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نجمة الميلاد Star of Birth

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تكافل الشرق الأوسط 2.4 APK
Golden Box
نعمل في مجال تقديم الخدمات الطبية والرعاية الصحية للهيئات والشركاتالعامة والخاصة والنقابات والجمعيات التعاونية والخيرية والأفرادبجميع شرائح المجتمع لضمان وتوفير مستوى متميز من الخدمات لأعضاء هذهالهيئات ولأسرهم، ويعد برنامج الرعاية الصحية الذي نقدمه في تكافلالشرق الأوسط للرعاية الصحية أحد أهم البرامج للعاملين في هذا المجال.نعمل من أجلكم ونقدم لكم خدمات طبية متميزة في جميع أنحان المملكةأهداف الشركة • نسعى لتقديم خدمات رائدة ومتميزة في مجال الرعايةالصحية والطبية وذلك بالالتزام ببذل الأفضل لتحقيق أفضل جودة. • نوفربيئة عمل تساعد على النمو الإبداعي، وتتيح المجال أمام أصحاب الطاقاتلتقديم المزيد. • بناء علاقات عملية متينة مع المتخصصين المحليينوالعالميين لتحفيز فرص النمو العملي والاقتصادي. ثقافة الشركة تُؤْمِنشركة تكافل الشرق الأوسط بمجموعة من القيم وأهمها قيم التفاني فيالعمل، والتنظيم، والتواصل، والنقد الإيجابي، والمرونة، وتقديم الدعم،والمهنية، وأهمية التحديث المستمر لآليات عملها، وبقيم الانفتاح التيتضمن للأعضاء والمستفيدين من خدماتها – أن يقوموا بتقديم كافة الآراءوالتعليقات التي من شأنها رفع مستوى الخدمات. رؤية الشركة تسعى شركةتكافل الشرق الأوسط لأن تكون رائدة تقديم الخدمات الطبية وخدماتالرعاية الصحية بأسعارها المخفضة في المنطقة، بمواصفات عالمية تضاهيالخدمات العالمية، بالاعتماد على كادر متميز يسعى بكامل جهده لتقديمالأفضل لزبائنه. We are working in the field of providing medicalservices and health care bodies and public companies, private,trade unions, cooperative societies, charities and individuals inall segments of the society to ensure and provide an excellentlevel of services to members of these bodies and their families,and is a health care program, which is in the Takaful Middle EastHealthcare one of the major programs for workers in this area . Wework for you We offer you excellent medical services in all OnhanKingdom The goals of the company • We seek to provide a leading anddistinguished services in the field of health and medical care, andthat commitment to do the best to achieve the best quality. •provide a working environment conducive to creative growth, andallow the door to potential owners to offer more. • Build a solidprocess of relationships with local and international specialiststo stimulate practical opportunities for economic growth. CompanyCulture Takaful Middle East, the company provides a range ofvalues, the most important dedication to the values ​​of work,organization, communication, and cash positive, flexibility,support, and professional, and the importance of continuousupdating of its mechanisms, and the values ​​of openness to ensurethat members and beneficiaries of their services - that theyprovide all the views and comments It would raise the level ofservices. The company's vision Takaful Company Middle East seeks tobe a leading provider of medical services and health care servicesfor their discount prices in the region, comparable to world-classglobal services, relying on a privileged cadre full effort seeks toprovide the best for its customers.
Golden Box 0.0.4 APK
Golden Box
Major efforts and creative ideas made a major app in advertisementindustry,It’s a comprehensive app that met all the creative ideasthat will serve the advertiser to make his ad successful by allmeans and we didn’t forget that the viewer has to gain materialbenefits through the free prizes and a valuable percentage of thead income,also the viewer will have benefits from all the luxuriousfree services that will meet a lot of his needs regardless of thestores that will give a diverse of merchandise and incomparablespecial offers.
Arzaq Online 1.0 APK
Golden Box
Finding ripe, fresh vegetables has never been easier! From themakers of Arzaq Online! This app gives you proven methods ofchoosing the freshest vegetables in the grocery store ormarket.Learn which vegetables to take home with you based on howthey look, feel, smell, and sound. Arzaq Online will also teach youhow to store your vegetables for maximum flavor. Discover thesecrets of finding the perfect vegetables and Fruits leave thetasteless veggies at the store!
