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If you have just sat down at a computer, then first read thebasicconcepts, then the first lesson on the operating system inwhichyou work to know how to turn the computer on and off. Thenreviewthe titles of the lessons to know what opportunities areavailableand go to the Internet. During this study, go back to thelessonsof your operating system from time to time to learn how tocopyfiles, move them, what you can do with the desktop and soon.Thistutorial is intended for novice computer users, includingdummies,for those who first sat down for it, for the elderly, andalso forschoolchildren. It contains a lot of useful information,articlesin the form of lessons, which allows you to normalizethereading.-What is an "operating system"?- Computer devices andhowto work with them-What is a file and folder-With the desktopandicons on it-About programs and interface-Work withWindowswindows-What is the taskbar and keyboard layout-How tocreate afolder, rename a folder and files-Copy a folder or file,getacquainted with hotkeys-Size of files and folders, what isbyte,Kb, Mb, GBFor beginners, the basic information about thecomputerdevice and types of programs is described in the necessaryvolume,settings and work in the tool and service programs(diagnostics andverification of the PC, file managers, antivirusprograms andarchivers) are described. In addition, the questions ofrestoringthe working capacity of the PC are described.

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Identification of plants 2 APK
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The main task is to help in the determination of the entomologyappof wild grasses and tumbuhan their medicinal bloemen enplantenherkennen properties of plants and lichens, useful plantsfound onthe territory of countries. The aim of the project is tocollectphotos from plants and to include them in the plant'sdeterminantas much as possible. Riconoscere leafsnap le canzonimore the nameof the flowers from the species photos not only fromall iexplorerregions, merlin plant herkennen bird but also fromneighboringcountries.Due to the ability to find planten herkennenspeciesdescription by name or fragment, floriculture apps"Plantarium" isa convenient illustrated directory of plants andlichens.Information search can plantes be produced as a colorpipette bythe picturethis medicinal herbs and plants bitkiler Latingrass(scientific), and by the Russian-speaking nameoccur.Participantsin the project gradually process information onspecies,supplementing the lists of Russian blumen erkennungs appspeciesnames and sets of key features (which provide search anddefinitionof taxa), as well as collections of photographs thatallow you tovisually check the definition of plants. We are happywith any helpfrom botanists and photographers, professionals andamateurs.
Astronomy 2 APK
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"Astronomy for beginners" is a great opportunity forinterestedstudents to get not only theoretical information, butalso to beginto observe the starry skies this summer, to keep theirfirstobservations in the course projects and discuss theirdiscoverieswith other young astronomers.Lunar astronomy: a largecrater on theimage - Daedalus photographed by the Apollo 11 crewduring theconstellation of revolution around the moon in astronomyand space1969. Astronomy for sonora quest laboratories 60 secondsCratersterren satellite observation is located beside sterrenkijken appcelestron sky portal with mapa estelar center night skyinvisibleside moon astronomy, its star light cometa diameter about93kmExtragalactic astronomy: gravitational lensing. It isvisibleastronomy mappa stellare several blue loop-like rockingskyobjects, star walk star chart and astronomy which solarcelestronsystem are milky way finder mobile starry sky observatorymultiplecartes du ciel images space one telescope of the galaxy,astronomy,stellarium amazing facts about the space reproducedbecause of- forthe milky way of the effect of the gravitationallens of theevening star from a cluster of planet em indicatorcentauri ofyellow galaxies near the center of photography. The lensis createdby the gravitational field of the cluster, which bendsthe lightrays, which leads to an increase in the sternenhimmelanddistortion of the image. Astronomy. The learningspace.Constellation espacio solar rowling sky walk. Imaginehimmelsatellites farther away the sky objectModern astronomydividesastronomy into a series of constellation sections that arecloselyrelated, heavens Star map and Astronomy above thereforethedivision of astronomy into some stars constellation starastronomystarry sky in the sky in the sky looking through thecamera leastconditional. The main sections of the Atlas of thestarry sky andastronomy of astronomy are:Astrometry - the solariumtrajectory μsstudies the visible planet estrella estrella positionand motion ofthe stars. Previously, the role of astrometry was alsoin thehigh-precision definition of geographical coordinates andtime bystudying the motion of heavenly bodies (now other ways areused forthis star in the sky). Modern stars and constellations voielactéesistemi diellor sky map astrometry consistsof:fundamentalastrometry, whose tasks are to determine thecoordinates ofcelestial bodies from observations, compilingcatalogs, mapa gwiazdof stellar navigraph charts of positionssterne edge of the sky anddistant suns determination of numericalvalues ​​of astronomicalparameters, values ​​allowing to take intoaccount regular changesin the observatory of the coordinates ofstars;spherical astronomythat develops mathematical methods fordetermining the starry skyof the visible positions and motions ofcelestial bodies with thehelp of different coordinate systems, aswell as the theory ofregular changes in the arrangement of theplanets of the stars withtime;Theoretical astronomy providesmethods of starry night fordetermining the orbits of celestialbodies according to theirvisible positions and methods forcalculating ephemeris (visibleastronomy of the program ofpositions) of celestial bodies fromknown elements of their orbits(the inverse problem).Celestialmechanics studies the laws of themotions of celestial bodies underthe influence of the forces ofuniversal gravitation, determinesthe masses and shape of celestialbodies and the stability of theirsystems.
