Bike Transport and real car transport game 2018,becomemaster cargo driver and earn respect as a good transporter.Let'sdrive and become the driver of your big transport truckandcomplete your duty as a cargo transportation in thisadventuregame. Keep your cargo transporter truck away from the citytrafficbecause you have very limited time to deliver your work.Afterplaying this game you will realize that this is one of thebest cartransporter games where you drive racing cars, racing bikesandluxury limo in your cargo truck and deliver them. Do youreallylike to play real truck transporter games and cargo games forfree?If yes then become a real truck driver to transport sportscars andbikes in your truck and drive your truck across the city toreachat your destination. Cargo Master - Truck, Car & BikeTransportfree games is a top driving games 2018 with easy andsmoothcontrols and realistic sounds effects of truck and withawesome 3Dgraphics as new games of free parking truck simulationgame. Youare going to start your career as a real truck transportdriver inyour city, where you drive a heavy-duty truck carryingheavy bikes,luxury limousine car, best racing cars & othercargo vehicles.Drive luxury limo cars and heavy bikes with a greatcare and loadthem in your truck in this Cargo Master - Truck, Car& BikeTransport, then drive your truck in the city and deliverthe exoticcars to the showroom. Be very careful while driving yourbig cargotransporter truck as it is loaded with racing cars, heavybikes andluxury limo cars. FEATURES * Realistic 3D Environment *UserFriendly Interface * Heavy Duty Cargo Truck * Drive Luxury CarsandHeavy Bike * Easy Controls * Play Offline * HighDefinitionGraphics * Heavy Racing Vehicles Cargo Master - Truck,Car &Bike Transport game is a top class game of cargo drivingtruck witha heavy load on it. If you are in search of trailertrucking drivertracking truck lorry cargo top cargo truck drivercargo simulatorfree truck driving games, then this transport truckdriving game isfor you. Real truck racing game as truck appssimulator truck besttruck game top cargo truck simulator as truckdriver. This CargoMaster - Truck, Car & Bike Transport gamelies in the categoryof Truck lorry cargo truck, transporter truckcity car games, towtruck simulator cargo simulator, free truckingdriver tracking,cargo truck simulator. Learn how to load a cargotruck with heavyvehicles, experience best truck driving skills onthe highway,overcome difficulties and traffic in your path inclimbing hillsand be a best cargo truck driver. Download and startplaying thisCargo Master - Truck, Car & Bike Transport game andbe a realtruck transporter and deliver heavy racing cars, heavybikes racingand luxury limo cars with care.
Sniper 3D Shooting: Black OPS - Free FPS Game 1.0 APK
Welcome to the FPS shooting game fans. Join this best firstpersonshooter game offline! AIM, TRIGGER and SHOOT! Download andstartplaying for free one of the top FPS shooting games offline.Fightwith the enemies in epic realistic Environment. The bestfirstperson shooter (fps) action game offline! Be the bestsnipershooter in realistic environment! The combat is real andrealistic,and you can be the action hero in commando game. The timefor bestaction is today. As a secret special black ops soldier, youneed tocarefully search each location, find out the hiddenterrorists,make a plan and then strike with your epic world warweapons. Aimyour gun and shoot to kill now! Start playing Sniper 3DShooting -Black Ops: Free FPS Game. This is a front-line action wargame inrealistic environment. As an action commando hero, in thefrontcombat war zone, use world war weapons like machine guns,shotguns,sniper rifles and other modern combat weapons to kill yourbrutalenemies. Use your excellent sharp shooter skills to killallenemies! Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game is anactiongame | survival shooter war game. You play as a part ofspecialblack op commando force in battlefield to end this criticalstrike.Being a silent assassin sniper shooter with snipershootingexperience, kill each enemy from all sides in modernwarfare warzone. You will be the hero of last world war who willlead the warand safe the city from deadly attacks from brutalenemies out therewith best commando action. Choose your favoritesharp shootingweapon from UNLIMITED world war weapons and roastyour enemies inthis critical strike black ops game. You are aspecial commando ofspecial modern war strike where you fight andshoot in real worldwar with epic weapon and shoot down all yourenemies for survivalof the last day on the earth in best open worldgames offline.Remember special spy agent of black ops you got twooptions live ordie. Show bravery and command elite force in offlinegames actionfps and become #1 fps shooter. You will be the actionhero of thelast world war in this modern online Sniper 3D Shooting- BlackOps: Free FPS Game. SNIPER 3D SHOOTING FEATURES ❖Excellentgraphics! ❖ Easy UI and Amazing control! ❖ Bestofflinefirst-person shooter game for free ❖ Perfect optimizedenvironment❖ Smart AI system makes the game more challenging ❖ Alot of epicchallenging missions ❖ Realistic 3D graphics withfightingenvironment ❖ Play Offline or Online ❖ World War Weaponslikemachine guns, sniper rifles, enemy roaster gun etc This isastrategic FPS game with extreme gun shooting action andcriticalstrike zone. As a sharp shooter and an elite commandoCounterTerrorist Shooter, you are assigned different secretmissions asyou are a spy in black ops to save the world from someterroristsgroups. Select your weapon from a large collection oflast worldwar weapons according to the situation and find somecover firelike a boss while shooting at the enemies terroristforce. This isthe top 3D FPS Delta IGI Counter Terrorist Shootinggame offline,falls in the category of best shooting games, bestaction game, topfps game, best offline game due to its latest newaction missions.You are going to love the high-quality graphics andrealisticanimations like never before in this commando shooting wargame.Sniper 3D Shooting - Black Ops: Free FPS Game is a firstpersonshooter where you will fight and shoot in different stageslikesniper assassin and survival mode in a highly detailed,fullyoptimized and futuristic environment and enjoy shooting onthefirst line in the battlefield.
JetPack Sea Infinite Joy Rider 1.3 APK
Nobody knows how many ships didn't swim to their hardboards.Howmany ships sunk in the wild-waters. And nobody knows whattreasuresthese ships had on the board. Jetpack Sea Infinite JoyRider givesyou a great opportunity to explore this deep sea andfind the losttreasure spread on the bottom of the sea. Select oneof manysingle-person submarines designed for collecting treasuresfrom thebottom of the sea and start your expedition. On the otherhand, becareful for the sea is not the safest place on earth,especiallyfor a small submarine. In Jetpack Sea Infinite Joy Riderlot ofdangers all around from sharp reefs and forgotten underwaterminesto big creatures defending their territory are waiting foryou. Butthe rewards are worth taking this risk. When you havesufficientamount of collected coins and gems, you can use it toimprove yoursubmarine and unlock new sea areas.Bubble-poweredSubmarines! Giantmechanical power-ups! Missiles that attack you!Download JetpackSea Infinite Joy Rider FREE and start youradventuretoday!FEATURES:* Complete heroic missions to improve yourrank*Customize your submarine with ridiculous outfits* Dodgemines,zappers, and guided missiles* Collect coins and make pilesofmoney* Equip high-tech gadgets and power-ups* Earn achievementsandbattle it out against friends* Test your reflexes withsimpleone-touch controls How far can this Submarine Captain makeit??*Highly Inspired By Jetpack Joyride.* Awesome fast pacedgameplay.*No pay to win scenario here coins are for power ups notto buy.*Awesome 3D graphics and cartoony setting.* Awesome musicand soundeffects.* Lots of objectives to complete.* Find out if youcan bethe Jetpack Sea Infinite Joy Rider Master.* New content andpowerups on the way.* Pushes Phones to the limit.Download it andPlay itfor Free. Enjoy it to your heart's Content.