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💕 Looking for a girlfriend photo app? Our Real GirlfriendPhotoEditor is the best girlfriend photo editor you'll come across!Makethe cutest girlfriend photo set with bf gf photo editor! Thishotgirlfriend photo editor is the most romantic girlfriend editorapp.Try the best girlfriend stickers for Android phone™! Chooseyourgirlfriend, add stickers to pictures and show them to everybodyyouknow. This girlfriend photo software is one of the coolestphotomontage apps! Try “girlfriend editor” today! FEATURES for“RealGirlfriend Photo Editor”: 👩 selfie with beautiful girl 💑couplephoto collage app 👩 girlfriend photo lab 👫 couple photoblender 👩cute girlfriend photo editor 💑 girlfriend photo maker 👩girlfriendphoto frame app 💑 romantic photo editor 👩 girlfriendphoto cutter 💑love girlfriend photo editor 👩 girlfriend photo addHOW TO USE: 👫Download Real Girlfriend Photo Editor! 💕 Choose thesticker youlike! 👫 Snap a selfie with cute girl! ❤ Tap to resize,rotate andadjust! 👫 Zoom in and out with multitouch! 💕 Choose andapplyfilter! 👫 Save it to your device! ❤ Share it with everyoneyouknow! 💕 How to get a girlfriend? It's easy! Just installRealGirlfriend Photo Editor and make a “photo with girlfriend”!Browseyour phone gallery to find a perfect picture or take a newone. Addyour favorite girl photo sticker and turn your photosaround. Trygirlfriend selfie camera and make it look like you'redating thecutest girl ever. You can finally add photo with girl toall socialnetworks. This “couple editor” will help you get a newsweethearttoday! Stop saying “I need a girlfriend”, just getgirlfriend photoeditor 2019! 💕 My girlfriend photo editor is hereto help you get agirlfriend! It's way better than a genericgirlfriend suit.Transform photos with girlfriend photo editorIndian. Our girlsticker photo editor includes a vast collection ofwoman stickersyou can choose from. Turn yourself into a realboyfriend with a hotgirl. Make your own girlfriend photobackgrounds. No special photoediting skills needed! If you'relooking for girlfriend photo apps,you've come to the right place.Install photo editor gf bf and “geta girl” instantly. Thisgirlfriend maker is like a pip camera forcouple, but better! Our“free picture editor” includes the bestcute girl stickers pack. Getyour lady photo maker now! Startplaying girlfriend photo editorcreator games! Girlfriend photoeditor – selfie with girls awaits! 💕Modify photos with boyfriendand girlfriend photo editor. Your newselfie with girlfriend photoeditor will help you make a bunch ofpics with the girl of yourdreams. “Add girlfriend” to stand rightnext to you. This is not aregular couple photo background editor,it's even better! Designthe most beautiful boyfriend and girlfriendpic collage. Share “myphoto with girl” online. Set a girlfriendphoto wallpaper withgirlfriend boyfriend photo app and show it off.Girlfriend photoediting app has got you covered. Enjoy this amazingstickers app! 💕Add stickers to photos with Real Girlfriend PhotoEditor! Give yourphotos a virtual makeover with girlfriend kissphoto editor. Themost beautiful boyfriend and girlfriend photoframe will make yourphotos stunning. Explore all the lady stickersin our girlfriendselfie photo editor and pick your favorite. Choosethe girlfriendphoto pose that fits your picture. There will be noneed for avirtual girlfriend simulator if you download this lovecouplephotoshoot app. You'll love this girlfriend photo editor gfphotomaker. Have fun with “girlfriends photo editor”! * Android isatrademark of Google Inc.

