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Help to remember all of the conjugations of each verb. Useful foreveryone who wants to learn Portugues and as a companion for tripsto Portugal. Features: * Over 1000 Portugues in 18 tenses * Smallsize * Verb forms & translations searchable * Wildcard search *No internet connection required * Store frequently used verbs infavourites * FREE

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    Common Portuguese Verbs - Learn Portuguese
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    October 10, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Titan Software Ltd.
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Common English Phrases - Learn English 3.4.3 APK
If you are looking for an application which help you improve yourEnglish in daily conversation and also study English speaking, thisapp is suitable for you. You can improve your English conversationeasily for both speaking and listening ability with thousands ofdaily sentences (Common phrases and words). If you don't know howto learn English efficiency, please try the review feature andpractice feature in this application. Advantage: ☞ Use off-line,can use everywhere ☞ Good pronunciation, fluency ☞ Record andreplay your voice to check your spoken English skill ☞ Simple userinterface, easy to use ☞ Fast, light-weight ☞ Free ☞ Instant lookupphrases and word ☞ Including minigame which help you easy toremember the phrases ☞ Can setting alarm notification every day toremind Content: ☞ Common expressions ☞ Greetings ☞ Travel,directions ☞ Numbers and money ☞ Location ☞ Phone/internet/mail ☞Time and dates ☞ Accommodations ☞ Dining ☞ Making friends ☞Entertainment ☞ Shopping ☞ Communication difficulties ☞ Emergencyand health ☞ Cultural expressions/terms ☞ General questions ☞ Work
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Table of English Irregular Verbs.include fully frequently usedverbs, transcript help in learning the correctpronunciation.possibility to select favourites verbsThere are alsoinclude "game mode" for practicing tenses that consists ofcompleting the missing tense for a given verb
Daily English Words - Learn English Vocabulary 3.3.4 APK
this vocal app contains 1000 most common English words. Very usefulfor who are going to study English. These are the collection ofcore words - frequency words in English. help you confidence tostudy native English. Features: ☞ daily english vocabulary ☞bookmark the favourite words ☞ good UI design, support multiplelanguage ☞ use offline - do not need Internet connection. ☞ can beuse everywhere, every time ☞ record your voice and playback, helpyou compare with native voice ☞ fast, lightweight and a freeEnglish app ☞ notify the daily use english words, help you remindday by day daily English vocabulary is arranged as below topics: ☞Common expressions ☞ Greetings ☞ Travel, directions ☞ Numbers andmoney ☞ Location ☞ Phone/internet/mail ☞ Time and dates ☞Accommodations ☞ Dining ☞ Making friends ☞ Entertainment ☞ Shopping☞ Communication difficulties ☞ Emergency and health ☞ Culturalexpressions/terms ☞ General questions ☞ Work ☞ Weather
Human Anatomy Guide 2.0.4 APK
Anatomy is subdivided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy.Gross anatomy (also called topographical anatomy, regional anatomy,or anthropotomy) is the study of anatomical structures that can beseen by the naked eye. Microscopic anatomy is the study of minuteanatomical structures assisted with microscopes, which includeshistology (the study of the organization of tissues), and cytology(the study of cells). Anatomy, human physiology (the study offunction), and biochemistry (the study of the chemistry of livingstructures) are complementary basic medical sciences that aregenerally together (or in tandem) to students studying medicalsciences. Generally, physicians, dentists, physiotherapists,nurses, paramedics, radiographers, and students of certainbiological sciences, learn gross anatomy and microscopic anatomyfrom anatomical models, skeletons, textbooks, diagrams,photographs, lectures, and tutorials. The study of microscopicanatomy (or histology) can be aided by practical experienceexamining histological preparations (or slides) under a microscope;and in addition, medical and dental students generally also learnanatomy with practical experience of dissection and inspection ofcadavers (dead human bodies). A thorough working knowledge ofanatomy is required for all medical doctors, especially surgeons,and doctors working in some diagnostic specialities, such ashistopathology and radiology. Human anatomy, physiology, andbiochemistry are basic medical sciences, which are generally taughtto medical students in their first year at medical school. Humananatomy can be taught regionally or systemically; that is,respectively, studying anatomy by bodily regions such as the headand chest, or studying by specific systems, such as the nervous orrespiratory systems. The major anatomy textbook, Gray's Anatomy,has recently been reorganized from a systems format to a regionalformat, in line with modern teaching. Here we shall cover some partof human anatomy, which can be used by the user as a quickreference whenever he/she requires. The Human Anatomy applicationis a SIMPLE educational quick reference app that contains theinformation of sixteen different biological systems. Features******** - Illustration of each biological system that can bezoomed using pinch touch. - Description of each element representedin each biological system. - Search position of each element -Bookmark and save note Contents **************** 1. Cardio VascularSystem 2. Digestive system 3. Endocrine - Central Nervous 4.Endocrine - Reproductive 5. Endocrine - Alimentary 6. The Eye 7.Female Reproductive System 8. Lymphatic System 9. Male ReproductiveSystem 10. Muscular System - Back 11. Muscular System - Front 12.Nervous System 13. Respiratory System 14. Skeletal System - Back15. Skeletal System - Front 16. Urinary System Go through theapplication and do help us with your honest Ratings.
