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Motion 5 has been redesigned from the ground up and in thisFREEintroductory, 15-video tutorial by Motion master MIchaelWohl,you’ll learn how Motion 5 works and how it’s integrated intothenew Final Cut Pro X workflow. You’ll examine the newMotiongraphical user interface (GUI) and get a preview on how tocreateand transform objects. Michael then explains thetimeline,importing video and the awesome Generators, ReplicatorsandParticle Emitters. Finally, you'll get a basic understandingofBehaviors, Keyframing and how to export and Share a Motionproject.This is the first tutorial in an exclusive 9-part series ofMotion5 tutorials by the esteemed video and motion graphicsexpertMichael Wohl. Watch this one absolutely FREE and thensubscribe tomPV to watch the complete series. Or, if you prefer todownload HDvideos to your Mac, you can bundle the series now andsave up to50% off the list price of each video! This course is alsopublishedone our education websites macProVideo.com(macProVideo,macprovideo) and Ask.Video (AskVideo, askvideo).MOTION 5 101Overview and Workflow Guide Genre: Video 15 Videos 58m0s

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Imagine Logic Pro re-imagined as a live performance powerhouse.That’s exactly what Apple’s MainStage 3 is all about! See all thecool new features, the absolute power and ease of use thatMainStage brings to your stage performance setup!App Features:• 199minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• OfflinePlayback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigateCourseOutline:1. Introduction (00:59)2. Downloading MainStage and Content(02:37)3. Configuring Your System for MIDI and Audio (04:33)4. ThePreferences Menu (09:26)5. The Toolbar (06:11)6. MainStage: AWhirlwind Tour (09:24)7. Concerts, Sets and Patches - Part 1(05:18)8. Piano Presets (09:16)9. Guitar Presets (07:57)10. DrumPresets (09:33)11. Vocal Presets (05:14)12. Backing Track Presets(04:48)13. The Layout Screen (06:56)14. The Edit Screen (07:51)15.The Perform Screen (03:52)16. Changing Patches (05:43)17. Buildinga Piano Preset (11:57)18. Building a Guitar Preset (11:33)19. TwoKeyboards are Better Than One (09:52)20. Concerts, Sets and Patches- Part 2: Pulling Back the Curtain (08:27)21. Intro to Assignmentsand Mapping (12:41)22. More Assignments and Mapping (07:27)23. MIDIand Audio Setups (07:06)24. The Playback Plugin (07:37)25. MIDI FX(09:43)26. MainStage and Logic: Made For Each Other (05:34)27. Newin MainStage 3 (06:28)28. What’s Next (01:23)
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This "in-action" course is designed to show you how to use all ofGarageBand’s cool, built-in synths, drums and MIDI tools to build apowerful, club-ready, dance music track.Producer Rishabh Rajanexplains how to build Intros, Risers, Drops, Leads, Breakdowns,Bass parts and more. All the while, he explains all of GarageBand’sEDM features that will help you achieve professional-sounding dancemusic tracksApp Features:• 98 minutes of video training• Superclear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connectionneeded)• Easy to navigateCourse Outline:1. Introduction (01:07)2.Main Chord Progression (05:12)3. Designing the Chord Synth Sound(02:20)4. Automating Parameters for the Synth (03:14)5. Setting upan Arpeggiator (05:19)6. Kick Impact (03:20)7. Snare Riser(05:43)8. Alternative Snare Riser (02:29)9. Noise & PitchedRisers (06:31)10. Chords Synth (03:48)11. Bass (05:42)12. Drums(03:53)13. Lead Synth (03:39)14. Lead Harmony (02:03)15. SynthChord Layers (02:46)16. Guitar Fills (04:13)17. Bass Fills(03:24)18. Drummer to MIDI (04:20)19. More Synths (08:42)20. VocalEdits (08:29)21. Finishing the Breakdown Section (01:51)22. Ending(02:29)23. Final Mix & Master (06:39)
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