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Krishna Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
Krishna Live Wallpaper is a fun new live wallpaper for allworshipers of Krishna and people who like cool blue deities ontheir phone screen. Krishna is the most popular and widely knownIndian deity. His skin color is blue and he looks truly divine.Download Krishna Live Wallpaper now for free and have this bluedeity decorate and mystify your phone screen. - Amazing 3D livewallpaper for your phone!- Interactive feature: Tap on the screenand new images will appear immediately!- There is full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching!- This beautiful, free andenjoyable background is waiting for you!Installationinstructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersIndia is well known for its remarkable mythology andfolklore. Indian sacred books Ramayana and Mahabharata tellwonderful stories about a variety of deities, among others Krishna.Actually, the blue god plays a very important role in the epic ofMahabharata. Legend or better said, legends of Krishna are highlyimportant for religion, art, music and literature of India. InHinduism and Indian mythology Krishna is the eighth avatar orreincarnation of the god Vishnu. Also the blue god is one of themost popular Hindu gods. Tradition holds that Krishna saw Vishnu ina vision in which the former deity told Krishna to destroy Kamsason of a demon, a tyrannical ruler of the world. Krishna's mother,Devaki, was Kamsa's half-sister. Kamsa already killed her first sixsons because he had been told one of her sons would kill him.Krishna' brother, Devaki's seventh child, Balarama was miraculouslysaved by Vishnu. The blue god was also saved when exchanged by hisparents for the daughter of a herdsman Nanda and his wife Yasoda(the daughter was also a divine being, an incarnation of Maya).With his foster parents the blue god spent a happy life playingboyish pranks and seducing the gopis (cow girls) and other rusticmaidens. They found his flute playing irresistible. Legend has ithe may have had 16,000 wives. But his favorite was Radha, daughterof his foster father, and his childhood lover, although they didnot marry. According to legend the blue god was not only divine,but heroic as well. He is alleged to have defeated numerous dragonsand monsters, and eventually as predicted, killed his half-unclethe tyrannical king Kamsa. In the epic poem Mahabharata he helpsthe Pandavas against the Kauravas, two families in contention. Inthe poem the blue god is depicted as divine. Also in the poem hedelivers his celebrated oration Bhagavad-Gita on duty and life tothe troubled Hero Arjuna, for who he was a charioteer, on the eveof the decisive battle. This speech persuaded Arjuna that it wasright to fight against his kinsmen. In art Krishna is usuallydepicted as blue skinned. The favorite “Indian god” can be on yourphone screen too if you download Krishna Live Wallpaper. Hurry up,it's completely free and very cool. Be the man of the hour, havesomething unique to show the girls!
Sharingan Live Wallpaper 7.2 APK
Look into the Sharingan Eye! "Sharingan Live Wallpaper" is aperfect application for all those who like martial arts! See theworld through the Sharingan Eye and find your inner strength! Thesebeautiful pictures with the combination of red and black are agreat decoration for your smartphone! If you are a Naruto fan, andeven if you are not, you will love these HD backgrounds! Carry thefree wallpapers from your favorite anime wherever you go! Theenormous power of the Uchiha clan is now with you! This "red eye"will offer you a new perspective on life – use this free downloadand see for yourself! - Greatest LWP for your phone! - Keep tappingon the screen and new swirls will appear! - Full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching! - This animatedbackground is your best choice! Follow the installationinstructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers - Motion of little red Sharingans keeps changing withtime. - You can choose from several different themes. - HD graphicsand open GL. - Optimized Battery Usage. - Compatible with 99%mobile phone devices. - Sharingan Live Wallpaper fully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as wellas phones. You will be hypnotized the moment you meet the eye onthe best Sharingan wallpaper that you can find on the market! Yourmanga inspiration is hiding in these background images! Feel like amember of the legendary Uchiha clan the moment you install this newapp on your phone! Don't spend money on expensive Sharingancontacts – these free live wallpapers give you the opportunity toalways have the magic eye on your display! Become the master offamous fighting techniques as soon as you download Sharingan LiveWallpaper! If you want Sasuke or Itachi to always protect you andyour smartphone, you are in luck! Why? Because this amazing appbrings the one and only Naruto characters wallpaper! The mostfamous of the Uchiha are gathered on this exciting background andunited by the Sharingan Eye in the middle – isn't that great? Findout more about the rich Japanese culture from this live wallpaper!Be the first