All cars 2 APK
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We present to your attention the most detailed auto catalog,whichcontains detailed information on brands and models ofcars.Thisautocatalogue allows online to get the necessaryofficialinformation about the history of the car about new cars,clarifythe technical buy car parameters, see the brand of the carphotocar. Thanks to the unique services of the brand of cars as thecaris arranged and an intuitive interface, any visitor with easenewcars will be able to get exhaustive trips by car to othercities.Information of foreign cars about each model of the car,whichincludes the presented toutes les voitures catalog of new newcarsfor sale car device body repair auto application for thehistory ofcars auto.The modern automobile market offers a widevariety ofdifferent brands of vehicle maintenance vehicles as a carbuymachines that differ in their individual characteristics ofcarfeatures. Each brand has its own vehicle emblem check new carsnewcars history cars - the history of the car is a certain iconofcars reflecting the entire story of the car's history becominganautomaker company, and also reflecting the car's choice ofqualityand the status of the products it produces. used cars usaMostconsumers valuation of car name car brand car and justinterestedin automotive cars with a themed theme of people neverautomobilescatalog is not conceived from what automobile consistsof a caremblem car over a specific number of all the car'sstructureexisting in the car's world car logo. However, a shortdigressioninto the history of the automotive industry will allowauto litvato become a real connoisseur in the field underconsideration.otomobilAt the moment, the automotive market isreplete with themost booming car with a variety of car brands, whatinvoluntarilymarcas de autos makes you think about, and what kindof cars arethey? Every day we see different car emblems, some ofwhich we donot even recognize. One can say unequivocally, theirhuge number,to list which does not have enough time. However, it isworthpaying attention to the most famous and demanded automotivebrandswhose logos are most likely familiar to you.
Star identification 2 APK
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The stars seen from the surface of the Earth can be seen fromtheconstellation Southern Cross. The starry sky is the setofcelestial bodies visible from the Earth, as a rule, at night,inthe celestial vault.On a clear night, a person with goodeyesightwill see in the firmament not a milky way finder more than2-3thousand flickering dots. In the list compiled in II skeye|astronomy century sterrenhemel staffing the universe BC bythefamous solor starapp system by the ancient GreekastronomerHipparchus and later supplemented by Ptolemy, the skyfeelteretoiles 1022 stars appear. Hevelius csillagtérkép, thelaststernenhimmel astronomer who made such observations starrynightwithout gwiazdy constellation finder-moon view and skystarslocator help stargazing telescope apps, brought widok niebaskyidentifier sky viewlite number of stars to the outer space1533.All leado star visible stargazing apps free earthsky fromEarth theordinary stars (including the star space star stargazervisible inasttology most star gazer powerful telescopes, astrologybut starsexcluding constellation supernovae star gazing and othertransientphenomena) are in the local group of galaxies.Distinguishplaneetastrology app estellario celestron sky portal in the skywith thenaked eye of the galaxy, yildiz because of theirremoteness, youcan only constellation finder three: the Andromedasternenkartenebula (visible in the northern hellp stars of thehemisphere),star glazing asthology Large and costellazioneastronomy appscostellazioni free Small csillag Magellanic sterrenClouds (visiblein the south); allow the image of other sterrenkijken app galaxiesto stelle individual astronomy stars hostrologymapa gwiazd starplusapp failed stank stars up csillagkép tostellarium hvezdnaobloha beginning 20 sternkarte himmel century. Bythe beginning ofthe 1990s there was no more than a star map of 30galaxies in whichit was possible to see individual stars, skyguidefree autrologyand cherche etoile all oht night sky star they werepart of theLocal Group.For the convenience of orienting stjerne,the starrysky is divided into areas called constellations.Astronomy dealswith the observation of the starry sky. As a rule,for the study ofthe starry sky, the age of skyportal celestronconsellationcelestials telescope is used. The starry skysterrenbeelden appnocni obloha of France, the North Crown isvisible, Volopas distantsuns stars and planets finder withArcturusFrom ancient times,observation of the starry sky helpedpeople to determine the skymap yildiz haritasi side of the worldwhen navigating. Asterrenhemel bekijken measurement of the astalogytime (in solarday) of the apparent annual movement of the Sun alongthe ecliptic(zodiacal constellations) allowed skystar to createsolar calendarshaving the practical value of sternbilder foragriculture. Thedates of such calendars from year to year quiteaccuratelydetermine the change of climatic seasons.
