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Fully customizeable confetti effect. Customize confetti color,size,speed, shape, burst effect and much more. Overlay the effectoveryour current wallpaper or choose an background image.Features: ‣ 🎉cool confetti effect ‣ 🛠 fully customizable ‣ 🖥elegant userinterface ‣ 🖼 live wallpaper ‣ ⏱ modifications applyimmediately ‣ 🎨modern design ‣ 💰 100 % FREE

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    March 9, 2019
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    Android 5.1 and up
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    Philipp Kutsch
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    Saalfeld 2 44532 Lünen Deutschland
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Caesar cipher - Encryption / automatic decryption 1.5.3 APK
The app allows you to encrypt or decrypt text with the simple andwidely known Caesar cipher. If you have an caesar encrypted textwith a unknown key, the application can decrypt the text for you!This might be useful for riddles or geocaching. Furthermore, thealgorithm is visualized with an interactive cipher disk which youcan export and print to craft your own paper cipher disk. Thecipher is named after the famous roman dictator Gaius JuliusCaesar. It works with a simple substitution mechanism where eachletter is replaced by another letter in the alphabet. For examplewith a right shift of 5 an "A" is replaced with an "F". Decrypt me:Drkxu iye pyb ecsxq yeb kzz ❤ ➢ Features: • caesar wheel (Cipherdisk) • custom alphabet • suitable for geocaching • educationalanimation • automatic decryption in a few milliseconds •multi-language support • simple user interface • share function •export cipher disk • context menu integration • no ads • 100 % FREE➢ Permission is required to save cipher disk ➢ Supported decryptionlanguages: • Dansk • Deutsch (Deutschland) • Deutsch (Swiss) •English (General) • English (UK) • English (USA) • Español •Français • Italiano • Nederlandse taal • Norsk
Halloween Countdown 2020 + Live wallpaper 🎃 🦇 1.3.0 APK
Halloween Countdown 2020 app provides you the easiest possible wayto monitor accuratly how much time is left until halloween. You canfully customize the app appearance including wallpaper, timer font,timer background and cheer image. Features: ‣ 🗣 voice countdown andcheer effect ‣ 🏝 many designs ‣ ⏱ atom clock sync ‣ 💬 pushnotification (milliseconds accurate) ‣ 🎉 cool confetti effect ‣ 🛠fully customizable ‣ 🖥 elegant user interface ‣ 🖼 live wallpaper ‣🎨 modern design ‣ 💰 100 % FREE --- IMAGES by freepik.com ---Designed by Freepik(http://www.freepik.com)
Pixel Canvas | Online realtime pixel art 🎨🖼 1.4.0 APK
Place a pixel on a giant canvas every few seconds. Create beautifulart together in realtime with people from all over the world.Choose from a plaette of 256 picked colors and let your imaginationrun wild. Watch how the canvas evolves in realtime and how otherusers create cool pixel art. Based on an idea by reddit /r/placewhere users created a 1000x1000 pixel art canvas in 72 hours.Features: ‣ 🎨 let your imagination run wild ‣ 📣 in-Game text chat ‣⏱ modifications apply immediately ‣ 🌈 256 different colors ‣ 💰 100% FREE Note: There is a possibility that users create art that maybe offensive to others. This kind of art is removed as fast aspossible. Background image: http://www.freepik.com Designed bystockgiu / Freepik
Circle Tap 1.1.2 APK
Circle Tap Try to dodge circles that become faster and faster. Howlong can you survive ? Simple game concept, easy, fast, addictive.Give it a try. Features: ‣ 🔥 flat modern design ‣ ♾ infinitegameplay ‣ 👆 easy one finger control ‣ 🕹 arcade style gameplayFont:https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto?selection.family=RobotoIndex finger image by freepik:https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/index-finger-pressing-something_978610.htm
BioFE - Fingerprint File Encryption 1.0.6 APK
Philipp Kutsch