one of your friends to possess the original NarutoSharingan – everyone will want to have it the moment they see thesecool backgrounds on your mobile phone! Feel strong with the bestNaruto wallpaper so far! Your screen will be filled with tiny redeyes with great powers! Hypnotize everyone around you by settingthese amazing pictures as your background! Choose between theSasuke Sharingan or the one owned by Itachi – you won't bedisappointed! Enter the world where the Mirror Wheel Eye gives youthe ability to see into the mind of others! You will never want tochange these "HD wallpapers" once you get them! Let the SharinganEyes dance and swirl on your screen until you get a completely redphone! Live the life from the "Naruto manga" and enjoy! DownloadSharingan Live Wallpaper, the only free app that will open the CopyWheel Eye on your desktop! Meet all your favorite characters fromthe Naruto anime – Kakashi, Itachi and Sasuke! All of them possessthe magical Sharingan eye! You can be like them – just get this appfor Android™! If your dream is to become a great fighter, thisSharingan live wallpaper is a great choice! The best backgroundpictures can be yours in the blink of an eye! Do not waste anothersecond – get these animated wallpapers that will capture yourimagination! Enjoy! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Koi Fish Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
A fish pond on your phone screen!"Koi Fish Live Wallpaper" isfinally here to turn your smartphone into a beautiful home for theamazing colorful fish! This amazing nature wallpaper will bring youone of the most exotic pets you have ever seen – Koi! If you wantto know more about fish life, these animal backgrounds are anabsolute must! Swim with the real live Koi fish and let them takeyou on an exciting water journey! This is the best underwaterwallpaper you can find on the market! Why? Because it offers fishpictures that you have never seen before! Dive into a pool ofwonderful background images and relax – you will find the one andonly Koi free live wallpaper for your desktop!- Greatest LWP foryour phone!- Keep tapping on the screen and new pictures willappear!- Full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!- This animated background is your best choice!Follow theinstallation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers- Motion of fish and bubbles keeps changing withtime.- You can choose from several different themes.- HD graphicsand open GL.- Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with 99% mobilephone devices.- Koi Fish Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well asphones.Have you always wanted to have your own fish tank full ofbeautiful carps? This free app will make your wish come true! GetKoi Fish Live Wallpaper immediately and watch your screen becomealive with underwater creatures! Don't feel like a fish out ofwater – let these HD backgrounds fill your smartphone to the top!The magnificent Koi live wallpaper is hiding in the depth of agarden pond – be the first one to have it! Go through thesebeautiful pictures and see what you will fish out! Nature lovers,this free wallpapers gallery is designed just for you – download itas soon as you can!If "Koi carp" is your favorite fish of all, youare in the right place! Calm down as the combination of white andorange scales floats on your phone screen! Install this fishwallpaper on your phone and become one with nature! Desktopbackgrounds with a Koi here and there will make you feel likestanding in front of a real aquarium! This is your only chance fora free download of the unique Koi fish wallpaper – use it! Yoursearch for the best animal pictures is finally over! Thisapplication is bringing them to you from the bottom of a "fishpond"! Choose one for your live wallpaper or try them all – youwon't be disappointed!Be prepared for this swimming fish livewallpaper – it will blow your mind! Those who like spending timesitting by a lake are going to adore these amazing pictures! Lookinto the deep water and cute Koi free will look back at you withtheir fish eye! Become friends with these beautiful fishes dressedin bright colors and enjoy! Extremely cool backgrounds are waitingfor you – get them now before everyone else! Don't throw money away– now you can have a Koi fish tank for free!Download Koi Fish LiveWallpaper and follow the cute little bubbles leading to the mostbeautiful "HD wallpapers" so far! Embark upon a fish journey ofyour life! This is the app for Android™ you have been waiting for –colorful backgrounds are just a click away! Imagine you were a Koi,exploring the waters and swimming upstream! Isn't it amazing? Ifyou think it is, don't think twice before downloading Koi fish livewallpaper free! You will get peace and tranquility of a magicalpond and strength and energy of Koi fish, all in one freeapp!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Diamond Live Wallpaper APK
