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Composite 365 is the product of Expert365 to monitor the quality ofthe the compost fertilizers made from bio materials.

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    July 26, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Expert 365
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    Expert 365 Pty Ltd, 2/31 Ipswich Rd., Woolloongabba Queensland
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QWIC365 1.5.1 APK
Expert 365
Quantitative Water Irrigation Control is the most scalableirrigation control system available on the market.IntroducingQWIC365 (Quantitative Water Irrigation Control), our control systemhas all the bells and whistles of your typical high quality controlunit: valve profiling, valve grouping, flexible scheduling,fertilizer tank control, valve control, however, it goes anotherstep in introducing a truly simple, reliable and extremely scalableapproach to connecting valves to the control unit.QWI365 comesstandard with Valgate functionality, enabling farmers to connect acluster of solenoid valves to a tiny node unit, the Valgate, whichis then wireless connected to the control unit, minimizingexpensive and time-consuming wire runs and enables quick and easilyirrigation infrastructure scaling.
QWI365 2.5 APK
Expert 365
QWI365 (Quantitative Water Irrigation) provides farmers with areference point for facts about the current conditions of theirfarming production. It is based on real-time measurements againstsoil, substrate and plant models, taking the guess-work out andenabling timely, precise and efficient irrigation andfertigation.Recipes inform you how much to irrigate or how long for(based on your irrigation system profile). It also reminds you ofthe urgency to responding to its recommendations.If a Recipe hasn'tbeen addressed in over 2 hours, it will appear yellow as caution.If it hasn't in over 3 hours, it will appear red as critical.
Broadacre365 1.8 APK
Expert 365
Broadacre365 is a remote monitoring app that calculates the dailyand cumulative loss of available water experienced by a crop. Byutilizing root-zone sensors to monitor moisture content, weathersensors for evapotranspiration calculations and combining it withplant-centric, soil and weather models, a prescription called anIrrigation Recipe is then provided to the grower, detailing theprecise amount of water required to replenish readily availablewater for optimal plant growth and health.
AQUA365 1.7.1 APK
Expert 365
Introducing AQUA365Providing Aquaculture farmers with remotemonitoring and decision support for timely response.Importantfeatures of Aquaculture AQUA365 monitor online• Temperature• pH•Total Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-)• Total Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-)•Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)• Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)• ChemicalOxygen Demand (COD)• Turbidity• Total Dissolved Solids• OxidationReduction Potential• Coliforms• E-Coli• Fecal Coliforms•Chlorophyll• Color• Dissolved Oxygen (O2)• Metals OnlineTypes offish where water is monitored• Fresh Water o Jade Perch o SilverPerch o Murray Cod o Catfish o Australian Bass o Prawns• BrackishWater o Prawns o CrabsFor more visit https://youtu.be/k2Cc3mr0FU0
Comp365 1.1 APK
Expert 365
Composite 365 is the product of Expert365 to monitor the quality ofthe the compost fertilizers made from bio materials.
Water365 1.7.1 APK
Expert 365
World’s first most Comprehensive Water Quality MonitoringSystemHowdoes it work?1. Our online water quality measuring devicesendsdata to the cloud for subsequent processing.2. Powerful AIdeeplearning techniques combined with casual structured modellingwillact as virtual sensors.3. A web based software preparesionicfeatures, metal traces, physical and chemicalparameters,environmental parameters, health and aestheticparameters.4. Forhydroponics, aquaculture and mining applications,the sensorplatform communication infrastructure is same but thefixtures aredifferent.As summary, the parameters measured for waterqualityusing this technology areIonic features - 16Physical andChemicalfeatures - 12Agriculture and Environmental features -05Health andAesthetic parameters - 11Metals - 16Total - 60For moreinformationhttps://youtu.be/9yerhuubkIM