Коды домофонов 1 APK
ivaoleg ltd
Коды домофонов мини справочник, содержащий коды длядомофонов.Этоудобная информация по кодам для домофонов собранная водном месте.Нижи предстален перечень домофонов и кодов к ним.Иногда случаютсяситуации, когда нет возможности попасть не только всобственнуюквартиру, коды домофонов строй мастер но Коды домофоновдаже вродной подъезд скачать коды домофонов подъезд. Или кодыдомофоновже все коды для домофонов коды от домофонов коды от кодыдляоткрытия домофонов домофонов наоборот, ключ от домофонаестьнеобходимость попасть в чужой подъезд (по рабочим вопросам,кпримеру), но наличие домофона на входной домофон дверимешаютсвободному проходу. В этом случае коды домофонов беларусьследуетпредварительно узнать, как открыть ключи от домофона домофонбезключа.Для того, чтобы теледомофон проникнуть внутрь коды отвсехдомофонов подъезда, можно использовать вскрытие сейфов один,кодыдомофонов украина из нескольких методов.Codes intercomsminidirectory containing the codes for domofonov.Eto handyinformationon codes for intercoms collected in one place. Nizhipredstalenlist intercoms and codes to them.Sometimes there aresituationswhen you can not get there, not only in his ownapartment, codesintercoms system master codes intercoms but even inthe homeentrance intercoms download codes entrance. Or codesintercoms areall codes for intercoms intercoms codes from the codesfrom thecodes to open doorphones on the contrary, the key of theintercomthere is a need to get into someone else's entrance (onbusinessissues, for example), but the presence of the intercom atthe frontdoor intercom prevent free passage. In this case,intercoms Belaruscodes must first learn how to discover the keys tothe door phoneintercom without a key.To teledomofon penetrate thecodes of allthe intercoms the entrance, you can use one openingsafes,intercoms Ukraine codes of several methods.
Nodes 2 APK
ivaoleg ltd
Nodes are ways to connect ropes, ribbons, fishing lines,variousthreads, etc., ways of forming loops and tying ropes todifferentobjects. In addition, the knot is the very connectionofropes.There are a lot of nodes. As L.N. how to tie knotsSkryaginin the book "Sea knots", American K. Ashley collected anddescribedthe figure of about 700 of their species. Obviously, it issimplyimpossible to know and be able to knit such a number ofknots, andthe rope is not necessary. In general, for many peopleknittingknots is an area far and not the most needed; they arenaval knotsperfectly do without it. And the nodes of the sea withknotscollide only when tying boots or tie. And since there is noneedfor nodes - there is no need to know the fire units fromdifferentspecies.Other, on the contrary, 7 loops consider that evenineveryday life the ability to knit knots is knots knots knotsforfishing are useful and ropes are necessary, and that this skillhasrepeatedly helped them. These useful knots people willinglytakethe rope in their hands, can handle it, freely knit knots onit,skillfully tie a rope to something, quickly bind the ropes toeachother. And they do all this beautifully, confidently and,mostimportantly, reliably.Knit knots - it's not difficult. It ismuchmore difficult to learn how to knit knots correctly andquickly,using a knot suitable for tourist knots of this or thatcase. Somenodes under the load are tightened, the knots of theclimber othersare not. Some nodes can "creep" - slowly untie, andothers aretightened so, the fishing nodes that unleash them are notclimberscan ...To competently knit knots, of course, knit knotsneedpractice. Those who need these nodes, the hubs for tourism willbetraining to consolidate their skills. After all, not all knotsareknit easily. There are very successful nodes, but difficulttoremember. In general, the ability of seven loops to knit knotsisvery individual. Someone will have to remember a simple knot foralong time, and someone knot with How knit knots - a handbook withacomplex pattern will knit from the first.Some will find otherwaysof knotting - and, indeed, for some nodes, these methods exist.Inthis book, variants of knots are not given. The exception isnodesthat can be knit like a loop (ring), and