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Порой создается впечатление, что самые счастливые и довольныежизньюлюди живут в Стране восходящего солнца. А ведь дело в том,чтодивная культура Японии сильно отличается от культур другихнародов.Издавна японцам известны тайны духовного здоровья игармоничногобытия. И такая загадочность всё манит и манит… Какизвестно,пословицы и поговорки — зеркало народной души, в нихотражаетсямудрость народа, его мораль и жизненный опыт. Прочитавэтивысказывания, ты убедишься, насколько мудрость японскогонародауникальна! Sometimes it seems that the happiest and mostcontentedpeople live in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the fact isthat thewondrous culture of Japan is very different from thecultures ofother nations. The Japanese have long known secrets ofspiritualhealth and harmonious being. And such mystery all attractsandattracts ... As you know, proverbs and sayings are a mirror ofthepeople's soul, they reflect the wisdom of the people,theirmorality and life experience. After reading these statements,youwill see how the wisdom of the Japanese people is unique!

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These sounds suit any person whether he is a child, a schoolboy, astudent or just a working person. The sounds of dolphins and whaleswill relax and relieve fatigue. It has long been proven thatcertain sounds of whales and dolphins have therapeuticpsychological properties. Beautiful animation and pleasant melodiesto the sounds of dolphins and whales will give you the fullenjoyment of this wonderful application. Dolphins and whales singtheir songs, and this is something much more than just a means ofinterspecific communication. The sound has a powerful vibrationaleffect and the mission of these amazing creatures coexisting withus is to help maintain balance on Earth, maintain a balance in theOceans. Their sounds intertwine through the ocean, keeping theemotional balance of Gaia. So they fulfill their Great Service toMankind. Scientist Mark Fisher (Mark Fisher) decided to translatethe songs of whales and dolphins, so long fascinated by the mostdiverse scientists of the world - from sound to picture. Byprofession, he is an engineer and uses high-quality records ofwhales and dolphins to create a mathematical formula by which hebuilds a graph. Then he converts the standard rectangular graph inthe so-called polar coordinate system. With the help of this data,he builds a round shape, a mandala, an unusual structure andarchitectural properties that demonstrate rather complex shapes andsacred geometry. Using the image data for meditation, one can feelthe waves of dolphin and whale songs, feel their healing vibrationsand hear their music with the Heart.
Forest Elf Music & Dark Elf Music APK
An elf (plural: elves) is a type of human-shaped supernaturalbeingin Germanic mythology and folklore. In medievalGermanic-speakingcultures, elves seem generally to have beenthought of as beingswith magical powers and supernatural beauty,ambivalent towardseveryday people and capable of either helping orhindering them.However, the details of these beliefs have variedconsiderably overtime and space, and have flourished in bothpre-Christian andChristian cultures. The word elf is foundthroughout the Germaniclanguages and seems originally to have meant'white being.Reconstructing the early concept of an elf dependslargely ontexts, written by Christians, in Old and Middle English,medievalGerman, and Old Norse. These associate elves variously withthegods of Norse mythology, with causing illness, with magic, andwithbeauty and seduction. After the medieval period, the wordelftended to become less common throughout the Germaniclanguages,losing out to alternative native terms like zwerc("dwarf") inGerman and huldra ("hidden being") in Scandinavianlanguages, andto loan-words like fairy (borrowed from French intomost of theGermanic languages). Still, beliefs in elves persistedin the earlymodern period, particularly in Scotland andScandinavia, whereelves were thought of as magically powerfulpeople living, usuallyinvisibly, alongside everyday humancommunities. They continued tobe associated with causing illnessand with sexual threats. Forexample, a number of early modernballads in the British Isles andScandinavia, originating in themedieval period, describe elvesattempting to seduce or abduct humancharacters. With urbanisationand industrialisation in thenineteenth and twentieth centuries,beliefs in elves declinedrapidly (though Iceland has some claim tocontinued popular beliefin elves). However, from the early modernperiod onwards, elvesstarted to be prominent in the literature andart of educatedelites. These literary elves were imagined assmall, impish beings,with William Shakespeare's A MidsummerNight's Dream being a keydevelopment of this idea. In theeighteenth century, GermanRomanticist writers were influenced bythis notion of the elf, andreimported the English word elf intothe German language. From thisRomanticist elite culture came theelves of popular culture thatemerged in the nineteenth andtwentieth centuries. The "Christmaselves" of contemporary popularculture are a relatively recenttradition, popularized during thelate nineteenth-century in theUnited States. Elves entered thetwentieth-century high fantasygenre in the wake of works publishedby authors such as J. R. R.Tolkien; these re-popularised the ideaof elves as human-sized andhuman-like beings. Elves remain aprominent feature of fantasy booksand games nowadays. We hope thatthis app can introdiuce youelf-music such a beautiful songs.