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NEW Marble Floor Design 2019 Marble is definitely somethingtomarvel art. It’s easy to clean, long lasting and offerstimelessbeauty, especially when used as flooring. Moreover,exquisitemarble floor designs are available in different patternsandfinishes. They are created by laying tiles in different ways.Theoptions are endless when it comes to marble floor designs.Hence,more often than not, people are confused about how to adorntheirhomes with marble flooring. No matter where you installmarbleproducts, the results are always worth it. This natural stonehasthe ability to provide aesthetics and elegance at the sametime.The brilliance of marble is noticeable no matter what typeisinstalled. Homeowners can select the marble best suited totheirhouse’s colour and design scheme but this selection can proveto bea bit daunting thanks to the huge variety available in themarket.Marble floors are classy and radiate elegance no matterwhatthe room is. One can never go wrong in the flooringdepartmentusing this amazing stone. But the difficulty that manyhomeownersface is what pattern should be used for laying the marbletile.Here we have listed some marble flooring patterns that lookgreatno matter what marble is being used. • Stack Bond Pattern: Astackbond pattern is also known as the regular pattern. Thispattern haslarge sized tiles laid in the horizontal direction. Thispatterncan look great in rooms that need to look spacious. You canusethis in kitchen, bedroom and living room. • Subway Pattern:Asubway pattern aka brick pattern is perfect for decoration ofasmall bathroom floor. It looks great on a patio or adrivewayespecially if contrasting marble color is used for creatingitsborder. • Herringbone Pattern: A herringbone patterned marblefloorin high polish finish is every contemporary design lover’sdreamcome true. No matter what herringbone pattern variation isused, itlooks visually stunning. You can use this pattern forflooring inmodern kitchens and voguish bathrooms. • DiamondPattern: A diamondpattern looks lovely with its simplicity and canbe used eitherusing a single marble type or in making complexdesigns such as ablack and white checkered marble floor. You canuse the diamondpattern for creating dazzling repeating designs thatcomplement therooms’ overall aesthetics. • Marble mosaics andmedallions: Unleashyour inner artist by incorporating marblemosaics and medallions inyour flooring designs. From geometricdesigns to creativemulti-color motifs, homeowners can add amajestic touch to theirhallways and foyers with marble mosaics andmedallions. NEW MarbleFloor Design 2019 contains wallpapers andpictures which you cansave and also share through various socialmedia platforms. NEWMarble Floor Design 2019 allows you to setwallpapers on yourphone. You can save and share on Whatsapp, Hike,Telegram, WeChat,JioChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,Allo, Snapchat,BBM, Viber, Line, LinkedIn, Messenger, Tango, IMOand many othersocial networking apps. You can also mail if you wantto, “NEWMarble Floor Design 2019” provides you lots of options andways toshare or wish anyone you want to. You can also save theseimages.Feel free to give suggestions. Thank You!!!

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