Diamond Live Wallpaper is a brand new shinylive wallpaper just for you! Diamond Live Wallpaper is a perfectlygirly live wallpaper. Diamond is a girl's best friend, let diamondsbe best friends of your phone screen too. Several backgrounds withshiny, glittery rocks. Dazzle everyone with diamond beauty.Download Diamond Live Wallpaper and let your phone screen shinebright like a diamond!- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!- Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new sparks will appearimmediately!- There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!- This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting foryou!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersDiamonds are formed over a period of a billion or more years deepwithin earth’s crust. A diamond is 58 times harder than the nexthardest mineral on earth, corundum, from which rubies and sapphiresare formed. It was only during the 15th century that it wasdiscovered that the only way to cut diamonds was with otherdiamonds. Yet, they are brittle. If hit hard with a hammer, adiamond will shatter or splinter. Not all diamonds are white.Impurities lend them a shade of blue, red, orange, yellow, greenand even black. Vivid blue, green and pink mined diamonds are therarest. They are not the rarest gemstones, however. That title goesto a pure red ruby. Gemstones are actually found in abundance;thousands are mined every year. 80% of them are not suitable forjewelery – they are used in industry or in cheap rings. If you aska hundred people what they think of first when they hear the worddiamond, I bet you get 99 who say a diamond engagement ring. Mostof the Earth’s natural diamond deposits are found in Africa.Diamond is one of the world’s most popular and sought aftergemstones. They are frequently worn as part of jewelry such asrings and necklaces. Besides their rarity, they are also wellsuited to jewelry because they polish well and can only bescratched by other diamonds. They are cut with considerableprecision to optimize the luster and attention gathering shine ofeach specific diamond. Over the years there have been many famousand very expensive diamonds. Diamonds are actually made of carbon.They glitter so gently and tenderly that they have earned a titlegirl's best friends. All girls like diamonds, but only few girlscan actually own one. A diamond is very expensive if it is pure andof good quality. So not many people can watch them shine bright inperson. However, there is a solution for that if you cannot havethis “precious stone” in reality you can always have it on yourphone screen. Just download Diamond Live Wallpaper and enjoy theirglitter. Besides, it is so lovely and perfect for girls. You'lldefinitely love it. Hurry up and shine bright like a diamond!
Disco Ball Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
Bring the best disco party to your phone!Disco Ball Live Wallpaperis the free app you have been waiting for! Your screen will turninto a disco club bathed in flashing lights! Let the stroboscopetake you into the world of background images that will blow yourmind! Remember the amazing boogie nights under the bright lights ofyour favorite dance club and enjoy! Find out why this is the bestdisco ball wallpaper available on the market! Relax while tinymirrors reflect the "night light" all over your smartphone! Gothrough these HD backgrounds and choose your favorite one – each ofthem is like a ray of light that will make your day shine bright!-Greatest LWP for your phone!- Keep tapping on the screen and newpictures will appear!- Full support for landscape mode andhome-screen switching!- This animated background is your bestchoice!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu ->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers- Motion of flashes and lightskeeps changing with time.- You can choose from several differentthemes.- HD graphics and open GL.- Optimized Battery Usage.-Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- Disco Ball LiveWallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazingon tablet devices as well as phones. If you want to always carry"party lights" with you, you are in luck – this disco ball app haseverything you need! Stop your search for the perfect "HDwallpapers", they are here and it is a free download! Enjoy thegentle sparkle of that magnificent ball of light! Isn't it magical?If you think it is, or even if you don't, download "Disco Ball LiveWallpaper" and you will be amazed! "Disco lights" will explode onyour display and make you start dancing and partying right away!You have never seen such beautiful pictures before! Show thesedesktop backgrounds to everyone you know and enjoy the shine ofstrobe light together! What is that glow in the dark? It is thewonderful disco flash full of different colors! Now you can havethat mirror ball on your smartphone and enjoy the reflection oflaser light brought to you from the best dance party ever!Everything around you will be flashy and shiny with these free livewallpapers! Put your hands up and touch that disco ball light thatgives life to every party! The sound of music is always better witha cute little spark here and there! Let these colorful backgroundsgive you the energy to party all night and have a good time! Lightup every dark night with this amazing disco background! If youcannot go to a party, bring the party to your mobile phone! Get ridof all the boring apps and