Sooq AlBena 1.0 APK
Golden Box
The application of the construction market is focused on theprovision of building materials services through smart phoneapplications, which allow users to communicate with engineers andworkers to provide commercial, domestic or technical services inaccordance with the conditions, conditions and professionalconsiderations. The application helps to provide an appropriatetechnical environment for the communication of all constructionparties Engineers, technicians, contractors, workers, factories andcompanies that have products for sale in the domestic andinternational market) with each other to provide constructionservices. It is the sole responsibility of the parties to use theapplication, and the management of the enterprise or theapplication management is not responsible for any abuse of theapplication or abuse of any other services provided through theapplication or through the organization.
Tarfeeh Fakieh 1.0 APK
Golden Box
Fakieh Hospitality and Leisure Group - Tarfeeh Fakiehwasestablished by the prominent Saudi businessman, H.E. Sheikh AbdulRahman Fakieh in 1998 when he laid the foundation stone for fivemajor tourist projects in prime locations along the seafront on theJeddah corniche. Driven by a commitment to elevating the quality ofdomestic tourism in Saudi Arabia, we aim to become the Kingdom’sleading provider of leisure, entertainment and edutainment within aSaudi cultural environment.With its main focus on making Saudifamilies happier families, Tarfeeh Fakieh provides the residentsand visitors to Jeddah with leisure, comfort and relaxation bydelivering a diverse range of best in class tourist attractions andconsolidates it leading position through value-driven offeringsthat exceed guests’ expectations. Taking full advantage of the sun,sea and sand that make Jeddah a premier tourist destination, thecomprehensive range of hospitality and entertainment attractionsoffered by Tarfeeh Fakieh are of the highest quality and aredesigned for the enjoyment of guests of all ages, from children toadults, in a safe and healthy environment.
4S4B 2.2 APK
Golden Box
SELL QUICKLY, CHAT TO BUYــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــًWith for sale for buy : The sale became fun. So entertaining thatit does not require you. No cost. Without the need for ane-marketing experience, and also connects you with clients a rangeof means of communication. Chat, comments, live chat, and evaluate.LIST YOUR ITEM IN NO TIMEـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ Withfor sale for buy : Your ad is always there until you delete it. Iwill show all those around you. Because this application provides aservice to show the advertisement with a geographical areasurrounding your advertisement, which facilitates the shipment anddirect inspection, relying on the service of the site, create yourstore with those around you. PRIVATELY TALK TO SELLERSــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــFor sale for buy, : When you browse the items displayed. And youwant to inquire. Or more information. Talk to the seller privatelyand confidentially, to feel confident and secure. Transparent, andfree discussion.
Golden Box
Deafah Group Hotels for the management and operation of hotelsandpublic servicesProvide a better service for visitors to theHouseof God of pilgrims and pilgrims. Ameline to become one oftheleading hotel and Hajj and Umrah services groups.Work onthedevelopment of the field of hospitality through the work ofthevarious studies. Incorporation of the work of my hotel withhighprofessional through training programs and technical.
Flowers Market 1 APK
Golden Box
Welcome to Flowers Market in Saudi-Arabia – we are a leadingfloristin Saudi-Arabia celebrating our 15th birthday this yearandcontinuing to offer the highest quality flowers from aroundtheworld at excellent prices. All of Forever Florist flowerbouquetsand flower arrangements are not only beautiful and fresh,but alsoaffordable and great value – as flowers should be.Webelieve thatflowers in Saudi-Arabia have been overpriced for toolong and thatflower lovers are not getting what they deserve interms of flowerand bouquet quality. We believe that at ForeverFlorist we’redifferent, because we cut out all the wholesalers andmiddlementhat add time and money to your flowers, and because westrive togive the best possible experience to our customers.So,when you buyfrom Forever Florist, the flowers will reach you oryour intendedrecipient several days fresher than if they had comefrom almostany other florist in Saudi-Arabia.