Are you looking to secure private files against unauthorizedintrusions? But are you looking to not have to remember complexpasswords? If so, BioFE is the perfect app you need. Decrypt andencrypt your data using your fingerprints. Just touch the sensorwith your fingerprint and all your data will be instantlyencrypted. One prerequisite needed before the secure encryptionprotocol kicks in, is to ensure that the device has ample security.For guaranteeing your data’s security, this app will only work ifthe device has an active lock screen in place. For preventing dataloss, simply export the secret key via the app’s settings menu.Proceed to store it somewhere safe. In case you’ve got any issuesor questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at:contact@philippkutsch.com FAQ: ‣ Q: Is it possible to decrypt dataon other devices using my fingerprints? A: Encryption details arebound to one device alone. For decrypting files on other devices,you’ll have to first export the private key via your settings andthen import the key on your other devices. ‣ Q: I’m unable todecrypt files A: It could be that your device’s security settingsmay have changed. Modified security settings can invalidate keys.Decryption of files is still possible; simply import your secretkeys and off you go! Authentication methods: • Fingerprint • Morecoming soon Features: • Secure encryption • Easy and fastencryption flow • Ad and tracker free • No internet connectivity isrequired Security: • The secret key is protected by Android’skeystore system • AES (Rijndael) 256 Bit / CBC / PKCS5PaddingPermissions: • External Storage <- Access your data fordecryption and encryption progress • Fingerprint <- Access yourdevice’s fingerprint hardware • Biometric <- Access thebiometric hardware available on new devices Hand image: Designed byfreepik.com
Chameleon 🦎 - Color Adapting Live Wallpapers 1.2.2 APK
Tired of boring static wallpapers ? Here is the solution: Thiswallpaper collection changes colors based on your surroundings. Forexample if you are outside inside a forest in fall you wallpaperbecomes orange or brown matching the color of the leaves. ‣ 💰 100 %FREE ‣ 🖼 15+ Wallpaper designs ‣ 👆 double tap to adept colors ‣ 🎨smart color adapting (Adapt colors if the wallpaper becomesvisible) ‣ ⚙ customize wallpaper behavior ‣ 🌈 smooth color fade ‣ 🔋battery friendly hand image by:https://clipart.info/hand-holding-smartphone-mobile-png-image-6275
Snowfall - Realistic Animated Snow Live Wallpaper❄ 1.1.3 APK
You are bored of your default static wallpaper? Make your phonemore special than ever and download Snowfall app. Choose from fourbeautiful types of snow including Realistic snow, Cartoon snow,Blizzard and Large snowflakes on five build in HD wallpapers. Youcan even choose your own image as background. ‣ 💰 100 % FREE ‣ ❄ 4types of snow ‣ ⚙ customize snow and wallpaper behavior ‣ 🖼 5 buildin wallpapers ‣ 💬 quick start guide (first start) ‣ 🌨 modificationsapply immediately ‣ 📱 HD wallpapers ‣ 🔋 battery friendly
New Year Countdown 2020 + Live wallpaper 🎇✨🎉 1.2.0 APK
New Year Countdown app provides you the easiest possible way tomonitor accuratly how much time is left until the new year. You canfully customize the app appearance including wallpaper, timer font,timer background and cheer image. Features: ‣ 🗣 voice countdown andcheer effect ‣ 🏝 many designs ‣ ⏱ push notification (millisecondsaccurate) ‣ 🎉 cool confetti effect ‣ 🛠 fully customizable ‣ 🖥elegant user interface ‣ 🖼 live wallpaper ‣ 💬 quick start guide(first start) ‣ 🛠 Atom clock synchronization ‣ ⏱ modificationsapply immediately ‣ 🎨 modern design ‣ 💰 100 % FREE --- IMAGES ---Diwali-sale-background Designed by Freepik(http://www.freepik.com)Fireworks-illustration-of-sparkling-birght-lights-and-bokeh-effectDesigned by vectorpouch / Freepik(http://www.freepik.com)Happy-new-year-colored-fireworks-background-in-vintage-styleDesigned by Freepik(http://www.freepik.com)Multicolored-firework-on-brick-background-Neon-style Designed bykatemangostar / Freepik(http://www.freepik.com)