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It is a simple Compass app which uses magnetic field sensor. so youneed a smart phone with built in magnetic sensor. Smart phonecompass in your pocket! Mountaineering , orienteering , military,You can use this app anywhere. * How to Use: 1. Hold your smartphone flat. 2. turn your phone horizontally as the arrow overlapsthe red double parallel lines. and check the red edge of the arrowpoint zero degree(0'N) otherwise the red edge could point south,then red edge points north, right side points east, left sidepoints west and down side points south. Note: Some phones will givedifferent sensor readings based on the hardware used by themanufacturer. And If there are magnets or electronics around, Itwill show inaccurate result.

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Lux Meter 8.0 APK
Android phone has a light (illuminace) sensor. This sensor isvisible on the face of the device. So you can easily use it. Justput it close to the light. This light meter app reports its valuesin lux value, and has a typical dynamic range between 1 and 30,000lux level. But some devices the light sensor may not be linear andnot be so accurate. And some earlier devices do not have a lightsensor.
LED Scroller FREE 17.0 APK
Bring the concert, disco dance party, and another fun place to youwith this LED ticker display application! You can also displaybanner advertisement, electric sign, marquee sign and just like anelectronic bulletin board. Type any messages! Type any languages!It lets you type in a message, choose speed, color, blink andscroll the text sideways. It has a simple interface. It is easy touse.
GPS HUD Speedometer 8.0 APK
It is a digital speedgauge app which uses GPS system. So you willneed an active GPS connection for the app work. You can use thisapp with bike smartphone holder and anything else, especially HUDwith your car. HUD means Head Up Display. It shows you totaldistance, trip meter, max and current speed. Kilometers(km/h),miles(mph) and Nautical mile(kts,knots,kn) are supporeted in thisapp. NOTE: Due to phone GPS limitation, It may not work well incloudy weather or indoor places. And I don't guarantee that itshows accurate data because of GPS errors.
oops.tableclock2 12.0 APK
This app is a LED marquee sign style. It is a dock clock, deskclock and night clock application. No alarm No widget. It is bigand simple. It is easy to use. It just shows you time(hour, minute,second) and date(month, day). You can also change text color andbackground color.
oops.ledspeedometer 8.0 APK
LED Speedometer is a speed meter app with colourful LED screen. AndIt is a digital speedgauge app which uses GPS system. So you willneed an active GPS connection for the app work. It shows you speed(velocity). Stay safe by driving using the speed limit alertfunction. You can use this app with bike smartphone holder andanything else, especially HUD with your car. HUD means Head UpDisplay. Kilometers(km/h), Miles(mph) and Nauticalmile(kts,knots,kn) are supported in this app. Landscape mode andPortrait mode are supported. NOTE: Due to phone GPS limitation, Itmay not work well in cloudy weather or indoor places. And I don'tguarantee that it shows accurate data because of GPS errors.
Metronome - Tempo 9.0 APK
This app produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks, beats perminute). This app can be set to variable beats per minute (BPM,tempi). This app is used by musicians or composers to help keep asteady tempo as they play, or to work on irregular timing andtempo. It is easy to use! Note. I don't guarantee that this appwill work out well more than 208 BPM. Fine bpm from 40 to 208 BPM.
Biorhythms 9.0 APK
Human life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles such asphysical, emotional, mental and perceptional activity. It isimportant to know that affect one's ability. You can easilycalculate your biorhythms using this biorythm app. It is easy touse. Value range : -100(worst) ~ 100(best)
전역일 계산기 - 전역 타이머 14.0 APK
한 번 설정으로 제대일 영구저장(초기화 및 재설정 가능)계산 범위 : 입대일 00시 ~ 전역일 00시 전역, 제대, 입대우리의 진짜 사나이를 위한 어플.장교 부사관 특수군인 공익 육군 해군 공군 상근 특전사 의경 전경 교도병 의무소방 산업체국방부 모든 군인의 남은 군생활 계산기병역 의무를 하고있는 내 아들군인을 보낸 가족 군화를 기다리는 여자친구 곰신고무신에게도 필수 어플.연락처 : 02-854-8375With one set jedaeil permanentstorage (for initialization and reset)Calculation range: oneenlisted 00:00 - 00:00 jeonyeokilGlobally, umbilical, we enlistedthe application for a real man.Officers NCOs Soldiers specialpublic interest standing Army Navy Air Force Army Ranger uigyeongviews Kyodo bottle obligations of all remaining military lifecalculator soldiers Fire Department of Defense IndustryMy son andmilitary serviceWomen boots waiting for the family sent a soldierfriend also essential applications gomsin rubber shoes.Contact:02-854-8375