German phrases - learn German language 3.2.0 APK
If you are looking for an app to improve your German Conversationskill and help you speak more fluently, this app is suitable foryou. This app also includes the list of most common words andphrases used in daily conversations. It will help you speak Germanfluently. If you don't know how to say basic conversion sentenceswhen travel to German, this This is a German learning app will helpyou: ☞ say hello in German ☞ thank you in German ☞ good morning inGerman ☞ good evening in German A collection of the most popularand frequently used German phrases, idioms and proverbs., Not onlyhelp you learn the phrases but also test your understanding. dailyGerman phrase is an easy to use mobile Germany Phrasebook that willgive visitors to Germany and those who are interested in learningGermany a good start in the language. Recommended app for touristsand business people visiting Germany . Features: ☞ 2000+ commonwords and phrases included for FREE ☞ Carefully translated list ofessential phrases ☞ High quality audio pronunciation by nativespeaker ☞ No internet connection required ☞ Store frequently usedphrases in favourites ☞ Search by keywords ☞ Record voice andcompare the pronunciation Categories: ☞ German Greetings ☞ Generalconversation ☞ Numbers ☞ Directions and places ☞ Transportation ☞Eating out ☞ Time and date ☞ Accommodation ☞ Shopping ☞ Colors ☞Towns and provinces ☞ Countries ☞ Tourist attractions ☞ Family ☞Dating ☞ Emergency ☞ Feeling sick ☞ Tongue twisters
Medical Dictionary - Diseases 2.0.5 APK
Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary app containingmedical disorders & diseases with detailed definitions,symptoms, causes and treatment information. This medical diseasehand book can act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and canalso be used to look up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medicaldiseases dictionary free download is like a FREE Doctor at home forcommon diseases and treatment codes. Diseases dictionary FREE -Medical App Features: - Works Offline without internet. - Detaileddescription of all major medical conditions and diseases. -Information regarding treatment of diseases for all medicalconditions and symptoms along with medication information,medication interaction and drug side effects. - Medical referencebook and thesaurus covering all medical terminologies andabbreviations. - Prescription drug info along with pill descriptionis provided in the treatment section. - Physicians desk referenceand pharmaceuticals dictionary. - A handy free pocket guide fornurses for use as an emergency guide. Who can use this free diseasedictionary: Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians,hospital nurses, medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy,physician assistants and for students who work in clinical practice& dispensary. DISCLAIMER: This app cannot and should notreplace a pharmacist or a doctor consultation. App content is onlyfor pocket reference & educational purposes. Consult a doctorbefore actual usage of any of the information in this app.
Italian phrases - learn Italian language 3.2.5 APK
Italian conversation phrases is an easy to use mobile Italian appthat will give visitors to Italy and those who are interested inlearning Italian a good start in the language. If you don't knowhow to say: ☞ say hello in Italian ☞ thank you in Italian ☞ goodmorning in Italian ☞ good evening in Italian By this app, abovesituations will be solved. This is an Italian dictionary whichcollect the most common daily Italian phrases. Help you moreconfident in base communication with Italian. Learn Italian isrecorded using native speaker and we have tried our best to beauthentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy tounderstand. Recommended app for tourists and business peoplevisiting Italy. Features: 900+ common words and phrases includedfor FREE ☞ Carefully translated list of essential phrases ☞ Highquality audio pronunciation by native speaker ☞ No internetconnection required ☞ Store frequently used phrases in favourites ☞Search by keywords ☞ Record voice and compare the pronunciationCATEGORIES: ☞ Greetings ☞ General conversation ☞ Numbers ☞Directions and places ☞ Transportation ☞ Eating out ☞ Accommodation☞ Time and date ☞ Shopping ☞ Colours ☞ Towns and provinces ☞Countries ☞ Tourist attractions ☞ Family ☞ Dating ☞ Emergency ☞Feeling sick ☞ Tongue twisters
Spanish phrases - learn Spanish language 3.1.5 APK
Spanish conversation phrases is an easy to use mobile SpanishPhrasebook that will give visitors to Spain and those who areinterested in learning Spanish a good start in the language. Studylanguage from common phrases is the best way to learn Spanish.Learn Spanish is recorded using native speaker and we have triedour best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it iseasy to understand. Recommended app for tourists and businesspeople visiting Spain. Features: 900+ common words and phrasesincluded for FREE * Carefully translated list of essential phrases* High quality audio pronunciation by native speaker * No internetconnection required * Store frequently used phrases in favourites *Search by keywords * Record voice and compare the pronounciationCATEGORIES The PRO version contains over 800 essential phrases with18 categories. ☞ Spanish Greetings e.g: good morning in Spanish howare you in Spanish ☞ General conversation ☞ numbers in spanish ☞Directions and places ☞ Transportation ☞ Eating out ☞ Accommodation☞ Time and date ☞ Shopping ☞ Colours ☞ Towns and provinces ☞Countries ☞ Tourist attractions ☞ Family ☞ Dating ☞ Emergency ☞Feeling sick ☞ Tongue twisters