the free end of therope,which is sometimes very important when working with them.Thenodesare subject to certain requirements, dictated by the practiceoftheir application. The nodes must:tie simply (easy toremember);Donot unleash spontaneously under load or after removingit;Do not"crawl" under varying loads;Do not tighten the knot denudos"tightly" unnecessarily;meet its purpose.In addition, if thereisany doubt about the correct knitting of the knot, it is bettertoabandon it and use a different knot node, well known toyou.Eachcut the rope full free rope, rope, cord, etc. have theirstrengthcharacteristics. However, when we tie the tent to a tree,it isunlikely that the sea knots application think about thestrength ofthe rope used for these purposes. It is quite anothermatter how toknit knots when it comes to rope, which is linked,say, by climbersduring ascents and which is used for insurance. Inhow to tie knotsin this case, its strength characteristics areimportant. Thereforeit will be useful to say that all the nodessignificantly weakenthe strength of the rope. climbing knots Forexample, the knot"eight" - by 25%, knot "булинь" - by 30%, weaving- by 35%. Othernodes reduce the strength of the rope approximatelyin the seaknots of fishing knots of the same limits. In addition,it isimportant to know that a wet rope reduces its knots of aclimberknitting knots strength by 10%, almost 30% reduces thestrength ofropes at temperatures close to 30 ° frost.
Set up a fitness clock on your phone 1 APK
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Instructions how to set up a fitness clock on the phone. Todate,mobile technologies have entered the life of almost everypersonand occupy a leading position in it, if we talk about thefrequencyof use of certain devices. The modern smartphone has notbeenpositioned for a long time, as a toy, because its functionalityhasturned the device into a full-fledged workingcomplex.InstructionsTo connect the bracelet to the phone and anyother operations youwill need a Mi account. If it is available, youneed to log in tothe application. If the account is not yetavailable, you cancreate it directly from the Mi Fit applicationusing your emailaddress. After registration on the Mi network,authorization willoccur automatically.In the latest versions of theMi application,the company cut out the smart alarm function.Therefore, toactivate this feature you will need to usethird-partyapplications.
Identify Stars in the Sky Map 1 APK
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A map of the starry sky online - a map of the sky shows thepositionof stars and foggy objects that are available in amateurtelescopesat this time over this site.To use the online sky map,you need tocelestron sky portal to specify geographical astronomycoordinatesof the place stellarium telescope online astronomyobservations andconstellations observation time.With the nakedsolar mapa gwiazd 2eye on the milky way finder the sky is visibleto the star onlystars and starss of the planet with seeing starsbrightness nightsky mapa estelar about stars to rowling sky searchtelescope ofstars in the sky 6.5-7m. To observe estrella thelocation of thesolar walk planets sterne the Hubble telescopebehind the rest ofthe comet in the sky etoiles objects needconstellations in the skyan evening star telescope. The larger theskymap the milky way thediameter of the stars in the sky celestialstar mappa andconstellations the sky map stellare sternenhimmelsterren thetelescope star sky telescope online and constellationthan thesmaller cartes du ciel stars in the sky looking throughthe camerathe illumination from the gwiazdy lanterns, the sterrenkijken appmore starry stars starry sky in the sky mobileobservatory nightcomet objects will be available to you.constellation constellationvoie lactée look through starcameraEven the ancient people unitedthe stars in our sky to theconstellations. In ancient times, whenthe true nature of celestialbodies was unknown, residentsappropriated the characteristic"patterns" of the stars outlines ofany animals or objects. In thefuture, stars and constellations wereovergrown with legends andmyths.