make place for these cool backgrounds!If you miss that 70's music, get these free wallpapers right away!They will remind you of every disco night that you spent dancingwith your friends! These are the amazing pictures that you need togive your smartphone that original look – get them now and all eyeswill be on you!Download Disco Ball Live Wallpaper and let the discostrobe light turn the whole room into a party you will neverforget! Tell all your friends about this application and have tonsof fun! Your whole world can fit into one disco ball, spinning andshining from the ceiling! As soon as you get this app for Android™you will travel back in time into the decade of disco music andflashing lights! The shimmer and glimmer of this live wallpaper isjust a click away! Go partying without leaving the house! Disco isnot dead!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Moonlight Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
A romantic night under the moon!Moonlight Live Wallpaper is here toilluminate your night and make your screen shine bright! A new moonis waiting for you on each of these romantic pictures! Experiencemagic moments in the night light as soon as you get these beautifulwallpapers! Follow that ray of light showing you the best HDbackgrounds that have ever been on the market! You will fall underthe moon influence as you install this free app on your smartphone!A shooting star has just fallen across the sky! If your wish is tohave the most amazing wallpaper HD glowing with moonlight, you canrelax – it will be granted!- Greatest LWP for your phone!- Keeptapping on the screen and new pictures will appear!- Full supportfor landscape mode and home-screen switching!- This animatedbackground is your best choice!Follow the installationinstructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers- Motion of lights keeps changing with time.- You canchoose from several different themes.- HD graphics and open GL.-Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.- Moonlight Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well asphones.Great background images appear on the market once in a bluemoon! So, don't waste time – download "Moonlight Live Wallpaper"now! Ask the stars in the sky and they will tell you that these arethe most beautiful pictures in the whole universe! If you are aromantic, and even if you are not, you will fall in love with themoonshine coming from this new app! Feel the gentle glow of freewallpapers on your phone and relax! Everyone knows that the "fullmoon" is the most fascinating of all the moon phases! Well, now youcan carry it on your display wherever you go! This is the livewallpaper that will give you enough lunar energy and make your day!Share these amazing pictures with the one you love and enjoy amoonlight walk together! Add a little romance to your life rightnow! How? By carrying a piece of starry sky in your pocket! Imaginethat you and your soulmate are the couple in love standing in eachof these "HD wallpapers" – inseparable like moon and stars! Letthis satellite be your guide through every dark night and you willnever feel alone! Stop mooning about and be the first one to getthese background pictures – you will not be disappointed!Follow themoonlight path and witness the magic of a wonderful starry night!If your only wish is to touch the sky, you are in the right place!Delete all the boring animated backgrounds and make place for theone and only moon wallpaper! Luna can become your best friend – theonly thing to do is get this great app! The eternal shine from theskies above will give your smartphone a new exciting look! Beamazed as your display turns into a powerful moonbeam, sheddinglight on the whole world! Magical, isn't it?Download Moonlight LiveWallpaper and you will be over the moon with happiness! Choosethese cool backgrounds beautified by a black silhouette of a cutecouple standing in front of a "blue moon" to decorate your mobilephone! You don't have to be afraid that the moonlight willdisappear during the day – it will always be on your screen! Thisis the app for Android™ you have been waiting for – do not hesitateto download it! Go moon watching without leaving the house! Haveyour personal satellite and a faithful companion – all in one freeapplication! Don't spend your money to keep things bright and shiny- it's a free download!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
God Live Wallpaper 7.2 APK
Praise the Lord! God Live Wallpaper is finally here to help youcelebrate your religion like a true believer! Feel safe every timeyou look at your smartphone and see "Jesus Christ" in all hisglory! The hand of God will always rest on your shoulder if you getthese background images right now! Check out why this is the bestJesus wallpaper available on the market! The answer to your prayeris here – amazing pictures of the Savior have arrived and it is afree download! Accept these religious backgrounds as a gift fromGod and enjoy! If you are a Christian, or even if you are not, youwill love these "HD wallpapers"! - Greatest LWP for your phone! -Keep tapping on the screen and new pictures will appear! - Fullsupport for landscape mode and home-screen switching! - Thisanimated background is your best choice! Follow the installationinstructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers - Motion of shiny stars keeps changing with time. - Youcan choose from several different themes. - HD graphics and openGL. - Optimized Battery Usage. - Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices. - God Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as phones. Feel thepresence of the almighty creator as soon as you install this freeapp on your phone! Get "God Live Wallpaper" and discover beautifulpictures that will restore your faith! Let the Bible verses comealive, right there on your screen! The moving scenes of crucifixionare a reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and hisbenevolence! This God wallpaper will turn your phone into a templededicated to the Lord! Practice your religion in the best possibleway! Go through these HD backgrounds – they are a true godsend! Thepower of Christ lies in each and every wallpaper from this free app– get them now and see for yourself! To God be the glory! Do notlose hope – just look at this Christian wallpaper and feel thestrength from above! Get in touch with your spirituality as thesecool backgrounds tell you the Jesus Christ story! This is your onlychance to be close to God – use it! If you have forgotten to bringthe holy book with you, don't worry - this application can be yourpersonal Bible! Show everyone how pious you are and share thesedesktop backgrounds with them! These free live wallpapers showingthe shepherd preaching to his flock will help you face any problemwithout fear! Carry a little piece of Heaven with you all the time!This app is the best symbol of Christianity in the world! DiscoverGod HD wallpaper that will give your smartphone a divine look! Youwill never want to change these background images! Why? Becausethey bring you the original Jesus Christ photos you have never seenbefore! Your only sin will be if you don't download this religionwallpaper! So, don't waste another second – be blessed with havingthe most beautiful "pictures of Jesus" on your phone screen! Thepower of Christ compels you to download God Live Wallpaper rightnow! You don't have to carry the Holy Bible with you – just getthese background pictures and praise the Lord on your display! Stoppraying for wonderful Christian wallpapers to fall from the sky –they are already here and free of charge! Installing this app forAndroid™ is just like going to church! Let the Son of God perform amiracle on your phone! Share love and peace along with thiswallpaper HD! The gentle eyes of Jesus Christ will follow you anddeliver you from evil! God bless us all with this live wallpaper!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Rosary Live Wallpaper 7.1 APK
Rosary Live Wallpaper for all true believers! Beautiful animatedwallpaper for your phone screen! Download Live Wallpaper Rosarybeads and beautiful and respected Christian, Hindu, Muslim andBuddhist right there on your own phone. Pray anytime, anywhere,regardless if you have a Rosary or just on your screen. God blessyou!- Amazing wallpaper live 3D for your phone!- InteractiveFunction: Tap the screen and new gems appear immediately!- There isfull support for landscape mode and home screen switching!- Thisbeautiful background and nice without waiting!Installationinstructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersWhat is the origin of the Rosary Catholic? Mystery andlegend surrounding the beginnings of the Catholic rosary, but it isone of the most popular devotions of the Catholic Church. It isembraced by believers worldwide. Using beads to keep count ofprayer is not only a Christian practice, it is not new. Beads areamong the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions. Archaeologicalevidence suggests Christians used it in the second century ADDuring the monks and nuns Middle Ages used knotted ropes, stones,berries or beads to keep count of prayers. Pilgrims and themilitary have adopted the practice of wearing pearls or cord toshow membership in societies or religious orders. Thus the rosarycame to be used. A legend says that the first rosary was given toSt. Dominic by the Virgin Mary. However, some studies suggest thatthe use of the rosary is much more than that. The true origin ofthe Rosary is quite different, more interesting, and before St.Dominic! Theologians have traced the origin of the Rosary back tothe ninth century, and a form of prayer that has evolved in themonasteries of the early Church in Ireland. Prayer and work filledday of Irish monks, and one of the most important forms of monasticprayer was the daily chanting of the psalms of David 150. Layaround the monastery hear the psalms every day, as they were sungor recited, and the beauty of this form of prayer the intrigued.They aspired to participate, but the psalms were too long tomemorize, copies could not be found since printing was rare, andfew people knew how to read Latin anyway. The laity, however,decided to adapt this form of prayer for their own use. People'sdesire to participate led to their prayer and reciting the LordGlory be to the Father in response to each psalm recited by monks.